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“Don’t get excited Claire” – when this was said to me I didn’t quite know what to expect! As I was handed a medium size brown box. I dutifully carried it home and… don’t get excited?? Kealan are you crazy? It’s blooming Lock & Lock my love… that IS something to get excited about in this house let me tell you! A 20-piece set of the best containers EVER in my opinion… Madds first response was “oooh nice sizes.” I was thrilled when I realised they nest properly with lids on in sets of four, as after Maddie recently tidied our current collection we decided that lids on (once fully dried of course ) was the best way to go having filled an entire bag with just random spare lids.

Lock & Lock sorting

Honestly it’s like socks… where on earth??? Re the latest sock sort out Joe did it after MUCH asking and I mean MUCH… ( I wish I could enlarge the font even more just so you get my gist!! ) after he finished I looked myself (yup control right there! don’t tell me ) funnily enough I made another 20 pairs! So on the back of that I am now loathe to throw Maddie’s Lock & Lock outcasts away as the bottoms may well reappear… as let’s face it they are used EVERYWHERE and I do mean everywhere.

By the way what’s the weirdest thing you keep in your Lock & Lock??!!

So, 20 pieces, circles, squares and rectangles and all useful in size. They are nestable, so take less room in the cupboard, though are in such constant use in my house in the fridge and freezer, there’s barely a moment to register a full set in the pull out cupboard before they are in use and paying for themselves.

Lock & Lock

Rigorously tested, 3 million times those little hinges are opened and closed you know… so built for use for sure and on special offer this Tuesday at QVC. Will one set be enough? Now that is a question. I’m sitting writing this after a big week not necessarily big re any major things happening but a big one to get through. I have struggled to stay calm and parent in a mature parent type way! To be totally honest I have just wanted to childishly abandon ship and run away sometimes!!

There are many new hoops to negotiate for Tom, now he is 18 and Joe’s GCSE along with his 17 year old teenage adult (but not really an adult) self is something I am finding tough to handle. Madds needs to get off that phone and crack on with this world too… hmmm add to the mix a hormonally challenged mother and woah what a recipe! Jacqui Joseph one of our wonderful guests for fashion had a T-shirt on this week saying “You got this ….”

I seriously want it!!! In every colour!! NOW please…

Oh and do you remember I told you we had seen a property to buy but were then pipped to the post by a celebrity? I’ve only found out who… AND he’s now pulled out of the sale AND reputedly is now moving into the OTHER second property we saw and fell for! Can you actually believe it? I’m not sure I should say who as everyone, even house-thieves (in the loosest sense!) deserve privacy… let’s just say – Yes he jolly well is instantly recognisable by everybody and CLEARLY has very very good taste. We however are now staying put (everything is meant to be) Dan has already built a pergola and the loft room is taking shape…

A rainbow staircase up to the space which will be painted entirely as a cloudy blue sky. I had it in the nursery in our previous house. It was a dream come true then and I know I will love it here too even though we are now some 17 years further on… clouds and sky never go out of fashion let’s face it! Much researching is going on as you can imagine and there’s rather a task ahead in cleansing the clutter! I reckon my Christmas decorations alone would fill the allocated storage space – so wish me luck. It’s a shame I can’t magically shrink and condense everything and store them away in the Lock & Locks, now wouldn’t that be uber cool?

Talking of uber cool… Beauty Month. The entire month of June is dedicated to the awesome offerings we have at QVC from such immense beauty ranges, all with a reduced P&P charge of £1.95, both on-air and online… so a perfect opportunity to stock up or indeed try a new brand or item within a range.

All the Presenters have been blogging about their beauty must-haves which is rather nice as it shows what a varied bunch we all are, though seriously what a task to hone it down supposedly to TOP FIVE? Clearly we are a bunch who cannot possibly stick to those guidelines with many of us somewhat stretching the 5 to… well let’s just say, here are my current Top …..

I had to start with the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer didn’t I? No surprise there! It’s the absolute can’t-do-without pre-shampoo, an easy sleep-in mask. It keeps my locks healthy and manageable and allows for all the fiddling that I then do to my hair with rollers or my fabulous Dyson Airwrap, not for the faint-hearted price point wise, but IF your hair is important to you and you are always careful to achieve a look with utmost care for your hair then try it out as I did. Mine didn’t get sent back!!! It is quite simply amazing.

Now as we age we need a little help with ..ha… many things, not least of all exfoliation. It slows right down and as a red-veined, fine-skinned girlie who doesn’t love a bitty exfoliator! Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel is and always has been a joy. I’ve used it for maybe 20 years I think now, as its easy, smells delicious and all the work is done by the natural enzymatic formula so it’s gentle yet effective.

When I’m prepared to do a little more work, then out comes Gatineau Peeling Expert. I totally love the feeling of pulling this off when it’s dried clear (especially when I manage it in one!) and the skin looks and feels incredible afterwards. I have been using it now for about a year or so, there are others but these are just two of my current on-the-go faves.

My skin sometimes just says “Stop with all the anti-ageing and asking me to do this and that whilst I’m standing on my head and reciting the alphabet backwards!” Does yours? So on these occasions it’s always back to basics, simple and unfussy. I reach for Liz Earle Superskin Neroli or Decleor Hydra Floral. It never fails to rebalance and quench my dehydrated skin and sometimes, let’s face it, well-hydrated skin can look instantly more youthful, so I just do am and pm with minimal product until I feel I can go again with the hard-core anti-ageing!

When I can indeed go again… it’s currently to Elemis and the gorgeous new peptide range which is clever both in delivery, technology and ingredients. The Peptide Adaptive Day Cream I have found lovely to deliver a slightly more matt, primed effect for my skin and I love the fact it’s working so hard on my behalf!!

Serums and oils are a cannot-go-without element. A vital and necessary part of my regime and I have lots on the go and am a layering monster. I find if I start my process and pause between the oil, serum and cream application, they have a fighting chance to actually be able to do what they are needed to do! Maybe I should apply that thought to my life… pause a little…

However this month is not only Beauty Month but Birthday Month in our family with Dan, his brother, Maddie and my father-in-law all celebrating their special days… clocking up a 194 years between them all! I’m sure my next blog will have some photos of their birthdays but in the meantime here is my lovely husband celebrating his portion of 194 years!

I now need to scoot and get to Passport Check & Send… crikey those forms… at least that means there is a holiday to look forward to right?! So there will be a pause coming up right there.

Let me know your Beauty top…however many, we can compare!

Lots of love as always,

Claire xxx

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