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It’s been a pretty busy week by all accounts in our house. School holidays, two birthdays, house guests, school places and even two new members of the family. I’m a bit exhausted if I’m honest! Thankfully I have taken the rest of the week off as holiday so I can try and get a few days to chill out a little with the kids with no more events to juggle.

Old Harry

My mother-in-law came to stay as it’s Ivy and Fred’s birthdays in the same week and as you can imagine there was a lot going on. On Saturday we went for a family walk over to Old Harry which is a stunning Jurassic Coast Heritage site managed by the National Trust. It refers to a single standing chalk formation which some people think is named after the Poole pirate Harry Paye and some think refers to the devil known as ‘Old Harry’. Either way it’s an incredibly beautiful view and we are lucky to have it so close. There’s nothing better than family walks like this in my opinion, the kids love it and so do I.

Old Harry

On Sunday it was all hands on deck for Ivy’s birthday! It started with presents for the Birthday girl who revelled in sitting on the Birthday chair wearing the Birthday crown! After that and a Birthday breakfast, I was in full secret squirrel mode though because I had organised for two new members to join the family in the form of two little fish. The problem with this though is that you have to set up the tank 24 hours before the fish can come home and we don’t have many places to hide something like this. So I had to be quite brazen and hide it in full view.

I set it up in the kitchen and covered it in tea towels surrounded by bottles and packets of things from the kitchen. In the evening when the girls went to bed I moved it to the living room and again hid it under tea towels. On the morning of the birthday I had to whizz up to the pet shop to pick up the two fish and then, while keeping the kids occupied in the garden, had to introduce the fish gradually to the tank without her seeing. Seriously I felt like a spy!

At that point it was time to head off to Ivy’s Birthday Party at the local soft play so we kept the fish tank hidden and went to get her little nursery friends for a play and a party tea. Ivy had a great time with her friends and left with a big smile on her face. When we arrived home we did the big reveal and the squeals of delight were worth every penny and stress of keeping it all under wraps! She announced straight away that the fish would be called Goldie and Bella even though, 1. They are not goldfish and 2. They are boys. Neither of these facts matter! I couldn’t get a picture of both fish, I will have to train them to be more forthcoming for their photo calls.


On Monday it was back to work for me and straight back to get ready for another birthday the next day, Fred’s. We were both feeling quite anxious though as Tuesday morning was the school announcements to find out where our girls would be going in September. We weren’t worried about Ivy’s school because we live on the same road as one of the best primary schools and knew she would get in there. However we didn’t know which way it would go for Tilda. Unfortunately when the letter arrived it wasn’t the news that we were hoping for.

The school she has been placed at is a good one so we can’t be too upset but we all had our heart set on our first choice (although we have made sure to be balanced about all the schools in front of Tilda). It feels like nearly her entire year are going to the first choice school. We are going to do the appeal though, so we may still get a chance to go. It’s a tough time waiting for school places and I know we aren’t alone in this one, it’s very hard on the kids when they all get split up from each other and the support network that they know. I hope any of you who were waiting on schools got the choice you were hoping for and if not, like us are lucky on your appeals.

What ‘We’ve been wearing’ – Joules Kids

Normally I refer to this bit of the blog as ‘what I’ve been wearing’ but this week the girls are getting involved because we have recently brought Joules Kids into QVC! I have loved Joules kids clothes since Tilda was a baby. The quality is truly excellent and lasts and lasts. Ivy wore many of the items we had for Tilda second time around and they looked as good as they did when Tilda had them even though they had been washed and worn many many many times.Tilda and Ivy loved the two tops that I brought home for them to try. Tilda has the Cora Applique Top which has a lovely Breton stripe in coral with an appliqué heart made up of flowers on the front. Ivy’s Chloe Jumper was a big hit due to the sequin flamingoes on the front and also has a cross-over detail on the back which is a lovely feature. The girls will wear these throughout the summer and well in to autumn. They bring colour, comfort and they are hard-wearing pieces which is the most important thing for my girls as they love to climb, play and do gymnastics at any given opportunity so their clothes need to step up to the plate. I have no doubt these Joules tops will do just that.Other than what the kids have been wearing you may have seen me on air on Diamonique Day in this outfit. I wore the ‘Merci’ T Shirt from Luisa Conti underneath the sequin jacket from Helene Berman. I like to mix casual pieces with something more dressy and I love that the jacket is something I can use all year round. I posted about it at Christmas when I first got it as it was great for the festive party season, but it’s also a perfect go-to to wear with jeans and a T-shirt like this for a slightly more casual look. The T-shirt is very good quality and is going to go with my shorts for down at the beach this summer, but because of the gold on the Merci slogan it can be a good go-to for a night out in the pub too!

What I’ve been using – Isle of Paradise

I have started trying out a new brand which is coming to QVC next week. It’s called Isle of Paradise and it’s a tanning brand that is already incredibly popular in the beauty world and has a massive following online. It’s all the types of products I love when it comes to tanning; drops to add to moisturiser, gradual glow cream, clear mousses and tanning waters. Something that I have not tried before though is a tan primer spray. So I’m looking forward to seeing how long my tan lasts using that.

The smell of these products is gorgeous and they are infused with lovely organic tanning actives plus avocado, chia seeds and coconut oils. It even includes colour-correcting actives for a natural look, which is why many of the products have a violet colour. I will be trying a lot of these products out on my Instagram with video so please do make sure that you are following me on there to see the results. This is going to launch on-air on 24th April so set the reminders to see the results on our models. As I said I will make sure to share my results on my social channels too.

Well that’s it from me for another week, it’s been quite a full on few days. I can’t wait to hit the beach this weekend as the sun is going to be blazing down in Poole, I will of course be covered top to toe in Ultrasun and so will the rest of my family!

See you next week. Enjoy the bank holiday everyone and Happy Easter.

Lots of ove Katy x x

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