Beach Bodyblading; plus Antthony Antics in LA!


Plus –

  • Hummingbirds four feet away!
  • ‘Theory of Everything’ – awesome film about an awe-inspiring man
  • How to style your Lola Rose TSV scarf – special video
  • More funny bloopers featuring Dale and a pillow
  • And sneaky peeks at Vitamix, Apple, Halo and Laura Geller Xmas TSV launching this Saturday night (22nd)!


STOP PRESS –  if you’re an early bird blog reader, the Today’s Special Value today (Friday) will be an Apple iPhone 5S with bundle – corrr! Then on Friday 9pm I’ll be going makeup-free in the two-hour grand finale to the Liz Earle, skincare series – it’ll be busy!
iPhone 5s 505904


LA Jolly-Hollywood

Me and Kate

OMG what a loooovely holiday I’ve had in LA! Am writing this having touched back down in Heathrow this afternoon, feeling very relaxed. My objectives included to do a new beach bodyblade super6 video with Bruce (see top pic) – check! See pals, meet new contacts, do lots of writing, go to cinema – check. And a big ‘check’ to ‘living like a local,’ achieved via an innovative website – Airbnb  – more below.

My local host was lovely new pal Kate, pictured here with me in the grounds of Raintree Circle. With her macrobiotic larder, friendly hummingbirds and singing bowls, she was the perfect host. It felt like meeting an old friend. One of my best holidays ever!

Go to my website Home News page to find out more about the place itself and which Hollywood Movie Stars have filmed there! It’s been built on old Back Lot number 3 of MGM studios, including the lake Tarzan swam in! And some wonderful pics of my holiday. Meanwhile check out this video of the hummingbirds – how amazing is this! What an unusual sound their wings make. They fly to the nectar fountain, specially designed for their long thin beaks. Can you see one buzzing around on this clip?


LA LIFE – Workout on the Beach with Bodyblade Bruce

Bruce Coffee

Had a whole afternoon and evening with one of my favourite QVC guests, Bruce Hymanson who lives with his family in Manhattan Beach. A bite to eat at Jamaica Inn Hotel after the beach workout. We had such a lovely time doing the special super6 on the beach at Marina Del Ray – for all his fab followers on his Facebook group. We did our live Back to You web chat on Monday too, when he released the new video. Here it is if you missed it!

Bruce, wife Carrie and meIn the evening it was on to dinner with his lovely wife Carrie and we had a good chinwag over sea bass, Manhattan Beach style. I’m looking forward to Bruce’s return with Bodyblade in January, (It’s coming back, for sure). Join our Bodyblade QVC Facebook group for more weekly updates.







Read it Write it Sell it – my weekly look at all things book!

Book chair

And of course I was in LA to get on with some more of writing – editing my steamy romance ‘Hawaiian Affair’ for Choc Lit (my publisher)- and working hard on ‘French or Dutch,’ my next brand new title due out early Spring.  More info about that on my website where you’ll also find this week’s Audio Book of the Week – the sequel to last week’s supernatural thriller!

– How to blog – properly
– A day in the life of an agent and the tough times of Hollywood scriptwriters
– Links to all my books, fiction and non-fiction, including my weight loss book. Click here to read more on my website, and sign up for the free regular newsletter to be updated first!

Next week on RiWiSi – one author’s success story with a freebie promotion and cover reveal – my Hawaiian Trilogy PG paperback – available December 2014 only! Coming soon.



Ant me car

LA adventures continued with my long-planned meet up with lovely fashionista Antthony! He picked me up in his convertible, and we zipped off to the beach – fun, even if my hair was a bit ‘Bridget’ by the time we got there, in all that wind! Haha!

Then we put the world to rights – spending the afternoon gossiping in Shutters on the Beach, in Santa Monica, where we had a very nice meal with the pier and fair in the background. I’d say ‘shutting it down’ but it was rather genteel and sedate! Lol!

Inside shutters table
It’s quite a well-known venue – Marie Francoise (Kipling) said she and Christianne (her sis), said it’s one of their faves – have you ever been? Leave me a comment below if so, or tell me your own favourite place. Here we are outside – can you tell he’s going through his ‘cowboy’ phase?! Lol!

Outside shutters
We were thinking of going to the pier afterwards, but Mr H doesn’t really do fast rides! So we had a walk along Venice Beach instead – my first time. So many TiFFTs this trip! It was ‘a tiny bit Camden Market’ is how I can best describe it – many and varied colourful characters, performers and tourists. Big crowds watching buskers etc and later, this amazing sunset happened.


It’s not long till Antthony Designs are on QVC UK again – this weekend in fact! And DO NOT MISS his show with me on Monday at 11pm – with a sneaky one time only type offer – join us! He’s in his ‘cowboy’ phase this year, remember, so let’s see what he wears for the show!

Ant and me crowd




B2U header

Whilst I was away it was interesting to read some new updates on TTFLS Facebook support groups (for my semi autobiographical weight loss book, Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – the ‘When’ Diet – click here to find out more).

Amy W says – ” Just been out to lunch again and all went well. Even refused a dessert. Would never have done that a couple of weeks ago. Was completely satisfied so listened to my body signals and it was easy thanks to TTFLS.”

There’s another 5* review on Amazon too, I’m very chuffed!

Web chat – This week we had another great Bodyblade-based web chat with Bruce live from LA – lunchtime for us ‘cos of the time difference! Also with Rosa from Yankee candles and Caroline Manley from Nails Inc, on Facebook group Back to You QVC, and their full Q&A is on my website B2U blog from Monday. Don’t forget Rosa has a Yankee Candle, set of two Christmas Gift Boxes, Today’s Special Value coming up during the day on 26th!

Next Monday (24th), Michele Hope Fashions fans, we’re joined by the lovely lady herself, plus adorable Axel Ruth from Flora Mare skincare – whoop! He’s promised to behave (not!)Lol. Join the group here in time for Monday night 8-9pm web chat.


B2U blog  – on my Monday blog, not only Rosa and Caroline’s full Q&A but also a fascinating story about one woman’s amazing road to recovery – especially interesting for anyone who loves a turnaround story. And news of ‘That Sugar Film’, from down under; a brain quiz, and how TTFLS is helping one women on Slimming World. Plus Bodyblade Bruce talking about losing 10lb in ten minutes – or looking like you have. Click here to read all about it.




Sneaky Peek – Lola Rose Today’s Special Value Scarf – you know how much we love our Lola scarves – well I’m launching her latest, next week on Wednesday (at midnight on 26th November,) a lovely butterfly wool mix scarf – don’t miss it! The last time Nicky and I had such a scarf bargain it broke records for speedy sales! Meanwhile here’s that fab video showing how to style it!

Lola Rose scarf


Shhh!  Emu’s one show only type bargain… know what I mean? In my two-hour special Sunday night (23rd) 10pm. Join us!


Happy Wedding day Steve and Will! Wishing them all the best on Saturday (22nd) for their upcoming nuptials – we all remember that on air proposal don’t we! Personally speaking, we can all dream, can’t we?! Lol! Here’s a reminder, and hope the lovely guys have a great day!


QVC BLOOPER – I got an alert from several people this week that a blooper was nigh! Here’s Lee Hohbein playing silly sausages with Will Gowing wearing Emu slippers on The Saturday Night Show.

Plus this one from Dale – being stitched up by Suzy?! Or rather, zipped up!



Today’s Special bargains this week  – Saturday – Vitamix  – funny ‘cos my host Kate in LA uses hers all the time! Sunday – Laura Geller – it’s the long-awaited Laura Geller’s Xmas Today’s Special Value bargain this weekend too, and it’s launching at midnight Saturday (22nd) with me! Yayyy! Here’s the official pic – it’s fab. Watch out also for new body products too. Plus join me for the final airing 10pm Sunday too – if it lasts – if not, more One Time Only bargains!



Julien Macdonald’s JM Jewellery arrives at QVC towers on Sunday 23rd – Ali K hosts the midday premier then Claire is on at 6pm. With statement pieces like this 303913.



Great Gifts And join me Thursday night midnight (27/28th) when I launch one of the best all-purpose pressie ideas – a new Halo Powerback with torch as Today’s Special Value – stock up for sure – so handy to have on the go for when mobiles die!




Cinema with Rob Locke I couldn’t go to LA and not catch up with our old colleague Rob Locke could I?! He sends his love to everyone who remembers him being a QVC presenter. He’s acting in Hollywood now, despite some ups and downs he’s so grateful for the support he’s received allowing him to continue. Watch out for Beyond the Lights, a bodyguard-esque tale with Minny Driver, just out over in LA, where he’s the MC at the start! He’s also on Twitter @robLockeonTV

Rob Lowe and Debbie





BuddaAnother Inner-Buddha TiFFT! Very me. I love meditation and all that stuff, so was happy to dip my toe into the water of saying the ‘Lotus Sutra’ courtesy of lovely Kate. I did my first bit of ‘Nam Myoho Renge Kyo’ and enjoyed the rhythm of it all. Something I’ll explore at some stage methinks. Meanwhile it made me buck my ideas up about getting meditation back into my life!






Uber-All Over Airbnb, the alternative way to book a place to stay abroad – with local hosts –  is in 190 countries now, and I’m betting many of you won’t have even heard of it? Well I was the same. When in LA I also discovered another best-kept secret – a site for car-sharing, that’s doing the same for cutting costs – worldwide! It’s called ‘UBER’ and until I sat at the dinner table with Bruce and his wife I’d never heard of it either. As he was telling me about it, lo and behold, the couple on the table next to us spoke up and said they’d just used it to get to the restaurant that night! People power is on the up, eh?! See or a UK one called Hail-O.

Band Aid 30 As someone who recalls well where I was the first time Band Aid released the very first Do They Know it’s Christmas (Piccadilly Radio in Manchester, having just met first husband back in 1984) and seen the next two iterations, in 1989 and of course BandAid20, I look on fondly at the 4th one just out – 30 years later, to help fight ebola virus. Text a donation –  info here. Or see the whole video here!

Snippet BandAid

FunnyFacebook Funny Timely and appropriate considering it’s Thanksgiving Weekend coming soon in the US!







WATCH – this week I watched a couple of movies on the plane again – incl ‘Chef’ with Jon Favreau, usually an actor I enjoy to watch but not quite meaty enough to carry a lead, for me. Despite having Dustin Hoffman taking a cameo and believe it or not, Robert Downey Jr, it had more of a biopic feel and everything trundled along turning out quite nicely, sadly no real conflict kept you rooting for the character. It was pleasant enough, so it got 7.25 out of ten – nice enough for a Sunday afternoon. The other film was ‘Lucy’ with Scarlett Johannson which got 6 – ‘nuf said.

But the biggie was ‘Theory of Everything’ – which I went to see with Rob Locke at the cinema in Culver City. I love US cinemas, the seats are huge and comfy and the showings are often packed which is nice, they even often applaud at the end! Well the two leads in this film about the life of physicist Stephen Hawking and his wife Ann, Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones, were sensational – and so worth watching. Just watching their portrayal of how the great man, author of A Brief History of Time, gradually deteriorated in health but lost none of his fight was amazing and really makes you feel like, ‘hey I got no problems,’ you know what I mean?! Rob and I both thought it deserved a good 9 out of ten. Do go see it if you can – it’s gripping.

Then watch this – it’s v funny – who knew Stephen Hawking had such a sense of humour… unless maybe you’ve watched the ‘Theory of Everything’. There’s a lot of feature-length documentaries by him on YouTube too if you’re interested. Plus skits – this is him giving a short 6 minute ‘interview’ (one of the infamous clips from the Simpsons also features!)
‘The Theory of Everything’ is due out here early new year I believe and if it doesn’t win Oscar glory there’s no justice in this world.

Next Week – back on home turf and a spooky London Walking Tour with urban, LA cowboy Antthony! Also – two Lulu’s, a Tom-Tom and a Leighton! Plus my  daughter Lauren finally moves into her new house! Whoooop! This was the sight that greeted me when I walked back in the door after my flight – my lovely girl’s thank you card and bouquet for having them stay here whilst their house was getting done.

Lolly bouquet

Have a grand week!



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  1. martin forbes November 21, 2014 at 3:36 pm -  Reply

    hi debbie hope you and family are well iam not band good to seephoto of rob locke i have abit of him on video tape.i am on aweek’s holiday from working doing nothing just being lazy.

  2. Susan November 21, 2014 at 7:37 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie, just had to say you looked every inch the American with your cap on!! They love their caps! Glad you had a nice holiday. Lovely flowers from Lauren too. Glad they got their house done. They’ve done well for still being in 20s these days. Enjoy your weekend, Susan x

  3. Sharon November 21, 2014 at 8:16 pm -  Reply


  4. Veronica November 22, 2014 at 2:56 pm -  Reply

    Debs, you are like a whirlwind and an inspiration to others. You fit so much in I’m exhausted just reading you blog, telling us all the exciting things you have been up to and informing us of what is coming up on QVC.

  5. martin forbes November 23, 2014 at 12:51 pm -  Reply

    hi deebie hope you are well iam not bad you will be getting your xmas card soon martin forbes

  6. debs f November 26, 2014 at 7:50 pm -  Reply

    martin –
    thanks hon – hope youre well too and enjoying the break D 🙂

  7. debs f November 26, 2014 at 7:50 pm -  Reply

    sharon –
    t-h-a-n-k y-o-u!

  8. debs f November 26, 2014 at 7:51 pm -  Reply

    Veronica –
    my pleasure! Thanks for reading them and liking them – wouldnt be any point otherwise! hehe! x

  9. martin forbes December 2, 2014 at 6:14 pm -  Reply

    Hi debbie hope rob locke was well what is he doing nowadays.

  10. Tatiana February 9, 2015 at 2:30 pm -  Reply

    Wow Debbie Amazing times Very exiting and lively all i can say :I wish i was there!
    I will be looking out for your books.
    I being working on QVC event this year but being giving a free ticket by QVC to come to the Event for my dedication to the shopping.It was great to be there and to meet a see every one and to be a part of it. Hope to see you all next year!

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