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2014 has been a fabulous year for beauty (isn’t every year?!) Our Products of the Month have been big hits and to mark their success we have a select few of them back for you as our Beauty Picks of the Year, complete with free P&P.

Our resident beauty expert, Alison Young, has shared her views on all these products and we thought it would be great to get a quick reminder of her verdict on all the products. Read on and refresh your memory and possibly your beauty collection with some (or all) of these fantastic beauty picks…

bareMinerals Original Loose Foundation

The winter is the perfect time to go for this foundation because, as a make-up artist and beauty expert, I know how essential foundation is to protect your skin from the weather and the elements – not just for cover. This is my most recommended foundation for non-make-up wearers or allergy/sensitive skin/acne sufferers, and it has even been approved by the Skin Cancer Foundation for the International Seal of Recommendation.

The beauty of using this Original Loose Foundation from bareMinerals as a base is its versatility. You can buff a small amount on to create a natural but more confidence-giving look to your skin, but the soft multi-dimensional mix of mineral pigments combined with the light-reflecting mica stops it from appearing flat and a single solid colour. This makes it almost undetectable to others – they just think you have better skin than them!

205402 - Bare Minerals Deluxe Original SPF Foundation

Read Alison’s blog in full for more on the bareMinerals pick.

James Read Overnight Sleep Mask 
The James Read Overnight Sleep Mask is a really clever and ingenious way of getting a modern finish to your skin. This is modern technology made into a facial serum that has an anti-fatigue effect on the look of your skin. It gives a much more modern – ‘I just had a good night’s sleep’ or ‘a weekend away’ – look to the skin and does not look obviously tanned. It doesn’t smell and you can use it like an anti-ageing facial serum underneath your normal night-time moisturisers.

Those with pale skin are going to love it, because it actually makes you look healthy, it gives that glow to medium skin tones. But also for those with Asian, honey Afro-Caribbean and darker skin tones, if your skin goes ashy when it’s tired or has a duller tone to it, maybe in the winter months, or you’re using high SPF factors, then actually use the James Read sleep mask to give a more even colour to your skin.

Read Alison’s blog in full for more on the James Read pick.

SBC Collagen Gel

I first presented SBC’s Collagen Gel on QVC nearly 20 years ago! Back then it was a salon secret, therapists would use it in their collagen facials, it wasn’t a product you could buy for yourself. Now, of course, we can have this plumping and hydrating treatment in our own homes!

We all lack collagen with the ageing process, and hydration because of tiredness, this top-rated gel helps give both to the skin. It can be used as a serum, a mask or a moisturiser and use it on the face, the body, eyes and bust – especially when it’s a litre size!

Read Alison’s blog in full for more on the SBC pick.

Judith Williams Life Long Beauty Rose Oil

This Rose Oil from Judith Williams is a blend of carrier oils, such as almond, jojoba, argan and rosehip to name but a few and is rich in vitamin E, designed to add moisture to any skin routine, and in this size, can be used not just on the face but on the body and hands as well.

This comes at a perfect time of the year when all skin types, because of the winter weather, central heating and car heaters, will suffer from surface dryness so this can be used either on its own or layered with your other products. You can even add a pump or two to mix into things like cleansers, body lotions and hand creams to give a richer and more skin-softening effect.

Beauty Picks I

Read Alison’s blog in full for more on the Judith Williams pick.

Hairfix Follicle+

There are many products on the market that play on what can be an emotionally upsetting and distressing issue – that of hair loss, thinning and weakness. What is reassuring about our Hairfix Follicle + is that it is certainly not expensive by competitive standards and also comes with the reassurance of a 90 day money-back guarantee from QVC.

Hair thinning and hair loss has become an increasingly common problem for men and women, it used to only be associated with hormonal change and illness  and can be helped by Hairfix Follicle + as long as the underlying medical condition has stabilised or gone. In recent years there have also been two other major causes of hair weakening; firstly stress, lifestyle, erratic eating and sleeping habits; and also increased hair colour and styling methods that can sensitise the scalp and dry or tear the hair, resulting in poor condition hair which will break more easily.

Hairfix Follicle + was developed by a team that includes trichologists and hairdressers so it is a fusion of what technically the scalp and hair bulb needs, with the combined effect of strengthening any weak areas or baby hairs helping them to survive styling. I can’t guarantee it will work for everyone and it certainly won’t cure male pattern baldness, but there are so many hair and scalp concerns that we may all experience during different times in our lives, that it can and has worked on.

Read Alison’s blog in full for more on the Hairfix pick.

Gatineau Melatogenine Futur PLUS Mask

The Gatineau Melatogenine Futur PLUS Mask is the all-time, top-selling professional skin treatment mask of any of our beauty brands. Why? Because it’s a creamy anti-ageing formula with the unique youth molecule that has been a QVC beauty secret for decades.

It works instantly in ten to fifteen minutes to plump out skin, hydrate and lessen tiredness and the depth and length of any wrinkles, leaving a moist and supple glow that can make you look years longer. Cleverly it can be applied all over the eyes, as well as the face and neck which is especially good with the salon size.

Read Alison’s blog in full for more on the Gatineau pick.

Beauty Picks II


PRAI Ageless Throat and Decolletage Creame

The benefit of PRAI’s Ageless Throat & Decolletage Creme is firstly in the supersize. Neck products these days, in order to get the results we expect, need to be applied in recognition of the way we live. Years ago, your lower neck was never exposed except for maybe on holiday, and we always wore buttoned up shirts and blouses and jackets. Nowadays, many of us spend the whole of the summer in strappy or strapless tops, which expose the whole of the neck and décolleté, across the span of the shoulders and the back of the neck – all which causes significantly more ageing on the neck area than many of us experienced years ago.

So it’s perfect to get the PRAI Ageless Throat in this supersize if you’ve been wearing T-shirts or strappy tops with the hot summer we’ve had, you can put back some of that lost moisture and add extra anti-ageing ingredients. My top tip is to use it on everywhere that’s been exposed, not just the neck.

Read Alison’s blog in full for more on the PRAI pick.

Beauty Picks III

AD Skin Synergy Nourishing Night Treatment Facial Oil

AD Skin Synergy Nourishing Night Treatment Facial Oil is a niche, difficult-to-find beauty secret. It is a British brand and is a high end, essential oil blend, allowing tens of thousands of men and women to discover the effectiveness, luxury and pleasure of applying aromatherapy at night.

Anything that can help prevent the skin from drying out is a big step forward in helping to reduce future wrinkles. The sealed glass pump means this product is economical to use and travel friendly, and one bottle can last one person up to six months. Finally, perhaps the most motivating point about this product is that you can smell the purity and the quality of the naturally blended oils of rose, jasmine, neroli and lavender which makes you want to apply it more.

Read Alison’s blog in full for more on the AD Skin Synergy pick.

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  1. Julie January 2, 2015 at 8:16 am -  Reply

    Happy New Year!
    Which of the above products have been brought back as beauty picks of the year with free p&p? I really want the Gatinueau anti ageing futur plus mask but it says it is no longer available. Hope you can assist.
    Thank you.

  2. Julie January 2, 2015 at 8:17 am -  Reply

    Happy New Year! Which of the above products have been brought back as beauty picks of the year with free p&p? I really want the Gatinueau anti ageing futur plus mask but it says it is no longer available. Hope you can assist.
    Thank you.

  3. Heather Blaber January 9, 2015 at 5:57 pm -  Reply

    Can you tell me what has happened to Michael Dicesare? really miss his liquifix
    Will he ever return to QVC?

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