Bacharach, Enchantica, Knowsley and Me…


What a busy week again! Tons of de-cluttering as the great clear out continues – with only another 36 days to go before the move will be over! See below for some nostalgic finds from the first six years of QVC UK! Plus the search for ancestors and a hilarious blooper from Chloe and the camouflage sisters!

Trip to QVC Liverpool – First for me since 1997

Warehouse montage

But first, Deb’s QVC​ Knowsley Diary- had a fab time at QVC UK  nosing round our massive warehouse just outside Liverpool and making big plans with the fab social media team. Found pics on one wall showing how the warehouse used to be, from when I was there last around 1997, through to how it is now. (14 football pitches now – huge!)

Met some of the super team who look after customer service on our social media platforms – including Rachel and Joe, Lee and James – and saw where the award winning operators work – whilst Jackie and Craigy were on ‘The Lunchtime Show’ on the tellys!

Knowsley 2

Debbie Knowsley
Had a fascinating tour of the distribution centre and was astounded at some of the amazing systems in place now – found out :

–  The average time a call takes to QVC is just over a minute and a half

– Any returned fine jewellery is so highly sanitised and sterilised, it is cleaner than when it comes in to us from the manuacturer brand new!

– Social Media team won a prestigious award last year for Facebook group QVC UK – best customer service via a mystery shopper test. Whoop!

– Most of our jewellery gets sent out so fast, it’s usually with customers in 2-3 days and tests are going on for a next day premium service too!


Didn’t do the sights of Liverpool – will have to come back and next time will go see The Beatles Story but also maybe offer a get together for anyone nearby to come say hi afterwards somewhere near to Knowsley. Ta to my boss for making it possible. We got a lot done and big things are in the pipeline!


Bacharach, Andre, Mummy and Me

Oh what a lovely concert it was by the 87 year old marvel Burt Bacharach on Tuesday. I went with mummy and we had such a lovely time – the sun came out specially, and we loved our picnic on the back lawn. Mummy was in a mischievous mood though! Hehe!  Watch this.

We’ll definitely do it again next year with more of the family. The songs were outstanding and the male singer superb. One of the women did that trill thing and kept changing the blimmin melody which annoyed me, but overall it was ace!

Burt himself even sang a bit – or tried to, fighting a cough and also having a cough sweet go down the wrong way mid way thru, bless him! Glad I caught him this time round. Here’s some wonderful music from him on Youtube – click here and let it play whilst you read the rest of this blog! Also saw Peter Andre on Saturday with pal Gill – see below!


Nostaliga From First Six Years of QVC – Debbie’s DeClutter Continues!

Debbie's memory boxTalking of old times at QVC as I kind of was above, I found this little assortment of items in my garage clear out this week – amongst lots of other old stuff like VHS’s etc! Can you recognise the collectables show the plaques came from? Ahhh good old times. The garage is done, most of my clothes are done (including reuniting matching underwear – I posted a pic of some of it on my Big Clear Out diary! Lol)





More old times and one of the greatest experiences of my life with a pic from Hawaii where I underwent Life Mastery a Tony Robbins workshop. Part of it was a firewalk across hot coals – 17 foot long! And the other part was this – climb up a telegraph pole with foot holds, then get on top then leap to catch a trapeze – I missed but was lowered gently down, full of pride!

trift trapeze

Also – look at some of the newest roses picked from those currently blooming in my new garden! I can get in and start gardening, the owner says, so I brought a few of these home – lovely lovely roses that smell superb!


Did you know that my regular (almost daily) updates charting the saga of the Big Clear Out can be viewed by anyone via my Facebook page diary – go here.

Clear out

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Debbie Does Dinner – final Hello Fresh! And OMG it was so good I forgot to take a pic of my own dish! But I could make it again now! For me, less hot stuff’ as usual – which has been the joy of making from scratch – so this black bean casserole was amaaaazing! I added tons of courgettes too – yummm! Guess what? Yes, I could eat that right now! Lol! Must get into more cooking but something other than Hello Fresh which was an excellent experience but for me the veggie boxes often had too much dairy. Any suggestions what I should do in my new house, culinary-wise?

deb does dinner


Deb’s DNA? In my book ‘Hawaiian Retreat’ third in my trilogy (1-Hawaiian Escape, 2 = Take a Chance on Me, click here) my heroine Helen goes to investigate DNA testing to find out about her ancestry as part of her TiFFT* online column. HOWEVER this process really does exist! This week, an offer came through from one organisation – to find my own ‘haplotype’ and discover what my maternal lineage can tell me about ancient peoples as part of my own DNA. Should I do it? Have you ever? I’d like a good recommendation! Go here to read more.
DNA Imagery

Adult Colouring Books I’m very excited – a hot topic online at the moment is the therapeutic effects of adult colouring books – I’m going to use these to sit and unwind after all the stressful stuff that’s going on in my life right now! ANd in my new house – sitting on the little patio in the morning sun just outside the French Doors, looking at the colourful garden and greenery listening to the birds… or in the cosy lounge warming by the open fire… ooo can’t wait! What’s your best tip to de-stress that’s a bit off the wall?

colouring books


Shhh! Countdown to Davina! Yes she’s here – including with me on July 8th at 9pm for a whole hour!  With a new DVD set – one of which is only being supplied to us – and including recipes, which is great news, as regulars to my Back to You blog on my website will know that I featured her recent superb anti-sugar book in my ‘aids to cutting back on sugar’ blog here. Book your place in front of the TV – seven minutes won’t hurt will it?


b2u sleeveless picBack to You Update Fab update from Christine on Bruce’s Bodyblade Facebook group – we do some cool stuff on these online pages nowadays don’t we!

Another fab aspect of my trip up to QVC Call Centre and meeting the customer service social media team was discussing some exciting developments regarding my highly successful web chats on my Back to You QVC Facebook group. They were set up initially just to pin point the start of my QVC show called Back to You (January) the live Q&A each week on the group – which any regular member on Facebook can see, you don’t have to belong to the group but you’re very welcome to join so you can also post. Go here to see the group and ping a request to join.

More about the developments in August. BUT meanwhile to see the latest web chat – summarised each week on my own website which absolutely anyone can see even if you don’t do social media and don’t have email either – including this week, Fiona Leg Master, Bruce Bodyblade and Christianne Wolff on nutrition and her Body Rescue Plan – go here. 


Dawn’s Big Wins And here’s another quote from a lovely lady called Dawn who’s lost 9 stone now. NINE! She says she has another five to go and Freedom Eating and my Till the Fat Lady SLims 2.0 book is really helping her “get used to the stopping before you’re full and listening to what your body wants that helps, before this I never thought my body wanted salad, but I’ve now learned it really does, so thank u a huge lot”. Get Till The Fat Lady Slims 2.0 on QVC  but when the hardback stock in turquoise is gone from QVC (signed, extra chapters, £10 inc P&P), that’s it, I won’t be reprinting it.

Dawn testimonial

Web chat on Monday – join us for a first! A proper TifFT!* – a Q&A with fellow presenter Julia Roberts! 8-9pm, Back to You QVC group!









Book of the weekBook of the Week this week is Sheryl Browne’s ‘The Rest of My Life’ – all about a would-be screenwriter’s romance, it sounds right up my street! if you’d like a new author who writes edgy, sexy, poignant fiction, give her a try! More on my blog here.

RiWiSi also this week asks – which authors have changed your life? This week my pal and fellow Choc Lit author, and recent book of the week subject, Alison May did a guest blog all about the authors which have changed hers – Shakespeare and the Brontes but also Marian Keyes and a kids’ author – go here to read why, and see if the same thing happened to you with a childhood storyteller. So what are yours? find out mine on RiWiSi here. Plus a great way to meet an agent from Writers’ Workshop annual festival.

Hampton Court Concert #2 – Also saw Peter Andre on Saturday with pal Gill –  just missed the rain and it was very good. Not as good as Burt but then Burt didn’t do the crowd-pleasing ‘sound FX sketch’ that Mr A did, like pretending to stomp across the stage and drive off in a car. Good songs. Coincidentally I also saw one of my childhood mates Denise Coker who was four seats down – what a bonus!

Supper with my Children Plus I met up with my Lauren and my lovely boy Brad on Thursday and had a good old chin wag – apparently Lauren’s been asked to get a ring sizer by her boyfriend… whoo hoo!

Me and my kids

Kevski’s Mapp and Lucia Also this week I had lunch with my composer mate Kevin and forgot to get a pic so here’s some of his wonderful work – the themes for Mapp and Lucia which he did not too long ago – he’s so talented.

 Sneaky Peek – this sold out so fast last time, we’re doing it again – yay! Get ‘independent’ from the mains socket, on July 4th! hehe #GTechVac


Facebook Funny – lol! That’ll be me! I want my kids to be saying ‘OMG what’s she getting up to now! Ha ha!

facebook funny


BLOOPER – Corinne, Louise and poor Chloe. Poor , poor Chloe! Funneeeee!

BTW watch out for another Camouflague Company on 13th July – find out next week what I transform these into!

camouflague pic



Watch – ‘X-Men Days of Future Past’ – online – I love films that feature time travel so this one appealed to me. Hugh Jackman is ALWAYS worth a watch so this film is fine by me! A typical blow ’em up chase ’em down film, so 8 out of ten – quite well done. Enjoy!

This Week on QVC – A lovely new Today’s Special Value from Artscapes  on Sunday night midnight with me and at 11am only on Monday – a great value set of 2 round neck tops, don’t miss them! Bare Minerals Bareskin Serum Foundation 6pc set  (Tuesday 30th ) and trendy ear-climber earrings in Diamonique are Thursday’s option. Then the Saturday after, (4th) I’m looking forward to the re-TSV (a rare occasion!) of the G-Tech AirRam K9 cordless vac (see above) and on Sunday, (5th) the previously-teased Revitalash set inc lash, brows and mascara – it’s going to be busy!

Next Week – I get to fly a helicopter – if rain doesn’t stop play! (A Second time!) AND – the big Chiswick Wobble – with Bruce and the team of ladies doing the Bodyblade for another little video to put online, PLUS – will they appear on my 8pm show Sunday? Join me! And my monthly competition will be to win over £65.00 worth of Gatineau. I’m now off to Monkey Island for Ali K’s wedding reception!’

Best wishes



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Books pic

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