Bend it Like Bruce! And Alpha H 15th Anni ‘do’


This week –

  • Alpha H party – don’t think much of yours!
  • Bend it like Bodyblade Bruce! And a new Super6 video
  • Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 (2015 hardback) book is now online £10 incl p&p
  • Which presenters are on which day of the Beauty Bash?
  • And sneaky peeks of Nutri Ninja TSV, Acer and Laura Geller deals!



Alpha H DebbieThis week I went along to the Alpha H, Liquid Gold  party in London, and met a new partner – he was stiff as a board but completely transformational – hehe! It was to celebrate 15 years of Alpha H’s iconic Liquid Gold and Frankie our lovely model joined me, Tom and Michelle from Alpha H skincare for the top pic!

The brand is really effective and popular and there was lots of chat about how it’s helped so many people and sorted out their skin. People are always discussing their results with it on the Back to You QVC Facebook group, (join here) where Tom is very pro-active, answering questions etc. More here on our website. It was nice to get out – I was off that day and went in by train from Dorking. But it made me realise something – which not a lot of people know, head to my website to find out what it is. Go read it and see if you’re the same by clicking the link below–

A little known secret about me – click here to see if you’re the same.


Bend it Like Bruce – Back to You (12th)

Bendy BruceYes Bruce and his Bodyblade took pole position on our lovely weekly well-being show on Monday at 9pm, and wowed everyone with his amazing device for maximum toning with minimum time.

He talked about putting it in a suitcase for your travels and this is the C shape you can bend it into apparently – just be careful when opening it again! We had a great show with his amazing device winning a whole new army of customers, many of whom will join his Bodyblade QVC group on Facebook for advice and chat. It makes you keep at it, if you have support during your mission to get fit, or lose weight – well, according to the BBC Horizon show this week, it does (see below).

He and I had a nice supper too with Bodyblade vendor and pal Bernie, in the bar opposite work just before the show – can you see the QVC building in the background – just behind the big column?

Bruce meal


Then it was a quick web chat on the Back to You QVC group (join here) before going on air. Wethen recorded another video of an alternative Super6 – go to my weekly blog to see it – where you’ll also see:

  • A secret I share which not many people know about me and might surprise you!
  • How freedom eating helps if you can’t lose weight – some lovely five-star reviews on already
  • Facing your fears

Go here to read all this on my latest Back to you blog on my website and of course, lovely Bruce’s new workout with me – a Super6 routine with movement within each one minute exercise!


Bovine Bovver – a Tale of Nieces, Siblings and Cows…

Glenn and clan

Had a loooovely walk with my brother Glenn and his family at the weekend – was lovely and bright but crisp, just before it got really cold. But it was the baby cows who stole the show! The cows are baaaack! Amongst them was one psycho cow. I’m just glad there’s a strong wooden fence in between us – it bucks its head over the fence towards us instead of being scared and backing off! Eeek! What are you supposed to do with cows? Make noises like with cats/ dogs/ clicking, what? Avoid them? Probably best! But it’s funny when the babies run alongside us!

Baby cow


Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – the ‘When’ Diet  – is now item 704285 on our website – as you may have seen on social media, this week it went up on waitlist ready for when it comes on air on the final Back to You show, on 26th January at 9pm.

I was very chuffed that by Wednesday there were 9 five-star reviews and over a quarter of the initial stock had already been allocated! Am so thrilled – it’s taken ages to bring this to you with its extra chapters and bonus material, for sure – and this version will only ever have 3000 produced. I’m off to sign them all this weekend – yes all 3000!

Next week, I’ll report back on how long it took and if I’m not using my right hand on Saturday night when I launch the Acer TSV with Lee Hohbein, you’ll know why! Sis and mum are coming to help, ‘cos Richard Jackson, says it needs a couple of helper-pixies to open and close books otherwise it takes too long. Fingers crossed. So we’re off on a road-trip – Thelma, Louise and Mummy Lesley! Lol. Richard’s our gardening expert, known for his herbaceous borders, and he’s kindly helped me supply the book to QVC.

me and book

Plus – see the question of the week below – my new story ’12 Dates of Ex-Mas’ – a story for Valentine’s Day – which cover should I choose?!

See also my weekly Read it Write it Sell it blog – my weekly look at all things book –

PS – I had to finish the edits for my second to last draft of my novel for my publisher Choc Lit this week – it’s getting nearer to the day when my first steamy romance will be in bookshops!

PPS – If Richard Jackson ran a guest house, and a supermodel came to stay, would she be a ‘curvaceous boarder?’ hahahaaaa! I’ll get my coat…



Frow Back FridayFrow Back Friday – Debbie Does Daleks! In Honor Blackman’s costume apparently, from a sixties episode. This pic was from 1990, during the famous Dr Who Weekend on Galaxy, our 31 West show used to be broadcast from the old QVC building – ahh happy memories! More about Dr Who W/e here.

Golden Globes and BAFTAS – Wow – what did I say in November – looks like ‘The Theory of Everything’  lead actor, the handsome Eddie Redmayne will win a good few trophies in the current awards season for his awesome portrayal of the young, then old, quadriplegic genius Stephen Hawking. Do catch it if you can, it’s amazing. Watch a great report here about when Professor Hawking went on set during filming!

Last week’s Vapour Trail Question was answered with this reply – why do some planes make longer ones than others – like last week’s humungous one over Dorking. Click here – geek alert! lol

Quiz Time –  fancy testing yourself? This was fun – I don’t usually score top marks on things like this but I did on this one – there’s a first! How do you do? No googling! Go here to take the quiz.
plural use this one
Watch – ‘Horizon Dieting special’
– some interesting info in this mini-series about how different people have different issues. Did you see it? If not you can watch it here on iPlayer. They determine what type of issue various people have – some of it to do with missing the signals in the body, which made me rejoice as it ties in with what’s in ‘Till the Fat Lady Slims’!

I’m so glad that so many people have been happy to order their book – see below – especially considering the whole segment about how you can use the ‘When’ diet part alongside ANY traditional dieting plan, including all three listed in the ‘Horizon’ series. If there’s any left, don’t forget the lovely Christianne Wolff’s, ‘Body Rescue plan‘ is now available on QVC too.

Sneaky Peek Nutri-Ninja Pro Today’s Special Value, 27th January – here’s a quick peek – how fab is this? It’s either a normal Ninja or a bullet type one, it’s both! Look out for it launching at midnight after my final Back to You show has been on at 9pm. Jilly Jones is looking forward to it!
Sneaky peek Ninja

Shhhh! This Monday (19th) from 8pm till midnight it’s one-show-only type bargains every hour, including during my 9pm B2U and 11pm Cashmasoft. Yay! And blow me down, if the same isn’t true from 9pm Wednesday (21st) when Dale has his three-hour,  Gem Fest with the adorable Mark Walker, that’ll be fun!

Highlights for This Week

  • Laura Geller’s new Today’s Special Value eight-piece makeup collection is on Saturday 17th all day, it’s called the Decadent Sweets collection!
    Laura Geller make-up collection
  • And on Saturday at midnight, Lee Hohbein, my  ‘telly hubby’ will be joining me to bring us the new, Acer Aspire convertible laptop, ‘Switch 10’ which is Sunday’s special offer. Fab versatility  that you can use as a laptop too! Hehe!

Acer Aspire Switch 10

Beauty Bash next week! I’m there Tues 20th and Wed 21st
as is Catherine. We’re also joined on Tuesday by Jackie, Pipa and Dale. And on Wednesday by Sara and Julia,  Thursday morning is Chloe. Alison Young will be holding court every session all week! Have a great time and do come up and say hello!

Blooper#1 – Bodyblade Beats Antthony! This was done the last time our fave fashionista from LA was here, see how he takes to the bodyblade! Hehe!


Blooper #2 – Charlie Doesn’t Know his Onions! – during this week’s Kuhn Rikon show – pays to look first, eat later! Haha!

Facebook funnyFacebook Funny#1
– clever! Saw this and thought of those of you on strict healthy food plans – especially the ultra fresh fabulous ones like Christianne Wolff’s ‘Body Rescue Plan’ – a la Catherine’s transformation, which has been amazing, she’s done herself proud. Click above to see if there are any left after her on air appearance! In the meantime, I’ll go find myself a carrot!… ahhhhh!





Facebook Funny Viral #2 – got to say this is truly LAUGH OUT LOUD! Guaranteed to cheer you up. Have a look! Hehe!

Question of the week – (RiWiSi)
I have a question for you, aimed at Rom Com readers – from my ‘Read It Write It Sell It’ blog. You know that short story I’ve been mentioning for a little while now? Well I’m at cover-choosing stage and thought I’d ask you, since I’ve been asking on Facebook etc. This is the final cover design, it’s going on Amazon soon. This week’s question is – which of these appeals to you most? Red, green or multi? Do comment below to let me know! I’ll be choosing it this week! It’ll be part of a new anthology I’m doing for Valentine’s Day plus on Ebook before that.

‘12 Dates Of Ex-Mas!’

Choice of book covers

Next Week – signing 3000 copies of TTFLS book! And Beauty Bash ahoy!

Best wishes



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  1. twinkle January 16, 2015 at 5:38 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs

    awww how cute are those baby cows? I love seeing baby animals out in the fields so adorable. As is the pic of you, and your family x

    I too suffer from go have fun ophobia well actually its just go do anything ophobia… its a toughie I know but Im sure like me you were so proud of your self for doing it 🙂 o haven’t been out 18 months now so its definitely a goal for this year!!
    (Then maybe I could attend beauty bash next year!!)

    Thanks as always for a fab blog

    love and hugs for your week


  2. Tanya January 16, 2015 at 9:54 pm -  Reply

    OK Debs, I’ve finally given up trying to win your book and have brought one today. I’m going to the BB on Wednesday afternoon with my mum and a friend (you could give me my copy then!!). I have to admit to not being great at starting conversations with strangers either, so if we bump into each other on Wednesay we’ll have to do a secret handshake or something instead! I vaguely recall that we may also have a couple of other things in common as I was also accepted for Mensa and can’t tell my right from my left (thank goodness that one didn’t come up on the Mensa test – unlike my driving test, but that’s a whole different story). You win hands down on the singing front though!!

    Thanks for the interesting blog – you’re still looking fab!!

    Maybe I’ll see you next week?

  3. Karen Williamson January 19, 2015 at 2:34 pm -  Reply

    Dear Debbie

    I was lucky enough to read your book – the twelve dates of ex mas and for me the multi coloured cover is most eye catching.
    I am a lot like you and have missed numerous functions due to shyness and if we do go out for a meal I will always go to the same few places as I know where the toilets are etc. etc.
    I am not fortunate enough to be going to the beauty bash this year and I missed the tickets that went on sale.

    Today is my birthday and I went to see Strictly Come Dancing Live Tour last night in Birmingham. Whist waiting for my taxi I was lucky enough to get a picture with Aljaz Skorjanec and a quick peck on the cheek – made my day.

    I have ordered a copy of your book – till the fat lady slims and I am eagerly awaiting its arrival.

    Best Wishes


  4. Fifi January 20, 2015 at 2:16 am -  Reply

    Thank you again for another interesting blog with some lovely photos. Congratulations on getting QVC to sell your book. I’m on waiting list for it. I don’t like buying from Amazon (because they don’t pay their taxes properly-we have to so why can’t they?!) so was hoping it would be sold by QVC. The Bodyblade is probably the best preparation you can do for all that book-signing! By the way, for your book cover for ’12 Days of XMas’, I think all red writing looks the best.
    I would love to know how you get the energy and motivation to fit so much in and you seem to lead a really full life despite living on your own, which is a real inspiration to the rest of us.
    By the way, any clues on the Clarks TSV? I had to return the last TSV because of sizing issues-I should have listened to what Jill Franks said but the Clarks lady overruled her and I went with what she said and she was wrong! I wish they would do half-sizes, it would cause less confusion.
    Good luck with the Beauty Bash! I would have loved to have gone, but decided not to, a bit too far out for me, but maybe another time!

  5. Susan January 20, 2015 at 6:10 pm -  Reply

    Hi debs, reading the replies I am thinking that you said you are shy?! Have I missed that? And eh how?! You are on telly and so vibrant!! Have you tips on how to overcome it? If I am right in thinking you struggle with it? PS like the red letters x

  6. Debs January 20, 2015 at 7:47 pm -  Reply

    Twink –
    Yes, great target to inspire u, go to BB next year. As n when tickets go on sale I would announce it on my blogs! Best wishes n hope u r well!
    D x

  7. Debs January 20, 2015 at 7:49 pm -  Reply

    Tanya –
    Yes, secret handshake or just make an M shape when u come say hi! Lol
    Yes do pls keep me informed about your TTFLS journey! X

  8. Debs January 20, 2015 at 7:57 pm -  Reply

    Karen –
    Kindred spirits huh?
    Happy belated birthday, hope it went well? Do see my above comment re BB tix & announcement on here.
    I’d love to hear from u once u begin putting it into practiced, having read till the fat lady slims book? It’s the only consistent system I can rely on for steady weight loss and a more natural relationship with food. Way to go! Xx

  9. Debs January 20, 2015 at 8:04 pm -  Reply

    Ta for lovely comments! The energy comes when I avoid rubbish foods, so, fewer energy spikes. Tons of water, fresh veg n regular exercise. And still thinking I’m not a grown up! Hehe!
    If I see Clarks peek I will post it, and ta so much re cover choice. Across all media, the red was a runaway winner, this time. But I may change it slightly for a Valentine’s theme. Ta for caring and leaving such a detailed comment hon!
    Best wishes

  10. debs f January 22, 2015 at 9:11 pm -  Reply

    susan –
    ahh bless ya thanks hon. Yes many people are surprised. I’ll use an analogy. if i was asked to go present a strand about bungee jumping I would do it as I’m at work. Work is different to at home. For those who dont know I had a period mid 2000’s which was a pretty bad time comparitively speaking, those who know me knkow why, Before that I was often the one who held back at social gatherings unless i had my work hat on. I guess some of us hide it better than others! Told hyou it was a secret not many people knew about me! Ask Craigy – he’ll tell you all about our times away together! lol
    But thanks for asking – nice to know how many people care!
    mwah x
    ps tips for being a bit more confident would only be get a grip on the chimp who’s causing the trouble (see my blog about The Chimp Paradox – brilliant book) and also to get more used to doing TiFFT’s – ‘(try it for the first time club) – as something is only a change if you’ve not done it much beforehand.
    my aim in 2015 is to go do things more regularly which will get me out – it’s ben too easy once the kids left home , to be at home when not working, – writing is a solitary pastime! x

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