Back in the Saddle and fab Sneaky Peeks!


Hoss riding

Had my first proper ride out of the autumn with pal Fiona last week. I had to take her a massive apology present since little Luna the devil dog had gone to stay the weekend before when we were at the wedding and trashed her kitchen! But she’s a forgiving soul and says it’s a ‘character building’ experience – and so does Fiona… lolol! Seriously, thank goodness she’s understanding, thankfully! Anyway, so out we went on the hoss! Jack is a big wide guy and rolls around a lot as we ride – which means a lot of the old ‘up and down’ thing with the hips – and aching inner thighs! Here’s a quick snippet of what it was like from up in the saddle!

For one brief moment I found I was able to time it right so it felt like I was nearly getting it – just before Jack took off and I ended up bouncing up and down in the saddle again and wishing I’d gone to the loo beforehand! Haha! Might be the same reason why I just can’t jive… We will see. At least they’ll never ask me on Strictly so it shouldn’t be a problem. I can do, like the Macarena and stuff, lol. Just not jiving. Would be an ambition to learn how to Lindy Hop though I must admit – especially with the ambitions I’ve got to open a vintage tea rooms at some point…

When we got back, Jack and Fudge the horses did a funny little routine in their field – go here to see what they did!

Anyway, must get out on the hoss more if I can – have been involved with a lot of ‘stuff’ of late, and not done as many steps this week, but hoss riding seemed to add a few thousand to my count, so if you don’t say anything neither will I!! I wonder if there’s an app that allows for the movement on the horse! Lol! And thanks to lovely Fiona for being a super trainer – here she is with her hubby, inventor Neil Summers!


Patchy – not too good but perkier – Read more on my website and see a little video of her being comforted by Gracie on my latest newsletter blog click here (subscribe when asked, if you’d like to get the emails sent to you direct, and also, did you see the email above right on this page, which allows you to get sent a copy of my QVC blogs emailed to you as soon as they are just out too?)

Bringing Up Babies


Went to see a pal who’s just had her first baby this week – no pics ‘cos she’s private, but the little one is so cute and has a very unusual middle name. So that got me to thinking about middle names. When mine were small (see pic) they were teased a little ‘cos of theirs – Brad more than Lauren – but we named them after our respective parents. So Lauren was Lesley Anne (my mum, my ex-husband’s mum) and Brad was Derek Gordon. Can’t think why it got a giggle when he was saying his vows during his wedding! Mine’s Lynne – and my mum liked the name so much that she called my sis Linda! What’s yours? Or the most unusual tale about middle names from your school pals etc? and here are my mum Lesley and my late dad Derek and their first six grandchildren circa 1989, now there are 16!



Ancestry update – For my birthday I finally got round to sending off my DNA testing kit, to find out all about which parts of the world my genes came from. Anyway whilst I was in there I sort of got lost amidst my family tree – one of the reasons why I don’t go in there when I’ve got writing deadlines, it’s so absorbing but distracting! Anyway I found this old census entry for my dad’s dad’s dad and his family, in 1911. Utterly fascinating isn’t it? When you see the writing listing the people who lived in that house, their ages and next to the ages column, how many children and how many had died – 2 already , by that time. There’s an old pic of the family from around then too – I will see if I can find it!


Project Devon – OK I’ve said it – there’s a project afoot. More soon… unless you can guess, like Nigel V did when he emailed me on

Latest Vlogs – I’ve resumed my regular video updates! Do ‘like’ my Facebook page to see my regular ‘vlogs’ – video blogs – here’s the one during the dog walk , the one with the NSVs! click here. I also had a super live video event this week with the talented James Murden, about his new ‘Mardles’ colouring books 706522 which come to life on an app! Great idea for a kids gift which will give you proper brownie points this xmas! Not always in stock though, so don’t miss them! See him explain them here.


Bouquet of the week – there won’t be that many more of these this season but this one came up lovely! There’s a new plant in my garden, like big purple daisy-kind-of-crossed-with-cosmos – any idea what they are? Added to the others, including roses and buddleja, it made a super combination!


Paul Lavers at the Theatre! Are you near Stevenage? Remember my old mucker Paul Lavers? Do go support him if you can!


Singing Adele in Chiswick in November – Here I am with Sarah from Bown in Chiswick who are organising another wonderful Love Music performance night on 18th November in Chiswick – and after the success of the June fete and vintage supper sing-song, I’ve been asked to sing! It may be Adele… Keep the date free and I’ll let you know when the £10 tickets for the evening extravaganza with lots of other performances, goes on sale!


Be in a TV show – Lost in TV are offering the chance to be on a show again, go here for more info! And enrol on their mailing list, that’s how I got told about the Apprentice Youre Fired audience tickets, I go next Tuesday!


Facebook funnyHow real men wear jeans – just thought I’d send this one – well, just because! Lol,

Medical Detection Dogs on the BBC 9th October – #bbclifeline no less! Watch out for fellow ambassador Kate Humble presenting the next charity appeal on BBC1 4pm on 9th October – She’ll be telling the charity’s story, from seven year old Archie, whose dog Domino alerts him to life-threatening changes in his blood sugar levels, to the research work the charity is pioneering into early prostate cancer detection. More here.


Here are this year’s Xmas cards – look no further! And how amazing are these designs? Wonderful Xmas cards which will be a joy to give out to people I still give cards to. If you’d like to get some, go here, and know that you’ll be supporting my fave amazing charity MDD.


Book of the WeekFetch Nurse Connie – a superb post-war drama with a big dose of romance too – evocative and atmospheric – reeeeeally loving it and being transported back to that precious period just after WW2 ended. Read more about this fab read by one of my fave authors, the talented Jean Fullerton on my Read it Write it Sell it blog RiWiSi on my website here.

Watch – one of the girls posted this Wayne Dyer video on my Till the Fat Lady Slims support group (see below) and I thought I’d share it, since it encompasses so many of my credos.

Next week – hope I’ll be seeing ‘girl on the train’ at the cinema! And of course watching the BBC1 lifeline show about Medical Detection Dogs on 9th!


FriMally 7 pc Bounce Back tsv


SatMolton brown– it’s the big Xmas Today’s Special Value set, the 5pc indulgent collection, well under £40 – but you can buy now using the Early Bird link here!


Sun – a new TomTom Start 50 with lifetime updates


MonKim & Co soft touch tunic with infinity scarf


Tuewaterproof Shoreline lace up boot from Emu

and …

Friday – sneaky peek – fab Lola Rose lux slider bracelet – go to my home page on my website around Wed tea time if I get the Early Bird link I will post it there then!


And our big Philosophy Xmas set is on Sunday 9th as you’ll guess from the TV guide here Bareminerals new pick of the month. From this weekend, there’s a new bare kid in town – which will you be, nude or bold? I’m bold! Whenever I wear nude lippy I get told I look wrong on air! Lol.


Daily jewellery on Facebook Live 7pm – each night, go to our Facebook ‘QVCuK’ page as there will be a 7 o’clock sparkle, a live jewellery item chosen specially!

4pm Live hour on QVC Style – live from 10th October — and more live shows for your delight and delectation, try to turn over if you want to see our newest presenter cutting her teeth!

Plus more Beauty on Freeview AND if that wasn’t enough, our QVC Beauty channel will be adding to the hours on Freeview – from 6pm till 1pm the next day, so there’s something for everyone on QVC!

Next week – a super Saturday ‘do’ Belstone style! And beginning the big Tidy Up. Plus big news about my fave charity Medical Detection Dogs, more about Kate Humble’s appearance on the BBC explaining it all, see more about the puppies on my charity page here. Plus going to the London TV Studios – same place I recorded my 1998 BBC1 morning game show, Meet the Challenge – #nostalgia! – as I’m off to see The Apprentice You’re Fired being recorded on Tuesday, ahead of the new series of The Apprentice starting on 6th!

Have a great week.





Penni Rowe, my latest fab success story says – “I am intolerant to gluten, but with all that temptation out there, when I go for a meal out or Christmas food I slip and have blips. This can leave me bloated and sometimes feeling not to good, it makes my tummy unwell, some people might relate. Though I did use to be a Linda (guise of Freedom Eater – see book 3.0 avail online) when I first started the freedom eating, I just couldn’t get my head around not feeling full, it was all I ever knew, didn’t quite understand that feeling of satisfied. So the first few weeks I did the 5.2 as well as the freedom eating. Then one day whilst I was sitting alone actually at the table I was eating at tuna salad, it’s what my body felt like etc, and I just let out as great big sigh. That was it, that’s when it clicked for me, since then it’s all come together and I’ve gone from a size 18 to a size 12 – so glad – woo hoo, a true life changer!”

You can read the whole of Penni Rowe’s story on my new TTFLS focus on the new Back to You health blog here

Here is where to go to find out about all my social media, Twitter, Facebook groups for QVC people, brands and my own groups including Till the Fat Lady Slims etc

Here is where to go to find out more about all my books – Top 50 Kindle bestseller Take a Chance on Me, other novels and short stories and anthologies. Plus non-fiction weight loss books TTFLS et


  1. Patricia Coombes October 2, 2016 at 10:43 am -  Reply

    I call your purple daisy a Michaelmas Daisy, this is what I knew it as a child ( I am now 70 ), as it always showed its blooms just before our Michaelmas Fair in town. I have had some in my garden for 44 years now, and it has just come to life. We pronounce it ‘mickelmus’ I love its colour, although it heralds colder weather.

  2. Linda Tippelt October 2, 2016 at 5:18 pm -  Reply

    The flower in your garden is Michaelmas Daisy (also called September and a more generic name of Aster). It looks very healthy. By the way I am also a patient of “Mr Magic Fingers” i.e. Richard. xx

  3. cheryl hanks October 6, 2016 at 5:57 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie always love your blog. Could you tell mw where your pal and qvc favourite model has gone, we havent seen her lately.

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