Baby meeting, Elemis and Gtech


On Saturday I finally got to meet the lovely little grandbaby. Blake Katherine Carter, my son’s first, and my first grandchild. She is adorable. She is very content, and as I said on my own blog at the weekend, she sits there looking around and seems very alert. She even gave my son a big beaming grin when he came round and stood in front of her, so cute.

It feels a bit weird though, has anyone else experienced that? Becoming a grandmother? Feels very weird. Given that I still feel about 32. LOL. But I’m looking forward to some of the best times in my life! She looks quite like my son when he was a baby, don’t you think? Blake is on the left, my son is on the right.

My Lauren was suitably impressed as well, so was her husband Nick. They are a little bit broody I think. That would be cool wouldn’t it, if they had a baby by this time next year! It would be good for the grandchildren to grow up close in age as well. I am the eldest of five. And of all my mum’s 16 grandchildren, two lots of three are in the same year at school so they all grew up together. I would be very chuffed if Lauren and Nick had a baby soon as well.

Lauren and Nick are coming down to the guest house in Devon to help me do some more refurbishment over the next two weeks. I’m only working two days whilst they are down, and it will be really lovely to spend a lot more time with my beautiful girl.

Now I have two beautiful female descendants! And I hope to see the baby again this weekend! Life is good.

G Tech are back!

My very good friend Russell Bristow who lives not far from me in Devon, is launching the new G-tech vacuum cleaner. Join us on Saturday night at midnight to see the new AirRam Mk2 Cordless Vacuum back, on 3 Easy Pay and if you can’t wait till then, guess what? Here is the early bird order link for it. They were a very successful brand couple of years ago and it is nice to have them back.

Elemis – be the first!

And if that was not enough, here is the Elemis superfood skincare four piece collection, introducing two new products from their wonderful superfood range. Click this link to read more about it and get it now. I must say that, as I have mentioned on social media this week, the new Day Cream leaves my skin very plump-looking even by the afternoon, when I use it on top of the Serum/Oil, and there’s a great new wash off Cleanser in gel form. Looking forward to showing it to you in a full hour with guest Keeley at 10pm tomorrow night (3rd February), do join us.


IT girls

Big cosmetics brand IT Cosmetics had a super stint during beauty weekend, here is lovely Desree and me doing our selfie pout – well, sort of! With the lovely lippy that came with a blusher – great range and really good value. If you missed their Beauty Weekend deals, go see if any are still left, plus other IT Cosmetics clearance here.


Hopefully no one noticed my lump on the neck at the weekend. Turned out it was just an infection of my parotid saliva gland but at first I wasn’t at all sure! It was double this size at one point, and I went to see a specialist on Friday. He sent me for an ultrasound in case it was ‘saliva stones. It wasn’t but I’d never even heard of them! Go Google, it’s weird! Anyone ever heard of them, or had them? Anyway antibiotics have solved the issue but apparently I have got a bit less saliva than I should have so I’ll be off for more exploratories in due course and will keep you informed. Tell you what though, it helps to explain why when I talk a lot, I cough a lot more than I used to! I’ll also be taking more probiotics to counteract the antibiotics too. And as I discuss on my website this week, there are even baby-biotics – how things have moved on since the old days, when we washed baby’s bottles in Milton bleach!

Lunch with Litty

After the scan I popped across to the Wellcome Foundation near Euston to their wonderful café and had lunch with my lovely writing pal Litty who works nearby. I was delighted they served some super French beans and mange-tout with garlic – I asked for that and sweet potato chips and soup. Got some weird glances but that’s ok: I’m freedom eating again. In Till the Fat Lady Slims book, which was once a QVC product, it says have exactly what your body feels like (now we know that’s most likely the gut bacteria talking). And it’s the only way I’ve ever lost weight, since I cannot, simply cannot diet. So watch this space.

Blue Moon?

No moon appeared in the skies above Devon on Wednesday night, despite there being so much publicity about this amazing astronomic event. It was pouring down – hail too. The best places were in Western USA apparently, so google ‘blue super blood moon’ and you’ll see some of their pictures at least. This one was taken by my Twitter follower Clare. Next time maybe! And watch the vlog of the week here, all about the rubbish weather in Devon this week, on my Facebook page. ‘Like’ the official new ‘Debbie Flint QVC Chat’ page to get regular updates – link below.

Tweet of the Week
@Attenboroughs_D Tweeted this, this week “Suddenly Alan realised he was being filmed.” It’s the funniest video and apparently real. I hate fake news, don’t you? All this talk about impact studies with rubbish assumptions and leaked incomplete drafts – and so on. Don’t get me started – I talk about it enough on my personal Facebook! Anyway as I said this video actually happened – except I don’t think he’s really called Alan…

Not seen it yet but The Phantom Thread looks really good. I do like most Daniel Day Lewis films – although he is often a bit grave for me. Anyway this is apparently his last film as he’s retiring. Watch out for some of the needle workers in the film, who are really craftswomen. Daniel met them when he did research and they had to call him his character’s name during filming their speaking parts too. Great fun! Also looking forward to seeing Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri. And probably Downsizing, although that looks a bit weird!

Book of the Week
This week on my book blog, I’ve reviewed a police procedural novel, all about a female cop being unfairly treated and encountering a serial killer situation on the late shift in Hollywood. The Late Show is by Michael Connelly. I’ve also been doing some work behind the scenes on my new novel, French or Dutch, and am very excited about some news I’ve had!…

This week on QVC:
See above for the weekend highlights. Then be prepared for a brilliant week of very diverse deals.

MondayOPI six piece Lisbon Spring/Summer Collection with Nail Envy, amazingly low price for six pieces. Wait to you see it!
TuesdayWet & Forget Rapid – I will be buying more of this because it helped to clear my roof of algae last summer! It’s a big two litre size too, yay.
WednesdayAustralian Body Care are back with a massive four-piece Skinwash Collection. Tea-tree has so many uses. Stock up!
Thursday – highlight of the week has to be the Ring Video Doorbell 2, coming back as a huge bargain bundle on Thursday. I wonder if it will last until my 10pm Hi-Tech Toys hour? With this video doorbell I can see who is calling in Devon, when I am in London! I can talk to them and they to me. Plus it keeps videos of who goes near the door whilst I’m not there. You can see who passes-by further away as well, it is great!
Friday – then the Ultimate Glamorous Circle pendant necklace is on offer for a superb low price, from our simulated diamond range, Diamonique. I will unusually have a 3pm show that day, Diamonique Statements. Looking forward to it. I wonder if the Diamonique design of the month will be in my show? And if you would like to see the February design, Ali Keenan’s blog has the info. It’s a beautiful angel wing locket pendant, very trendy. And great for romance! Last minute valentine present anyone?

Watch out next week for the early bird link for a new Alpha H Today’s Special Value, and find out what happened when Craig and I go to see Gabby Bradshaw in her panto on Saturday, our annual excursion.

Finally… Well done to the winner of my bumper beauty competition, Natalie Bradley AKA @PINKTEEGAN on Twitter.

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  1. Georgina Taylor February 2, 2018 at 1:02 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs sooo looking forward to Mondays TSV from OPI how many options is there, will it be on the easy payments, and can we pre order ahead of time. Cute baby and don’t be putting any pressure on that gorgeous daughter of yours. She will have them in her own time. Great Blog as always. xxx

  2. Mal Revell February 2, 2018 at 1:34 pm -  Reply

    HUGE CONGRATULATIONS. So very pleased for you and your family all the best to you. You are the best presenter ever on QVC, don’t ever leave again PLEASE.

  3. Antoinette Browne February 3, 2018 at 9:36 am -  Reply

    Hello Debbie. Hope you are feeling better. Congratulations on being a grandmother, it’s a great feeling you can’t explain. Love to all the family. Antoinette x

  4. Teresa Karasavvas February 3, 2018 at 11:32 am -  Reply

    Congratulations Grandma on your beautiful granddaughter. She does look like her Daddy at that age. Enjoy your precious time with her. She will be 18 before you know it!

  5. ADELE February 3, 2018 at 1:33 pm -  Reply

    Beautiful!! XOXO

  6. Susan February 3, 2018 at 1:42 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie,
    Oh yes we’ll familiar with saliva stones! Glad your life is good x

  7. CLAIRE February 3, 2018 at 10:48 pm -  Reply

    congratulations so happy for you on the birth of your first grandchild. Its so amazing being a grandparent. What a cutie. Enjoy your special time.x

  8. Lynn Phillips February 4, 2018 at 10:51 am -  Reply

    Debbie congratulations to you all on new baby ….. where in Devon is you guest house as I might arrange for myself and friend to have a few days away in summer. I luv Devon my uncle used to have a hotel in St. Ives sea front when I was growing up and we loved going there for family hols. Do you have any details on a website of your guest house please let me know
    Lynn x

  9. Vanessa Roberts February 4, 2018 at 4:40 pm -  Reply

    Dear Debbie, being a Nana is the BEST!! Welcome to the club! Blake is absolutely beautiful. Re your “neck lump” , I have had saliva gland stones and they’re no fun at all! Not only do they make me look like a greedy hamster, they’re also quite painful as everything swells. Mine have, up to now, always just settled themselves, thank goodness! I seem to be particularly prone to them if I’m eating something particularly chewy, like a toffee lol!
    Anyway hunny, enjoy your beautiful granddaughter. Much love xxx

  10. Lucy February 5, 2018 at 3:43 pm -  Reply

    Beautiful Debbie X

  11. Susan Shelley February 5, 2018 at 5:18 pm -  Reply

    Yep, had many a salivary gland stone. Managed to manipulate and wiggle most of them out myself. You know when you have one as if you eat or drink something citrus you feel as if your face is 3 times it’s size and the pain is absolutely throbbing and awful. Apparently one of my salivary glands is narrower than the other, hence the stones always on the left side, as not enough saliva can get out, and when a stone forms and gets stuck in the duct You’ll soon know it, believe me!!!

  12. Debs f February 5, 2018 at 11:20 pm -  Reply

    Awwwww thanks to u all, so much!
    It’s been a great year so far!
    Big hugs

  13. Sharon Stubley February 6, 2018 at 12:21 am -  Reply

    Congratulations Debbie on the birth of your lovely grandaughter. Enjoy, such a special moment. My grandson turned 4 on 1st January and another one on the way in April, excited?. I see you were in Euston the other day, I live just 5 mins away, you could have popped in for a cuppa (Lol) !!!!!!!. Hope you’re feeling better now. Speak soon. Sharon

  14. Kay Stapleton February 6, 2018 at 3:51 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie well your wee granddaughter is beautiful lovely photo love love your blogs from snowy Scotland hope it disappears as I’m flying down to stansted on Thursday to see my gorgeous daughter for her birthday and go wedding dress shopping for her exciting love to all xx

  15. Arthur February 6, 2018 at 6:04 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie. You are a very glamorous Grandmother and you have a lovely outlook on life. It’s a pleasure to read your daily adventures and refreshing honest outlook on life. Thank you for a peep into your life. Wishing you all the best. I am in hospital at the moment after having serious nosebleeds (a first ). Had an operation and just recovering now. Big Hugs

  16. Janie Smith February 6, 2018 at 8:34 am -  Reply

    Darling. Good to see you love having a grandchild. Best thing ever! Xxxx

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