Big stuff!, competition winner and ‘Salmon Fishing in the Yemen’


Debbie and her giant foxgloveWow what a busy week! All this using up annual leave before the end of the summer means lots of days off – but I always seem to fill them! This week…

Can you beat mine? How big is your biggest? Hugely huge plants and slugs!
Romance weekend: what's the most exotic airport you've been in? Clip of Florence jazz band!
And 'Salmon Fishing in the Yemen' – fab film – review!

Romance weekend
Yes, that was 'romance' weekend, not 'romantic' weekend! lol (although… woops sorry, can't say! hehe). Anyway, had a fab time getting stuck in to the final parts of my romance novel on my days off – it's only taken me three years and about six writing courses and conferences to get this far! Haha!

I mentioned it on Facebook and lots of people said they would want to read it and many people also said – typically – 'is it like 'Fifty Shades of Grey'?! Well actually it is a bit steamy, but definitely not like 'Fifty Shades'! Maybe that's just me, but quite a few people have said that EL James' book was a bit disappointing. You?

Debbie writing her book on her laptopAnyway, I've nearly finished mine – 'Hawaiian Affair' should be finalised in the next week or so. That's the plan. Will keep you informed – am not sure how many would actually want to read it yet tho', so I need your feedback – a few kind souls have suggested I should just put it straight up on Kindle as an e-book so anyone can buy it and download it. I'm not sure – what do you think? Let me know – you might help me decide!

In the meantime, I'm back off – in my mind – to Hawaii, to see what happens at the showdown of my novel (see, I avoided the word 'climax' there – lol!) Will they, won't they? (well, you can probably guess they do, but it's how, and when!)

Is yours bigger than mine?
Ahem! Anyway – take a look at the giants that have been appearing in my garden lately! I got back off my travels and couldn't believe the size of the foxglove in the pic at the top of this post – it’'s got to be about 8 foot tall! Pic of slug

A slug from Debbie's gardenOr the horrible slugs that keep appearing around the flower beds! Eouw. And what's the biggest, most impressive plant that's been growing in your garden this summer? Make sure you mention dimensions when you comment below! Lol (and to see how to leave a comment, if you've never done it, go to the bottom of the blog here.

Marlene's comp has been won! The lucky winner who receives the consultation and book is Helen, and Marlene will be in touch for a full appraisal of their diet and lifestyle – I do hope they'll keep us informed of their progress.

If you missed what all the fuss is about, and some impressive stories of how macrobiotic eating has changed someone's health, read the blog here, it's really incredible what food can do.

And a special message from Marlene Watson-Tara, to everyone who responded to the comp – she read each of your interesting comments regarding your issues, by the way:

'I truly would love to do a consultation and send books to all of you but unfortunately, and I know you will understand, that is not possible.

As I read through all of your posts there are thousands of people with all these ailments and I have worked with all of them. They can be turned around through diet so please start to take a serious look at how you can get your health back on track and know it can be done.'

Check out her book 'Macrobiotics for All Seasons', on sale at Amazon.

P.S. Marlene's new blog is also out – go here if you're curious about what to actually eat eg. breakfast!

N.B. For those that hate all this healthy rabbit food diet talk, but need to lose weight, never fear – there'll be a new Diet Chef Today's Special Value in August – if you like it all done for you-  watch out for it!

Facebook fun
Facebook funnyI loved this little saying doing the rounds online recently – to make you smile.

And just in case you're feeling a bit jaded with our rotten summer weather, here's something else that cheers me up no end – remembering some of the fab sights in Italy when Craigy and I took a weekend trip to Tuscany recently (you can read the blog here).

If only this is what our UK airports were like – it'd be a lot more fun for the Olympics gang entering the country for the London 2012 eh!


Talking of which, this Friday (20th), the Olympic torch passes by – from Shere to Westcott to Dorking in my stretch of Surrey – I'll see if I can get a pic as the convoy speeds by on its way to the next walking destination.

WATCH – back to movies – and THE most brilliant and original film this week – with one of my absolute favourite actresses – the scene-stealing, man-eating, captivating Kristin Scott Thomas. Ewan McGregor and Emily Blunt aren't bad either, but it's for the original plot and the so watchable Patricia that gets 'Salmon Fishing in the Yemen' a 8.25 out of ten for me! Catch it if you can on DVD!


QVC – this week I are mostly been using my lovely Lulu hair products-  an on-air text and Tweet commented on the shine (thanks Jill Dowding Walker!)
(I'm @debbieflint if you would like to follow me on Twitter by the way!)

This week on QVC – watch out for Diane Gilman jeggings Today's Special Value launching Friday night (20th) at midnight and through the day Saturday 21st. Plus early next week, our famous 'Christmas in July' – this year on 24th AND 25th. And a heads-up that there'll be great fashion clearance shows on Thursday 26th and Friday 27th. Dates for your diaries guys 'n' girls!

Don't forget to leave me a comment about the above topics – you know I love hearing from you! Especially if you've seen or grown any really big stuff in your garden this year! Lol!

Have a fab weekend!



  1. Susan July 20, 2012 at 4:38 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs,
    Just had to say LUCKY you! All these trips!! Amazing! You and all the QVC presenters are making up for the rest of us not getting away lol. And the giant foxglove lol. Ours are pretty big too – bout 7ft but yours is bigger lol.
    Have a nice weeekend,
    Susan x

  2. Alison Rutland July 20, 2012 at 4:48 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie, Congrats on nearly finishing the book!! I thought you were planning on submitting it to M&B?  Have they seen it yet? 
    Good Luck!

  3. martin forbes July 20, 2012 at 6:15 pm -  Reply

    another brilliant blog debs be watching xmasin july as always do you hear from kara tritton katy john paul lavers at all

  4. Sarah Wise July 20, 2012 at 7:11 pm -  Reply

    I would love to read your book Debs! I bet it’s written considerably better than Fifty Shades, which I thought was – dare I say it – rather boring… Perhaps the film will be better, I’m sure you’ll give it an appraisal when it comes out. I noticed a book called ‘Eighty Days Yellow’ on Amazon this morning which apparently is “a mouth-watering feast for the senses.” So, a number and colour in the title looks like the way to go. How about ‘Ninety Red Hot Hawaian Nights’ – what do you think?
    It might well be worth putting your book on Kindle as I’m sure you’d get lots of takers, and that might lead to a book deal.
    Sarah xx

  5. Nigel July 21, 2012 at 1:00 am -  Reply

    You win Debs – only reached 7 feet with some ‘Cephalaria Gigantea’ (always think it sounds like a gruesome std! ) which are Tifft plants for me but the bumbles luv them and sit for ages on the pin cushions . Nice pics at
    Take care as always, Nige:))
    P.S. Had time to use the new greenhouse yet ?

  6. AMaria July 23, 2012 at 4:53 am -  Reply

    I am getting good at this. Good Luck with the book! Would love to read it…if it contains some of your humour it should be a good read – let us know when it’s out. I was very interested to read about your macrobiotic diet. After years of illness I recently had a new illness added to the list. Got so fed up as I am a fairly healthy eater – I don’t do dairy; white flour,rice or pasta; always made my own sauces from natural ingredients; and make my own dairy-free and yeast-free bread; no salt (use herbs and spices to add flavour), no sugar (use fruit as sugar substitute) and no caffeine (drink Rooibos tea). I am sensitive to mushrooms, cucumbers and melons so since my new illness have been even better with my diet and stopped them too (I love them though – cucumbers are to me as chocs are to others – I could eat them with everything!) but I still bloat and retain fluid. Very very annoying!!! A good joke here… (you could delete this part after you read it) I am a trainer and during one of my student’s was being very good and offered to make me coffee. I politely decined saying I had my own teabags. He then wanted to know why so I told him that I did not do coffee to which he said “Miss, you don’t do chocolate, you don’t smoke, you don’t do alcohol now you don’t do caffeine … do you do sex? All around me burst out laughing! To a teenager my life seemed very strange.

  7. Nigel July 23, 2012 at 7:20 am -  Reply

    P.P.S. If u happen to see Brad,Mark and Chris whizz by your pile next weekend pls give them a cheer from me as they did such a grand job in the TDF, ta.
    Thnks for bringing the sun back from Tuscany btw, Nige :))

  8. Alison July 23, 2012 at 2:52 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs just want to say I love that you wear Kim & co a lot too like me! I am a similar age to you and love Kims tops and maxi dresses in particular. Its great to see them on someone else(not just the models) and only confirms how good they make us look. Love Alison xx

  9. Valerie Shotton July 26, 2012 at 2:45 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs, I am going to Hawaii this summer for my holidays. hope it lives up to my expectations, it’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit. Have you been there? What made you decide on Hawaii for your book?

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