Beautiful day out with Jules!


I just love the theatre! This week my fellow QVC presenter and old pal Julia Roberts came with me to see a musical we’d been longing to see ‘Beautiful’ – the story of Carole King. See ‘watch’ below for more. It was a belated treat for her 60th which was in June!

The play was in the Aldwych, near my old uni, LSE, in London. We grabbed a delicious bite to eat first, at the restaurant nearby, which was very appropriately logo’d with a big D! Delauney not Debbie, but it looked good.

Me and logoed crockery

We put the world to rights, chatting much about our writing and upcoming novels and self publishing for Kindle, (we do a kindle btw, it’s here.) So nice to have a proper night out away from work! What else should I see?

Elemis winner is… Well done to Vicki Tordoff ‘who won last week’s competition. Your prizes will be with you soon 🙂



Cycle Race Close at Hand!

cycle race

And from nights out to being stuck in! They closed the roads again on Sunday (31st) for the annual televised cycle race so I had to remain home all day. Went out to watch part of it therefore. See how fast the cyclists went in the latest Cycle London and Surrey road race, as they whizzed past my house whilst I was on lock down on Sunday.

Actually I didn’t mind it in the end – got lots of house stuff done, even though my road was closed from 5am till about 6pm. Also liked watching the cyclists on the telly too, going down the roads near my old house near the Wotton Hatch pub! Glad it’s over though I must say. I don’t do sport as a rule, but this was cool.

Newsletter To see the whole of the classic race passing my house, I did a full live video during the race, on my Facebook page, and it’s on my newsletter blog on my website – see how far behind the pelaton(? – the second block of cyclists) is from the front-runners – yet they still caught up by the time they got to the Mall! Go here. And on my Facebook page, I posted another behind the scenes in the life of Debbie – a tour around my garden during the race! Click here to see more of the lovely blooms.



Good luck Marv. She’s off on her travels, and to look after her poorly mum, so we will miss her smiley face at Q Towers. Wishing Marverine all the best in the future. She’s already up for an award btw – go here to vote if you would like to make her day!

Marverine Cole

LOGO Fashion do XXS!
Had a super Logo fashion hour with celeb stylist Gemma Sheppard this week, as Fashion Month kicked off on QVC. I noted that they do many, many in size XXS, to fit around size 6-8 high street equivalent. This is an important topic, and since it’s hard to track down the options on the web by size, I’ve requested a little list which I can show you during a special Facebook Live session next week sometime. For more info, go here (subscribe if you like, as I will do a special email to alert you when it’ll be on.) Meanwhile, one of the most fast-selling styles from their show was their Colour Block Waistcoat and Vest Two Piece Set, and it’s still available (at time of writing) in the smallest sizes, XXS (6-8) XS (8-10) S (10-12) depending on how you like your fit. It’s on clearance, just £29.98 down from £55, while stocks last!


QVC Beauty Awards 2016! Beauty Month may have been superseded by Fashion Month, but it’s time to nominate your faves in the annual customer awards! Go here to make sure you vote in time. Voting closes on the 21st of August. The winners will be announced on Friday 26th August at 9pm.

Beauty Excellence Awards 2016

Happy Birthday Laura Geller! It was lovely Laura’s big day this week, and she was not surprisingly inundated with wishes. Laura Geller loved them all! Her Balance and Brighten is up for best foundation once again – bet it wins! Go here for info about Laura’s range, and links to some great deals on it if you need some more. She’s also doing a fab advance chat with Will soon, for her upcoming TSV. More info soon!

Laura Geller 2 Jan 2016

Most diverse Bouquet so far Here’s a beeeeeyootiful bouquet from my opulent garden using as many white or partly white blooms as I could find. There are around 13 different ones! OK one or two might technically be weeds, but aren’t they great! I even found a white clematis out on the front wall and some stunning lilies have just come up too. Loooovely! It’s sad when they fade though, so here’s a Peony version that’s not dissimilar!  Join Julie Bates at 10pm tomorrow to see more of Peony’s pretty blooms.

My bouquet

Bucket List, 2016 style This is doing the rounds on Facebook this week – what’s your own list of answers? Leave me a comment below with your version!
Been married: Yes
Fallen in love: Yes
Gone on a blind date: yes
Skipped school: yes
Watched someone die: only Holly my dog. Not nice.
Been to France : Yes
Ridden in an ambulance: Yes
Been to America: Yes
Been to Europe: Yes
Been to Blackpool: yes
Been to Liverpool: yes
Been to Newcastle: No
Visited Disneyland Paris/USA: yes
Visited Legoland: no
Seen the Grand Canyon: yes
Flown in a helicopter: yes
Served on a jury: No
Danced in the rain: yes
Been to Manchester: yes
Been to Edinburgh: Yes
Played in a band: yes
Sung karaoke: yes
Made prank phone calls: Yes
Laughed so much you cried: Yes
Caught a snowflake on your tongue: Yes
Had a pet: Yes
Been sledding on a big hill: yes
Been downhill skiing: yes
Been jet skiing: yes
Ridden on a motorbike: yes
Travelled on a bus, train & coach: Yes
Jumped out of a plane: No
Been to an outside movie: no
Ridden a camel: no
Ridden a donkey: yes
Been on TV: Yes
Been in the newspaper: Yes
Stayed in hospital: Yes
Donated blood: no – i fainted once having a blood SAMPLE taken!
Had a piercing: Yes
Had a tattoo: yes
Lived on your own: yes
Ridden in the back of a police car: No
Had a speeding ticket: yes
Broken a bone: yes
Had stitches: yes
Traveled Alone: yes

Back to You Blog – Join us for the August push! Here’s all the info and the latest update for you if you’d like to join us with our next challenge for healthy eating, weight loss and exercise – go here to see all about it. People are reporting some super results on my Facebook groups (see bottom for an example) and it really makes me so proud to read them.

b2u header

Book of the Week Another super story from one of my latest faves, Lucy Dillon. I love the odd reference to QVC in them too! This book has some really charming characters, compelling situations – it’s seriously a well crafted tale – more here on my Read it Write it Sell it blog.


Watch Saw the amazing ‘Carole King’ musical, as mentioned above, with Jules and LOVED it! I would even go again, it was that good. Superb performances all round, funny, great timing, wonderful parodies of so many sixties superstars who sang the amazing songs she and her co-writers created. Loved the way they wove the life story into the showstoppers. Just brilliant. As good as Sunny Afternoon, the Kinks story, and Jersey Boys, the Frankie Valli story. Gosh there are some amazing shows up London atm! Here’s a trailer which will give you a flavour!

Facebook Funny I’ve been trying to get more sleep lately too – it definitely makes a difference! This made me smile.


Marie Francoise… or Katy? Look who is on the break bumpers on the new Celebrity BB! Well done MF! Super performances! Lol. Am actually quite enjoying the new CBB, although I would quite happily evict two or three of the worst ones already! Lol.


Blooper – 

Chloe gets the backstage crew involved in a spontaneous line dancing. Yeeha!

This week on QVC This weekend’s deals –

  • Friday Today’s Special Value is this ABC skincare Tea Tree essentials bundle, on today (5th) till midnight! Get it here. 


  • Saturday – luxury bedding time – 800TC vintage garden reversible duvet set from Northern Nights.


  • Sunday – the No!No! hair remover returns with another super offer!


  • Honora’s Ralph is back with a super set of necklace, earrings and THREE bracelets in a single TSV set on Wednesday.

SMALL EDIT Honora Indigo Pearl Wardrobe

  • Sneaky Peek – my Wed night midnight Todays Special Value is the iGrow Hair Growth treatment – the opposite problem to the NoNo!


  • MarlaWynne is our bargain of the day on Friday which is fashion day. It’s this super matt crepe jersey dress as an amazing price for this Italian made designer brand.


Next week another visit up to my charity Medical Detection Dogs for a little thank you puppy party for all the people who have helped recently with fundraising.

dogs mdd

Can’t wait to see my sponsor puppies Derek and Lesley – I hope they can both come! Also a super writing workshop in London. And news of a free short story from me! (more about my writing here.)

Best wishes




This week’s update is from Gail S from my Till the Fat Lady Slims Facebook group (come join us, all links to my social media is here)

“Posted last year that I had too. Much bum not enough knickers , year later 3 & 1/2 stone lighter now have not enough bum way too much knickers!
Debbie flint hope you realise how much you changed people’s lives , also thoughts on food.
I note my cholesterol has gone from being high to normal , haven’t changed from what I eat, I just eat when hungry, still make cookies, quiches all my naughty favs but only eat when actually hungry. Luv freedom eating changed my life.”

Fabulous news isn’t it, from another lady who is finding the support from TTFLS and Freedom Eating is really helping her on her weight loss journey. I say to anyone who wants to give it a try, to read up on ‘Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – the ‘When’ Diet’ book which is like the one which sold out in signed hardback on QVC last year. Plus book 3.0 with more tips and tales to inspire. The whole story and links are here on my webpage.

KEEP IN TOUCH – come join Facebook groups and Twitter, links here; follow my page here and subscribe to my weekly newsletter here.

MY STEAMY NOVELS AND PUBLISHING DEAL, WHSMITH TRAVEL AND WEIGHT LOSS BOOKS – just go to my website for all the info on my writer page – it’s here.

Books pic



  1. Janet August 8, 2016 at 7:33 pm -  Reply

    A really good interesting blog .loads of variety and interest keep it up .great little read.

  2. Christine leonard August 8, 2016 at 11:55 pm -  Reply

    I love the things that you do it gives me insperasion you seem to just get out there just wish l had the same get up go love qvc get a lot from you

  3. Jane Dunkley August 9, 2016 at 1:34 pm -  Reply

    Debbie, from your list I see a few TIFTFT’s in there that are still to be done! Do it! :O)

  4. debs f August 9, 2016 at 8:17 pm -  Reply

    Christine –
    hah! yes they certainly do! hehe! I love it tho – best time of my life so far! Lots of lovely puppy pics coming in the new blog out this friday (12th) – do pop back then. xx

  5. debs f August 9, 2016 at 8:18 pm -  Reply

    Janet –
    thank you hon! I really appreciate the fact that you took the time to write me a comment and tell me your thoughts! So what’s your own answers to the Bucket List then? I’m interested to hear from people on here, specially anyone who doesnt read all my social media updates.

  6. Susanne August 11, 2016 at 9:24 am -  Reply

    Debbie – just wanted to thank you for giving me the proverbial kick up the bum with your TiFFTs. I compiled a ’60 Things To Do Before I’m 60′ List (I’m 60 in November) because I’ve have had more fun this year doing all and sundry – you wouldn’t believe!! – than I ever have. Really appreciate you for giving other women in a similar situation as you the nudge to get on with life rather than dwelling on what was, or what isn’t. Lots of love. xx

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