Beauty is in the eye of the beholder


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say, but this month on QVC it can be in the bathroom cabinet of the sharp eyed among you who will have seen, and heard, that ALL beauty products this month are on £1.95 P&P.

I’m sure you’ll have heard us all talking about it, so I am unashamedly and unabashedly going to promote my top 10 favourite beauty items that I have come to know and love since starting to work at Q towers over eight years ago. Where has the time gone?

As I am approaching 50 in the next couple of years I give thanks that I came into the beauty fold when I did. I was just about to turn 40 when I started working at QVC and had, for the first time in my life, really started to notice a shift in my skin and how much more difficult it seemed to find coping with a busy and stressful life and also with ageing.

What age did you first notice this change? If it hadn’t been for me starting to work at QVC and chatting with all the buyers and the beauty guests and our own Ali Young, I probably wouldn’t really have done much about my ageing, troublesome, sensitive and reactive skin. Thank goodness I did. Now I have a shelf of staples that I rely on to get me through, so I thought I’d share some of them with you. (Honestly, there are so many brands and products that I now use that I would probably need a list of my Top 30, don’t worry though I’m only going to list 10 here).

Feel free to share your favourites with me in return!

Miceal’s 10 Beauty Must-Haves (in no particular order)

1) Elemis Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules. Both Ali Young and Keeley from Elemis recommended these to me early on. I have always had volatile skin that is prone to periods of dryness or breakouts or even both at times. Formulated with essential oils, these gorgeous capsules never fail to bring balance and radiance back to my skin.

2) Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser. What can I say about this super, iconic cleanser that hasn’t already been said. There’s a reason why it is the most awarded cleanser in the UK. Having sensitive and reactive skin means that I can’t exfoliate but Cleanse and Polish means that I can get a good cleanse, gently removing the grime of the day and polishing my skin.

3) Saira Skin Hydrating Face Oil. This hydrating oil is formulated using carefully selected fruits, plants, herbs and nuts to create a technologically advanced anti-ageing skincare product that’s made up of 98.4% organic ingredients.

4) Erborian Korean Double Cleanse Kit. I use this when I really feel like I need a deep cleanse, usually after a few days in a row at work when I’ve had makeup on. This comes with a solid cleansing oil that is great for removing makeup as a first step (and is sensitive around the eye area) then followed up with the cleansing mousse and the Green Tea Konjac sponge. My face feels extra clean and grime and makeup free.

5) Liz Earle Super Skin Concentrate. This is a must for me as a final layer at the end of the day. I especially love this after a long day of work if I am finishing late. I love the drive home from work knowing this is sinking in right before I get home and go to bed. It’s a wonderful rich concentrate of blended pure plant oils and I also use it as an extra boost in those days when I am having issues with dry patches.

6) Ultrasun Face SPF 50+. Or indeed any of the Ultrasun range. I’ve used most of them over the years. From the Sports 30 Gel, which is perfect for those fitness and boot camp holidays I used to go on when you’d get all hot and sweaty in the sun and I knew I could rely on it to keep working, to the Face 50+ which I recognise now I need to use to help with the fact I’m nearly 50 and need to keep things in check. This is my ‘go to’ suncare brand anytime I am going to be spending time in the sun.

7) Gatineau Golden Glow Natural Tan. I’ve started using this recently, ever since I started to get my bare ankles out (in the vainglorious hope that summer was on its way, not much evidence of that recently, unfortunately!) and it has worked really well. It is a gradual tan that comes up evenly and does exactly what it says, it gives a sunkissed glow to the skin, perfect for my milky white skin that almost verges in a grey/blue hue at times!

8) Elemis SOS Emergency Cream. When you have sensitive, reactive, combination skin like move you need to have a secret weapon in your beauty arsenal as each new day can bring a whole new skin challenge. That’s why I rely on the fantastic SOS cream from Elemis and have done for years just to calm things done a little. Provide a barrier against the world and get my skin back to some kind of normality.

9) L’Occitane Hand Cream. I’m an ardent hand washer and hand sanitiser. It’s a thing of mine, especially when you work in a building with so many people, travel on public transport a lot and do a job that involves you shaking hands with a lot of people throughout the day including all of the guests I work with. Mostly I’m trying to minimise the chances of catching a cold, or anything else that probably doesn’t bear thinking about given the results of handrails, on public transport.

All that cleansing and sanitising does not do my hands any favours so I need to make sure that I keep them well hydrated and protected. L’Occitane hand cream is definitely a must if your hands are feeling more like desiccated tree bark than silky soft rose petals. Any of the L’Occitane hand creams will do the trick but in the summertime I do particularly love their zesty Lime fragrance as it not only moisturises but keeps them smelling fresh and clean too.

10) Fine Fragrance. Those of you who know me and read my blogs will know how important fragrance is to me so I couldn’t have a list of beauty favourites without including at least one fragrance. Now I am a big fan of many of the fragrances at QVC with special mention going to Liz Earle Botanical Essence No.1, a gorgeous fresh citrus, floral fragrance with Italian Bergamot, Turkish Damask Rose and Indonesian Patchouli and I actually wear this one myself. However the fragrance I wear most of from QVC is Rose Silence from Miller Harris.

Miller Harris is a luxury British Fragrance House that creates gorgeous timeless fragrance. I love this particular one because of the sweet notes of fresh petals that leave a lasting impression of patchouli and musk and I am often found wearing it layered with an oud fragrance from another brand. It gets commented on every single time I wear it, without fail.

Whatever your favourites, remember all beauty products are on £1.95 P&P all throughout the whole of June. Now you have some idea of what I’ll be stocking up on, what will you be popping in your basket this month? I’d love to know.

Well beauty shopping isn’t all I’ll be up to this month. There’s always the real world to deal with and usually that means cleaning, so I thought I’d mention that this Sunday we have a Today’s Special Value from Shark and it is quite an impressive cordless vacuum that allows versatile cleaning all around the home.

I am talking about the Shark DuoClean cordless vacuum with Flexology. It comes with cleaning tools for all round cleaning but best of all the main cleaning head along with the Smart Response Technology will work on all floor types because it has triple particle cleaning, removing large particles, small particles and even stuck-on dust. Combining that with an anti-allergen complete seal means it captures and traps up to 99.9% of dust and allergens inside the vacuum, not releasing them back into the air you breathe.

So if the air quality in your home is important to you or you simply don’t want to redistribute the dust you are vacuuming up back into the room again then this is definitely a vacuum you need to try.

This is also a multi-functional vacuum as it can be used as an upright floor vacuum as well as a handheld, which means you can take it to wherever the dirt is and get the job done quickly and easily. Not only that, but because of its ‘flexology’ design it means that it can also reach the areas that perhaps you can’t and when you’re done it can fold down for compact storage in a cupboard or under the stairs.

If you’re concerned about how long you can use it for, because it’s cordless, you need not worry as it comes with two batteries that each have a run time of up to 30 minutes. So that’s up to 60 minutes total runtime which is more than enough to get even the toughest vacuuming jobs done.

Ok, I’m off to do a little bit of beauty browsing (and then some cleaning!).

Until next time,


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