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Hi! Thanks for stopping to read my Tuesday Blog. This week I wanted to give you a bit of insight into behind the scenes at QVC. If you follow me on Instagram then you will have seen I’ve been doing some live behind the scenes videos on my Instastories. So much work goes on behind the scenes backstage to finally make it to what you see on screen.

Stylists are organising outfits and models, floor managers and backstage crew are assisting guests and finding products and sorting out the items in to the right order, colours, styles and sizes. Cooking guests are prepping in the kitchens, cleaning guests are lugging and moving flooring and bathroom items to demonstrate on. Meetings happen to sort out what products will be in which set and which of the three studios to make things run as smoothly as possible.

When the weather is good then they have to sort the logistics of the garden set too! Producers and directors are planning the shows and meeting with presenters and guests to run through how things will hopefully play out. What you see backstage is a hive of activity that doesn’t stop all day. This is just the tip of the iceberg too, before any of this makes it to the studios there are departments of buyers and planners deciding on the brands and products that make it to the channel and on which day and time slot. If you are interested then perhaps I can persuade a few more people to be photographed in those departments. A number of people ran away from me backstage, haha!!

The gallery is where the producers and directors sit and the gallery assistant producers. When the presenters talk about the voices that we are hearing in our ears this is where those voices are coming from! Our producers can see which products are proving popular and how many people are shopping with QVC at that moment. This is when you might hear us tell you that there are 100 people on the phones but perhaps only 60 dresses in stock and to go to the QVC App or website rather than the phone as it’s much quicker to order and you will be in with a better chance of getting your size and colour.

The directors are watching a wall of screens with all the possible camera shots that they can switch to. If the shot isn’t there, then they communicate with our camera team to find the right angle. We as presenters can hear ALL of this happening while we are also trying to listen to the guest. It’s amazing how many things you can listen to at one time!

In other news behind the scenes, I’m really excited to say that gorgeous Katie Pemberton our resident fashion expert has just announced that she is expecting her first baby!! I’m absolutely thrilled for her as is everyone else at QVC. She posted the news on her Instagram the other day and I asked her if she would mind me mentioning it in the blog this week. She is so excited, I know she will be a fantastic mummy and her little boy or girl will be super stylish too!

She and I were going through the fashion accessories at the weekend and got very over excited about the amount of hot pink that we found! Check out these AMAZING shoes from Mitarotonda, silver and pink clutch from Emma Lomax and Lulu Guinness small Frances Tote.

Outside of QVC

It’s been half term so as you can imagine it’s been a bit of a juggle with work and the kids but we have managed to get out in between and do some lovely things. I took both Tilda and Ivy to see a theatre performance of Tom Thumb at the Lighthouse in Poole. It was on my list of goals for the year to go to the theatre more so I’m glad I am sticking to it! It was quite contemporary as it was a one man show performed by Cbeebies presenter Patrick Lynch. They both found it fascinating particularly the effects, such as the feathers that fell from the ceiling to simulate snow and the upturned water bottle on top of an umbrella to make it look like he was in the rain. After the show we went to Sprinkles for Ice Cream which is always a winner. My girls would eat ice cream every day if I let them!

This weekend though I got to have a real treat and take Tilda out for part of the day on her own. We don’t get to do this very often so it felt very special. This term she will be learning about castles at school so I took her to the ultimate one, Windsor Castle. She was so excited, I had been telling her about Queen Mary’s Dolls House and that’s the first thing she wanted to see.

Unfortunately but understandably you can’t take photos in the castle so I can’t show you. If you haven’t ever seen it then do look it up. It’s the biggest dolls house you’ve ever seen, four sides of bedrooms and banquet halls, bathrooms, gardens and even garages for the incredible vintage cars. Tilda was desperate to play with it!

We then looked around the State Apartments and she couldn’t believe the size of it and the rooms and kept saying, ‘I wish I lived here, I would have a big birthday party and have all my friends to play hide and seek’. It was huge and Impressive to me too so imagine what it’s like to a six year old! So worth a visit if you are in this part of the country, there are pictures and souvenirs of Harry and Meghan everywhere getting everyone very excited for the wedding in May.

What I’m wearing in fashion

This week’s fashion post goes to Yong Kim, as I found a fantastic versatile plain black dress with a funky tie front detail. It featured in the show I did this week with Ingrid Tarrant and I changed into it after the show to wear for the rest of the day as I loved it so much. It’s so wearable and a simple throw on, no zips or buttons. It’s stylish but comfortable and you would get so much wear out of it. Lunch dates, dinners out, everyday wear and even office wear. The tie detail can be worn front or back, personally I would wear it to the front as it’s the perfect tummy hider!! The hoop earrings are from Diamonique too!

What I’m cooking

Fred is away with work quite a lot at the moment which is a shame but it does mean that I can catch up with my girlfriends. So I had four of them round for dinner last week. I love to cook but I don’t want to spend all evening in the kitchen while missing out on the chat around the table so I prepared a meal that most things could be done in advance. I went for a classic starter of avocado and prawn cocktail. For my Mary Rose Sauce I mix equal parts mayonnaise and Greek yogurt as it’s lighter, fresher and a little less fattening. I add a table spoon of ketchup and a good shake of paprika and salt and pepper, mix it in a jug and then pour over the prawns and avocado.

Before my friends arrived I put rocket leaves into glass bowls and a few big spoonfuls of the cocktail on top and left them in the fridge. For the main course I pre-prepared a brilliant potato dish. You will need sliced white potatoes, sweet potatoes, red onion, grated cheese and lots of cream. I slice all of mine in a food processor to make them fine. (Peel enough potatoes to fill the dish you will use) It’s then very simple, pour a layer of cream in to the dish followed by a mix of potato, a sprinkle of cheese, onion, salt and pepper and more cream and repeat until the dish is full.

You need to leave plenty of time for it to cook so I put this in for an hour and a half before guests arrive. You can even add grated parmesan on top for extra cheesiness. This was to accompany salmon which I laid onto foil with a splash of milk to poach it, lemon slices and a sprinkle of dill. I then cover with more foil and pop that into the oven just before we sit down for the starters as it only takes 10-12 minutes at 180 degrees. I also served with asparagus which I simply put in a dish with olive oil balsamic and rock salt. It worked brilliantly and I hardly missed any of the chat!

That’s it from me, I will bring you more beauty next Tuesday as I have just had a delivery of Bareminerals to have a play with. It’s coming as a Today’s Special Value very soon.

Until then keep up with me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Katy xxx


  1. Susan February 20, 2018 at 6:08 pm -  Reply

    Hi Katy,
    The food sounds delicious!! Oh my goodness could we all get an invite?!x

    • Katy Pullinger February 23, 2018 at 11:42 am -  Reply

      Haha, not sure I would fit everyone in my house! x

  2. Denise Cobden February 20, 2018 at 9:22 pm -  Reply

    Thank you, Katie. You have two adorable children.

    • Katy Pullinger February 23, 2018 at 11:42 am -  Reply

      Ahhhh thank you for saying so. They are pretty cute!x

  3. Suzanne Blacker March 25, 2018 at 5:35 pm -  Reply

    Hi Katy, You did a show about 5 weeks ago with Katy the stylist. She had amazing silver shoes on and a chunky bracelet. Where did she get them? Loved the look.

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