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Everyone’s brows are different and individually, your left and right brow do not have natural symmetry as our faces never have.

Brows are crucially important as a facial feature, whether creating a natural, uplifted, anti-ageing, fashion, or problem-solving effect – the look is entirely dependent upon, not only what suits you, but also what brow look you feel confident wearing.

Plus, with different make-up techniques, a natural make-up/going out make-up requires a softer/stronger fashion brow. Even a change of hairstyle or hair colour can require adjustment to the brow. First of all, it’s always easiest to work with as good a natural brow as possible and to avoid over-plucking, waxing or threading, which in later years, gives you sparse or bald areas. The golden rule here is to really only have the untidies removed (by either yourself or professionally) from the underneath of the brow and in between the brow, but never on the top of the brow.

If you have a sparse or weak brow or you suffer from over-plucking from years gone by, then a must own is a Revitalash Brow Gel, or a product containing hair conditioning treatment such as Benefit’s Browvo Conditioning Primer.


Your next step is to choose a brow pigment product and application method that suits the style you are looking for.

Beginners, or people with dark and wiry brows can start with brow gels such as Benefit Ready Set Brow Clear Gel. Incidentally, if you have any long or straggly brows that constantly grow out of shape, these can be trimmed by combing/brushing the brow up vertically and back down and then trim carefully, ideally with round ended, manicure scissors (because they are safer – see the manicure tool kits) only the hair length that exceeds the shape of the brow. A great quick fix for untidy hairs is Lilibeth Brow Shaper and this is the only product that if you need to have a sharper edge on the top of the brow (such as with naturally darker hair) you can trim in a straight line. It’s also great for the guys as a grooming tool. This will stop longer or unruly brows looking untidy and here a gel is imperative to smooth down. If you have great pigment use a clear gel, if you want a fashion look, use a pigmented gel.

USE_209192.v.001Softer and natural looks can easily be done with adaptive brow pigment pencils which often have a spoolie brush on one end and the pigment pencil on the other, which allows you to brush through after pencil application to merge the pigment with the hair and skin to give a more natural finish. Great tools for this are It Cosmetics Brow Power Eyebrow Pencil and Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil. If you like to leave your brow product at home and not carry it in your make-up bag, and especially if you are someone that likes to create a slightly different shape, i.e: an arch, an angle, or extension to your brow, then the putty and gel textures such as Doll 10 Universal Brow Fix, Tarte Universal Brow Tool Box, and Benefit Ka-brow Eyebrow Cream Gel, that you apply with an angled brush often have all day/night performance. They require a little more skill but you can do more of an artistry fashion finish.

For long-wear and water-resistant brows, especially in hot weather or swimming, no matter what product you are using it will perform better and adhere longer if you use a cotton bud to rub through your brows first. This removes any skincare oils and creams or foundation etc. and helps your brow product to adhere to the skin and hair, and last longer. We do have water-resistant or much longer-wear products available if you find that yours rubs off or sweats off easily, such as Blink Brow Bar.

With the ageing process (and if dying your hair) it can be helpful to have an individually pigmented product that is the colour of the brow you want to achieve. There are some salt and pepper pigment tones available with Doll 10, Tarte and Blink Brow Bar. This is also true if you have very dark hair or a richer-textured skin such as African/Caribbean where you need a darker pigment than the one-suits-all formulas – there is a wider, darker pigment choice in theses gel/cream pigments.

For today’s eyebrow, try experimenting with different shapes and colour densities. To do this properly, although it requires close-up precision work on application with a magnifying or handheld mirror, you must also judge this brow symmetry and effect by standing back into a larger mirror where you see at least the upper half of your body, to assess if the brow is too strong or weak in balance with your outfit, hairstyle and fashion look that you are going for. Also, bear in mind that as you develop a tan or self-tan you could do with strengthening your brow look to keep the definition constant.

Today’s make-up must haves for the brow includes one go-to essential product that always works for you but also, often a second or third one that you can create some different looks with. The pigmented mascara-type products from Benefit and Blink Brow Bar are perfect for when you’re thinking ‘I have no time to do my brows’, as they can be even easier and quicker than using a pencil

Explore our full range of products – and – enjoy your brows!

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  1. SheMag August 3, 2016 at 6:35 pm -  Reply

    Disappointed that this gives no attention at all to those of us who have no brows (or at least no brow tail). Contrary to your implication this is frequently to do with hormonal conditions and nothing to do with over-plucking. Very frustrating that a “brow school” concentrates on those with brows and who therefore by definition don’t need much advice. How about a “no brow school ” update?

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