Birthday celebrations, Brian Weiss’ workshop, and e-publishing!


Debbie and LindaThis week –
– Had a lovely birthday – see the photo gallery

– Thought-provoking workshop with Goody – many lives many masters?

– 'Episodes' is back – with Stephen Mangan as masterful as ever

– 'Dear Thing' – a Richard and Judy pick – is book of the week!

– Plus sneaky peeks of Liz Earle, Judith Williams, and our Diamonique TSV bargain on Monday!

Debbie's birthday lunchWell it was a lovely weekend of birthday treats last week – thanks to nearly a thousand of you who wished me well on social media too!

Yes, I kicked off the day with a nice tea and toast in bed, plus cards and pressies from daughter Lauren. Then sis Linda (our Red Carpet Manicure nails guest) came over with a tiny cake and candles! (I appreciated there not being 52 of them! Lol!)

Then we all went for lunch, including Lauren’s boyfriend Nick, then my brother and his gang turned up – including my two little Brad outside the restaurantnieces – who frightened the life out of poor Baloo!

Then, it was off up to London for the theatre with pal Shyama and supper, before getting home early for the workshop the next day with Goody!

I also had a fab evening out with my son and then with lovely mate & BFF LJ Rich, who used to be an IT guest on QVC and now works at the Beeb.

She took me to Delauney’s in the Aldwych, near where I was at LSE at uni many years ago. 


  Debbie's birthday lunch






Debbie and LJ

Birthday gallery








A lovely time was had by me and it doesn’t seem possible that I’m now the age that my old dad was when he died 22 years ago. Bless him.

If we really do have 'Many Lives, Many Masters' (as one of Brian Weiss' books says) I’m sure I’ll see him again one day!

Anyway, another year older, another year wiser – or more ‘stoopid’ depending upon whether you try to talk to me first thing in the morning! Hehe!

Final bday do next week at a fab murder mystery night in Herts!



Debbie and GoodyAnother new thing again for me this week! Yay! My lovely pal Goody (the QVC model) and I went along to a full day workshop with Brian Weiss – go here to find out more about him.

The event was like one long easy-going meditation, as he’s so gentle and genial in his approach, warm, and funny too.

Whatever views you hold on the topic – and I’m open either way – it’s a fascinating subject. I’ve always watched those programmes about kids ‘reincarnated’ from previous adults and coming out with facts they couldn’t possible have known – I love Brian Weissall that!

Anyway, during the talk, I didn’t have any lives or information come to me – too much like losing control and, as I never even get drunk (well almost never), it’ll be no surprise to those who know me well that I didn’t ‘let go’ enough to get much crop up.

Those around me did though – about half do, apparently. What I did get when we did a little psychic exercise, was a little success – when I pictured a couple of images that meant a lot to the lady on my left called Pam.

By holding her watch it gave me images of open grassy fields, a seven year old with a headmaster, a massive cruise ship and icy waters, and an old fashioned key. Interesting stuff – those were the things that she could relate to and told me why.

Whatever your beliefs, I remain open to all such things and in any case, I love going on new experiences like that one! I actually think there’ll be a bit of that in my next novel, coming out at the end of June – busy writing it! (When I’m not having birthday treats that is!)



RiWiSi – my weekly look at all things book!

Book of the Week – DEAR THING by Julie Cohen
Dear ThingHow wonderful! Julie Cohen, my writing mentor and tutor, has become a Richard and Judy book club pick! Her new novel, now out in paperback, was singled out and is making a few ripples out there – am so pleased for her.

Have you seen it yet? Or read it?

Dear Thing – by the Queen of ‘show don’t tell’ has – I’m delighted to say – been lauded and applauded by the book club champs! Whoop!

‘After years of watching her best friends Ben and Claire try for a baby, Romily offered to give them the one thing they most wanted. But Romily wasn't prepared for the overwhelming feelings that have taken hold of her and which threaten to ruin her friendship with Ben and Claire – and even destroy their marriage. Now there are three friends, two mothers and only one baby, and an impossible decision to make . . .’

"Both powerful and thought provoking, this wonderful book will move you to the core – and really make you think." (The Sun)

And here’s the Richard and Judy link – what an accolade – and well deserved. See if you like it too? Click here to buy yours.

My Novels If you're interest in my writing and would like to read some of my books on your Kindle/Kindle app, links to all of them are shown at the bottom of this blog, available on Amazon.

Do leave me a review if so! I love hearing what you think!

And thanks to so many of you for being so kind and leaving kind reviews – it’s very rewarding to know people are liking what I do!


DOWSCPWannabe The reviews keep coming in! Now at 24 out of 30 five stars, I’m more than chuffed with the feedback for my latest novel, Diary of a Wannabe Shopping Channel Presenter – here’s one from KJ on Amazon –

“I thought this was a great holiday read. I read it in a couple of days, what more can you want on holiday, sun, sea and silliness! Lots of humour and I just skipped over the hashtag stuff. My Mum read it after me and was laughing at loud at the pool! She watches more selling TV so understood more of the innuendos'.

As Debbie says in the product description it is written in a diary format so maybe the informal format isn't for everyone, but after a heavy thriller it was the perfect chill out book. I look forward to the next book”

Go here to get 'Diary of a Wannabe Shopping Channel Presenter' on eBook or paperback!

The countdown is on! six weeks to go 'till my next novel – 'Hawaiian Retreat' – out end of June
Eeek! Time is flying! The third in the Hawaiian Trilogy – again with a steamy or PG option (!) – will be available from the 29th June.

Do sign up to the QVC Author Facebook page here, for little extracts of my work in progress: book three of my Hawaiian trilogy.

– Just 4 weeks till the cover teaser/reveal – on my website first, then on here!
– Just 6 weeks till Hawaiian Retreat is released on Amazon
– Just 6 weeks till a bumper special offer on my titles and a super comp to win four of my novels!

Getting you ready for summer reading with my steamy romances – all on Amazon!

P.S. If you’d like to join our select, small group of active beta readers, and can read and respond really quickly, email me We have a couple of spaces for newcomers!


Over on my Read It Write It Sell It – Go-Large Friday fiction focus on my website, the long awaited run down on self publishing for beginners. A full run down all in one place of info about how to self publish – a basic guide for any beginner, and would-be author. Enjoy!

BACK TO YOU – being comfortable with who you are
Who are youThis is a big one you know because, a lot of the reasons why we eat to comfort ourselves is because we’re not happy with who we are. So this saying resonated with me.

There is a whole host of books and audio books available now to help you learn to unlearn the things that keep you stuck, and they’re worth a try, particularly if you’re having a tough time continually ‘self sabotaging’ as they call it, with your attempts to lose weight.

There’s a whole section on it in my 'Till the Fat Lady Slims' book on Amazon. I’m going to put another extract on this Monday’s (19th) Back to You blog on my website. But last Monday’s has lots of info too – see below.

When I was first separated from the kids’ dad, I had as tough a time as anyone does. But several books really helped me. One of them is Wayne Dyer’s 'Your Erroneous Zones' – worth a look. If it helps one person, that’s great. ‘Cos the more you like yourself, the less you’re likely to punish yourself by overeating. Nowadays I don’t do that. I just eat occasionally too much ‘cos I like it! Lol!

Seriously, I’m doing quite well at maintaining the weight I’ve been for quite a while now – so it’s into the final push towards the deadline – this is the last month before our Back to You get together/ new book launch near Dorking on 29th June! Do come along!

Full info if you join our Back to You QVC Facebook group. Info at bottom of this blog.


DepressionPlease share. Sometimes it's the people you think are the strongest that need a little kindness because of what they're hiding. I’ve been there – many years ago.

So now I know it’s not enough to say ‘snap out of it’ – but I also know sometimes – sometimes – nutrition can aggravate the condition and that the right diet can help alleviate it. Google it, especially EPA.

There’s a good book too by Dr Mark Hyman – giving it a go might not hurt, if nothing else has worked. Let me know. I may actually put some of the info about this period in my life inside the updated TTFLS in January too. We’ll see.



Liking the New You
More lovely comments from my lovely ladies on my Facebook groups. This week, Vanda said this –

‘Managed to lose another 2lbs last week. I'm now in uncharted territory- can't remember the last time I weighed 11st 10lb!

Had a fab time at the charity ball on Sat night- felt really good in my Phase Eight dress, and was held in place with Trinny and Susannah!

I'm still doing my 2 fast days each week, although, sometimes it feels that I eat more on those days than I do on 'regular' days, as I now only eat when I'm hungry, so I can go without food for hours and hours before I feel like eating.’

Back to You post


And thanks to Bev for this fab quote – it makes me feel so proud.




Over on B2U blog on – my weekly Monday Update – this week's was:

Two Explosive New Films Uncovering the Sickness Industry… the Power of Hugs… and the Monday Essay – the Magic of Green Drinks go here to read it!

Back to You returns to QVC in September. See below for links to join the Facebook Groups.



Liz Earle TSVSneaky peek double-bill

 1) One of the best skin care brands we do, Liz Earle’s lovely range, is back for an 8 piece Today’s Special Value on Monday week (bank holiday Monday 26th) – don’t miss it!

2) Do you find sat navs fiddly? Need a new one that requires less hassle for the updating process? Join me for the latest six inch model coming 31st May. For those of you who think size very much matters…


Judith WilliamsShhhh! And Judith Williams brings us a brilliant new product – a 7 night Wonder Serum – coming soon!

Plus, if you love those temporary one-show-only type bargains (!) and you love Bibi Bijoux, watch out for the return of Maxine and her ‘bawls’ on Saturday 24th, at 3pm, 6pm, and 11pm.






Twitter Secrets! I've been flashing early pics of the TSVs, as ever! Including the Yong Kim one – if you’re quick it’s on today (Friday 16th) – and the Laura Geller one launches at midnight tonight – what a fab set! I love giving you a heads-up – as I often do on Twitter – so do follow me @debbieflint for insider news! (Other presenters’ twitter names are on their blogs too).

Laura Geller TSV Yong Kim TSV










Linda on airGuest Tips On Tuesday night at midnight, when the new Tria laser system is the TSV, my lovely sis will be back on with Red Carpet Manicure. And if you thought she’s looking a bit more trim lately – you’re right!

As she’s forever telling the people in our Back to You group on Facebook, she’s done it by mixing the principles of Freedom Eating (as in my 'Till the Fat Lady Slims' weight loss book – click here) with lots of exercise – how toned does she now look?!

She’ll feature quite a lot in the new revised version of my book coming out in January! I’m so proud of my sis – if you knew how scared she was of being on live QVC in the early days you’d realised how far she’s come, when you watch her polished appearance being replayed at the moment through the night and on QVC Beauty. Her tip is to definitely ramp up the activity to help your body help itself.


Sue with AlisonGuest Beauty Workshops! Ali Young has been busy lately – she’s been giving some of our lovely customers a little makeover advice! Catch her latest video on QVC Beauty on Saturdays at 6pm!






This Week –
Antthony in Paris– He’s baaaaack! Antthony Fashion Designs returns Friday and Saturday incl with me 4pm Saturday as part of our two-day Get Gorgeous weekend!

Lots and lots of Easy Pay and third anni celebrations for the lovely – and somewhat crazy! – hunk from Hollywood! Lol. This floral theme continues in snippets below!




Friendship braceleBIG DIAMONIQUE DAY on Monday – all day! Don’t miss our own simulated diamond set in fine hallmarked metals including lovely Lisa Snowdon, and Ali K and Charlie’s grand finale at the end of the day!






KitchenAid mixerKitchen Aid and Holly Bell are back on Thursday – don’t miss the new offer on a K45 mixer with flex edge beater – and some fabulous culinary tips all chefs should know from lovely Holly – kicks off Wednesday night at midnight.





– Find out what else is on on our TV Guide on our home page.



As ever, the lovely Craigy is the ultimate source of bloopers! Always dancing around and having fun!


Beautiful bloomsBlooming beautiful How lovely are the plants starting to look?! I’ve been religiously using Richard Jackson’s plant food and have to say – they’ve never looked better!

How fab to have had this weather lately too – bliss!







Our attentionYour Attention… and on that floral theme, I thought this was just beautiful – and so so true. As one of five – the eldest of five – there was always a baby in the family to demand attention so I know this only too well!





Robert LustigTweet of the week OMG was I chuffed or what! Dr Robert Lustig himself followed me on Twitter this week. I’m due to go see him at another Fab one-day seminar on 10th July – I think he’s a superstar for the good deeds he’s doing to world health. What a star!





Facebook FunnyFacebook Funny – I thought this was hilarious! The irony is of course in the book they post as a reply to their suggestion – just in case you read it in a rush and don’t realise! Like one person did on Twitter and actually suggested a book for me! Lol!





Debbie and ShyamaTheatre Went to see De Profundis at Leicester Square theatre with Shyama on Saturday night – can’t find a trailer online but it’s a musical version of Oscar Wilde’s letter to his lover.

After the one hour show (which was ok) across the stage, waving at me, was our beauty tools guest Deborah Lloyd! What a small world! Here’s me and Shyama outside the theatre.

I can’t recommend it as it was only about six out of ten, for me – bit heavy. Well acted though… or should I say sung.



TV – 'Episodes' is back! – I’ve been sooooo excited about this one! If you recall I raved about series one and two where two UK scriptwriters – Tamsin Greig and Stephen Mangan – go out to Hollywood but stumble when Matt Le Blanc is cast in their sit com. Now it’s back for series three and the dark humour returns, and excellent excellent acting. The comic timing is fabulous and Matt playing a send up of himself is worth its weight in gold – no wonder he won a Golden Globe for it! I’m going to a scriptwriting weekend in June so it’s close to my heart atm! Can’t wait for next Wednesday night but do watch it on catch up on BBC iPlayer! 

[Having trouble viewing this video? See YouTube's Help page


Next Week – final birthday celebrations with a murder mystery night in Hertfordshire!

Have a fab week!

Debs x

P.S *TiFFT = Try it For the First Time Club!

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  1. Susanne Fitzpatrick May 20, 2014 at 2:59 pm -  Reply

    Being Comfortable with Who You Are: can I point you and your ‘followers’ in the direction of two books by Janet Street-Porter, the titles of which I can’t repeat here (!!). I have a friend who is constantly ‘adapting’ to suit others ie if her co-workers like Genesis, she buys all the Genesis CD’s so she fits in; if they like a certain actor, she buys all his/her DVD’s so she can join in the conversation. Odd, I know, but when I gave her Janet S-P’s books, she is now totally and utterly HERSELF. Janet gives no-nonsense advice on how to be proud of your individuality and be true to who you are. Highly recommended reading for anyone with self-worth issues.
    Depression: when I was poorly with work-related stress a couple of years ago, I took no medication whatsoever (GP knew I wouldn’t take it anyway!). He said the best way to get myself better was go on long walks because being outdoors (particularly in sunny weather) tops up the Seratonin and Dopamine in the brain and Vitamin D levels in the body and it totally astounded me how dramatically it helped me. Menopause can get me down periodically and all I do is take time out of my busy life to get outside (even lovely walks in the rain help) and I can guarantee people will feel better afterwards. Better than any medicines, I tell you. Also, taking Omega 3, 6 & 9 helps fantastically if memory/concentration are issues that manifest themselves during a ‘depressive episode’ – dramatic results again.
    Self Publishing: does the info you link to on your blog include someone who wants to self-publish a cookbook? I have a brilliant idea for one – one that’s not been thought of before, and I think it would sell well. Can you advise please?
    Thank you for a lovely blog – what a smashing family you have.

  2. Miss C Richardson May 21, 2014 at 9:02 am -  Reply

    Happy Belated Birthday!
    On a different note……
    Dear Debbie,
    I know you will be presenting a Bronzo Italia show soon. I did send an email to the programme planners but wanted to send it to you Craig and Jill as well, so you could assist too.
    Thank you for the choice of sizes in earrings and necklaces. With necklaces, the presenters do put on comparison lengths together. Please can one person wear a different size in each ear with a camera shot from the front so that the buyer can get a truer idea of proportion. As earrings are often curved, the length measurement does not show how far down the face the earring hangs. Is this possible to do?
    Many thanks

  3. debs f May 27, 2014 at 12:47 am -  Reply

    Susanne –
    i think the info on my riwisi blog on my website will help any self publisher – espcially the general post i put up for the above link. Just click it, go read it and you’ll see if it’s something you’re up for! Not sure about cookery books with pics, not my area, but a lot of it relates to all! Tons online tho – just google – bound to be lots of blogs and articles about it! And good luck!
    Yes omega 3 (less 6 and 9 – it’s the 3:6 balance that’s so vital) and yes sunlight! An SAD light can make such a difference, I find! Ta for JSP book tips! will look out for them.
    ps fab post btw!

  4. debs f May 27, 2014 at 12:52 am -  Reply

    C – re earrings –
    thanks for your suggestion – I agree! Will do my best!

  5. Miss C Richardson May 30, 2014 at 10:12 pm -  Reply

    You are fab, you kept your promise and got the model to show both size of earrings in the same design, at the same time. I hope this helped lots of customers to compare the size. It helped me to make my mind up.
    Cathy x

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