Birthday fun, part 2!


Debbie and some of her birthday flowersWell what a lovely 50th birthday week I had! Sooo many flowers – never had 50 white roses before! And lots from others including from wonderful, work colleagues and fabulous family and friends.

This week's blog brings you not only part 2 of the birthday celebrations, and some medieval disco dancing (isn't that an oxymoron?) but also some of Ralph from Honora's cheekiest on-air moments from his recent shows with me on QVC!

Enjoy the bloopers! And don't forget to leave me a comment at the bottom of this blog – what did you do for YOUR 50th?!

Medieval mayhem
Brad, Debbie and Lauren in their medieval fineryOK, so a couple of weeks ago I had the trial run, going to the medieval banquet in St Catherine's Dock, with Jester Craig et al. Well last Saturday, the coach full of 30 of us descended upon the venue, and a fab time was had by all!

Coach driver Kevin from Banstead Coaches managed to get us there in one almost-sober piece, (no mean feat with my family!). And the food and entertainment was, as usual, top dollar! Or should that be shilling?

Anyway, here's a selection of the pics from the night, and as you can tell, with everyone getting into the spirit and taking advantage of the inclusive costume hire voucher (don'tcha just love Groupon vouchers?!). It was a colourful evening – in more ways than one!

              Debbie's gang at the medieval banquet venue         Debbie and the girls at the medieval banquet          Debbie's brother Del meets Henry VIII

Debbie's new ammonite fossil from LaurenThe big day itself on Thursday was lovely – very relaxing – well it NEEDED to be a chill-out day after all the other events, eh! I was treated to a lovely lunch (see EAT below), then I was cooked a lovely dinner that night. Plus I got some amazing pressies – things I really wanted. Not just the vintage phone (see last week's blog), but also a fabulous ammonite from Lauren to add to my geeky fossil collection, and some wonderful flowers.

All in all one of the best birthdays I've ever had! And thanks to the 943 people who wished me happy birthday on Facebook – now that's gotta be a record for me! And definitely a TiFFT!* I capped it off with my first visit to the pub nearby in Dorking, when happily the weather on Sunday was good enough to sit outside for the first time, enjoying the lovely views and loving the tranquillity! Well after the week I'd had, no wonder eh! Lol.

Pog 'n' calves– The cows are back! Holly, my oldest pog, is completely nonplussed by the new calves which have joined us in the field next door. Even though Daisy and Gracie get all excited whenever the little calves come over to have a nosy, Holly just mosies on down into the field for a sniff around, completely oblivious to the curious onlookers!

– Another rehearsal day at our new studios in Chiswick Park, West The restaurant at QVC's new Chiswick Park baseLondon, and another meal in the sparkly new restaurant! So swish! Bet it won't look like that for long once we leave the old studios and move across once and for all, from Battersea in early June!

– Freecycle – heard of it? I was talking to Mr Back-of-My-Tandem this week, who is, it must be said, somewhat worldly, and I was surprised to find out he'd never heard of FREECYCLE – have you?

It's one of the best ways to get rid of your old stuff that's too good for the tip, and also for students and the like to acquire some really good quality basics for the home. For free.

I even offloaded Brad's old clapped out Vectra which needed loads of work, a few years ago, to a family who had a little girl in a wheelchair and the dad was a mechanic. It's worth a look! And better than just dumping stuff eh! What's your best freecycle acquisition? Or the most unusual? Leave me a comment below to let me know!

Article on waterproof skin– And finally a little science bit – as you may know, I get 'The Sun' and 'The New Scientist' each week. It's not just to confound the newsagent (hehe) but 'cos I'm generally a bit nerdy sometimes and I like me science stuff!

So I was intrigued to read about new studies which show WHY the outer layer of the skin is waterproof! Yet it still lets in tiny molecules (eg. via nicotine patches or essential oil treatments!). Water can't get through 'cos basically the tiny fat droplets (lipid moleclues) between the cells of the skin in the outermost layer (stratum corneum) are unlike anything ever discovered before – they are 'arranged in a way never before seen in nature' – how exciting!

Lipids are usually like a hairpin shape, and one end attracts water (hydrophillic) and the other end, which is the part that's split into two, repels water (hydrophobic). Normally the two tails point inwards, in the same direction, hence looking like a hairpin. But in a clever microscopic examination, scientists in Stockholm found that in that part of the skin, they actually split, so that one end is pointing one way, and the other the opposite way. Like lots of bent hairpins all tightly packed.

It makes that outer layer more dense, hence water can't get through! That's why we don't swell up like a balloon when we go swimming! Genius! Love it. The research is to lead to scientists being able to identify drugs that can get through the skin more easily, sidestepping the side effects of taking drugs through the mouth and into the stomach. Now I'll just have to find a way of challenging myself to incorporate these new findings into the QVC sell of some skincare! Or maybe not! Heehe!

Facebook fun
The 1979 cast of 'Much Ado About Nothing'The wonderful thing about Facebook often, is hearing from old pals and colleagues. John Grayson makes this week's Facebook feature, since he found an old photo from his archives – of the Merton Youth Theatre's production of 'Much Ado About Nothing' – circa 1979. It was SUCH fun to do.

Hi to anyone reading this who knows some of the people here – including John, Kevin Sargent (still a pal  – he was the friar!), Adrian Chamberlain (another Facebook pal), Bob Hamilton (still a big am-dram star in this area), Suzanne Doe (her brother Martin was my childhood sweetheart – he sent me a lovely message for my birthday last week!), Laura Holmes from my class at Morden Farm Middle School (whose brother Robert and I formed a group in the early 80s and did a couple of gigs – it was called 'Moonlight by Moonlight'! Wish I could find Robert, as I'd love to know if he's still got copies of some of those old tracks!).

Guess which one of these is me, and which role I played? Will tell you next week (leave me a comment below – and if you don't know how to, go to my instructions at the end of my blog a couple of weeks back and you'll see how easy it is!). But as you can see, old pics can really trigger off memories can't they! Did you ever do am-dram? I'd love before I'm 60 to star in a production of my favourite musical, 'City of Angels' – it'd just be which role to play as I got older! Lol!

WATCH – Ralph from Honora's bloopers. There have actually been tons of funny moments on QVC recently on my shows, and I'm going to look for the funniest, which was with 'Fashion by Together's' Jenny this week.

However, since there's been a dearth of bloopers over the past couple of blogs due to time constraints in the run up to my birthday celebrations, I thought I'd make this week's WATCH a little Ralph from Honora-fest! So here are three classic little moments of fun with the gorgeous Ralph – and if you haven't seen his shows before, it'll make you realise why he's so popular with our audience! Enjoy!

Gluten-free quiche and sprouting saladEAT – OMG – what an amazing dish I had at the relatively new café/restaurant in Gomshall, near me in Surrey. It's already soooo busy there, and it's not long opened! An old pub has been transformed into a gallery upstairs, and a really healthy eating, homemade-fayre café downstairs.

And macrobiotic me was delighted to find some gluten-free quiche with sprouted salads (and I treated myself by pinching two of my companion's chips!). Delicious! And highly recommended.

QVC – well, back in full swing this week on air, in the run-down to moving studios. Some of us are over in Chiswick Park at the new place, meaning fewer on-air shifts, and two full crews at all times – hectic and very intense!

The most amusing thing about the new dressing rooms is that our shower is built as a wet room, only no one seems to have told the person doing the floor that. He built it flat, instead of sloping twards the plug! Which meant when poor Anna had the first shower, it went straight over the tiles, out the door and onto the now sopping wet carpet! Hehe! Surely that's 'wet room 101'?!! Never mind, am sure it& #39;ll be sorted soon enough!

Nina Leonard Embellished Sleeveless Maxi DressI'm off for a few days, collecting brother Glenn's new motorhome with him in Nottingham actually – will be interesting! And then I'm back on Wednesday night at 10pm with Gatineau, plus a fabulous new Nina Leonard Today's Special Value launching with me at midnight on Wednesday 23rd and on through Thursday 24th.

This week I are mostly been using – old clothes I haven't seen for a while, and make-up and skincare samples I forgot I had! Why? Because the great dressing room clear out continues of course! Lol!

Next week – looking forward to bringing you that PR launch kit of the new bareMinerals 'ready' range of solid make-ups – it's a great kit and worth waiting for the chance to win one by leaving a comment on my next blog! Meanwhile, don't forget to comment on some of the topics above, I always love hearing from you and last week I had a record number of comments – keep it up!

Online QVC TV GuideQVC did you know – by the way – if you ever wonder what's on QVC when, did you know you can go four week's ahead on our website to find out? If you don't have handy one of the little month-ahead schedule planners that are sent out with our packages despatched from Liverpool, you can click on the link on the TV guide page – see the little 'hand' on the pic to the left if you're not sure!

And if you have any other questions about QVC then our are more than happy to help!

Enjoy the week and see you soon!

*TiFFT = Try It For the First Time club!


  1. Nigel May 21, 2012 at 9:55 pm -  Reply

    Debs – Bet it was Beatrice and if not it should have been as she sees the absurdity of the world and instead of being melancholy she chooses to laugh at it which is a sure sign of wisdom !
    Is the fact you haven’t done any tech/gadget shows recently due to the impending move or imo just the way the cookie crumbles ?
    Cheers, Nige :))

  2. Hilary May 22, 2012 at 8:55 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie, Happy Birthday, sorry it’s a bit late! It was my 50th yesterday (21st May) but I didn’t feel like organising much this year after a grim couple of months. First I fractured my pelvis in a horse-riding accident, and then my Mum died after a short illness and I’m still coming to terms with that. But you seem to have done more than enough for both of us, which is great :-). I did manage to pop up to London and visit the Lulu Guinness shop in Ellis Street – it’s lovely, better than a sweetie shop – and came away with a Fifi clutch in gold, so that will do me this year! I do enjoy reading your blogs, talk about living life to the full: I’ll try to take a leaf out of your book when I’m back to full fitness. Take care, Hilary x

  3. Iris G. May 22, 2012 at 3:57 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie,
    You seem to have survived & enjoyed all your birthday celebrations.They sounded quite hectic,mine were much
    more sedate!
    Good Luck to you and all at QVC in your new location,looking
    foward to seeing your new look on air.
    Best Wishes.
    Iris G.

  4. Carole cooper May 23, 2012 at 5:41 pm -  Reply

    Glad you had a good birthday hope mine goes as good as your next year. Bet you are busy now with the move to the new qvc is it nearer to you are further, is some of the shows coming from there yet. I read your blogg every week very gud read don’t buy new mag anymore your blogg better lol lol Carole wigan

  5. Iris G. May 23, 2012 at 11:24 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie,
    PS Barry Manilow was amazing & I sparkled
    in my lovely Antthony Top.
    Best Wishes.
    Iris G.

  6. Mo Whitelaw May 29, 2012 at 12:00 am -  Reply

    I’ve been to that Medieval place too – its a right laugh! You dont look 50 hunny!! Glad you had a lovely time 🙂 xx

  7. Carole Ayre May 29, 2012 at 10:56 pm -  Reply

    You really did have an amazing 50th birthday Debbie! Your flowers look beautiful. There is something very special about receiving a bouquet (or two or three) of flowers. The Medieval banquet sounds amazing, and judging by the photos you had a fantastic time! It really was a week of celebration for you, and nobody deserves it more than you.
    I was laughing out loud last night when you were demonstrating the support underwear, and the ones on the dummy had not been put on properly. They looked exactly like the latest fashion of wearing the crotch half way down the legs,it was so funny.
    The Ralph bloopers are hilarious, but he can get away with it as he is just so damn good looking lol He can deliver my pearls in person any time!!!
    I used to do Am-dram, and was in a local pantomime one year! I absolutely loved it. There is definitely a thespian inside me waiting to be discovered lol I think it’s a bit late now though, as I am disabled now and can’t walk without crutches. Guess I could play Long John Silver lol
    I use the local Freecycle website regularly, usually to give things away………..there never seems to be anything I want though! It is an amazing concept though. One mans junk is another mans treasure! I am constantly amazed by what people ask for……, computers, large screen TV’s……..I wonder if they ever get offered them.
    I ordered my first Carole Hochman piece last night. I ordered the baby soft towelling short dressing gown in pale pink. I am waiting to go into hospital for the first of two hip replacements and that just looked so gorgeous, I thought it might make me feel better. I loved the TSV but will not be able to wear pyjamas for a while after the ops, so might treat myself to a couple of CH nighties.
    It looked like you had a brilliant couple of days in Brighton. I live further along in Hove (actually) its only about five miles away. You certainly had wonderful weather! Hope you were using your Ultrasun!
    Keep writing your amazing blogs Debbie…………they really are so interesting, and funny, and informative.
    Warmest regards,
    Carole x

  8. Carole Ayre May 29, 2012 at 11:02 pm -  Reply

    P.S. I think you are the one in the middle of back row………It looks like the guy next to you has his arm around you! Did I guess right?
    Tata for now,
    Carole x

  9. debs flint May 30, 2012 at 1:45 am -  Reply

    Hey Nige- yep spot on hon! Not that i recall much about the play – have got one of those memories for words in a play – my pal can remember whole chunks of roles he’s played, but I can re-read it now, and it’s like I’ve never seen it before! Yet I have a head full of useless trivia and general facts! So I won’t complain too much!
    No hi tech cos it has to go to the guys sometimes when there’s a lack of other shows they can do, so i get the girlie stuff. I don’t mind tho, I love fashion and beauty as much as the techy stuff! best wishes as usual
    debs x
    ps i replied to your last comment too!

  10. debs flint May 30, 2012 at 1:47 am -  Reply

    HIlary – hope you get back to full fitness soon hon. Yes the rib thing was a wake up call I think! Just to be a bit less carefree with my parts! so to speak (!) – I was more or less out of action for exercise for over three weeks, so am glad it’s more or less back to normal now!
    Happy belated 50th to you too, birthday buddy! And remember, this too shall pass.
    hugs d xxx

  11. debs flint May 30, 2012 at 1:50 am -  Reply

    Iris – happy belated – hope it was a nice day for you hon! Yes the move going ok – but weird at the moment, cos, for instance, we just did some more rehearsals there today – tues 29th – and it’s still all bare, and none of the necessities are there, only in our travel bags, so it’s a countdown till the big move (for me) after my last shift on 6th. We’re on air permanently in new chiswick park studios in west london, from 7th at 9am. Look out for it!
    best wishes debs x
    ps am sure barry manilow appreciated the sparkly top!

  12. debs flint May 30, 2012 at 1:52 am -  Reply

    Carole – haha – you don;t buy a magazine, you just read my blog instead! That’s funny! Well I’ve got to own up, the web team are very busy over the next couple of months so in June and July my blogs have to be shorter – but am sure normal service will be resumed after that, specially if a lot of people like the longer ones! Not that Sally my lovely web lady will appreciate it! hehe!
    Anyway glad you’re there!
    hugs d x
    ps the journey is goingg to take about an extra ten mins both ways!

  13. debs flint May 30, 2012 at 1:53 am -  Reply

    Mo – thanks so much for your kind thoughts! Yes the 50th at medieval place was smashing – glad you enjoyed it when you went too! And ta again for commenting – so nice to see my regulars on here as well as facebook!
    hugs d x

  14. debs flint May 31, 2012 at 3:03 am -  Reply

    Carole A – what a lovely update from you – thanks so much! It’s nice to read what you guys do too!
    Glad you’re enjoying the shows – and yes it was me as you said – I was Beatrice! My Benedict was a young actor called Mark, also from one of the merton schools, and the one i had a crush on was David Chandler – looking back am not sure why, cos he was a bit vile to us girls! But that was before we knew better!
    thanks for writing hon! Best wishes

  15. Paul D June 13, 2012 at 11:13 pm -  Reply

    Debbie, there is no way you are fifty, you look amazing. Really enjoy watching you on QVC, you always look fantastic and so professional at all times.

  16. Mary Lock June 18, 2012 at 10:16 pm -  Reply

    Hello Debbie,
    of all the female presenters on QVC I really am surprised that you are 50. Well done for looking about 42, looking really good and looking like a real lady not a thin stick. You always look good and are always fun to watch. Keep up the good work

  17. AMaria June 22, 2012 at 1:54 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie. It’s been a long time since I read ur blog as I have been out of sorts. Sorry for being so late… Belated Happy Birthday – I really would not have said that you were 50. I vaguely remember you joking about a big birthday coming up with a guest (think it was Ralph) and 40 was the number that came into my head and then said to myself that ur son must be very young to be getting married soon (one of ur replies told me that he was getting married)! How wrong was I? Glad you had a great day – looks like a lot of fun! Your flowers were absolutely stunning…lucky you. Really love ur presentation – there is never a show that, when I watch, you don’t make me smile or laugh. Thanx a bunch!

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