Any good green tomato recipes? And food from childhood…


Had an amazing food show last week – we do such an amazing amount of tasty fayre here on QVC – go here to see the range. Then it got us to talking about foods we remember from childhood when I was down in Devon this week. The guests – three of them writers – waxed lyrical about Vesta curries with their massive sultanas (why were they always in every dish?!) in the 70s, Bar Six, Jubblies and the like. The day afterwards, I was out in the garden rescuing the last of the runner beans before I go off on a break, and I found something frustrating… see below for more…

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This weekend’s highlights  

Today FridayMarlaWynne’s rib detail V-neck jumper – and she does jumpers so well. Take a look here.

Saturday Shark is back with the Duoclean corded stick vac with Truepet technology – interesting

And Sunday’s L’Occitane four-piece fragrance collection is here ready to be bought now with the early bird order link.

This week’s Big Deals

These great offers only last a week and are shown on our sister channels – but don’t delay, the offers end at midnight on Sunday 23rd September. The Clarks Maypearl Rayne buckle ankle boot in a D width fitting, Some great Prime Fifty health supplements for your heart, and there’s also the Liz Earle four-piece Botanical Essence four-piece with daily skincare essentials collection on Easy Pays. Go here to see them all and buy.



What a lovely pic, author Tracy Buchanan (she’s rather good!) stayed with us and took this photo this week in one of our side bedrooms. It has lovely light, and quaint shutters which the guy before me put in, I think. Very nice they are too, better than curtains, don’t you think? Goes with our vintage theme! But now look at the thickness of the window ledges. That’s how thick the walls are! It shows why the lovely old 1600s house stayed cool even during the heatwave. However, we’ll be up against it drilling through that when putting in the two en-suite bathrooms I’m aiming to do this side of Christmas. I’m hoping that lovely DIY guy, son-in-law Nick, will be down to stay in order to help do it, along with my Lolly plus their new addition – whenever the baby arrives!

At time of writing no sign of new grandbaby…

Yes, at time of writing, mid-week, there’s no sign of Lolly and Nick’s baby, but I’ll keep you posted! The first announcements will be on my Social Media – do follow me on Twitter, ‘like’ my Facebook page, or my Instagram (see the links below), to keep up to date! She sent me a striking little video clip on Wednesday night where her bulging bump showed a proper elbow or knee movement from one side to the other of her tum, bless her. I remember those days… We’re taking bets on which day it will arrive – my money’s on Tuesday next week. If so I’ll be flying back from my writing hol in France toute suite!

Family get together

All the Flint family and extendeds had a fab Sunday in the sunshine celebrating little Skye’s first birthday. She’s the first child of Ricky, my sis Linda’s son. Loads of pics were taken but most had babies in so I’m not allowed to post them. (quite right too). There were SIX babies all a year or under, with a seventh to come soon! It was lovely to catch up with my niece Becky as well – she’s away on tour with another musical but drove back specially – such a lovely girl!

Dinner date

Don’t get too excited – it was my Devon pal Alix! We went off to a fundraiser and had a jolly nice time meeting dignitaries and MPs and very nice local people. It’s a shame it was a bit too far up the A30 to tell them all to come to our Wednesday tearooms, but the meal was amazing! I’m looking at arranging a dinner like this at some point next year, and someone suggested Jacob Rees Mogg might be a good guest. He certainly has a way with words. Alix is now off again on her travels so this Tuesday was our last catch up in the George after our morning market trip, until late November. And I managed to help in the Sheepwash shop again for a couple of hours. I do like my regular routine in Devon, that’s for sure.

S Bond loo

Wow was I impressed this week – product of the week is the S Bond sealant/glue. I had a lovely writer called Katy, who uses a wheelchair, staying this week and we discovered that the loo wasn’t secure to the floor and wobbled when she tried to lift herself over. Trouble! So I remembered that I had some S Bond sealant and that it glued stuff to concrete so thought I’d give it a go. Well, my lovely kind neighbour Gary came in and gave it a good squeeze (it needs a lot of strength to get it up the tube, it’s not solid, it’s just in need of oomph) and sealed around the base. Now, two days later it’s fully cured and very sturdy. Hope it lasts… mind you, not sure how we’ll ever get it off again! Lol.

South West beach clean

Very proud of colleagues down in Devon helping with the beach clean drive. Congrats to everyone involved – hope to help next year myself if I get weekends free! You may have seen some of the media coverage and pictures of beaches up and down the south-west coastline being cleaned up. What a marvellous community spirit, well done everyone and thanks to Olivia for this photograph.

Book of the week – Strike is back!

Lethal White, by Robert Galbraith (aka J. K. Rowling in her crime writing alter ego) is out this week. Cormoran Strike’s fourth outing, with his newly married side-kick Robyn, are off on a twisting trail that leads them through the back streets of London into a secretive inner sanctum within parliament and to a beautiful but sinister manor house deep in the countryside. Can’t wait to listen to the audiobook, which is already sitting waiting on my Audible app! It’ll be amazing I’m sure.

Plus – coming soon, an interview with fab thriller author Jane Corry about ‘The Dead Ex’ which I’ve been enjoying hugely. Lots of twists and turns and inside info about prison procedures and tensions in a novel which deals with the question – does everyone deserve another chance.

Green tomato challenge

As I said above, I had an annoying experience whilst collecting beans in the back garden this week. No, not a giant beanstalk and a harp that sings. Green tomatoes. What to do with them? Any good recipes you an recommend? Only four red ones this year. I think they were in the completely wrong place! At least with Richard Jackson’s plant food and the wetting agent they survived the heatwave this summer, unlike some people’s. One person who found it a challenge was a lovely lady called Heather who does professional flower arranging. She called round to discuss doing a Christmas wreath-making class in the village hall which our guests can go to on the same day as coming to our next concert in the local church. And we were discussing things that help growth – and she’d never heard of wetting agent. You can guess what I’ll be sending her by email can’t you! By the way, I know I can make chutney, but which. And what else…


Well Bodyguard concludes this Sunday, so if you want a good binge-watch, see eps 1-5 on catch up first. BUT daughter recommended a new series for me – Killing Eve – which seems to be very entertaining as an international serial killer hit woman roams society leaving murders in her wake. The script is refreshing and it’s quite funny – which is what will make me watch some more. Looks good.

I also wanted to go see The Children Act with Emma Thompson in it, but have missed it in cinema this time round I think. Let me know if you saw it.

Facebook post of the week – another vlog for you from the country roads of Devon – with the voice gradually returning. Click here to find out what happened for only the second time in my QVC career, last weekend.

This week on QVC

Monday – ready for colder nights with Cozee Home‘s faux mink and Ultra Fluffie, quilted bedspread.

Tuesday Yankee Candle return with the festive ten small jars – I’m definitely getting this one!

Wednesday – Judith Williams is back with her smash hit retinol product in a four-piece set.

Thursday – Doll 10 bring us a six-piece Hydrogel collection.

Friday – a super pair of knee high boots if you have standard calf width from Marc Fisher.

Next week on the blog

I’m off to France on Friday – but I bet I don’t make it, or else I bet as soon as I get there I’ll be turning around to go to Wales when Baby Pitt is on the way. They don’t know what it is yet, and don’t have names they want to share. It’s all very secret nowadays isn’t it?! I’m banking on being able to get at least four nights out there before baby’s born, and as our family has a long history of babies being late, you never know – but I hope so! Watch this space! And I’m singing in a concert with Barry again, assuming the voice is back, if you are in Holsworthy on Saturday 29th – do come down to the Stanhope field for the World War One event.

Have a fab week!

Best wishes



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  1. Anne Miller September 21, 2018 at 5:10 pm -  Reply

    If you pick the green tomatoes, put them in a container, add a banana and let the banana ripen to the extent the skin is dark brown and the banana squashy, it will ripen the green tomatoes. It is the ethylene gas it emits as it ripens. I have done this for years, changing the banana when I feel it is too squashy lol.

  2. mila September 22, 2018 at 1:59 am -  Reply

    Hi long time no communicate!!
    Here’s some good recipes:
    couldn’t list some of my own similar to green chili salsa.
    Haven’t seen The Children Act yet but I studied that when it became law! Not giving age away or anything! ha

  3. Sue Stewart September 22, 2018 at 12:23 pm -  Reply

    I could be interested in those boots. Depends on the heel!! Enjoy France. Get some writing done. X

  4. Blackisbest September 22, 2018 at 4:28 pm -  Reply

    Yes, I saw The Children Act & it was really good. Emma Thompson is my favourite actress & I’ve enjoyed most of her films. Some may think the film is a bit slow, but for me the time went quickly & I wished it was a longer story. Funny though – I saw it on a Friday afternoon session at 2.30pm & there were just 9 of us in the cinema!!! It was great, as we all could watch in peace x

  5. SheMag September 22, 2018 at 4:31 pm -  Reply

    Hi, Debbie! To be honest you didn’t miss much not seeing the Children Act…the cast was better than the concept. I found it a bit empty when I was expecting a sob fest. My cinema surprise was the Disney Christopher Robin m which I expected to be twee but was a really good romp. Recommended!

  6. Angela Watson September 24, 2018 at 8:41 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie green tomato chutney, really easy to do , and lots of recipes out there , green toms onion , sugar apple vinegar and a few spices if you like , enjoy your holiday , and hope all goes well with the new little grand baby

  7. Debs f September 26, 2018 at 4:31 pm -  Reply

    Anne Mila Angela – Interesting regarding the tomatoes and tomato recipes. Will try to do the banana trick ripening them, if not I will attempt some of the other recipes! Thank you.

    Sue, Angela and ‘black is best’, lovely to hear from you. I do hope to still catch the children act.

    Sue, you are lucky to have slim calves, they definitely will not fit me 🙂 nice brand though

    Shemag – me too! I loved Christopher Robin and needed tissues 🙂 good film.

    Best wishes all


  8. Henrietta September 27, 2018 at 2:54 am -  Reply

    Green tomatoes – Katy Stewart’s “Times Calendar Cook Book” has a very good recipe for Green Tomato chutney.

  9. Diane Chew September 27, 2018 at 2:57 am -  Reply

    Katy Stewart’s “Times Calendar Cook Book” extrEmely good recipe for Green Tomato CHUTNEY

  10. debs f October 27, 2018 at 7:27 pm -  Reply

    Henrietta, Diane, great suggestions thank you! x

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