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Another Beauty Insider show has arrived – the weeks are flying by! As it’s the first show in April, we have a new Product of the Month, and a new Supersize of the Month too.

Marvel of the month

The Ultrasun Anti-Pigmentation SPF50+ is available with free P&P this month, and it’s a supersize! Yay! This is a personal favourite of mine and a product that I have relied on and seen excellent results with over the last few years since it launched at QVC.

So, who would like this? If you suffer from any of the following, you can definitely benefit from this product – it’s packed with all-day UVA and UVB SPF50+ protection, plus anti-ageing ingredients and anti-pigmentation ingredients.

  • Dark marks from scarring, or age marks
  • Chloasma marks (i.e. the ‘mask of pregnancy’)
  • Pigmentation as a side effects of medication, antibiotics or contraception

Please consult your doctor before purchasing, should you be concerned!

You can also see increased pigmentation because of long term sun damage where, once your skin tone was even when it tanned, it now has darker patches and looks uneven. Pigmentation can be a concern with all ethnicities and the only true way to safeguard against it getting any worse is the highest SPF which is a 50+ (which this genius product is), ideally avoiding direct sun exposure around the face, wearing hats and not putting your face in the sun when you lay down. It is crucial and this is the genius of this product, that it contains the anti-pigmentation formula, which when applied on a daily basis helps to lessen the look of the darkness.

Top tip: if pigmentation is your concern, it might be worth getting a second tube as one tube is a double size and will last six months but if you use it all the way through the winter as your day cream, your skin should look even less pigmented by next spring because this allows the anti-pigmentation ingredient to work on the skin while the high SPF is protecting in the less damaging months of winter as well as the summer.

Application is key to ensure the safety of the all day protection in that it must go on dry skin.  This means you shouldn’t apply it directly after a hot shower or bath because you can still be perspiring, or after the gym or if your skin is oily or greasy from applying skincare in your am regime. If in doubt or you’re running out of time or on holiday or it’s a very hot day, go with the safest option, which is to just apply this as a great all in one AM moisturiser/primer/SPF and then wait a few minutes.

Once it’s dry to the touch, I’ll put an extra layer on the cheeks and my nose as well.  After a couple of minutes, you will see and feel nothing on the skin and at this point, if you wanted to put some make-up on, you could. I cannot recommend this product highly enough if you are worried about daily and future sun damage with current pigmentation problems and if any of you are having salon, clinic, home anti-pigmentation treatments – whether electrical or chemical, this is a crucial part of your skin regime and should not be missed out.

Check out Will’s video where he chats to founder Abi Cleeve about this offer, and make sure to keep looking back on the QVC website, as Ultrasun are launching a brand new page soon.

A supersize skincare and make-up hybrid from M. Asam

Our supersize find for April is the M. Asam Perfect Teint II, a colourless, skin-like product you apply on top of make-up to promote a matte, silky skin look. This is a clear, mattifying formula to disguise the look of wrinkles, pores and lines with an immediate non-drying effect. This clever formula (which is the top seller) gives an immediate, smoother, younger and mattified finish and can be used directly on skin after skincare if you’re going make-up free, or on top of make-up. It cleverly uses a retinol peptide complex to give continued skincare benefits, and can be used by all ethnicities and is actually loved by men because it makes the skin look younger.

I think that a younger skin would like it to hide open pores and oil as it finishes to a velvet matte texture. There is no drying time – it works immediately so it’s simple to use. Just remember it’s always the product to go on last because it then doesn’t roll off the skin, however, if you do put it on under make-up or skincare, then it won’t work and you will get the roll off texture.  When applied on top you can see the immediate result and it stays elastic on the skin so it doesn’t crack.

It would also be a good one to disguise shine during the summer months and on some days, you may apply just to a problem area such as the nose, crows feet, forehead or around the lips but it is possible, if you need a complete overhaul, to apply in a very thin layer all over. In which case, it’s sometimes easier to mix in with a tinted moisturiser or foundation and apply it that way.

A brand new discovery

I’m really thrilled to be introducing you to The Hero Project. This is an uber cool, modern British brand that we discovered through our ‘Find a Beauty Brand’ competition. Our guest will be the Daniel Isaacs (the scientist behind the brand), who as a young guy, is ahead of the game in his industry because he very much understands the modern textures and results that we want from products that he can deliver scientifically, potent products with a modern finish.

Hyasoft is a specific anti-weather, anti-dehydration, hydration booster which is a non-greasy gel that dries down to a completely matte finish. Oily and men’s skin may love to use this on it’s own and it will make a great make-up base. Normal/dry skin, use as a booster underneath your existing range for more hydration without heaviness.

The Glow Drops are a fast absorbing, dry finish oil combining vitamin C with the gorgeous aromas and treatments of geranium, rose, marjoram, lemon and orange with a bit of sexy cedar wood thrown in for good measure. It’s a great value 30ml size with an economical dropper applicator. Because of the dry touch texture, it can be used by all skin types and both men and women, who want more of a glow without shine.

Check out more of The Hero Project products on the web including their Bi-Phase Waterproof Eye Make-Up Eraser, containing chamomile and cornflower which will be fantastic as a summer waterproof eye, brow and lip make-up remover. They also have a special 30% Vitamin C formula as well as an HD Skin Perfector which is a modern answer to the flashback ashy problem to photographs on social media and special occasions. This whole brand has a modern, no-nonsense approach and I’m sure you are going to enjoy it as much as I was impressed by them when I first met them nearly a year ago.

Upcoming offers

Create a beauty canvas with Laura Geller

On Sunday 9th April the Laura Geller team will be in to showcase their complete Beauty Canvas offer – make sure you set a reminder! Although it’s not included in this collection, for those of you that have watched me regularly will know that since its launch, I have had an addiction to Tahitian Glow. This is a creamy, smooth, baked bronzer that you can apply to your face and body. This bronzer has multi-correctional pigments in it so it suits so many skin tones and seamlessly blends into foundation.

I love using it to patch up my neck and décolletage which is always paler and during the summer months it’s a really quick bronzer for my feet and to patch up the top of the arms. You can apply it with a sponge or a brush and if you need very intense colour you can even apply it wet to give dramatic full coverage. It’s a very quick and easy product to use throughout the summer months, not just to enhance or give a more tanned look but from a practical point of view to patch up paler areas when changing outfits, shorts, strappy tops, dresses etc.

Taya haircare

It’s great to have more Taya at QVC, and their upcoming three-piece Inner Core Anti-Breakage Today’s Special Value collection on the 12th April is bound to impress. This is a range that’s not on the highstreet, and offers sulphate-free haircare packed with natural ingredient – even in their styling products! You can even smell the authenticity in the ingredients when you use them and to begin with, they may need a different application technique to what you’re used to, but the result is that you are constantly applying caring formulas from the shampoo to styling and finishing, compared to products that may cause damage, breakage and colour lifting if they are too much of an old fashioned formula high in synthetic chemicals.

Keep your eyes peeled!

We’ve got an hour devoted to Korean-French brand Erborian coming up on 11th April, and Beauty Day is coming! On Sunday 23rd April, we’ve got a full house of brands you love and exciting newness – don’t miss it. If you want all the details on Erborian, check out our blog from last year on this great range.

We’ve also launched a page on our website called Destination Beauty, where each month we’ll be showcasing the best ways to make the most of our huge range of products, expert advice and constant new launches. April is all about brands, so head on over to stock up on your favourites, or maybe discover your next new hero product.

I’ve been loving my live Q&As on my Facebook page after the 8pm show – if you’re after any advice, application tips or product suggestions, make sure you head over once the show is finished!

There’s plenty more beauty goodness to be found at 8pm this evening, so tune into QVC Live to enjoy a show jam-packed with the best products, experts and brands, so you can give your collection a fabulous update. Don’t forget to check out QVC’s Facebook page (and of course my Facebook page), where you’ll find even more amazing content. You can also send me your comments on Twitter!

Ali x


  1. Cindy April 7, 2017 at 1:09 pm -  Reply

    Hi Alison – as yours is the only word I will take on this, can you kindly help me ….
    I’ve just received my Ultrasun 50+ Face (anti pigmentation) and understand about putting on Ultrasun first – followed by my normal Elemis or Decleor day cream. The thing I need help with is:
    I use Eucerin 50+ Sun Creme TINTED all year because it is the perfect (only) colour for me as a makeup! Can I continue to use this after my Ultrasun and Elimis/Decleor day cream? (When using Eucerin as sun protection, I put daydream on first, then the Eucerin – rightly or wrongly!)
    I’d be so grateful for your help on this.
    Kind regards

  2. Nazima Mankoda April 8, 2017 at 8:34 am -  Reply

    Pls bring more Korean brands to the uk

  3. Laney April 8, 2017 at 4:05 pm -  Reply

    Hi Alison can you please let me know when we apply ultra sun because of the way it binds to the skin & stay there for so long does this mean that no other skin care can work on top of it because it cannot go through the shield ultra sun has made & also does this mean that it’s quite difficult to cleanse off your skin at night ?

  4. Ann Littleton April 10, 2017 at 9:07 pm -  Reply

    Hi Alison can you let me know what nail varnish you are wearing today Monday April 10th.

  5. DB April 10, 2017 at 9:40 pm -  Reply

    Hi Cindy & Laney,
    Not sure if this helps, but I would put the Ultrasun on first. Wait about 10 mins, then put your other creams/make up tint creams over the Ultrasun. Personally, I would apply sun protection first (whichever brand it is) wait for it to sink in and then apply other creams/make up. I cannot comment on other skincare working through the shield. I don’t find it difficult to cleanse off the skin. Hope this is helpful to you.

  6. Edna Munro April 11, 2017 at 5:42 pm -  Reply

    Hi Ali.I suffer with broken facial capilliaries as a result of steroid cream when I was in my late teens.They now seem to be becoming worse (I am now 69) but I find it so embarrassing and upsetting.My confidence is at an all time low.I use Laura Geller balance and brighten and up to date it has helped but I need something extra now.Tried IT,Bare Minerals,Liz Earle,Joan Collins,Tarte and Doll 10.Any advice ,please?

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