Back after fighting off the lurgy!


Filming in Poole harbourHi all,

Yes, you guessed right I was struck down by the lurgy that many seemed to have caught this season and missed a great weekend including the Slanket TSV!

It took longer than usual to shake off the bug, but it worked out that I had a week booked off for half term and that meant I didn't have to miss any more days from work and could rest up well.

Consequently I don't have a lot to report, as I didn't get up to much that I feel may interest you – sorry!

So continuing the OB theme, (see previous couple of blogs), I'll tell you about the time we took our cameras down to Poole harbour.

It was a lovely couple of days filming in Poole Old Town, Sandbanks, Corfe Castle and literally in the harbour itself. The producers wanted to show me in a variety of different scenarios, trying new skills, meeting experts and asking them questions and generally gaining knowledge in beautiful settings. Needles to say a couple of days hectic filming boiled down to around 60 seconds of promo and some lovely scenes unfortunately hit the cutting room floor.

I met up with the QVC crew at the beautiful ruins of Corfe Castle and we got some really great footage, then crossed the chain ferry back to Poole where we met some lobster fishermen – they were great guys who gave us a lot of their time, and the ship's dog was brilliant and had a habit of happily letting guests onto his boat but not letting them off – I suppose like a guard dog in reverse!

But he obviously realised I was a dog lover or just simply wanted me off the boat and let me pass (you can see him at the bottom of the pic at the top of this post). We then filmed in a lovely old sweet shop with hundreds of those nostalgic jars of sweets on shelves up to the ceiling – I remember an old shop like that as a kid.

Then the bit we'd all been waiting for after months of planning back at Q Towers  – I was going to go windsurfing in Poole harbour.

Dale takes a tumble into the brinyThere I was complete in my wetsuit, life jacket, harness and board. The director had planned an action shot of me carving through the waves, the mast bending, the sail as taut as my determined jaw – only to find the power of the pounding waves and the might of mast-breaking gale force winds combine to finally to conquer our hero who gallantly falls into the frothing surf!! Emerging with a winning smile and eager to re-join the fray and get back onto his board.

Well – best laid plans, etc!

That day Poole harbour resembled a mill pond from a Constable painting – a glass-like, unrippled surface greeted us, not a whiff of wind, not even a gentle breeze that may at least fill the sail.

What were we to do? I stood there on my windsurf board, for what seemed like hours – in the end I suggested that the instructors' should wade out to me and give me a push – honestly!

Dale takes a tumble againIn the end, between barely disguised giggles from all, that's exactly what they did – they gave me a hefty push and I waited until they were out of shot then leapt backwards off the board, as if caught by a wave! We must have shot that scene about 10 times – in the end I was coughing up so much sea water I had to call it a day.

Later that evening we filmed a moody scene where I was dining with friends overlooking the beach from the famous Sandbanks Hotel. We compared wine whilst my lobsters were flambéed!  Again we had to shoot the scene from numerous angles, and for every take Chas our soundman had to swig from his glass – but strangely he never complained. A true professional!

Another epic! Thanks for reading and stay well!

Dale x


  1. Lorraine November 4, 2011 at 9:00 am -  Reply

    Hi Dale
    It would not matter if you had nothing to say-we still Love HEARING from you-as we love you!!
    Keep safe

  2. dale franklin November 4, 2011 at 1:16 pm -  Reply

    Thank you Lorraine – you’ve made a not-so young man very happy
    Dale x

  3. Marian Bolton November 5, 2011 at 11:29 am -  Reply

    You might be “not-so young” Dale’icious but you’re still oh-so gorgeous! Sooooooooo lovely waking up to you on a Saturday morning!!!
    The dreaded lurgy eh! I should av known you wouldn’t go swanning off on hoilday after promising me a Dale’icious slanking experience! That naughty Gail was clearly trying to put me off you so she could have you all to herself. Well Miss Gail, your cunning scam didn’t work, ha, ha!! (She’s a bit quiet isn’t she Dale??!! I reckon the Blog Police have caught up with her and she’s getting a right good spanking as we speak …….. and she’s probably screaming “more, more” !!!!!!!!!!)
    Back to your blog Daleo ……… I’ve told you before………… hearing about you spending loads of time in bed is ALWAYS of interest, lurgy or otherwise!!!!!! And never mind the producers, I also would like to see you “in a variety of different scenarios, trying new skills, etc, etc….”!!! Loving that ‘ship’s dog’ story, but I wouldn’t let you get off my ship once you were on it, that’s for sure!!!!!!!! Not that I’m comparing myself to a dog Dale!!!!!!!!!!!
    As for the windsurfing story, well, that was just another great big tease wasn’t it Mr T! Wetsuit indeed…….. I can’t see a thing cos it’s so small……… THE PICTURE GAIL!!!!!!!!
    I see Sir Brucey’s coming to The Q Dale. Don’t forget to show him your moves on the Wi Fit so he can get you on Strictly next year!!
    Bye for now gorgeous

  4. Gail November 8, 2011 at 2:42 pm -  Reply

    I’m a bit tied up at the moment Dale (AS IN BUSY MA; WHAT IS SHE LIKE?) XX Speak soon.

  5. dale franklin November 9, 2011 at 5:41 pm -  Reply

    Marian – How do I reply to that ! – Actually best if you don’t answer !!? Lovely as always to hear from you and sorry about the quality of the pics ! Marian I knew that’s what you meant!? Keep busy and well all ! Dale x

  6. Gail November 10, 2011 at 10:05 am -  Reply

    Hello Dale, I’ve been researching my family tree but it’s sooooooooooo addictive, that’s why I’ve been tied up!
    I see Ma has been ‘playing hard to get’ again. Now Dale, don’t you worry about tellng us what you’ve been up to; we’ll be the judge of whether it’s interesting or not (oh dear, I’m beginning to sound like Ma now), lol Ma xx
    So Dale, you fell off, oops I mean leapt off your board on purpose did you? Yeahhhhh, right, not that old chestnut. No wind that day either, lucky you and thanks for sharing.
    That moody scene you describe Daleo, I’m there (see, told you I’m sounding like Ma), and I bet our Ma has got there first too.
    Lobster though is a definite no, no for me; so cruel/say no more. I bet Ma’s a Lobster and Champagne sort of girl though, eh Ma? Me, I’m partial to a pint and a packet of pork scratchings, honestly.
    Ma, what were you thinking of? If Daleo is going to show anyone his moves, it’s gonna be me. Daleo, you’re my favourite.
    Watched you in bed last night Dale; must have dozed off when you started to talk about hangers…………… Mind you, did get a peek into your bedroom; well, wardrobe actually, cheeky xx Wonder if Ma was watching.
    Lots of love Dale and Ma xx

  7. Marian Bolton November 11, 2011 at 7:01 pm -  Reply

    Never had lobster Gail, never want to ta very much. Had lots of champers though but too much gives you windypops you know. Speaking of which, have you heard this one:
    Let your wind go free
    In church or in chapel
    Let the bu*ar rattle!!!!!!
    Oh, I’m sooooooooo going to get edited again, lol!!
    And I agree hangers are boring, though Dale saying ‘grip to me’ is NOT!!!!!!!!!
    Lots of love Gail and Dale xx

  8. Gail November 15, 2011 at 1:14 am -  Reply

    Hi Ma, so glad you’re a Lobster free zone. I like Champers too Ma but glad to say it doesn’t have ‘that’ effect on me, speaking of which here is the name of my favourite book:
    Bubbles in the bath by Ivor Windybottom
    (The old ones are the best).
    The Blog Police can’t chase both of us at the same time Ma, so you run thatter way —> and I’ll run thisser way <--- and we'll meet up on Daleo's next blog. Hello Dale, can't stop x

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