Baby Blake and a funny from Mally


What a beeeyotiful baby granddaughter I’ve got! Little Blake met a puppy for the first time this week and was hilarious, giggling away whilst my son’s pal’s poggy tickled her tootsies. Bless her. Bodes well for when she meets Daisy and Gracie! Had a lovely time on a very hot Friday afternoon in London and I’m very glad to be looking after her for a couple of hours most Friday’s I’m at QVC as they live in Fulham so it’s not far. She is sitting up and holding things easily now, aged six months this week!

 This weekend on QVC.

Today’s (Thursday 19th) deal gives you another 20 pieces of Lock & Lock – you can never have enough! Go here to see and buy now.

FridayNina Leonard returns with a super Longline Duster Cardigan. Very smart.

Saturday – one of my top movies of all time is Grease, and OPI will be here with the seven-piece grease is the word set! It’ a BIIIIIIGGGG Beauty Day and it’ll be amazing. I can’t wait for an hour with Decleor  at 9pm, for instance, plus there’s Margaret Dabbs at 6pm too – am currently using her incredible Margaret Dabbs Hygiene Cream and it’s softening my soles superbly!

Finally on Sunday, Skechers the ‘Be-Lite’ classic fit bungee slip-on trainer brings you affordable comfort once again.

Plus – join me Sunday at midnight for the launch of a new hot air styler from Calister – it’s even got a hot air paddle brush – looks very convenient especially if you are rubbish at drying and styling hair!

Here are this weekend’s Big Deals, our regular super-bargains that last for one week, but end Sunday at midnight, usually featured on our sister channels. A five-piece Molton Brown Home & Away Collection also available on Auto Delivery, there’s a Cook’s Essentials Mini Air Fryer and if you can’t wait until Sunday check out these Skechers Flex Appeal trainers instead.

See below for next week’s highlights.


Fab Tea Rooms day

I adore Wednesdays when it’s all about cakes and coffee and chat, down in Devon. This week my favourite cake was Nicola (my helper’s) Carrot Cake – yummm! We also had a good chat about what to offer when about 70 people might be descending onto my place during the interval of a local concert on a Wednesday night in August at the local church. I am learning a few new songs as Barry Parsons, the lovely guy I’m singing with, and a good pal, has chosen the list this time. Last September we performed at The Plough in Torrington, and I chose the songs. So it’s his turn. So far it includes When I Fall in Love and Any Dream Will do! Maybe I’ll get my girls to pour out a table full of tea cups ready for the swarm – what do you suggest?

Bouquet of the week.

Well they don’t last long, and they all come up at once, but I’ve got some wicked lilies blooming in my garden right now! Many are from QVC, and all have been treated with Richard Jackson’s Plant Food. It makes such a fabulous fragrance infuse the courtyard too. Gorgeous.

First Runners

They’ve arrived! All that effort in sowing the seeds, fitting the frames, curling round the canes, and here are the first batch of runner beans from my garden. Last year we had a good crop and I think this year it’ll be even better. Bet I’m sick of them by September! Lol.  

Facebook Vlog of the Week – a tour around my Devon gardens. Well I did promise it, and I’ve posted it for you – check out this post I did on my QVC Facebook page, (like the page to see things first in future). Watch out for the early bird order links like Today’s Special Value offers! On this post, I had a ‘bit of a mishap…’! I chat about the Wet and Gro Wetting Agent – check out the reviews here so useful during this dry weather for making the water go into the plants better!

Blooper of the week – this was funny – Mally – need I say more?!


Mally’s amazing range is here.

Book of the Week

Not a new one, but wanted to recommend one of the best summer reads I’ve ever read – Rowan Coleman’s ‘Summer of Impossible Things’. It’s been on the Zoe Ball book club recently and is definitely a worthwhile acquisition if you want a gripping adventure that involves Saturday Night Fever, time travelling and alternative reality. Fab!


5 Go Caravanning

Two of our favourite guests, past and present, are on the telly atm. Tony Blackburn, my old telly hubby from years gone by, has taken part in a new reality show that’s now on catch up – Channel 5’s ‘5 Go Caravanning’ – he gets partnered with Todd Carty – looks good! And lovely Ingrid Tarrant is going to be on the Shirley Valentine ‘older women looking for love in Greece’ show that’s on soon as well! Can’t wait to see that one!


I also found myself writing a new feature for Queen of Retreats website this week, covering a very pertinent topic to lots of people who talk to me on Facebook etc – ‘writing for therapy’. They’ve shown that it can be very therapeutic to your physiology and mental well being to write about your troubles, get things out and journal etc. Some cancer treatment specialists are also doing guided writing sessions too, and it’s very interesting to see the studies and research involved. I’m going to put it on my own website blog too, I think, just as an interesting point for several of the people who subscribe to my newsletter as I’m often being told about some of the problems people are going through and happy to pass on anything that might help. I’ve always journaled – I did so right through my divorce and several changes of jobs. Definitely works for me.

This week’s highlights on QVC

See above for this weekend’s highlights (ending Sun 22nd) and these are the coming week’s sneaky peeks!

Monday – the Calista Style-Dryer Custom Airbrush with 5 attachments is here, looking forward to seeing the demos.

TuesdayYankee Candle bring us 2 large and one medium jar for not too much more than just one large jar! I think I’ll be stocking up!

WednesdayAlison Cork, the talented interior designer, brings us some stylish stainless steel lanterns with LED candles.

ThursdayVax are back! With the Blade 32V cordless vacuum cleaner… and Friday it’s a wonderful Vionics offer – I’ll be showing it on my social media tomorrow (Friday 20th), so sign up!

Next week on the blog:

Lolly’s baby shower and leaving do! Another packed weekend ahead! I’m back on QVC Thursday, ’til Sunday. Join me!

Have a lovely week!

Best wishes



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  1. Joanna Downey July 19, 2018 at 10:57 am -  Reply

    Hello Debbie, If you have any cats come into your garden try to keep them away from the lilies, easier said than done, as they are cat killers.

  2. Susan July 19, 2018 at 5:18 pm -  Reply

    Hi debs,
    Sounds like you’re enjoying your summer. Lovely photos of Blake and you. Hope lolly enjoys her leaving do too and fingers crossed all goes ok with the pregnancy and birth. They’re lucky to have nick’s parents close to help out.
    The garden looks lovely by the way. Did you have a hosepipe ban too or were you ok?
    I’m always interested in you mentioning the dyson vac, fan and hairdryer but just so so expensive that it amazes me anyone can afford to purchase! Serious money that!
    Hope you enjoy the Friday visit to Blake.
    Take care x
    Ps glad the health check went ok. Must be a good insurance plan coz that’s very in depth!x

  3. Linda July 19, 2018 at 6:55 pm -  Reply

    Baby Blake looks like is grandma he is cute

  4. Sandra Gregory July 19, 2018 at 7:12 pm -  Reply

    Fab blog Debbie. Little Blake is adorable xxx

  5. Kay Stapleton July 19, 2018 at 10:58 pm -  Reply

    Another lovely blog your granddaughter is a wee cutie x your garden is beautiful x

  6. Ally July 20, 2018 at 10:00 pm -  Reply

    Keep your dogs right away from the lilies Deb. Lilies are highly toxic to both dogs and cats. A few chews on any part of a lily, or a mouthful of water from a flower vase can be enough to kill a dog or cat. I never have lilies for that reason.

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