Breast Cancer Care luncheon including Ray Quinn; 20th Anni highlights videos; Celebs galore & ‘About Time’ review!


Debbie with Catherine HuntleyThis week –

- Breast Cancer Care luncheon – inspiration and fun plus goody bag alert!

- Reminisce with our 20th anniversary highlights videos!

- Which QVC presenter is acting on stage in London in November?

- Celebs galore! Who’s on with Dale this Saturday?

- Plus – can Pirate the Tripawd kitten handle stairs?

- And ‘About Time’ – fab film review!

BCC models in goldFirst this week, in preparation for this Friday’s forthcoming ‘totes-emoshe’ (‘totally emotional’ for the uninitiated non-TOWIE watchers!) nuptials, out came the tissues again this week when I attended this year’s Breast Cancer Care Charity Fundraising Luncheon.

Catherine (top pic) looked gorgeous as usual, recording some videos for the actual transmission night on QVC mid-Oct. And I met a lovely bunch of ladies, including those on the QVC table, Ann, Maria, Rochelle, (back row) then Robyn, Debbie, me, Tracey, other Tracey and Caroline.

BCC tableLovely to be at such an inspirational event, and once again, I was incredibly moved by some of the ladies’ stories, including the fabulous models, class of 2013.

They are normal women all of whom have had breast cancer at some stage and now bravely strut their stuff on the stage – like Ali K did last year. 

They looked fabulous – many in QVC items as well as other wonderful makes and sponsors – and a good time was had by all!

Catherine then stayed on for the evening bash too – including a little speech she was asked to do on behalf of QVC, which she said would obviously include a mention of the late Amica, our lovely former QVC model who had her own turn on that very catwalk a few years ago.

An uplifting event though, filled with so much joy, hope, and gratitude for life itself. Marvellous. Finished up with the charming Ray Quinn, serenading all the ladies – the cheeky chappie went down a storm!

[Having trouble viewing this video? See YouTube's Help page]

JOIN US ON AIR ON QVC ON 16TH OCTOBER for our three hour annual fundraiser extraordinaire – I’ll be presenting this year’s gala evening along with Charlie and Craigy – 6-9pm… put it in your diary!

P.S – Next week though, look out for the goody bag giveaway – as I did last year, I’m going to run a competition to win the bag of goodies I was given on the day, containing a selection of little keepsakes – pic coming soon for you to spot the QVC products!

Don’t forget – THE COMP IS NEXT WEEK – not this week!


Catherine Huntley's playOh and look what I found in our presenters’ lounge – the little dark horse (and excellent actress that she is!), has been cast in another super play.

Ali K, maybe Craigy, Kathy and I (and possibly Deb Greenwood) will hopefully be able to go to see it – apparently her last one was fab too.

This play is on 5th – 17th November at Baron’s Court Theatre in Sloane Square – see if you can make it. Craigy said Catherine was excellent when he saw her last time!


Wedding lunch with the familySo the OTHER countdown is on – and this Friday (4th) is the big day for my son Brad’s wedding to lovely Kari!

So we had another little family bash, a lovely lunch (cooked by Nick, Lolly’s BF, who’s also doing the most amazing cake on the day!), last weekend, to finalise who’s doing what when, how, where, and with whom! Hehe!

Lauren’s lovely bridesmaid’s dress arrived (from my pal, designer Antthony in LA) and very beautiful she looked too – pics next week!

I don’t know! If it’s not bad enough that I’ll have all the emotion of my son’s big day, my daughter’s also a bridesmaid doing a reading! Don’t know about a box of tissues, I think I’ll probably need a funnel! Lol! Anyway, much more about it all in a little Bonus Blog on Monday next week.

Debbie's cousin's weddingPlus, on Sunday it was my cousin Tony’s wedding to lovely Julie. Here they are under a light – it looks like a halo!








Debbie's group at her cousin's weddingIt was lovely to see all the relly’s, whom I haven’t seen for years, plus of course the ‘usual suspects’ – my own family – well, many of them!






Brad little acornIt was all a bit of a ‘warm-up’ for Friday, eh! Also this week, I was asked for some pics of Brad by cousin Ricky, who is going to be Brad’s best man, (he’s Linda Bignell’s son – my sis and the Red Carpet Manicure guest in case you didn’t know).

He is known for his funny wedding speeches, so I’m filled with trepidation! Whilst we were hunting out some old photos, I came across this one – ahhhh! From little acorns, eh? This time next week, he’ll be married… to be continued!






Still to come… Pirate the Tripawd Kitten- update! … 'About Time' at the cinema… Andi Peters at QVC!… and talking dog wants a kitty!


Well, need I say more, this week? Of course on Tuesday we finally celebrated our 20th anniversary of broadcasting in the UK, and what a fab lot of VTs there were to mark the occasion!

I promised you I’d bring you another chance to see them, even though they’re not strictly ‘bloopers’! So here they are – as many as I could muster! Hope you enjoyed the day – if you did, what was your favourite moment?



READ IT WRITE IT SELL IT – My Weekly Look at all things Book!
Life is like a bookThe countdown continues to the launch of my second novel last w/e in Nov! Meanwhile get the first one by clicking here – Hawaiian Affair – on Amazon in paperback or eBook! And thanks so much for this latest review from BlueSmoky in Wales –

“Not really being one for either romantic or steamy reads I didn't know how I'd feel about this book from QVC presenter Debbie Flint but I am really rather pleased I gave it a go! Great characters, great story, great book for the beach! More please”

So glad you liked it! If anyone else has read it, my next one is the prequel – how did Sadie get to Hawaii?! Do leave a review if you did kindly read it during the summer – 70 out of 80 are 5* now!


**Countdown – Hawaiian Affair paperback – PG Version – 2 WEEKS (MID OCT)

**Countdown – Hawaiian Prize – paperback and eBook – single version – 6 WEEKS (end Nov)


Book of the Week – 'Love’s Tangle' by Isabelle Goddard
Love's TangleIsabelle is another of our Tuscany writing group and she has written several books for Mills and Boon – we’re all rather proud of her! This latest one is a straightforward good old Regency romp – with an unusual twist in that the heroine is disguised as a maid and the hero is the Lord she goes to work for! Ooer!

Do give it a go – I’ve ordered it for my Kindle! (or Kindle app – if you bought a Kindle recently from us. Which do you use and what books have you got so far? How have you found using it? Leave a comment at the bottom of this blog!) Go here to find out more about Love’s Tangle!




Next week – exciting book of the week from Claire Firth – a raunchy Regency – and it’ll be a freebie!


BookStop Café in Lincoln – eat, drink and buy self-published books!
Bookshop CafeWhat happens when a book shop wants to stock a self-published book? Well, via Nielsen Book Data (who supply the ISBN numbers when you self-publish using your own) some bookstores can actually order a copy for a customer who wants one from the author who then sends one of their own copies out.

However, the BookStop Café in Lincoln is a rare beast indeed – as well as second hand books, they actually stock self-published authors' copies' in the store! It’s a fab venue – have you been there?


You can eat and drink and read and buy… heaven! Go here to find out more

Bookshop Cafe inside Bookstop Cafe inside








Joff Gainey and wife Becky are both writers, and teachers and run kids' reading hours, special story evenings etc . It’s a fab idea and I hope to go there sometime maybe to meet some of you guys – let me know if you live near enough and you’d come along!


RiWiSi – Go Large! Also go to my website for more info on writing and self-publishing – including a short story competition and why none other than Jackie Collins chose to self-publish her own titles. Go here for RiWiSi – Go Large! – on



Pirate and stairsPirate – the only survivor of a traumatic birth during which his stray mother accidentally chewed off his paw – was rescued in Birmingham by Goldie’s Cat Rescue and rehomed with Yvette and foster family who oversee his progress. Yvette says –

“Pirate is extremely close to me and my husband and much prefers to sleep on our laps and shoulders than with his kitten friend Mikro. He cries in the morning until he is picked up and cuddled. I do think he think he is human!

When he was seven to eight weeks old, he finally climbed our stairs for the first time, so in that sense he is still behind. He finds it hard to jump from a height – other than balance, I think it hurts his stump as the skin is obviously quite soft.

Also, he struggles to play ball because as soon as he lifts his leg he loses his balance, but that is getting better with experience. And, obviously, the toilet training was a struggle as well as he was struggling to keep his balance, but he has got the hang of that now.

He definitely craves human attention and will lie on your lap, just staring at your face. Playing with Mikro also taught him to retract his claws, he loves touching your face and giving kisses and now does it with retracted claws (very good for us!).

When Pirate was little he used to step on his stump, which the vet said will give him problems with his spine. You could clearly see how he was bending his back to step on the stump.

Now that his legs are getting a little bit longer, he has learnt to lift his stump and not step on it all of the time, however he still does it when he is tired. A decision will be made at about 13 weeks to see if the rest of the leg should be amputated, but that will depend on how much he uses it.

The wound (stump) has healed but if he jumps from a height he always seem to hurt himself and then the stump is a bit sensitive for him.”

Next week – how much has he improved? Fab video on Pirate’s stair-climbing prrrrrowess!!



Marverine Cole- At last – you’ll have maybe seen our latest addition to the presenting team, ex-news journalist Marverine Cole – catch her on our schedule now, including at 11am Wednesday (9th) with Thorntons – which I know she’s looking forward to! Lol! Do go here to read her new blog and leave her a nice ‘welcome to QVC’ comment!







Debbie and Shane Lynch- If you didn’t know already, not only did Matt Goss sing on QVC recently, THE Shane Lynch was in QVC this week with his lifestyle fitness and healthy eating DVD (plus Boyzone behind the scenes extras). He’ll be back end Oct on my next Sat Night Gifts if you missed it! (26th) item 400567.







Debbie in her CBBC days- And the celeb’s continue! Andi Peters is, of course, the star who’s joining us on Monday at 7pm in the kitchen (with Dale). He and I both did Children’s BBC back in the day – here we are at the 10th anniversary reunion in 1995 – he looks exactly the same! Who else can you spot there?!





Debbie with her EMU Australia model SamSam became a mini-celeb during the Emu Australia show recently. Yes, our own floor manager Sam ‘lent’ us his feet when we did the gents’ Emu Australia slippers – very good he was too, and he had quite a few Twitter requests asking if he was for sale too! Lol!







Facebook Funny for you this week involves that old classic – the ‘talking dog’ – sooo cleverly done, thought I’d include ‘dog wants a kitty’ video for you! Also do go watch Dog imitates baby – very funny!

DatingP.S the meeting with a man, about a man, involving a special Box… went well. More soon. Maybe… Meanwhile, here’s a superb saying from Facebook – to make you smile!









WATCH – ‘About Time’ – Been to the cinema again, mainly 'cos Bill Nighy is one of my faves and he plays the dad in this quirky little tale about love, life and time travel!

I always feel drawn to movies about this topic – (Frequency, Butterfly Effect, Groundhog Day) – and LOVED this one! Great performances – almost faultless, for me, and with only a couple of tiny holes in the plot, (there always are, with time travel films!) it scores reeeeally high.

BUT – tissues at the ready once more – it’s emotional! Makes you think, for sure.

Scores a whopping 9 out of 10 for me! See it if you can. And if you have already, post below and tell me what YOU thought!



Sneaky peak - chargerOK so they’ve gone one better than standard mobile charger units and added a fab LED torch! Watch out for it around Sunday 20th!










QVC – THIS WEEK – oh and QVC Beauty is now on Freeview 35 8am-10pm!
Clarks ankle boots - 108870 - Sunday night (6th) at midnight, join me for a fab ankle boot Today’s Special Value from Clarks!






Diamonique watch - 608741- Diamonique Day on Tuesday, incl a super Mother of Pearl Watch TSV, plus Wednesday’s is the Perricone Power of Plasma collection – amaaaazing value!







Next week – more from Pirate the Tripawd Kitten… Bonus Blog on Monday – The Wedding!… And win the BCC Luncheon Goody Bag! Plus a freebie steamy eBook – a really raunchy Regency! Join me to find out more every Friday. Have a fab week. Don’t forget to leave me a comment below. Ta!

Best wishes


Debbie's wedding outfit clueP.S. Here’s a little hint about the colour of my wedding outfit – in case you didn’t notice on air this week, I’ve been wearing red Carpet Manicure’s ‘Publicity Stunt’ purple from the autumn collection!






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  1. Gail October 4, 2013 at 9:52 am -  Reply

    Enjoy this special day Debs; enjoy enjoy enjoy ……. xxx

  2. Debbie October 7, 2013 at 2:19 pm -  Reply

    Debs you looked fab for the wedding .. Gorgoire as Mally would say

  3. Melanie Phillips October 7, 2013 at 4:37 pm -  Reply

    Really liked your outfit for your MOTG outfit! A very flattering colour and it goes without saying that your shoes were awesome too!
    I hadn’t realised that Amica had passed away! I knew she was unwell again but am so terribly sad to hear she lost her battle and pass on my prayers and condolences to her poor family! Tragic news!
    I would recommend Debs book to anyone who hasn’t read it! I enjoyed every page and read it in 2 days, it was such a page turner I just couldn’t put it down, so I am very much looking forward to the next one at the end of November, however in the meantime I have moved on to the new Jackie Collins on my kindle! I just live the Santangelo saga!
    Have a fab week Deb!

  4. susan October 7, 2013 at 5:23 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs,
    Hope you had a fab day at the wedding. Looking forward to the photos! Where have they gone on honeymoon? Sure it’ll be wonderful. Just read Jilly’s lovely 20th blog. Happy anniversary to her too! Didn’trealise she suffered 3 miscarriages with one on air. How traumatic for her. Chat soon, x

  5. Nigel October 7, 2013 at 11:36 pm -  Reply

    Further to your conversation on the Bibi Big ball/Little ball show(so funny btw) :- if living alone means things stay put then I find getting old means things only stay put if you can remember where you put them!
    My fav titles for the #Addawordruinamovie trend so far are
    Reservoir Handbag Dogs, Midnight Pizza Express,Total Toyota Recall & Dirty Morris Dancing – sure you’ve thought of some good ones.
    After reading this sentence you will realise that the the brain doesn’t recognize a second ‘the’ !!
    One wed,one to go or maybe two you never know! Nige :))

  6. Mo Whitelaw October 8, 2013 at 2:29 am -  Reply

    OMG Debbie!! I wondered what the QVC sneaky peak was at first….. defo needed explaining lol I thought maybe QVC was selling Anne Summers stuff! Imagine the laughs you would have???!!!
    Loved your wedding outfit – everyone at the wedding looked so beautiful, I bet it was a fab day!
    xx Mo xx

  7. debbs f October 9, 2013 at 2:56 am -  Reply

    Gail –
    it was amaaaazing! Thanks so much hon!

  8. debbs f October 9, 2013 at 2:57 am -  Reply

    Debbie –
    gorgoire! funny! and yes the 20th was a lovely day! Hope you enjoyed the videos above! And yes, wonder what we’ll all be doing in another 20 years’ time eh?! I hope to be ‘Bubbles Daaaahhhling’ , living in a health spa writing romances! hahaha!

  9. debbs f October 9, 2013 at 2:59 am -  Reply

    Melanie –
    Oh thanks so much hon – lovely comments there, ta!
    And I’m so glad you loved Hawaiian Affair – PG paperback is out soon in time for xmas pressies (less steamy for ‘those aunties’ hehe!). And the prequel – Hawaiian prize is the working title – out around 28th November indeed! Very exciting – just doing the cover now! dx

  10. debbs f October 9, 2013 at 3:01 am -  Reply

    Susan –
    I know, it’s amazing what you find out in our presenter blogs eh! So glad you enjoyed the programming!
    Brad and Kari have gone to the Cook Islands! Unusual eh?!
    Looking fwd to seeing the pics and hearing all about it!

  11. debbs f October 9, 2013 at 3:04 am -  Reply

    Nige –
    what a gem you are! I love your comments – they’re like another mini blog by themselves! Keep them coming!
    ps how about ‘Gluten Free Willy’ – hahahahaaaaa!

  12. debbs f October 9, 2013 at 3:05 am -  Reply

    Mo –
    hahaha trust you!
    Actually you’re right – on second glance! Should have taken it out and wired it up… er second thoughts… lol

  13. martin forbes bucksburn aberdeen watching via sky tv October 12, 2013 at 4:29 pm -  Reply

    hope you enjoyed brads wedding debs

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