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This week – when Luna my new Grandpog came to stay… and why I’m beyond proud about my new role for charity.

 Squeee! I’m an Ambassador!

This week I had one of my proudest moments when, following last week’s charity event (read about it in last week’s blog here) I was made an ambassador for Medical Detection Dogs – ‘my’ charity! So proud I can’t tell you. It means they’ll ask me along to events, including possibly a trip to ‘the palace’ with minor royals, since Camilla is patron and apparently ‘Charles loves the dogs’. Wow – what a TiFFT* that will be! The most important thing is though is that I’ll keep on helping to spread the word about what they do.

If you’ve missed it, here’s what they said:

Medical Detection Dogs are delighted to announce that QVC presenter and author Debbie Flint has agreed to be an Ambassador – she joins our other ambassadors – Lesley Nicol, Gill Wright and Kate Humble. Debbie says:

“I am humbled to be part of such a phenomenal team. In May several of the QVC UK presenters took part in the famous London Moonwalk (a marathon through the night in your bra!) and we were lucky enough to meet Christina Bowden and when she found out I was a dog person (3 Labradors) she invited me up to the HQ.

One trip to Milton Keynes later and I knew I had to donate all proceeds from my upcoming house-move (down-size) to my nearly-new table-top sale. When I found out how much owners’ lives changed, like diabetic type 1 Carolyn who would go into a coma if her dog Samson didn’t alert her of high or low blood sugar, it awed me.

When I saw the sniffer dogs in action, playing a ‘game’ that leads to detecting prostate cancer in hospital urine samples, faster than a machine, equivalent to one drop of blood in two olympic sized swimming pools, I was fascinated by the science.

I am so impressed with the team that I told them that over the next twelve months I’d like to up my £5000 raised so far, to the £11,000 needed to train one puppy. And they’re going to allow me to name the next one after my late dad. Looking forward to introducing the world to the Detector Dog named Derek… Seriously I am delighted to be part of the team and am working on the next event – a nationwide virtual pub quiz! More info – follow me on Twitter @debbieflint for updates! “

 MDD Announcement

So I’m looking for ‘Ambassadettes’! To help coordinate some regional quiz get-togethers – even as small as three or four people in a room! I’ll be working out the logistics of how to announce the questions etc – got any suggestions? I met a lovely lady at the my table top sale who is a quiz master, she’ll help me.

I may do a proper get together in October in London somewhere in a pub, where everyone pays an entrance fee, but apart from that I’ll be looking to recreate it up and down the country, with big or small gatherings all taking part in the quiz that night. All getting the answers checked by each other within their own group (honesty essential!), and providing their own little prize for their own winner. Winners from all the groups to be posted on one big blog by me afterwards!  Hoping to get a couple of hundred people taking part – what do you say? £10 entry fee, per person, all to go to the charity. That’s the plan!

Donate a dog? So what is it all about?  Dr Claire Guest, CEO, says that their accuracy is like detecting a drop of blood in two olympic sized swimming pools – it’s incredible. Here she is on the BBC last weekend, talking about what’s involved as far as the dog is concerned, just in case you have some puppies and you’d like to donate one. Do let me know if you do – they take different breeds but I saw mostly Labradors when I was there.  Watch this – click here.

[Having trouble viewing this video? See YouTube’s Help page]

And here is one of the other three ambassadors, Lesley Nicol, aka Mrs Patmore in Downton Abbey, on Loose Women last summer, explaining more about how the dogs do their magic and about the upstairs downstairs rivalry on our fave drama. click here.

For more info see my blog all about it (which also includes an exclusive look around my home!) – but suffice it to say I am one happy person right now! And thanks so much to all my gang for helping to make it possible. Keep coming back for more updates! And go here and ‘like’ my Facebook page for the fastest way to find out my news. Plus do feel free to subscribe to my weekly newsletter where I send out important updates and exclusive videos! Go here.




Baloo, Luna and me! The day my daughter’s new poggy came to stay! Little Luna, the sister black spaniel to Baloo, is just 9-weeks old! How sweeeeet she is! That day I had five dogs and three adults in my house! Glad it was fine weather! And it’s a good job I love dogs. Did I mention that at any stage? Hehe!

Fab results with Bodyblade The Bodyblade is back in stock – click here – and available in Easy Pay instalments ready for Bruce’s visit in September. Here are two lovely comments on one of my Facebook groups from people who love his workout and finding a difference – inspirational eh?!



16 minutes to Change Your Life More BB news and apparently it’s been seen in the ‘American Biggest Loser ‘show – where they also do a power walk – if you can take 16 minutes to change your life, do this three times a week – if you can walk ok, see how you get on for a month.

Here’s the video on YouTube –


Back to You update Plus you can read Bruce’s weekly web chats on my Back to You blog, where this week you’ll also hear from Lisa from fab natural skincare brand A’kin. This week’s blog topic is what to do if you find yourself suddenly alone when the kids leave home. Click here for more.

me n bruce

 At Home with my boy Brad came by for a spot of painting – see the ‘and finally’ below. And we had our first lunch on the terrace – how grand! I’ve always wanted French doors and a terrace and now I’ve got one!

Debbie's son Brad


Tree Fellers Mind you, we were being showered by sawdust every so often by the tree fellers – even though there were only two of them (boom boom!) I had some of the overhanging canopy of damp dark chestnut cut back behind the house at the top of the slope – let there be light! Can you spot the man up the tree?


bookBook of the Week is the wonderfully evocative ‘The Girl who Came Home’ by Hazel Gaynor – an alternative Titanic story about a fictional Irish third-class survivor. Very good. Well done Hazel Gaynor – she won a RNA award for it earlier this year. Loved the atmospheric and well-researched narrative and the characterisation. Even though we knew what was going to happen, it was HOW they dealt with it we were waiting to find out. More info on how to get it in my weekly writing blog, Read it Write it Sell it here.






Flints Birthdays Earlier this week I went to a joint birthday lunch for the three nephews and nieces who all have the Flint name, my brothers kids. Ironically out of 15 grandchildren only David, pictured here will carry forward the Flint name!



Happy Birthday Gill!


Our lovely guest Gill Gauntlett turned 50 this week – she doesn’t look it, does she?! I agree with Lee Hohbein wholeheartedly, don’t you? She had a lovely holiday away with her hubby who gave her some wonderful treats. But she’s back next week on 25th with our monthly ‘Countdown to Christmas’ events from now till October, and she’s bringing us a fab gift wrap bag pack!


Happy 20th Tova and Simon Wilson

Simon Butler and Wilson

Two lovely guests celebrate two decades with QVC UK this weekend – Tova and Butler and Wilson’s Simon, who had a great time teasing me this week on our sell out accessories show. Here he is though, sharing a little-known secret about his childhood. Do join him including with Julia on Friday (21st) at 6pm, and Sunday and Monday for their two-hour shows.


Taking Time out for Tova at the Ritz Here’s a lovely pic of our fab evening last night at the Ritz at Tova’s 20th party. Had a super time and met some great people. I was there at the start of her appearances on QVC and one of the first to try her  perfumes. What’s your fave? Mine is Body, Mind and Spirit, as well as the Tova original. Her super shows are Friday for sparkling jewellery bargains and Saturday (22nd) at 1pm and 10pm for spectacular fragrances.

Tova and Debbie


Facebook Funny I had to laugh – even if the good taste is questionable – hehe!



Watch – it’s on Sky Movies On Demand – he’s coming back, it’s Matthew MacConnaughey in ‘Interstellar’ – from the director of the ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy and ‘Inception’ so it bodes well. Worth a watch if you’re a MM fan, who has elevated himself of late into a more stratospheric level of acting royalty – will this one live up to expectations? Let me know what you think.

Poor Hand If you’ve seen me rubbing my wrist on air lately, it’s cos I’ve got a case of carpal tunnel syndrome! All that moving and gripping and cleaning and sorting and shifting boxes, it seems, has taken its toll. The doc has put my wrist in a splint whilst not on air, to keep it from squeezing on the nerve or tendon or whatever it is. Let’s hope I don’t need surgery, but it’s helping already.


Bloopers It’s been a bumper week this week – what with Jenny from Together unearthing some secrets from my youth –

… and Julian from Isaac Mizrahi getting his sarong in a twist –

… and Michaela from Gatineau getting her P45 warning from Andrew! Funneee!

This week on QVC –

  • QVC Style has 3EZ pay on all fashions in their Saturday special (22nd) – more here in the QGossip blog. Find QVC Style on our website or app or on these channels xxx


  • Liz Earle’s special launch of the brand new multi-tasking Superskin Face Serum on Monday (if any are left), at 10pm! And well done to Pauline Tofts​ for winning last week’s Liz Earle blog competition – the serum and the new fragrance (being launched next visit in first week of September). Look out for another comp at the end of Sep!


  • Kipling Bag Today’s Special Value – join me on Tuesday night with Marie Francoise as the Chantra medium bag launches.



Sneaky Peek – and if you’re a Dyson lover, put Friday night 28th midnight in your diary to join me with my old colleague Steve Macdonald for the new V6 Absolute. With an amazing new head for flat floors!


And finally remember I promised you a transformation of the doggy kennels last week? Well here’s my own mutt-makeover – complete with highlights for silly Patch who kept getting in the way! They like them very much! So do I – how delightful and thanks to Brad my son for helping me paint them and to Nick, Lauren’s BF for the idea! The house is really starting to perk up now! Love living here, and have been enjoying some days off at home – finally! See you on air at the weekend!


Next week – the schedule of exciting new Q Page webchats, Monday nights through September, on the main QVC Facebook page, run by me, with some fab guests, including news of Jason Vale the JuiceMaster himself coming to QVC.

Best wishes,



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  1. marie August 21, 2015 at 3:12 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie, the new puppy is just to sweet. Love the kennells.
    congratulations on your new appointment such a wonderful cause. Lots of luck with the fund raising.
    Marie x

  2. martin forbes August 22, 2015 at 2:33 pm -  Reply

    hi debbie hope you and your family lauen and brad are well iam not bad when you did childrens bbc in 1986 how many moths was it for happy 3oth childrens bbc on september this year

  3. mary helliwell August 23, 2015 at 1:15 pm -  Reply

    would like to see more bags

  4. Chris Jopp August 23, 2015 at 2:05 pm -  Reply

    Loved the blog, so well done on being an ambassador for the MDD’s! Couldn’t really hear the clips even with the sound up 🙂 Will definitely give the Biggest Loser walk a go next week.


    Chris xx

  5. Stacey Louise gardiner August 23, 2015 at 2:47 pm -  Reply

    Loved reading your blog this week debs and loving the snazzy dog kennels! Well done:) Stacey, Bristol xxx

  6. Sarah August 23, 2015 at 6:12 pm -  Reply

    Debbie, I’d love to be an ambassadorette and where did you get your doggie kennels from? I’m a Dorking girl so if local would be better thx

  7. Sharon August 23, 2015 at 6:41 pm -  Reply

    Congratulations on being such a deserving ambassador for an amazing charity! Couldn’t think of anyon better xx

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