Better sleep and Finding Your Feet…


I promised that sleep would be at the heart of this week’s blog, but I had to mention keeping warm too, given the weather! Plus, I have to add that this week’s ‘Watch’ – the outstanding new film ‘Finding your Feet’ – also made me want to chat to you about it. See below.

First this week, the weekend’s deals!

This weekend sees the return of the superb KitchenAid Artisan mixer – get it here now. Also on an Early Bird order link is tomorrow’s (Saturday 3rd) Yankee candle 30-piece Her Favourite Fragrance Collection click here to see all the choices and buy it now.

Sunday’s is the wonderful It cosmetics four-piece Illuminating Make-up Collection – looks good doesn’t it?! See below for more sneaky peeks of next week’s deals.

Sleep Over…
Or is it? This month it’s sleep month on QVC and considering the amazing sleep I’ve been getting on my Sealy mattresses, I thought I’d mention one or two things that make a difference to me. Mattress, obviously (one in London for when I’m working half the week, and one in Devon in my house down there – see last week’s blog.) Another new mattress is being launched specially for March Sleep Better  month – awarded a ‘which?’ Best Buy ‘best bed in a box mattress we’ve seen’ – AND you can choose your firmness level – it’s the new Studio Mattress by Silent Night. They are also doing a Studio Pillow too! Watch out for our special ‘Meet the Sleep Experts’ shows. And of course for me, no bedtime is complete without the This Works Sleep Spray, in one form or another. Go here to see their sleep-related range.

But I have to do my night-time routine to really help me unwind. So what does it consist of? Well, a little yoga routine, once I’ve washed and done my face with wonderful lotions and potions. It’s only a few minutes long, but means I definitely ache less in the morning…

I tend to grind my teeth, so I use a mouth guard whenever I feel I need it (very attractive!) Plus I know what I drink before I retire makes a big difference. I had a little period of being a bit dehydrated recently, so I have a couple of big glasses of water a few hours before I go up, so I get the chance to visit the loo BEFORE I get in bed, rather than waking up in the night. I rarely wake up, doing it that way. One note on drink, though – for me, alcohol just makes me restless and unable to sleep, so I don’t tend to drink much really. I notice when I do and since sleep is SOOOO important now, to me, I avoid it if I can.

The other ‘must’ for me at bedtime is an audio book. I listen to all sorts but if I’m about to go to sleep I will either choose ‘ocean sounds’ from Alexa (it’s a skill you can add) or a gently soporific narrator’s voice and I’m soon in dreamland. Without even opening my eyes, I can ask Alexa to go to sleep in ten minutes, set an alarm, ask what time it is, and get her to play stuff to me. I love it! In the morning, by the way, I wake up to the day’s news and weather too. If you missed the recent Echo deal, go here to see our Amazon range.

All in all it works. But overall the mattress is the big thing. Here’s the Sleepcycle app chart showing an average 70+% sleep quality when I had to sleep on the futon just before the move. Compare that with the over 90% I’ve been getting when on the Sealy Mattress! It sold out again recently so I’m sure it’ll be back later in the year!

Craigy’s Belter of an ITV Appearance

In case you didn’t realise it our very own Craig Rowe was featured on Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway last Saturday, I was so proud of my lovely pal as he coped admirably with winding up Amanda Holden for their skit on her QVC show going disastrously wrong. Her face was priceless! He’s a real star and deserves all the attention he’s been getting since – go Craigy!
Watch the clip:

By the way this week it’s the launch of Amanda’s first Today’s Special Value too – more info below!

My New Bedroom Inside the House!

It’s happened – the move is complete and this is my new little bedroom – inside the house! If you didn’t recall, in the last house, my lovely brother allowed me to lodge with him whenever I work at QVC, in his little annexe outside – which is fine for not waking people up, but not fine for being isolated and cold and away from the fridge! Lol. This one is cosy, ohhhh so comfy with my new Sealy mattress (ok, enough, already about the mattress!) and hopefully the awful traffic to Chiswick from there won’t taint the pleasure of being in this big Edwardian semi. New era in more ways than one (I’m saying that because I have another announcement coming next week… watch this space!)

Mirror, mirror on the Wall who’s the warmest one of all!

ME!! This was how I kept warm in my 1680s old house in Devon early this week, ‘wearing’ the Slanket! I wrapped myself up, doubled it over at the waist, then belted it! I got warm almost immediately Thing is I then had a hot flush and had to take it all off again! I hope you kept warm wherever you were during the big freeze.

Also my ‘vlogs’ this week were in the coldest weather I’ve known, down in Devon – do go to my Social Media including my QVC Facebook page called ‘Debbie Flint QVC chat’, to watch them (link below). You don’t have to be on Facebook to see them. (One of them features the TV show I’ve been asked to be part of!) I think we escaped the worst of it in Devon – when the rest of the country was posting pics of snowmen, we had sunny skies. Freezing, but sunny. There was one snowstorm on Monday early evening, but at time of writing it’s not been too bad! Hope you managed, wherever you are.

Book of the Week:
Dog Faced Gods book 3 – The Shadow of the Soul, by Sarah Pinborough.
What a great title eh?! The thing about finding an author you love, and a book in a series, is that you can immediately download the next one as soon as you finished the last one! So having ploughed through books one and two, I immediately picked up with the continuing adventures of D.I. Cass Jones in the somewhat dystopian version of London created by Pinborough, inhabited by a sub-culture with a supernatural element which bubbles under throughout this trilogy. And as you progress through the scintillating chapters towards the resolution, you can but think that the climax should be amazing! I enjoyed writing this week’s book blog over on my website – the problem is what book to choose next!

Finding your Feet
Fab film at the flicks for the over fifties… Well anyone really but especially the silver brigade, for whom this may be even more poignant than it was for me! A relationship between two sisters is at the heart of this superb feel good film starring Celia Imrie and Imelda Staunton – both outstanding as usual – so it was particularly heart-rending for me. It made me think maybe this is how my little sis and I will be one day! Brilliant supporting cast and I’d definitely see it again. 9.25/10 – fabulous! Search the trailer on YouTube to see more.

I have to say that watching this made me really think about the whole loneliness thing. So much so that I wrote a Back to You blog about it on my website. I’d really like, longer term, to do something to help some of the lonely older ladies around where I live. But the problem is that not many would be interested in a ‘billy no mates’ club. I’d have to call it a bingo afternoon, or a regular ‘learn how to use an iPad’ lunch or something. If you’re quite lonely, what appeals to you and what do you do to keep amused?

This week on QVC
See above for this weekend’s deals – plus:

Monday – join me Sunday night at midnight for the launch of Abi Cleeve’s new Skinsense five-piece Anti-Ageing Collection. I love Abi’s products. They leave my skin nice and smooth and are very reasonably priced but with powerful impact. Worth a try if you want to scale up your routine.

Tuesday – it’s the return of Together fashion, with lovely Carla Laszlo – she is bringing us a pretty frill sleeve and lace hemline top.

WednesdayBibi Bijoux is back with Maxine and her jingle jangle, a set of four charm necklaces – superb value! Great gift ideas too.

Thursday – as mentioned, Amanda Holden is here once more with her BundleBerry set of three nesting metal storage trunks. I’m in the market for some vintage-looking ones, for my retreat in Devon, so I’ll be looking forward to this. I have a show at 10pm, assuming it’s not all sold out by then! I will promise her no exploding sets though! Lol.

And Friday is a lovely Paul Costelloe Edge to Edge stitch detail coatigan.

Next week:
I hope to have a big announcement! Stay tuned…

“PS stop press – of course after I wrote the above, The blizzard came! Fortunately I made it back to London before the red zone became active in the South West! Here’s a pic of a cute little snowman about 2 feet tall, which someone created in our QVC garden set at QVC Towers in Chiswick when I arrived. Hope you are wrapped up warm!”

Best wishes
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  1. SheMag March 2, 2018 at 10:10 am -  Reply

    Better not be a moving on announcement…I am in fear and trepidation now…you are brilliant and I will arrange to have you locked in qvc hq if necessary!

  2. Antoinette Browne March 2, 2018 at 11:09 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie,hope you are well. Love reading you blog. Keep up the work. Antoinette.

  3. Jacqueline Donoghue March 2, 2018 at 4:38 pm -  Reply

    The bit about wrapping up, then having to take it all off again made me laugh Deb…….snap! XXX

  4. Suzi Lubi March 2, 2018 at 9:38 pm -  Reply

    Amanda holden had a previous tsv. Set of three light balls x

  5. Susan Walker March 3, 2018 at 8:51 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie, I just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your blogs. Its definitely bringing a ray of sunshine on this icy day x

  6. Mrs Sharon Windram March 6, 2018 at 3:46 pm -  Reply

    Hello m’dear, love reading your blogs & watching you on QVC. I am rather nervous about your announcement next week & hope it’s got nothing to do with a departure from our screens as you are one of my favourite presenters. Will be watching & waiting in trepidation! xx

  7. SheMag March 8, 2018 at 8:56 pm -  Reply

    And PS thank you for the review of Finding Your Feet…went to see it as a result and I absolutely loved it. Can’t remember the last time I saw a film where the audience actually clapped at the end!

  8. Debs f March 9, 2018 at 8:49 pm -  Reply

    Hi girls!
    No, it’s not moving on, don’t worry! Qvc don’t get rid of me that easily! Lol x

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