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Ultrasun Overnight Summer Recovery Mask

We have the exclusive launch of a new technology and concept in helping to safeguard against short and long-term sun damage whilst still being able to enjoy the sun and successfully get a healthy tan.


The Ultrasun global lab, which have world-renowned testing support of all of their sun formulas which, incidentally, includes more fastidious testing than normal beauty products because of the SPF and medical implications of sun damage, have been working on this formula – including independent performance testing during last year’s hot summer season.

Over the years you may have heard me talk about sun blast cells, and lecture that a tan is a result of trauma to the skin where the skin is actually trying to survive the penetration of the sun’s rays by producing melanin, thickening the surface of the skin and more natural oil secretion. All of this is triggered off by initial skin trauma, where in previous years the term ‘I always go red but then I go brown’ was normal to the less informed.

This redness and trauma is the step to completely avoid by using the higher and safer SPF’s of a brand such as Ultrasun, which from, I am glad to say, so many of you have learned this secret of a healthy tan. However, all skin no matter how well-protected still suffers trauma and the sooner that you can help your skin calm down and rehydrate, the healthier it is for your long-term skin quality as well as your short-term improved tan.

Ultrasun model 2

UltraSun’s Overnight Summer Skin Recovery Mask is a cooling, lightweight gel textured formula which leaves no residue or grease and is designed for even the most sensitive and oily skin as well as the drier and thirsty skin.

However, my top tip would be – customisation is key. Although having been tested and proven to work on its own with no other skincare products, I feel that an oily/combination skin will be happy using this on its own, especially if you normally don’t have a very rich or indulgent night time beauty regime, but an older or drier skin that is used to creams and oils at night will still want to apply these products.

A great way of using this skin recovery mask would be: as soon as you come in from sun exposure, apply it on clean and cleansed skin to feel immediate cooling benefits.  Then, if needed apply again at bedtime to ensure that the skin is supported through the whole night time recovery from sun exposure before the next day’s sunbathing.

Ultrasun modelIt can definitely be used by all ages and is not as complicated as the ‘mask’ name implies. It is more like a thick gel serum, which, on a drier, older skin will sink in almost immediately.

It will be especially useful and is designed mainly for holiday use when your skin is exposed to higher temperatures than normal and will be especially suitable in humid climates because of the gel texture. This product and new formula shows UltraSun’s ongoing commitment to healthy, safe tanning in all temperatures for all skin types and tones.

I would expect this 50ml size on a drier or older skin to possibly only last a two-week holiday as you will probably want to put on several pumps per evening. On a younger, oilier skin it could possibly last several holidays. Remember the neck and décolletage and especially over the cleavage area is crucial.

Although not designed to replace your normal skin serums, when at home for the rest of the year, I would certainly be reaching for it for immediate application on those crazier hot spells that we have been getting through the summer months, and adding it to your existing regime.

This Ultrasun Overnight Summer Recovery Mask will definitely be a product to grab and immediately apply to any traumatised areas, or if you have been caught out in the sun, for the whole family.


  1. Ella April 1, 2015 at 5:15 pm -  Reply

    I have fair skin & don’t sunbathe. How can I stop certain areas like décolletage going red when just out & about in the summer? Ultrasonic SPF50 doesn’t prevent this

  2. Kay April 6, 2015 at 7:51 am -  Reply

    hi will this mask bleach my skin or stop me getting a tan?

  3. c hookway April 7, 2015 at 11:03 am -  Reply

    There seems to be a bit of confusion when using other serums etc.Abby said apply last thing at night after all other skin care -is this correct?

  4. D hayes April 11, 2015 at 11:41 pm -  Reply

    I love the ultrasun range but find that abbey gives out inconsistent information on the products.i.e that they last much longer than they actually do thus running out half way through the holiday which kind of defeats the object! As you will have to go out looking for other sun she needs to be specific.a standard size 150ml used twice daily on a full body only lasts a few days so make sure that you take enough as these products do work if applied correctly and the right amount is used!

  5. Rachel Bennett April 20, 2015 at 11:37 am -  Reply

    i adore ultrasun since discovering these products holidays are happy . could i ask if it is possible to bring a 400ml extreme 50+ and also a 400ml sports 50 would be great thank you

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