Bargain book gift, music and magic!


This week –

– Fancy a whopper of a paperback with three romances inside it, for a xmas gift?! Signed?

Alison Young taking charge of our Charlie Brook – in his dressing room! Ooer! Lol.

– Music maestro! Il Divo, Collabro and Sam Bailey – extracts…

– Who lost three stone using TTFLS book*?

– Tova and Gatineau’s Andrew on our B2U webchat – see what they said about Xmas!

– and sneaky peeks of Judith Williams, EMU and when to find One Time Only deals.

Yes the PG paperback is finally out – 600 pages long! See below.


Lazy Sunday Afternoon Lunch

Brad and Kari

Regulars will know how manic my life can be! So highlight of the weekend was lunch with my boy and daughter-in-law, Kari, in the Medicine Garden in Cobham. A lovely place, lots of little craft shops and quite near my fab Yong Kim pal, Ingrid Tarrant, so I get to pop over for a coffee sometimes after I’ve been there! We had a tasty lunch then wandered around the very small but equally fascinating craft stalls – I ordered a something for my niece. Can’t say what as I want it to be a surprise for ‘mummy’ Mindy too!

Craft Fayre

Music on QVC

Course the Christmassy music is all over the place nowadays too. And we’ve had another wonderful array of artists in QVC of late – here’s a selection of their interviews in case you missed them! And did you know, we helped Libera, the choral boy group who perform our Christmas promo music, ‘Carol of the Bells,’ get to number 2 in the official classical music chart? Our Coordinating Producer was telling me this week – our sales do count towards chart success. No wonder they love coming on QVC!

You can still get the Il Divo pack by the way (505901) they are due to appear on Julia’s Saturday Night Show, with the re-released CD but ours also comes with the DVD of the performances as a bonus – what value – do get yours from us and try it out. Don’t forget everything comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee that for xmas gifts is extended to JANUARY 25th!

Libera (505876)

Il Divo (505901)

Collabro (505966)

Sam Bailey (505899)

Dolly Parton (505887)

Ps and I just got the new Take That CD given to me too! Happy bunny!


Read It Write it Sell it

My weekly look at all things book.

Staying with media, Book of the Week this week is ‘Broken Homes’ – the fourth PC Peter Grant mystery from Ben Aaronovitch. Yes, he’s doing it again – fabulous ex-writer of ‘Blake’s Seven’, Ben and his superb narrator, Kobna Holdbrook Smith, are wowing me with this latest title – read more about it here.

Need a Paperback that’s three books long? Hawaiian Trilogy is available!


In a tastefully spicy (but not erotica) PG version, all three – yes, all three! – of my Hawaiian novels are now available in one big volume – over 600 pages! It could solve some problem gift ideas right? For links on how to get it, plus more info about the average 4.7 marks over 150 reviews, and why it’s not your run of the mill rom-com, click here. xxx

Plus – using booktweeting services, Waterstone’s book of the year and information about how to self publish your own novels, all on the extended version of RiWiSi on my website


*Till the Fat Lady Slims / Back to You Update

Cozee Santa

This is funny! And those onesies are great for snugging into – ho ho ho! OMG I was so thrilled to read this from Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – the ‘When’ Diet, over on our facebook group (links are at bottom of page – do come join us.) A guy no less!

I think my aha moment was the realisation that telling yourself you are on a diet and cant have this and that. When I turned it on its head, saw Sugar as the demon and ditched sugar laden Low Fat meals and snacks it made it all so much clearer. Now 3 stone lighter much happier the fat lady has slimmed a bit and is preparing to play Ogre Bogwater in Panto. and the blood pressure is under control too. and I’m much happier and will carry on losing weight. Oh yes he did!!!”

Well done Nigel and hope you continue to lose weight and feel healthier! The book link is above, click on the title, it’ll take you to my website with more info. And if you have any other info about your own experience with Freedom Eating do let me know

 Ninja Nutritional for Healthy Food

Ninja blender

And of course much of the secret is to have great tools for the job so you can whizz up soups, smoothies etc superfast. It’s the Ninja Nutritional Bullet shaped blender is fantastic – specially for getting the food away from under the blades. It was back on with me and Jilly Jones this week – had such fun, and what a lot of demos she did. Can you see what she was making in this little row of five blenders? Go here to see more and buy yours ready for cocktail at Christmas.

Webchats with Tova and Andrew Gatineau.

This Monday’s webchats on our ‘Back to You QVC’ facebook group were a blast for lovely Tova Borgnine herself, who discussed her pets and her favourite xmas film . And of course the debonair Andrew Bagley, fresh from Sunday’s Gatineau Today’s Special Value, giving advice about dark circles, the Beauty Bash and asks a quiz question about the range . Go here to read the full length Q&A’s on my website. And don’t miss Tova being on this week including with me 9pm Wed 10th for Diamonique jewellery, Tova style.

Andrew from Gatineau (p)

By the way, there you’ll also see a summary of Bodyblade Bruce’s chat from his Bodyblade QVC group too – he covers the tricky topic of the key to controlling the blade instead of it controlling you.

Join the facebook groups in time for this Monday’s (8th) webchat. None other than Judith Williams’ team will be online answering questions just in advance of the Monday night launch of her new Regenerating TSV bargainSee Will Gowing’s chat about it – exciting!

Alison gives Charlie Brook’s eyebrows a bit of a tidy up!

Omg this was going to be a blooper but it wan’t on air. So here is our funny Alison Young, our resident beauty expert, taking command of Charlie’s facial grooming…! Hahahaaa!


Sneaky peek – Molton Brown show, Sunday 14th 10pm – wonder if it’ll be on after the final airing of the Today’s Special Value? You know what that means!! If you can’t wait, here are some current bargains online – go here for more including Gingerlily Bathing Gift Trio at a feature price!


Will and Charlie

Charlie Bears Christmas Special As you may have heard Will and Charlie say this week on our Charlie Bears show – this year’s Xmas Day bargain is due to feature a very special visitor from their ‘Bearhouse,’ so look in at least once on the big day! Also – am chuffed to say that Will and Charlie will be on the Back to You QVC facebook group’s webchat on Monday 15th Dec, 8-9pm – do pass it on if you’re a raving fan! Along with Selin from the no!no! team – pictured here with lovely Maggie from our Facebook gang too, who’s used it to great effect to remove hair on her body.

no!no! guest and Debbie

Plus a second ‘Shhh!’ – I’m launching a Keep fit item New Year’s Eve midnight, so see in 2015 with me, this year?


QVC Highlights this weekend onwards –


 EMU Today’s Special Value – Sunday night (7th) – looking forward to this one! Fabulous to have another TSV from this toasty warm boots company!

Judith Williams TSV

Judith Williams  don’t forget, Monday night (8th ) too, launching the new supersized TSV!



Here’s some more general hilarity from the last week on air…


Four girls shopping

Out with the girls – our annual shopping bash It was time to go off and fulfill our annual trek up town – well, to Westfield – last week, with a fun family day packed full of shopping, eating and watching a movie – Benedict Cumberbatch’s latest – see review below. I got several more pressies sorted, and the lounge floor is now littered with new purchases waiting to be wrapped – well, put in our gift mate bags. Eaaaasy! Get the bags here (703740) if you’re running out of time to wrap everything perfectly.

A Christmas Carols quiz from Waterstones. I often feature fun flippant quizzes, well here’s a more informed high brow one – know your carol’s origins? Check out how good you are here! Take part here.

Fascinating vlog – Tiffany Shain – why dreaming is vital. I’m really liking Tiffany Shain’s regular ‘reports’ on her video blog (vlog) on aol. Go here to sign up and watch some wonderfully fascinating reports on different topics, like this one (click here) about why we dream. Reaaally interesting! If you’re going to spend time on the internet and you’re like me, it’s best to learn a bunch of stuff whilst you’re at it! There are only so many sneezing pandas you can watch! To find out more about her and her vlog click here.

Facebook funny – one man’s version of 20 different Mariah Careys! Enjoy this video – it’s awesome – and very festive! Lol #AnthonyVincent’sTenSecondSongs.

Clooney at Downton … or in it? Ooo ooo is it true? Can Gorgeous Georgy really be gracing the hallowed halls of Downton Abbey, courtesy of his old mate Hugh Bonneville? (Pals since the Monuments Men movie.) Read more about it here!


WATCH – The Imitation Game. Saw this fab period piece in the cinema this week and am so glad I did! Benedict Cumberbatch’s outing is set before, during and after the Second World War, showing the enormity of the task faced by Alan Turing, gifted mathematician and father of modern-day computers, to crack the codes used by the German Enigma machine in WW2.

Wonderful performance – a true masterpiece and every second of this footage is beautiful. Loved it. 9 out of ten. Would see it again. Kiera Knightley was also good, and there are several other faces you’ll know too. Loved the period atmosphere and tension and skilful way of interweaving the non-linear timeline, mixing events from Turing’s childhood, during the war and what happened after. Go see!

Next week – news of my big December Xmas competition! Win a signed copy of my ‘Hawaiian Trilogy’ paperback and a bundle of goodies! Join me. And a Christmassy flying visit to Devon – maybe popping by for a cuppa with Will and Charlotte from Charlie Bears near Okehampton…

Best wishes,



*P.S. TiFFT = Try it For the First Time club!
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  1. Tania E December 5, 2014 at 5:44 pm -  Reply

    Hey Debs

    Been a while since I have posted a comment. The last one i did didnt get posted and it was funny!!! Anyway, (sigh), I haved moved on.

    I have ordered the nutri ninja! Was waiting for the sIlver to come back in! Cant wait! Love Ninja got the mini one which is fab.

    Dunno how you fit everything in…my hat is off.

    Have you ever thought about writing a crime novel or are you all about the romance?!

    Keep smiling . 🙂


  2. Ann December 8, 2014 at 4:57 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs, great blog.. Thanks for using my onesie poster….. I’m famous…… Xxx

  3. Debbie Flint December 11, 2014 at 2:42 am -  Reply

    Tania –
    hello again! Lovely to hear from you! I know many of my people speak to me on Twitter or Facebook now, so it’s nice to hear on here! Yes to Nutri Ninja – it’s brilliant. ANd ref crime novels – my fave books to listen on audiobook are ones like Robert Galbraith and Ben Aaranovitch so you never know! x

  4. Debbie Flint December 11, 2014 at 2:43 am -  Reply

    Anne –
    yes you are! heeheh! fab poster – keep me informed if you do any others! Very creative hon xx

  5. Amy Wall December 11, 2014 at 8:58 am -  Reply

    Love reading your blog each week and the bloopers always make me smile. As you know im a Lulus time bomb addict but am awaiting delivery of JW TSV and giving this a go. The Onesie picture amused me as I love my cozee home onesie. Appreciate all your hard work Debbie and living on my own with very little social life I feel like I have lots of friends thanks to all your sites xx

  6. Elaine Feather December 11, 2014 at 10:40 am -  Reply

    Great blog, as always! Particularly loved the video with Alison & Charlie and my favourite Christmas song, “All I want for Christmas”. What a riot!
    Have a great Christmas & New Year. Big hugs x

  7. callie December 11, 2014 at 1:12 pm -  Reply

    Hi debbie,Thank you for a great e mail really enjoy receiving them.The little old lady in the dressing gown on your book made me laugh it looks just like me haha.Cant do my body blade at the mo because i have not been well,but hubby has taken to it really well is doing the super six everyday since we got it in november and is really not bad for a 72 year and hugs Callie.

  8. Arline December 11, 2014 at 3:35 pm -  Reply

    Just reading this on our balcony in Cannes! Am loving Collabro, need to go and see them if,they are playing in our area! Also Sam what a voice she has, sends chills down my back….
    Love Charlie and Aly doing his brows, looked better I must admit!!

  9. jennifer cann December 11, 2014 at 4:43 pm -  Reply

    i look forward to reading your blogs and to having a laugh at the bloopers, i bet you wont know what to do with your self when your daughter leaves for her new home, you will have to adopt a few more dogs,lol,, i hope you have a peaceful christmas ans a happy new year

  10. twinkle December 11, 2014 at 5:46 pm -  Reply

    Fantastic blog as always Debs 🙂 I read every week so must remember to post on here more xx
    glad u had some family time u deserve it hunnyxxx

  11. Lynne Sneddon December 12, 2014 at 2:58 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie, fabulous blog yet again and I have just seen that Will and Charlie aka charlie bears are going to to be chatting on the back to you facebook group on Monday 15th…. Yippeee !!! Have a fabulous Christmas and a fantastic 2015, can’t wait to find out if you will be doing another Back To You mini series again in January, the shows and you are such an inspiration and So much fun.

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