Black tie bonfire, stargazing to find a man and Tower Heist


Emma and DebbieThis week…
Is it in the stars? Matching up with a potential partner – or existing one!
  Black tie bonfire night – fighting the crowds!
  And Devon delights – a power-packed short writing break

Black tie bonfire night
Did you have a nice weekend last week? I got invited to a very smart party on November 5th after I finished work, following the Diamond Spectacular.

Wow what a lovely lady my beautiful (and very tall!) pal Emma is! She had her black tie 40th 'do' on bonfire night, in a swish executive apartment, overlooking the Thames, and I went along in my posh black lacy dress.

It's actually a Jane Norman (many people asked!) but is a lot like our Tiana B recent Today's Special Value! (153588 – go on waitlist – I have!) The view over London was spectacular, and you could even see a few of the fireworks going off in Battersea Park, next to QVC.

It was very nice to get dressed up and lovely to see Emma. She's a wonderful mate – you may recall last year's trip to the tennis at Wimbledon in June? That was with Em. We met when we were doing a firewalk in Hawaii (now there's a sentence I don't get to say very often!! Lol). She's studied the Tony Robbins type stuff as I have, so we have a lot in common. Height excepted!

Five inch heelsMind you, she WAS in her 6" heeled, 'birthday present from hubbie' Christian Louboutins! My own shoes were high and glitzy, and bought to match the cobalt blue version I also bought of the lace dress, but shoes that were definitely not 'made for walking'!

In fact, as I was due to head off back to get my car at QVC just as the fireworks were on, silly Debbie ended up having to do a lot of walking! Even taxi drivers refused to go near Chelsea Bridge, 'cos of the throngs of fireworks watchers! Train station was 400m away, but it might as well have been 4 miles 'in these shoes'!! No sympathy from the cabbie when I pointed it out either! Gah! 

Won't be doing that again next year for sure! Think I'll ask for the day off! Did you do anything nice? It's been a while since I went to a proper display – used to go to the Carshalton one every year with the kids, but in safe wellies instead of 5" heels!

Emma's lovely hubby Martin was there too – they met just before Hawaii, and she always says she got everything on her 'man list'! (see previous blog about 'manifesting your man'!)

Is the Moon in Uranus?

It's in the starsApparently, according to Katie Keeley, one of my Facebook friends, the moon was full in Taurus this week (no idea what that means! Lol). But I'm vaguely interested in the more specific type of astrology.

For instance, how would you have acted differently if you'd had the chance to glimpse how compatible your partner and you were, right at the start of your relationship? According to your birth chart? According to the stars?! Would you have just nodded in agreement but still plunged right in? Or would you have been warned off for good? Would it be great if you could do it now, for any new partners? Or would you not give a monkey's?! Hehe.

Well, I met a really interesting guy last week called Simon, who's a psychotherapist who used to work at one of the famous rehab clinics, and is also into spiritual stuff like wot I am! Anyway, we were talking about all things 'soul-mate and harmony' (no that's not a dating site! Lol) and he mentioned a fascinating online report which I thought I'd tell you about this week, since it's free to do.

Astrological chartHe was chatting about a previous relationship that went wrong, and said, 'of course I should have known if I'd looked at beforehand'. Well if you knew me, and my love of all such things, you can imagine how intrigued I was to find out more! Whilst you can pay for a whole 50 page report if you're that bothered, I think there's enough insight within just the free sample you can generate by entering in you and your partner's date of birth, place of birth, and time of birth.

I think if you're fascinated by all that, like I am, then it makes for interesting reading. With potential new relationships it can also help, I guess, if you're really not sure about someone and you can see what the star signs have to add!

Star chartThis is the type of chart that gets produced, and it brings up some snippets from various aspects of your compatibility analysis – whether it's true or not, it's an interesting exercise to do! Here's a snippet of a reading I looked at – if you'd read something like this how would it have affected your behaviour towards your partner/proposed partner?

‘This relationship is likely to hurt you. This is not because your partner is doing something to injure you, or because there is something "wrong" with the partnership. But there is something about the emotional ambience of this bond which triggers old hurts and experiences of emotional deprivation from your past. And it is likely that you have carefully covered over this vulnerable area of your personality with an unconscious but tough defence-system that keeps other people out.’

Hmmm… fascinating stuff, most of it.

Some is pretty general which could apply to anyone – but as opposed to basic horoscopes which categorise the whole population into twelfths, I think that if there IS anything in astrology, then it's when you use precise, specific data – time and place of birth etc. What do you think? 

Have you ever believed in horoscopes? Had a proper reading done for you specifically? Acted according to some advice you were given? Let me know – leave a comment below (it's easy! I'd especially like my regulars to join in on this – as well as anyone who's never left a comment before!). Otherwise don't bother with the online analysis, just end an argument by saying to your Taurean partner – 'see, I should have known you were a load of old bull!' Lol.

Anyway you'll find out more on, under free relationship horoscopes by Liz Greene. If you do it, let me know what comes up!

Autumn splendour

Pogs in autumn leavesVery much enjoying the autumnal weather at the moment – are you? Definitely turned into winter-coat-time, for the dog walks! Daisy and Gracie seem to be liking the mud too! Here they are amidst a cacophony of colourful leaves – you wouldn't guess that shortly afterwards, Gracie gave me that dog-lead-burn on my wrist! Unintentionally of course – she was just eager to get to another dog nearby and tied me up in the extendable lead which extended itself right over my wrist in the process!

Actually as mentioned last week it's healing well now – Fiona from Decleor gave me some Prolagene gel which is working a treat I have to say! Thanks for all your hints and tips on my Facebook page! And sorry if the red stripe on my wrist gets into shot sometimes on air!

My journey down to Devon for my writing break last week was wonderful – just filled with such wonderful autumn colours. I took the A roads which meant I drove past Stonehenge, and got to my writing mate Alix's house near Okehampton in time for a lovely sunset. Trouble was – the rest of the stay was rainy or misty! Still, it meant we got some terrific writing hours done!

The purpose of my visit was fulfilled – to get up to speed with my revisions for my novel. At time of writing I'm now over half way through. I've got an advanced novel writing course with Julie Cohen coming up on Saturday this week. Julie's one of my favourite women's commercial fiction authors  – she's got some fabulous books out – including a few I've previously recommended – 'Girl from Mars', 'Honey Trap' and 'Getting Away With It' are my top tips if you fancy a nice funny entertaining read. And see below for another fabulous 'book trailer' for an interesting novelist's Christmas read. Anyway Alix and I debated different ways of solving plot problems, offered each other suggestions for words we were stuck on and generally got stuck in. I blinking love writing, I do!

Linda, Mum, Debbie and IzzyAlso this week – I met up with family for a coffee and a chat and to say happy birthday to my mummy. Sister Linda, little Izzy and I went with Izzy's dad, my brother Glenn, to Costa Coffee in Banstead, where I gave mum Alfie Boe's CD amongst other things.

She's also the proud owner of a tablet computer now too, from all of us. She's not a silver surfer by any means – partly due to not being silver and partly due to being completely rubbish on the usual 'www' type internet. So hopefully the app style web surfing will simplify it all! Will keep you informed in case you're in a similar boat!

Glenn and DebbieNice to see her. She regaled us with a hilarious story about what she and her late 60s/early70s pals got up to recently. I'm forbidden from telling you the details but suffice it to say, it involved a balcony, singing and lots of merriness at her club. Anyone would think she's 28 not 68!! And no, I'm NOT  a chip off the old block! If you know me, you'll know I'm not even a chipstick off the old block! Lol. Neither is brother Glenn, who also came along with his little Izzy.

Did lots of socialising this week, actually – meeting pal Kevin Sargent, who made me a fabulous pasta, which would have been my 'eat' footnote this week, if I'd not been so hungry that I ate it all before I remembered to take a pic! But it included anchovies, olives and capers. Yumm! Must get the recipe for such occasions as when I entertain a young man. Or preferably one my age! Haha! I also had another pub quiz with Shyama but I'm not going to talk about that (we came 11th!! 'Guess the middle eastern country map' round? Eh?? I'd rather have had indy music! Lol.)


WATCH: Went to Epsom Odeon this week with pal Kipling Kerena, to see Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy's new one, 'Tower Heist'. The trailer looked fun, and we both opted for a 'brain-free zone' movie considering the days we'd each had!

As I said on Facebook it was harmless fun – silliness abounds, and quite funny in parts. Then Jill Dowding-Walker agreed with me – she said it's a 'on the sofa with fluffy robe on/popcorn and daughter type movie' – she's right! Laughed out loud, specially the scene featuring Eddie flirting with the maid. Arline Jackson also left me a comment on Facebook review saying 'it was lighthearted and easy' and she also saw it with her daughter! Wish I could see stuff with mine, but she's 2 hours away living in Bath! Anyway we all gave it 7 out of ten. See what you think.


Yummy gingerbread latte coffeeEAT: Well, more specifically 'drink'! BFF pal LJ Rich and I met up at Westfield this week, for a Starbucks or two – and I have to ask if you've ever tried a gingerbread latte? Or a cinnamon one? It's really worth it if you like sweet hot drinks! After all, coffee's my only vice – honest! What's your fave type of coffee, or hot bevvy? Specially at Christmas? Do you have any traditions?

And by the way – Peter Andre's new coffee shop, has opened in East Grinstead – do let me know if you’ve been? Do a little review of it and put a comment below! If there's a pic you can mail it to me for this blog, via

Peter Andre's place is called 'The New York Coffee Club' and has a kids' play area, and does charity fund-raising babyccinos! If I'm ever in the area I will definitely go check it out as he's more into his coffee than I am, and I enjoyed interviewing him back in June. Good luck with it, Pete, from me and all your pals at QVC!

READ: Here's that delightful book trailer for a new author's winter read. What's a book trailer? Have a look and see if it appeals to you too! Lots of authors have started doing these as a way of publicising their novels – I'd love to do one for mine – it's set in Monaco and Hawaii – think of the trip to obtain the photos!! Actually – that's partly what next week's mini-break is all about! 😉

Saying of the week

SayingThis week's little saying, picked from those doing the rounds on Facebook or email, is as below. Must say it's one dear to the hearts of several people I know, so thought I'd feature it to make you smile! Just click on the pic on the right to make it big enough to read.

And finally.
A quick clip of another funny from YouTube – I just love these – some of them are enough to brighten even the darkest days – and let's face it, they're getting pretty dark again now aren't they! I've got a feeling that I'll be watching my de rigeur Christmas movies and making my handmade Christmas cards very soon! Well that's the plan – have to hold fire a bit on the busy old social life won't I!

This is for you if you didn't do anything special on Hallowe'en!

Fancy having a teacher like that teaching your kids chemistry!

Next week – Goody the model's taking me to Monaco for a few days! Yes really! It's been on the cards for a long time but not got round to doing it yet! Theoretically it's 'research' for my romance novel – honest! Till next week – big hugs and don't forget to leave me a comment!

Best wishes,


  1. Liz November 11, 2011 at 8:09 pm -  Reply

    Well Debbie, If your blogs are anything to go by, your book will be a great success! You have a great social life and it is wonderful to share it with you in the blogs.
    I told my daughter to read your blogs and hopefully she will be able to get Dr. Tom to write a few words to you. He is away on business at present. My family all take Omega 3 and feel the benefit. Hope your daughter is still benefiting from it too.
    Keep writing, Love Liz.

  2. Carole cooper November 12, 2011 at 5:59 pm -  Reply

    Hi deb bet it was nice the appt on the Thames , I have only been to London once for my 40 birthday 8 years ago nearly ready for next big birthday, we stayed in Kensington and did all the tourist things palace etc, we did a tour at night by couch and we stop on the tower bridge it was great I am planning another visit soon . Take care Carole Wigan love chatting it’s great xxx

  3. Pamela Ambrose November 12, 2011 at 11:24 pm -  Reply

    I love reading all about your life. I know so many of the places
    you talk about. I lived in Tadworth for many years and yearn to go back there. Fancy Banstead having a Costa Coffee. How wonderful, I do have friends in Fetcham and often go there, so next time I will try to travel over to Banstead for a costa.
    Thank you for being so entertaining. I love your Qvc shows.

  4. Jenny Longworth November 13, 2011 at 2:11 pm -  Reply

    Dear Debbie,
    Oh, I so look forward to reading your blog. You have such a fun-packed life and you always cheer me up no-end.
    My Christmas traditions are; Watching The Muppet Christmas Carol from the 1st December; Trips to Garden Centres to smell the ‘real’ Christmas trees and, like you, a great cup of seasonal coffee everyday leading up to Christmas Eve. Thanks for the recommendations too. I really will have to take a look at Peter’s new coffee shop…. sounds fab!
    So glad that your writing is all coming together and that your trip to Devon was fruitful.
    Thanks for posting the lovely pictures too.
    Have a fab trip to Monaco. Can you pack me in your suitcase. I’m only little…lol.
    Lots of love, Jenny longworth ( JennyRyan.. twitter)

  5. Susan November 14, 2011 at 1:09 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs,
    Hope you’re enjoying posh Monaco if you’re there already?! What a treat to go with lovely Goody. Still love the fact that she’s in complementary medicine! Well it’s a wonder you have time – or energy – to fit in a trip what with your social life! It never ceases to amaze me!!!
    Chat soon x

  6. debs f November 14, 2011 at 11:48 pm -  Reply

    Carole – me too! What you doing for your next ‘big one’? i’m thinking the medieval banquet in st catherine’s dock amongst other things! lol

  7. debs f November 14, 2011 at 11:50 pm -  Reply

    Pamela – lovely to hear from you hon! Yes a costa in Banstead eh! They stole a march on Starbucks for sure. There’s a cafe nero too – opposite robert Dyas i think! Plus the cafe italia plus the old tearooms up the other end! Good for cofffee, banstead! lol
    do come comment regularly!

  8. debs f November 14, 2011 at 11:54 pm -  Reply

    Jenny – oh how lovely of you to say that! Very kind!
    And my daughter loves the muppet film at xmas – plus The Grinch! I will start doing the handmade xmas cards soon accompanied by Holiday Inn, White Xmas and Groundhog Day. And Trading Places, and, and,,…..!!
    Have indeed been taking some lovely pics using a former tSV bridge camera, so hoping to have some belters for you next blog! Come back soon!

  9. debs f November 16, 2011 at 8:49 pm -  Reply

    Hi Liz – sorry if this is a repeat response, not sure if previous one went thru! Just to say thanks re Dr Tom – looking fwd to next update! And thanks so much for your kind comments! Yes my Lauren is definitely big fan of EPA – she has 2 x 500mg per day and avoids sodium laureth sulphate (which doesnt affect me at all btw), and no more itches! Very happy mummy! Do come back and comment some more!
    big hugs

  10. debs f November 16, 2011 at 8:51 pm -  Reply

    Hi Carole – so what will you be doing for your next big one then?! Sounds like your 40th will be hard to beat! : – )
    i’ve never been on the open top bus tour round London – must add it to my list!
    best wishes and thanks as usual for commenting!

  11. debs f November 16, 2011 at 8:53 pm -  Reply

    Pamela – thanks so much for your kind comments hon! Very nice of you! yes Banstead has a Costa now – and a Nero too! Used to be only Cafe Italia and that little tea rooms opposite Waitrose! Very nice it is too! Thanks for your comments – do come back regularly!

  12. debs f November 16, 2011 at 8:57 pm -  Reply

    Jenny – thanks again hon! Lovely to hear from you! Yes if I had a magic suitcase I would have done! lol! More from me about Monaco very soon! So glad you enjoy the blogs – thanks for your kind comments. It’s a pleasure to do them, although you realised it’s ‘displacement’ activity cos I should be writing my novel! lol. And enjoy those xmas films! I’m very close to sitting down and starting my xmas cards – oops leaving it a bit late I guess! I’m sure there are loads of you guys out there who’ve already begun – or finished! – theirs! : – )
    Keep me informed about Peter Andre’s coffee shop if you go there!

  13. debs f November 21, 2011 at 9:40 pm -  Reply

    Susan – sorry I missed your comment amongst all the duplicates I posted! Sorry!
    Yes, Goody is a lovely friend – and such a helpful kindly person to others. It was nice to take some time out to be with her doing something she wanted to do for herself too!

  14. Jules December 3, 2011 at 4:10 pm -  Reply

    HI again Debs ! I made contact just recently and you were kind enough to share some info on things you’d found useful.,
    Well, I’ve been into spiritual type reading for quite few years myself as well as astrology, and a whole lot else. i don’t always mention the latter as i know some people are sceptical, and i can understand that. i had my chart first done years ago, had a taped reading, and it was a revelation, including thoughts on my parents etc, said i have a lot of creativity etc..
    For any doubters reading this ( I doubt if ace atheist and sceptic Richard Dawkins is!) , there is absolutely ‘something in it’, but just looking at sun signs is only a small part of it. i don’t think it’s good to get too obsessive ( i’m a nice balanced Libran….well, try to be!). But i went to workshops, used to read quite a bit and it helps deepen insight in people, and life generally.My leo moon has increasingly made itself felt over the years, but that’d another story…! there’s also something in numerology , . im intrigued by loads of stuff but i also have a sceptical side,. there’s loads of spiritual stuff on youtube, too and i read it with an open mind and my scepticism. i even thought of doing astrological readings at one time , not planning to but i sometimes give my thoughts to people from my level of understanding .
    I’ve got a lot of books i havent yet read properly ( including Manifest your destiny!) as i sometimes have limited concentration as i have m.e., but the symptoms of it come and go.
    Hope to keep in touch with your blogs when I can, it’s good to read about your life , love, Jules xx

  15. debs f January 2, 2012 at 4:32 am -  Reply

    Hi jules – just a footnote to say how interesting your comment was. Do get round to reading ‘manifest your destiny’ – or get the audio book if you prefer – it’s easier than reading!

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