Beauty Bash! Plus fab lasts and firsts


Firstly a big hello to anyone I met at the Beauty Bash. And also to anyone who regularly reads my blog here, but doesn’t do Facebook or Twitter or whatever. There’s a special message for you in the PS at the bottom of this blog if you want more updates and to join the support systems I spoke about, do read this till the end and you will see it!

Secondly, this week it’s the LAST Friday Webchat on our QVC Facebook page from me. It’s been fun and I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Someone else can take a turn now. Tonight (Fri 22nd) join me for my final one at 6-6.30pm ish (am on air at 7!) for a final comp, to win three Elemis products! And tell me what your best chat has been and what you’d like to see on the page in the future. Just leave a new comment to be entered. Go here.


Beauty was everywhere on every level in every corner – 67 brands on stands, all hands on deck, giving treatments and consultations to the 4-5000 visitors. Half had paid to come, this year – more than ever! And it was open to everyone, tickets sold early December to early January on our website and plugged all over our social media and mentioned on air. Here was Alison’s opening chat – well a bit of it!

So we met so many people, it’s probably best to let the pictures do the talking.

Also go to my twitter and facebook to see more. And QVC’s twitter and facebook. Plus the other presenters’ blogs, including Craigy, Miceal, Chloe, Marv, Alison, Ali K, Jackie, Catherine and Claire. (Jules was ill, get well soon Jules.)

Will Gowing has also put a playlist together full of videos and highlights from the event! Watch it now or check out his blog.

Surprise visitor? Laura Geller herself! She flew in and out again briefly on Tuesday afternoon in an unexpected fly-by – was lovely to see her. People asked me about my makeup and I had to admit the vast majority in my own home makeup bag is from lovely Laura! Like the Balance n Brighten/bronze compact set – it’s what I’ve got in  my home makeup bag at the moment!

laura geller and deb

Nice to see my own mummy there too – although she did have a pic taken for the Prai ‘find a face over 50’ comp, she said she’d be too nervous to be it for real! She came with sis Linda (Red Carpet manicure guest – no they didn’t have a stand there this year so mum just came along as a pressie with sis and pals.)

deb and mum

Managed to get away to the generous complimentary tea and coffee area upstairs once or twice, it was packed! Hello to everyone who stopped me on the way! Including this motley bunch – Marcella; Selin from NoNo plus Denise and Sharon and Sara – great pals, all of them!

deb and friends

Selin and I will be launching the new NoNo Today’s Special Value on Saturday night the 6th Feb, lots of people were reporting good results with their previous models too.


Gatineau highlight – the replacement for Floracil, the new eye makeup remover is on its way in next Today’s Special Value on Saturday 30th January – the five piece refresh collection is incredible value and a great time to kick start a new skin care regime. I have to admit a lot of the products I use regularly are also Gatineau and several ladies showed me their necks which were very impressive after using the throat gel.

deb and andrew

Other highlights to look forward to – a weekend full of fab brands including the new one Niod, which several people spoke to me about saying they were impressed at the demo even on the hand on their stand – see their hero duo serum set which has some rave reviews already stacking up.

Same with Fillerina – expensive but impactful, people said, in being a cosmetic quick fix that covers wrinkles by disguising them. Plus Magnitone will return with their Today’s Special Value on 17th as many will know – one lady looked glowing and she’d just been magnitoned!

Plus look out in April for the launch of the top US QVC brand called IT (innovation technologies, but just IT) makeup – already their eyebrow pencil has been creating a stir as many say it’s like the out of stock ybf one (no news on return to QVC).

IT pencil

And IT also made this lady’s day – Lisa R found a fab solution in her goody bag.

FullSizeRender edit

So many other fab deals on show, including sneaky peeks of upcoming brands. Go to my website home page blog to see some of the pics people have been sharing all over the internet having been to the show, and a really funny pic of what us presenters got up to during the lunch break in our break out room upstairs – it’s not a position you’ll see many of us in regularly! Go here to see it all.


First flowers – OMG I got enough for a vase full! Daffs, of course, plus some weird looking flowers – were they from the … helibores which Richard pointed out when he visited in October? Is that what they’re called? Anyway now it’s turned icy, the new shoots for the fleshy plants have keeled over – booo! It was nice whilst it lasted though. Looking forward to what the seasons bring this year in my new cottage and its lovely garden. You? By the way, this pic was sent out first to all those on my email newsletter – do subscribe on my website here – click this link – – and a little box pops up – just fill in!


Silly Spaniel! Crazy Maggie next door visited this week and once she’d been wiped down, was trying to reach something on the counter in the kitchen – having just made a mess on the floor! Watch this video – what do you think she was trying to reach?!

Actually it turned out to be the cotton wool! Crazy spaniel! Just heard Jon and Lucy and she are moving to Reigate end of February – sadly. I will miss them! Hope the new next door neighbours don’t mind my dogs!

Derek’s Doggy Update look at this! Get my little Derek – the Medical Detection Dogs pup which I was allowed to name through my fundraising. He’s got his own little online update on Oxford Mail from @OxmailSophieG – how lovely to see who he’s involved with, read the article and see if you know of them – and if you live nearby, do get in touch with them if you’d like to help! Click here to read it

derek update

Monday Wasn’t So Blue well it was supposed to be Blue Monday but hopefully our Back to You show and its little one minute challenge plus healthy eating and well being ideas helped lift your spirits? Thanks to those who said they always do the one minute challenge! Last B2U show this Monday (25th)! how quickly January has gone. But see below on how to continue keeping in touch afterwards and if you don’t ‘do’ social media, do sign up for my regular email newsletter on – I include all the news! New book is out end January, first looks at exclusive videos and pics, things like that! Plus Q&As with Tom from Alpha H and Evey from join plus Bruce from Bodyblade all on my Back to You Blog following the show, which also mentions how to make your own pro-biotics and the psychology of colouring books! go here to read more on my blog.

walk yourself

And meanwhile here’s Monday 18th full Back to You programme –

Watch –  no time for TV or films in B.Bash week! (ok apart from the other BB – no not bodyblade, the OTHER other BB – celeb big brother! – which is the best car crash tv ever and can be watched whilst doing practically any other activity!) so here’s a little show to go see – our own Gabrielle Bradshaw, in panto for charity! Go see Snow White in honor oak park on 6/7th Feb! If I can make it I will be there!

panto 2

Foscott’s Dog Caricatures What a great idea this is for anyone who has/had a precious pet. Look at some of these models – how about getting a beloved pooch made into one. I’d get patch done I think. She’s 15 in March. Foscott’s Friends can commission one from £45, but be sure to quote Medical Detection Dogs with your order & 5% will be donated to the charity. 8cm to 20cm tall too! Clever. More on my news blog here.

dog models


Facebook funny – look at Tom Ogden’s update from the Beauty Bash! Funny! Wish I’d had a massage – my back was hurting after standing for eight hours both days – but maybe not one like this from Adele SBC! Lol x

tom funny

This week’s QVC –

  • Sarah Chapman Sneaky Peek – here’s a lovely little sneak of what Sarah was promoting at the Beauty Bash about her two new products, appearing on QVC live this Sunday at 6pm


  • Saturday and Sunday Today’s Special Values: of course, it’s beauty on our wonderful Beauty Weekend! Perricone five-piece on Sunday, and Revitalash two-piece – eyelash conditioner plus a brow gel on Sunday. Lots of interest for both at the bash so beware!

tsv collage

  • Join me Sunday 9pm for a Liz Earle special – maybe they’ll have the top rated cleanse and polish! If we do it may be another ‘make up removal alert’ at the end of the show!


  • Then the Yankee Candle Serenity 53-piece Today’s Special Value midnight Monday (25th) with Rosa and me. Check out this preview with me and Will Gowing.

705375 yankee tsv


  • Guess this just for fun quiz question?! This week, commencing 25th January, there are two sharks and a dragon. Can you tell me what this means? Check out the TV guide for the week ahead for clues! Leave me a comment below with your answer!


  • Then my final BACK TO YOU show Monday 25th 8pm, including more fab ideas from Juliette – the ones she’s brought us so far have been fab – like the diagnostic scales. It’s the last one ever, for now, so don’t miss it! Maybe back next year or maybe they’ll do something different. BUT the Facebook group has exceeded all our expectations and continues all year round, including weekly webchats and banter. More info here on that and all my groups, but come join us if you miss the weekly dip into the world of well-being. And don’t forget to keep up with the 20lb in 2016 challenge – you have a year!


  • Another wonderful Today’s Special Value tunic Tuesday night midnight from Nina Leonard, which I’m launching – do join me if you like slightly longer tops that cover up the hips.

157595 nina leonard tsv

  • Lola lovelies – and at 7pm on Tuesday and 6pm on Wednesday (27th) the fab two hour specials from Lola Rose will be here with some amazing bargains – dare I mention snood? And One Time Only?
  • Leighton Denny Nails new guest Emma Welsh debuts this week including Wednesday with Sara, with a fab one show only type bargain on Wednesday at 10pm too. Emma made lots of friends at the Bash, so it’ll be great to see her on air. Nina Taylor announced she is continuing to work for the brand abroad and Leighton wishes her well, as do we all. Emma is a celeb expert.
  • Need a new Windows 10 tablet? Lee Hohbein my telly hubby is excited about this launch on Saturday night the 30th January and so am I! Quad core? Ooer missus! #sneakypeeky

Next week – BIG NEWS – Till the Fat Lady Slims 3.0 – Tips and Tales to Inspire will be available online in the usual places, more will be on my website here. If you are finding it’s getting a bit tough with the old ‘lose weight be healthier’ ethos now the New Year New You is a bit … old … do get it, and join the support group online. Here’s an insight into one of the reasons why it’s doing so well for so many people – the latest review of book 2.0 – (book 3 is a companion, for maintenance.)

“Downloaded this book last year. Doing ok. Not perfect but so far no stressing or obsessing over food. Kind of weird to be into January and not beating myself up about breaking all my hopelessly over optimistic new year resolutions. Moving forward step by step. 21 days to make a habit permanent!! For me food is a big emotional crutch. I am beginning to to be able to step back and see that. This book is MORE than a diet book. It’s a healthy lifestyle. Focusing on the moment and being mindful of what my body really needs. Bonus is my trousers fit better!!” L R, Jan 2016.

ttfls new cover

Here’s the cover! It’s super exciting and I can’t wait to see what people think. It’s kind of a big Q&A to go alongside the main book ‘Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – the ‘When’ diet, which so many people mentioned to me at the Beauty Bash – I’m very proud. Give it a go – you can be reading book 2 in preparation for book 3 being launched!


PLUS – also in this blog next week, whilst I organise my own small one, what it’s like to be at a big publisher’s super-exciting book launch party – my writing pal Joanna Cannon and her Harper Collins book ‘the Trouble with Goats and Sheep’ – it’s this week’s Read it Write it Sell it blog here on my website – a part-whodunnit, part-coming of age cosy crime set in the seventies! She was recently named as one of the recent up and coming authors by the Observer for 2016 as you will know if you read my book blog RiWiSi regularly. Can’t wait! My own is the week after on Feb 4th near Turnham Green tube – do email me if you would like to be sent an invite to the wine and nibbles and signing event near Chiswick, in the independent Chiswick Bookshop with lovely Emily and her dad.

Have a great week!





Ps As mentioned above – FOR ANYONE I MET AT BEAUTY BASH who doesn’t do social media.

This year more people than last year came up and spoke to me who love Bodyblade, my books, Back to You shows, our beauty etc, but who AREN’T on social media. So here’s the link I was talking about, for you to kindly follow –

This will take you to my latest website blog! Spin down to the ps at the bottom of this blog if you’d like more info about what it is, but otherwise just click! (after you’ve filled in or just closed the pop up about getting the regular newsletters) you’ll be taken to the home page news, which I update almost weekly. You’ll also see all the groups which you are welcome to join, listed there.

I spoke to many people who didn’t even know there was a big Bodyblade group on facebook and my support group for my weight loss and health group Till the Fat Lady Slims, which ties in with my group.  If you are one of the people who asked me to post the info, hope this is sufficient! If not do email me – email address is above! Hugs x

Pps keep in touch with me via Twitter, @debbieflint and via my Facebook page – search DebbieFlintQVC (page) or go here.

Go to my own website for full info about my novel writing, my Read it Write it Sell it blog and my Back to You show blog and well-being info, plus ‘Till the Fat Lady Slims’ weight loss book and also my charity for which I’m delighted to be an ambassador, Medical Detection Dogs, just go via my website,

OR do leave me a comment below – just state your email address (not shown), a name, and comment!


  1. Fifi January 22, 2016 at 7:33 pm -  Reply

    I was at the Beauty Bash (my first) on Wed afternoon, and really wanted to speak to you. I was asking everyone possible if they had seen you, and then just as I was sitting on the chair having my makeup done on the IT makeup stand, you appeared! I was the one who had dark hair in a pony tail and was wearing a purple Michele Hope jumper. I think you looked over my way briefly while speaking to the male makeup artist. The enthusiastic female makeup artist was talking me through the products, so I thought it would seem rude to jump up and chase after you like a stalker! Anyway I have bought your Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 book and have enjoyed reading it and following it, and also regularly watch your shows and read your blogs. I enjoyed the Beauty Bash, and got to speak to the Queen of Beauty (Alison Young) herself, and the goody bag made the trip worthwhile. Spoke to a lot of other beauty guests as well, was nice to see them in the flesh as it were! Just wish QVC would consider doing it in the Midlands once a year, like in the NEC in Birmingham, there would be more room for a start, everything seemed a bit squashed, and it would make it easier for people to travel from all parts of the country especially those who are not that near to London, ‘coz it is expensive!
    By the way , is there any way I could get in touch with you in private?

  2. Nicki Rawlins January 23, 2016 at 11:23 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie, it was lovely to meet you on Wednesday at the Beauty Bash. What a wonderful day, it was my first time but will definitely return next year.
    I am a Cruise Consultant and work for Cruise Direct who are owned by Barrhead Travel, the UK’s leading independent travel company.
    I have been in the Travel Industry for 28 years and love cruising. If you need any help in looking for your future cruise, I will be more than happy to help you, aswell as offer you the best deal.
    Hope to speak to you soon.

  3. JOHN RENNIE January 23, 2016 at 2:25 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie Flint, seen you using the Bodyblade, my friend bought one but he’s slim and fit as a fiddle as they say! Im overweight at 16 stone or over, would it work for me being overweight and have shortness of breath at times? I have a pushbike I can go out on, that might be better for me, but cycling uses different muscles to exercise, than those above the waistline… On a bicycle we’re using thigh, and calf muscles to strengthen!
    Can still buy the Bodyblade to use when I’ve lost a few pounds! What do you think? John Rennie, from Glasgow. x

  4. Judy Austin January 24, 2016 at 2:43 pm -  Reply

    Would like to say a big thank you to everyone at QVC for all their hard work and patience at this year’s beauty bash. My friend and I were there on Thursday and had a wonderful time, Thankyou,

  5. Chris Jopp January 24, 2016 at 2:45 pm -  Reply

    Great blog Debbie, the Beauty Bash was amazing and got to meet so many lovely people and had a couple of treatments (my OPI manicure although slightly chipped (we’re decorating!) is lasting well!). Met up with friends from the various groups and just had a brilliant day. Goody bag is amazing and I’m going to try absolutely everything in it. I got the IT Eyebrow pencil and the concealer in my bag and OMG its fantastic, definitely recommend it.

    Have got the first two of your books, can’t wait for the 2nd one and getting myself back on track.



  6. Louise January 30, 2016 at 10:18 pm -  Reply

    Beauty bash sounding and looking absolutely fab . Will look out for it next year and the girls and l are going to make a day of it – then night out too !!!

  7. collagen shiseido dang nuoc November 29, 2017 at 7:21 am -  Reply

    thank you for sensing something from your sharing post, but you have share about beauty by adding collagen

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