Beds Galore! Baby update and funnies in the garden…


One of the most important things in life is sleep, don’t you agree? I’m looking forward enormously to our next big bed offer coming up soon. But last weekend I was on with Becky from Silentnight and we had a little play about before the show 🙂 (If you are reading this on the weekly blog email, just click on the title of this blog to click through to the funny pic on the website post. If you don’t get the weekly email, you can sign up using the link above!)

It’s great being able to get a bed or mattress and have it delivered with a 30-day returns period, isn’t it? There are 50 results if you look up the word mattress on our website at the moment. Excellent! And more soon.

My little grandbaby Phoebe, who is eight-months-old, is tackling a tricky sleep issue at the moment. She has reached a stage where apparently babies change their routine, and it is quite a hard time for the parents. It’s called sleep regression and happens for 1 – 2 weeks at a stage when they are making developments elsewhere, like crawling, standing or speaking, and their brains are working in overdrive. It leads to fewer naps, waking in the night, being needy, being hungry etc. Poor Lauren ticked all of those boxes listed on an article online, and then gave a big sigh of relief. I actually remember when my two were small and suddenly everything changed, maybe it was at eight months, I don’t remember! Isn’t the internet a wonderful thing?

It was lovely to spend time with them last weekend when son-in-law Nick was down to do a bit of painting, and I ended up having a few days of waking up and going downstairs to cuddle an eight-month-old baby. Nothing like it, baby love, is there?! Went off with Lolly and bubba to the garden centre on a really sunny day, and then to visit my sister Linda. Almost as soon as we sat down, baby wanted to get active so walked around the lawn a lot, being supported of course –  but I think she will walk before she crawls. And there is a lot of lawn! No wonder her sleep is changing. What a smashing time we had. Next weekend it’s all about the other one, 16-month-old Blake! Wish me luck 🙂

This weekend’s highlights

Today (Fri 31st) – If there is any left, do check out Mally’s six-piece Perfect Glow Collection, including Auto-Delivery option. I love Mally, and from her make-up range her fab lipglosses and the unique Poreless Face Defender are two of my favourites! Go here to see it and buy it now.

Then tonight at midnight I launch the new Google Nest Hub Smart Speaker, Today’s Special Value, with a handy Google assistant. The price is really, really good, and it’s great for people who are already on Android especially, as it uses the same virtual assistant. The display can help with anything from the weather, to your events, to YouTube videos. It can control smarthome devices. You can make free calls from it as well, and obviously it plays music. Join me with Mike Webb from Google to find out more. Or better still you can go and buy it now as the link is already available 🙂 click here.Sunday – I’m really excited about the return of Revitalash, this time with a combination of my favourite Advanced Lash Conditioner in supersize, as well as a Primer Mascara – the one in blue, I love it! Don’t miss it 🙂

Big Deals old and new

This week’s Big Deals – ending Sunday

Wonder Sonic Ultrasonic Deep Facial Cleanser

Kipling Basic Lyrem extra-large holdall with shoe compartment

Nina Leonard denim skinny pull on trousers with back pockets (available in Regular and Petite)

Go here to see them all

Next week’s Big Deals – starting Sunday/Monday at midnight

Pestle & Mortar Discovery Collection

Northern Nights All Seasons feather and down duvet

Phase Eight foil print burnout top

See below for next week’s sneaky peeks


Dress of the week

This Jolie Moi dress got lots of lovely reactions on social media this week. It’s very secure around the bustline, has pretty puff sleeves and lots of fabric around the skirt. I was very comfortable wearing it that was for sure.

Also on social media this week go here to see the vlog of the week – sights and sounds of the countryside!

Lighting up my life

Doesn’t this look great? It’s all those fabulous colour changing solar lights Gill Gauntlett has been bringing to us. I spent a lot of time in the garden this week. I was absolutely exhausted 🙂 but the plants are coming on great, and the back garden is looking good too. Now I just have to put up the other lanterns that I bought recently 🙂 you can’t get enough accent lighting can you ha. Go here on our website to look at solar lights and check out some of the brilliant bargains.

Lemon tarts for two

My lovely new cake-making tea lady, Patricia, did me proud this week by creating a superb array of cakes for our visitors. I took this picture of two of the best – lip smacking, mouth-watering lemon tarts. My mouth is watering now just thinking of them! However, from a distance they look a little strange… Reminds me of Calendar Girls, if you know what I mean 🙂 lol. The compliments we got on Wednesday were amazing, and cyclists coming through Sheepwash were drawn in as well, so we were quite full. I’m glad I limited myself to one, however, because the quest to get back in shape is now on…


Debbie does Diamonique…

Just check out this Design of the Month I have been wearing. We are celebrating 25 years of Diamonique on QVC this year! It really does not seem that long ago that I jetted off to America with Jilly, and we did our Thelma and Louise bit with a car driving down the highway to find the Diamonique factory that was near to QVC US in those days. Since then our own range of simulated diamonds set in fine jewellery metals has gone from strength to strength and I’m looking forward to this show. Check out our range now by clicking this link.

Boomerang in the garden

I just love this don’t you, our gardening expert Michael Perry in the garden doing a Boomerang video with guest Russell Bristow, just before we launched it last weekend. I had to take over last minute as one of our poor presenters was ill, but these two jokers made it easy 🙂 I must admit having a Gtech lawnmower on was very welcome, as my own one that I got from Tommy two years ago has been life changing in the garden! I absolutely love the fact that it is battery operated and lightweight. Go here to check out our array of different options to help you with the grass this summer! Including a robotic lawnmower 🙂

Book of the week – Good at Games by Jill Mansell

This is the new book from one of my favourite authors, and a comedy to boot concerning the heroine Suzy’s very tangled love life. She is the ex-wife of an ex-rock star, and discovers a larger-than-life skeleton in the cupboard of her late mother. Sounds good! However what attracted me was that it is the ‘booktrack’ version on Audible. Booktrack is a new concept to me, and it includes music and some background sound effects that enhances the listening experience apparently! So it is the next one for me on the list. Can’t wait.

Watch – Aladdin, the Disney live-action remake. Will Smith was the big draw in this one for me, I love him and love watching him in movies, even though he has done some howlers. He’s not a superhero in this one, rather a camp genie and whilst not as bright a shining star as Robin Williams in the original, still excellent. The princess was incredible as far as I’m concerned, and believe it or not she is from south London! Watch some of the interviews with her and you will be quite surprised to hear her voice. She is outstanding in this. So is Aladdin himself. I really, really enjoyed it and I’m ever so glad I went. I treated my mate Linda down in Devon, and Wendy came too. So we had a girl’s night out 🙂 8.75/10.




The next week on QVC

Monday – another fab Ultrasun Today’s Special Value offer, this time a supersize collection featuring sports options, in a choice of SPF 20 or SPF 30.

TuesdayVionic returns with the Orthotic Park Deanna slip on wedge shoe, I wonder if it will be wide enough for me…?!

Wednesday – the LAB girls are back with a Magnetic + Galvanic Current Rejuvenation Tool and Clay Mask. Great technology to help with anti-ageing on the face, as usual, and a lower price this time, too.

On Thursday the latest Morphy Richards steam generator iron is here – the one that we have been test-running in our presenter lounge! Watch out for pictures of Charlie and Dale doing their shirts 🙂

And finally on Friday Lola Rose are back with the semiprecious and sterling silver Valerie bracelet, looking forward to this one – a lot! But it is not on all day, so be prepared for an early sell-out. Also on Friday, I’m really looking forward to seeing Anthony and his fab fashion designs at 2pm, join me!

Next week on the blog

A week and looking after my 16 month old granddaughter – all day! Will I survive 🙂 have a lovely weekend and speak soon.

Best wishes


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  1. Susan May 31, 2019 at 3:44 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie,
    Oh my goodness how many solar lights have you got?! They’re amazing! Did you buy a job lot?! Gorgeous colours. Loved the green dress you had by the way. Glad the babies are well. Crawling is important but if they don’t crawl they don’t crawl! Have a nice weekend x

  2. Theresa June 2, 2019 at 5:19 pm -  Reply

    I agree Debbie there is nothing like baby love, and it gets better as the years go by, my granddaughter is now 15 and I still enjoy all the time we spend together. The Jolie Moi dress in the picture suits you. I dont garden, but you seem to have transformed yours into what looks a tranquil place. Love how you give sneeky peeks etc of what is coming on QVC, plus books and films you like, enjoy your week.

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