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Hey there, thanks for popping by to see my blog this week. I hope you are all well? I have to admit I thought by this time in May we would be in glorious summer by now, heatwave city. Normally the weather reports are fairly accurate these days, but this time they’ve really not delivered have they? What happened to this ‘Spanish Plume” that was set to rocket the thermometers eh? Where’s the three month heatwave? Oh well, perhaps it will arrive in time for half term when we head off to Cornwall. Keeping fingers crossed.

Last Bank Holiday weekend we made the most of my Sunday off and headed to Lulworth Cove to do the cliff walk to Durdle Door. I’ve blogged about it before on here but this weekend it wasn’t quite shorts and T-shirt weather like last time! It was still lovely though and amazing to have that fresh air. The first part of the walk is pretty steep but the girls managed it really well with only minimal complaining, we took sweets to give them an incentive to get to the next marker which helped!

It was actually incredibly busy which was nice to see, loads of tourists coming to check out our incredible Jurassic coast. Unfortunately a lot of people seem to think it’s ok to leave their rubbish behind which was not so lovely. Durdle is the old word for ‘thrill’ meaning bore or drill so you can see why the amazing hole in the protruding cliff was named Durdle Door. It’s a beautiful beach, it’s stoney but they are very little stones so it’s not uncomfortable to sit on.

While we were there we had some fun with the ‘Pano’ setting on my iPhone. Pano allows you to get a really wide shot, you have to keep it very still as you pan round as it takes in each part of the scene bit by bit. The fun bit is to see if you can challenge yourselves to get into the picture as many times as possible. As you can see me and the girls managed it three times.

The way to do it is that the person taking the picture has to stay still in one place and starts the picture far left. Someone then gets in the picture in the first position, as the person holding the phone pans round you run around the back of them to their left and get into the next position so you are there when they carry on ‘panning’. You then repeat that again. Not sure if that makes sense but it’s very amusing!!!

My trusty white trainers by Vionic got me through the walk without any problems and no sore feet at the end!

On the Monday I was working on the early shows so it was a 5am wake-up call. It’s horrid getting up that early but it’s nice when you get going on the motorway as it’s so nice and quiet. That afternoon, as I was staying up for the next few days for work, I took the opportunity to go and see Gabrielle Bradshaw’s art exhibition. Many of you will know Gabrielle as she has been a home and garden guest for many years at QVC.

So many of our lovely guest presenters have many other incredible talents and Gabrielle’s is that she is a very talented artist. She works often in sculpture and makes the most wonderful welded pieces. She has also specialised in charcoal drawings which have been a bit of a trademark of hers. However recently she has been working in an explosion of colour which I just love. Her life drawing is fantastic and I struggled to pick a favourite. I ended up treating myself to one and am now the proud owner of a “Bradshaw’!

I loved the colour in the piece that I chose, a woman reclining on her bed, she has quite lovely chunky comedy toes and it made me smile. I can’t wait to get it framed and hang it above our bed. I have only a few original pieces of artwork but it’s definitely something I want to continue collecting. I love the fact that no-one else will have that same piece. Gabby’s exhibition is on until the 14th May so if you happen to be in the Dulwich area then head to the Jeannie Avent Gallery to see her work.

I’m wearing my Joules Mollie Print Blazer (size 12) in Pink and Luisa Conti Love T-Shirt.


Tuesday was a very busy day for me at QVC. I had three really fun shows to look forward to, firstly BundleBerry with Amanda Holden, then In The Kitchen with Rick Stein and lastly the first hour on air for Erica Davies. I really like the BundleBerry range and have a few pieces from it already, I particularly love the storage trunks. There is a whole load of new colours though and now I want them all too. I may get some of the pink ones for Tilda and Ivy’s room.

Amanda is always a lot of fun to have in the building and always makes me laugh as you will often find her backstage going through all the products for the other shows, mainly the jewellery, she’s a magpie to the sparkles! The dress I’m wearing with Amanda is the Nicola Bright Meadow Dress by Ghost.

Later on I had the absolute pleasure of working with Rick Stein in his second show for QVC. I have always loved watching his cooking programs from around the world. He has such a lovely way about him and is not pretentious about food in any way. When he cooks he pretty much throws everything in by sight rather than measuring and it’s a joy to see. He did three recipes, Thai style muscles, Dover Sole and Trout and they were OUT OF THIS WORLD.

I can now say that Rick Stein has cooked me my dinner, what a thing to be able to add to my tick list of life experiences eh? I also learned the story of the pattern on his tableware. The lovely blue inky pattern was designed by students at Falmouth University. Each pattern makes the coastline of various areas of Cornwall, it’s marked on the back which area is on which plate and it make them all the more interesting. This whole hour was an absolute pleasure. The red dress I wore for this show was the red Tea Dress also by Ghost.

Finally that day I had another fun show to do, the very first Erica Davies hour. If you read my blog last week then you’ll know all about her, she’s the fashion journalist turned blogger and Instagrammer. I know the term ‘Influencer’ is a bit, well, not everyone’s cup of tea, I know Erica would agree that ‘Content Creator’ is much more appropriate. She creates her own online world of style and her following of over 130K, just on Instagram, proves she is someone many people want to get tips from. We had a really fun show and lots of you called in for her colourful pieces, particularly the Love Scroll wall hanging. I’m looking forward to the next show in June.

What I’ve been cooking – Mexican Style Guacamole

After our big walk on Sunday we headed over to a friend’s house for a BBQ so it was a good opportunity to whip up my latest favourite summer side dish. I like a chunky, Mexican-inspired Guacamole and it couldn’t be easier to do.

You’ll need –

4 Ripe Avocados
1 Lime
1 medium red onion
1/2 pack of baby tomatoes
1 clove garlic (you can leave out this if you prefer)
Chilli Flakes
Salt flakes

It’s very simple to make and takes about 10 minutes. Finely chop the red onion and add it to a decent sized mixing bowl. Finely chop the baby tomatoes and add to the bowl. Cut open the avocados and remove the stone. Scoop out all of the lovely green avocado flesh and add to the bowl. Finely chop the garlic clove, or crush, either is fine and add that in.

Sprinkle chilli flakes, salt flakes and ground pepper. Then half the lime and squeeze the juice out of both half over everything in the bowl. Then take a potato masher and mash it all together. Done! It’s the yummiest dip but could also be spread on sourdough toast for a gorgeous and healthy lunch. I like it best with toasted pitta slices to dip in or tortilla chips. It’s a really good dish to take to friend I think as it’s such a good sharing dish. It’s really quick but looks like you’ve made a big effort!

I’m now off for the weekend which is nice, although now I have a stinking cold which is typical isn’t it? Time to have at home and I’m spending it with a cup of Lemsip. Oh well. Hopping to be better to visit the Christchurch food festival this weekend.

See you next week, lots of love

Katy xx

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  1. Muriel bishop May 13, 2019 at 8:26 pm -  Reply

    Love your pictures of the dorset coastline .you certainly have a great lifestyle .fav presenter x

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