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Next month, the National Sleep Foundation are holding their annual Sleep Awareness Week from the 11th – 17th March. This nod to the land of nod is to celebrate the health benefits of a good nights’ sleep and raise awareness of the cost of not getting enough. We all love it, yet its rarely a priority. Sleep is one of the major elements to our wellbeing, boosting energy levels and helping our complexion look healthier.

Whether you tend to blame it on screens, stress or something else, head to our website to see our Sleep Awareness Month page with homeware, beauty, fashion, and electronics to help you catch those zzzs. In the meantime, have a look at our top picks and handy advice below.

Let’s get technical

Starting off with the important bits, we’ve enlisted the help of our Bedding & Bath Buyer Ka-Po Mok to take us through mattresses, fans and bedding.

Ka-Po says: One of the first things you should check is your mattress. We all have different body shapes and sizes, but it is important that your spine is supported. If your mattress is too hard, it might not support the contour of your body, but if it is too soft, it will put unnecessary strain on your back.

So, let’s follow Goldilocks’ lead and be picky about your setting; making sure it’s just right.

The Sealy Posturepedic 660 Geltex mattress provides support and comfort through the 1400 individual pocket springs that mold to the contour of your body and help to align your spine. It also incorporates the brand’s Smart Fibres with Tencel which reacts to temperature and moisture to keep you cool and dry through the night, while the micro-quilted pillow top and foam zone design gives further super-soft cushioning and comfort to your pressure points.

Plus, thanks to the divan structure and drawers, it’s a fantastic space-saver too and ideal for chucking all of the ‘I don’t even know where to put this’ type of bits and bobs (small and large) around your home!

Ka-Po says: If you can see a dip in the middle of your mattress, it might be time to change your mattress – especially if the springs are starting to come through! The Sleep Council recommend that you should replace your mattress every eight years, as it is no longer providing you with the support and comfort that is needed for a good night sleep.

Just like Goldi, nobody has time for too hot or too cold. Extremes of one or the other can be a complete sleep-stopper, but with Dyson’s innovative Pure Hot & Cool Fan, you can control your room’s temperature to the exact degree, while purifying the air too. Its night-time mode switches itself on but with a quiet setting and dimmed display, ensuring you’re left undisturbed.

Sleeping beauty

More often than not, when we can’t get to sleep, it’s because of all of the thoughts rushing around our heads. By making an effort to tick off every box you can from your to-do list, you can switch your brain off even easier and completely relax. By using overnight products such as James Read’s overnight tanner, you can forget about fretting over a disastrous spray tan for your big event the next day. The colourless, soothing tanning gel is designed to tan and hydrate your skin while you sleep and leave a natural-looking, radiant glow.

Another handy pre-bed beauty buy is OPI’s Rapidry spray. This quick-drying nail polish spray gives incredible shine and dries in no time at all, eliminating that nightmare situation when your bedding sticks to your wet nails, creating a horrible textured feeling a.k.a the dreaded ‘quilt nail’ (makes us cringe just thinking about it). There’s no need to wait for your polish to dry before you head to bed, this time-saving nail polish savior ensures you’re tucked up in no time at all – with a flawless finish at your fingertips.


Your slumber ensemble

A quality set of PJs are a priceless purchase and a strong candidate for anyone’s favourite part of going to bed. This fun printed set from Carole Hochman is made of a gently warming, micro-fleece material; perfect for snuggling up in comfort. This men’s pyjama set from Men Touch is just as cosy (and stylish) with a check printed jersey top and a pair of solid brushed knit bottoms.

Equally as vital as your pjs, cosy slippers are a definite necessity to deter freezing feet (the woe of waiting for the heating to come on or non-carpeted flooring). We all get that feeling of ‘I can’t wait to get my slippers on’ at some point during the day, and with this classic Irving Adler pair from Vionic, it will be a glorious moment once you do.

Sending your senses to sleep

This step has some obvious, and maybe not so obvious, tips which are widely renowned for helping you relax and unwind.

Honey is believed to help you fall asleep faster and enjoy a better quality of sleep too. There’s a lot of boring science-y stuff about how it helps to keep your liver full of glycogen to fuel a longer-lasting sleep, while releasing sleep hormones – but we’ll skip that bit for now (saying that, maybe try reading more into this next time you’re trying to get to sleep).

If you’re on the honey-hunt, try Melefsis’ Great Taste Award-winning set, giving you four organic varieties including chestnut, pine, heather, and orange – all mixed with herbs. You could add the Greek goodness to non-caffeinated hot drinks or, thanks to the array of interesting flavours, they would taste equally delicious and soothing enjoyed with hot water alone.


With your honey in tow, in order to make your bedroom your own peaceful oasis, it’s time to crack out the candles… or so you may think.

Candles are the ultimate choice for relaxation, but in this instance, save them for bathtime. In the case of bedtime, naked flames are never a good choice if you want to drift off stress-free. By combining these gorgeous Home Reflections flameless candles with Yankee Candle reed diffusers you can enjoy the subtle glow you’d get from a real candle with the hypnotising scents you want to help send you off to sleep.

And for the step your senses have been waiting for, along with a lightweight facial oil and a sleep-promoting shower gel, this This Works Keep Calm and Sleep Collection also includes the brand’s famous pillow spray, featuring their signature sleep fragrance of lavender, camomile and vetiver… the perfect recipe for plenty of zzzs.

All about the stats

After shuffling around the science-y bit earlier, we can’t really avoid the technical side of sleep any longer. Nowadays, you can get some outstanding gadgets to help you get an absolute answer on how you’re sleeping to help you get into a healthy sleep pattern.

You may think the Fitbit is all about when you’re awake, but with the Fitbit Alta you can track how long and how well you sleep, see your sleep trends, plus you can set a silent alarm using the app, so the wristband vibrates to wake you up.

All of these features help you get into a better routine while helping you peacefully wake up each morning.



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