Arrivederci Italia and I need a diary! (Or do I?)


So then folks, what dramas have been occurring on this, most likely my final of the year, Italian “Great Escape”?

Well nothing on the scale of the previous suitcase fiasco, that’s for sure! All quite calm really apart from a minor car issue, which as I write is currently being repaired at the local garage.

So what about the need for a diary? I do actually have one at home and utterly depend on it as my life is so incredibly busy. But when I know I’m going away on holiday or otherwise, I love blocking out days on end as it’s extremely rare that you see any spaces or blank pages in it.

Well not only did I get on the wrong open top bus recently (see previous blog), but I managed to overlook two fairly important dates of late. One was on my last visit to Italy which included my birthday, and as I always come out a few days before anyone else, it turned out I would be spending it alone. Not a biggy, as I can think of worse ways to spend my birthday than soaking up sun, sea, drinks and gelato in this stunning location…



In any case it was less than 48 hours later when everybody arrived with cards and gifts etc. But this time???? Today is August 26th, and as I write, it’s my 20th wedding anniversary!!! I’m here wondering if I’ve brought enough Ultrasun to last me till Friday, and my poor hubby is at home working and holding the fort till Friday!! What a guy!! Here’s to the next 20!!!

Don’t worry though, he’s just returned from a week of running about the Swiss alps mountaineering, and we are in fact going to celebrate the occasion on my return. We also have an amazing trip planned later in the year to South Africa, which is in and of itself an absolute miracle. It’s very rare indeed that we get to go away together due to family commitments.

And there lies the difference between us – our idea of a good time! Mine? It’s absolute relaxation in this Italian neck of the woods, with nothing to worry about apart from the length of my spaghetti and what sauce to have on it.


Whereas Danny? Well his idea of fun is vastly different. His trips are not considered a true success unless at least one member of the team hasn’t lost both crampons during the ninth avalanche and no one has had to swing at the end of a climbing rope for fifteen hours prior to being hauled up before dinner!! (Please ignore the ever so slight exaggeration!!) So is that what makes for a good relationship: the old “opposites attract” thing?

Not sure. And just to add here that I’m slightly suspicious of some of these well-known trusted sayings, as for a lot of them there is indeed a counterpart!!


“Opposites attract… Fools seldom differ”

“Out of sight out of mind… Absence makes the heart grow fonder”

“Many hands make light work… Too many cooks spoil the broth”

Etc. Etc. Get my drift?

Well enough of all of this, back to the plot! What do you lovely people believe is the secret to a successful relationship? I’d love to hear your thoughts!! Do let me know!!

Oh and just one more thing before I forget… In case any of you are breaking into a chorus of “My Bleeding Heart” for my hubby being left at home; when I announced that we wouldn’t be together on the actual day of our anniversary, his response was, “Oh really? I thought we got married on the 29th!”

So I ask you… who really needs the diary?????!

Lots of love to all of you,

Anne xxx


  1. Joanna Downey August 27, 2015 at 9:29 pm -  Reply

    Buona sera, We could be twins married to twins… are you certain your husband isn’t named Colin? No, thinking about it he can’t be because Colin, my husband, is in Slovenia at present – hopefully with both crampons – as he’s climbing Triglav in the Julian Alps. I too love Italy, especially Sicily where we’ve spent our last three holidays. Having different interests keeps a relationship interesting. In our opinion it’s the chemistry, laughter and shared values that keep it special. It’s our 37th wedding anniversary in September and when we got married we were both students. I was 19 and Col was 20 and we’d been together all through our A levels. Two daughters and one granddaughter later I still see him as my 17 year old boyfriend and renew my lippy when I hear his car turn into the drive. I hope you had a wonderful anniversary. Love from Jo x

  2. Susan August 29, 2015 at 3:56 pm -  Reply

    Hi Anne! Happy anniversary! Did you have a nice trip and time away? I can’t believe you’re off to south Africa! Absolutely amazing! Hope you have a ball and enjoy your time there too. I’ve never ben but heard great reports. How’s your brother these days? And Sophie? Glad there were no holiday accidens this time BTW! Susan x

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