Antthony fun, bloopers galore, and Break the Habit!


Debbie and AntthonyThis week –
– And highlights, bloopers and sneaky peeks from the week ahead on QVC!


STOP PRESS – don’t forget Friday (7th) is Jewellery Day on QVC! Including one of our faves, Ralph from Honora at 8pm! Our hours may be changing a little due to sickness – get well soon Craigy and Chloe! But I’ll be on for some of it. Check out our TV Guide to see your fave shows and hope the Bibi Bijoux TSV has not sold out by evening time!



One of my highlights of this week happened last night (6th) with my 6pm show featuring one of our favourite guests and all round top guy, Antthony Mark Hankins. He was on fine form. I loved this top, which I wore in the blue multi and which sold really fast! (See top pic, so worth going on waitlist for).

He and I went off for a good old two-hour catch up after, including discussing when I can take a trip out to LA. Haven’t been since this time last year, I realised, and we’ve changed the date a couple of times due to clashing schedules. Maybe it’ll be Easter time.

Hope so – I love it out there – he’s so sensible to live in seventy degree year round warmth, don’t you think? I like our diversity – after all, what would us Brits have to talk about if we had consistent weather?! But I do hanker after a couple of months each year living in LA and writing movies – ahhh one day! (In fact, if you follow my Read it Write it Sell it, see below for info about selling film rights to your novels!)

Anyway it was another fun show, as all his shows were this visit. He’s back at the end of March and till then, keep in touch with him on Twitter @Antthony, or find his group of Antthony’s Angels on Facebook. Here’s a funny moment from my show with the lovely lovely man. Miss him already!

And do see the QVC – BLOOPER section below, for a couple of other humorous highlights from this week on air – there have been several, featuring Craigy and mash, Glenn Campbell and romance, and a measurements problem for Heidi from Lori Grenier Designs! Hehe!


JillyThis month, fellow presenter Jilly Halliday and I mark 20 years since we began at QVC. We started on the same day, along with Dave Bradford (remember him?) and whilst I stayed for 6 years and then went on my travels, Jilly has endured and celebrates her 20th anniversary this month! I’ve been back FIVE years this September – how time flies!

So Happy Anni Jilly! Do go leave her a message on her blog to mark the occasion!






Debbie in long topWell, the healthy eating and extra exercise over the past month or so has been paying off, and this week I couldn’t resist getting on the scales when I went to see my fab chiropractor Richard at Balanced Chiropractic in Dorking High St and guess what?! Have lost half a stone so far!

If you are remotely interested in my before picture (bikini alert!) do go here to last week’s Back to You blog on my own website. There you will also read all about the brand new health push we’ve launched, with the aim of continuing the momentum through Spring and early Summer – the Break the Habit Challenge.

Here’s one of my before pics in a long vest top – then in June, we’ll see the ‘after’. Would you be brave enough to share yours?


Break the habitBreak the Habit. Following the success of the ‘Back to You’ shows on QVC in January, and the big sister Facebook group, it seems my ‘sharing’ has inspired lots of people on Facebook to want to do the same, and reveal all (well, not quite all, but you get what I mean!) But – importantly – they requested to do it in a new closed group.

So we’ve created one! Yes, since several people wanted to bravely post their own pics and experiences, we’ve set up a CLOSED group called ‘Break the Habit – BTU’. Just click here or search that phrase, then ping a request to join (members only, can see what’s written). Then, come June, we can all compare our experiences as successful participants of the Break the Habit Challenge will all be invited along to my launch party for my third novel (novel info is all to be found below). Join up anytime – it’s never too late!


Health Slot – Obligatory Oils
Dr Alex RichardsonLots of debates online this week about the need for fish oils, and what proportions to use. I’ve loved learning about them over the years, it’s one of my pet subjects, and so much can be helped by taking enough omega 3. (EPA and DHA).

So here’s a lovely little easy to understand explanation from the Queen of Omega 3, Dr Alex Richardson from Oxford university, a lady I have the utmost respect for, whom I interviewed when I was working in the health industry when I was away from QVC. Go here to find out more!




On –
Over on my own website Back to You page this Monday, stand by for the next update! Including a wonderful new guru I’ve found called Dr John Briffa, and his fab book ‘Escape the Diet Trap,’ plus his response to the slightly dodgy science in the Horizon ‘Fat vs Sugar’ show.

Plus there are hints and tips from others, on a special Back to You blog page and four weeks’ worth of updates for you to look back on from January, including links to all the shows. That’s on where I’ll write a new post each Monday for the B2U gang!


Keep in touch. If you’re not doing the challenge, do still join ‘Back to You QVC’ group, on Facebook now with over 680 members – we’re a very supportive bunch, and you’ll be in good company!


Still to come… Craigy and Simon’s mash mix up… and super sneaky peeks!!




RiWiSi – my weekly look at all things book!

Book of the Week
Book of the weekI make no excuses, it’s another Jack Reacher book this week – well, I’ve been loving my car journeys with a narrator reading me a story – time flies by and it makes all those jams and driving rain seem not so vile!

Anyway, it’s ‘Nothing to Lose’ – or Jack Reacher 12 – by Lee Child. This one was just as enjoyably read by Jeff Harding, as usual. The story as ever, involves a relationship with a key transient female, a murder and Reacher beating the heck out of the bad guys – yay! I think that’s one of the things I love about Lee Child’s ex-military cop hero – he plays it by his rules, no one else’s, and once the clever conflict is set up, you know you’re going to get a pay off soon after. Just what I look for in a novel!

So this one, about a weird secret compound in a town called ‘Despair’, gets a solid 8.25. Highly recommended.


Freebies next week!
Valentine's dayTo mark the special day that is Valentine’s Day, I’m going to release two free stories for you next week! Don’t miss them! More news on my RiWiSi page on my website! But they’ll have a Valentine’s theme and a steamy theme… The countdown to next Friday begins!







Writing a book?
And if you are a writer, make sure you check my regular Friday writing blog – RiWiSi-Go-Large. Read more on my own website,, including, for self-publishers – selling your story to Hollywood, beginner’s guide to writing for children, and I need your feedback:

What do you think of the layout of the new cover for my ‘steamy extra chapter’ from Hawaiian Escape – to read RiWiSi-Go-Large, go here!


Sneaky peekSneaky Peek! Join us next week on Friday 14th for a wonderful way to treat your natural nails – a new perfect formula set including a lovely bright coral opaque!






VitamixShhh! Vitamix is back in early March! Tell me what you really think of yours!








ClickfreeClick Free Returns on Wed 12th with lovely Lee Hohbein – who now calls me his ‘telly wife’ – hehe! Hope it lasts till our 10pm show! Good timing as I just bought myself a new Mac – am gonna ask him how it can transfer everything from a PC.






QVC not a lot of people knowNot a Lot of People Know This DID YOU KNOW that when you search for your favourite brand in the ‘search’ box at the top of our website, the most recent items seen on air come up at the top? Means if you missed the item number for a recent show, you’re likely to find it amongst the top few lines or so! Superb idea! Give it a try next time you can’t remember an item number.





BLOOPER – Craigy and Simon Brown making mischief with mash, and a double entendre of the measurements kind with Heidi on the Lori Grenier innovations show are this week’s funny bloopers! If you spot one, do let me know!


Advice from singer sewingSinger Saying I love all things vintage. This from 1949, reminds us emancipated women of a time when a lady's lot was altogether a smaller world, and a home was a castle, and a woman was a domestic goddess. Or slave – whichever way you choose to look at it.

Nb I feel the same about my writing – if everything is in order, I write better! But I'd never have thought sewing was the same!

Is that you too? If so, do leave a comment below!


Heart Melter! How cute is this! Just had to include this amazingly endearing little video of what looks like a husky pup trying to howl. Bless! Rest of the litter probably howling in the other room too! So reminds me of when my dogs had their pups – lovely times.

 [Having trouble viewing this video? See YouTube's Help page]


CBBCSam and Mark Show Requests the Flint Factor As I mentioned last week, I had an interesting package delivered to me last week. The CBBC team keep in touch with me from time to time (I was the first girl in the Children’s BBC broom cupboard, standing in for Phillip Schofield in 1986) and at the end of last year they requested my help with… a fun wind-up on their new series of CBBC show ‘Sam and Mark’s Big Friday Wind Up’.

The package was a DVD of my clip and it’s come out quite well! It’s on at the end of Feb – I’ll keep you informed when. It’s quite exciting and will be my first ‘appearance’ on CBBC since the tenth reunion in 1995!


PiratePurrfect Happy Ending for Pirate News from our Tripawd pussy cat and after the successful op to remove the remains of his troublesome little stump, he’s now been adopted permanently by his foster family.

Despite being frustrated at not being able to pick at his stitches, he’s doing very well post-op and is future is rosy. Hooray for happy endings!






FB filmFacebook is Ten – Your Facebook Film To celebrate ten years of Facebook, they’ve created a clever link to a neat little video of your most popular pics and posts from your time on the famous social media site. I shared mine – very cool it was too!

Here is the link to put in at the top of your browser whilst you’re logged into facebook, if you’d like to see yours.




FB funnyFacebook Funny Laughed when I saw this – this was sooo me and Grand-pog Baloo (daughter’s spaniel) when she came to stay recently. She’s just like this! Only without the stealth! Lol







WATCH – Had a couple of trips to the cinema this week – needed it, so much to see! First is ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ which I saw with my pal Kerena.

Leonardo does not disappoint, and if you give yourself up to the ludicrousness of some parts of it, remembering that it’s based on the true story and not totally accurately portrayed, you’ll probably love it. Fave part, when he’s crawling across the floor trying to get to his mate.

Great performances, just loses a bit for being over long (3 hours!!?) 8.25 out of ten. Watch the trailer (and see a cool ad for the new Dominic Cooper TV series ‘Fleming’ at the start).

'Gravity' was the second film I saw this weekend with mummy. We loved it, albeit very far fetched. It had fab acting, great filmography, it’s really very well done, this lost in space story. BUT couple of major major plot holes (those ‘that so wouldn’t happen’ moments) so it too loses a bit.

My litmus test of ‘would I see it again’ is definitely no, so it gets an 8 for me, salvaged by Sandra Bullock’s amazing acting skills – you can see why it’s nominated for 11 BAFTA awards. Don’t expect to see much of gorgeous George Clooney though and what you do see is very two dimensional. I prefer the 3D version myself! lol



NEXT WEEK – FREEBIE EBOOKS… time to re-issue one from my existing library, and to launch a new one, in time for Valentine’s Day. Which I’ll be on air for! Have to do something wonderful in between then, to make up for not celebrating it the traditional way (again! :-0 ) this year! Got any suggestions…? And news of this Saturday’s ‘how to market your novel’ course in London. Yay!

Have a great week!

*TiFFT = Try it for The First Time club! Shhhh – watch out for big news about TiFFT’s when Back to You is over!

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  1. Elizabeth February 7, 2014 at 3:30 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie,
    Just to say how much I always enjoy reading your blog every week, and thank you for all the information and fun you put into it to make it such pleasurable reading. I always enjoying watching you presenting, especially when you’re with the gorgeous, lovely Anthony. There is always such a good rapport between you and lots of fun to brighten up anyone’s day. What a lovely man he is. I do hope you are able to go over to the States and spend some time with him there. Your Hawian Affair book is great. I really enjoyed it (I read the steamy version!) I look forward to reading some more.
    Best wishes, Elizabeth

  2. Sharon harvey February 7, 2014 at 9:25 pm -  Reply

    Fab blog debbie! Well done for starting BACK TO YOU QVC
    It’s doing so well! Hope everyone tried valentines surprise it’s a fab story

  3. Karen February 8, 2014 at 11:56 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie
    I look forward to your blogs, they are always interesting and full of ideas and tips etc.
    It would be great if Antthony could do a weekly show with yourself, as always fun to watch and love his designs, especially the tunic tops!
    Oh, and I am just about to start reading ‘Hawaiian Escape’.
    Have a fab week!!
    Karen xx

  4. jennifer cann February 8, 2014 at 1:34 pm -  Reply

    I AM PLEASED THAT VITAMIX IS COMING back will record it this time , bought mine on the last tsv, it is one of the best things i have bought. i use it most days the soups are great and so are the smoothies, havent tried icecream yet, my husband has a lot of health issues, and he has started to put on weight with the soups and can swallow them, he has trouble with other foods, but most important he likes them jenny
    . j

  5. Ali G February 10, 2014 at 11:49 pm -  Reply

    Oh Debbie,
    At the recent Beauty Bash there were some photo booths and camera stands. The lovely man who was supervising us non-techies at the very far end (near the Prai counter) said that when he got back to the office he’d be connected to the web & we’d get our pics via email. Haven’t seen or heard anything – any chance we could find out pleaaaseeee? Thanks everso ..
    ps – your blogs are always entertaining – thanks for all your snippets 🙂
    Ali G

  6. Debs flint – Qvc presenter February 11, 2014 at 11:44 am -  Reply

    Ta so much! Yes I really need a trip to the states again, lovely warm LA please!
    Glad you loved Hawaiian Affair. Have you read the prequel, Hawaiian Escape hon?

  7. Debs flint – Qvc presenter February 11, 2014 at 11:46 am -  Reply

    Tank u my darling. Your comments are always fab, and always welcome! X

  8. Debs flint – Qvc presenter February 11, 2014 at 11:47 am -  Reply

    Ta my lovely, I’d love one too!
    Oo do let me know what u think about Hawaiian Escape! The steamy chapter freebie extra, is imminent! X

  9. Debs flint – Qvc presenter February 11, 2014 at 11:49 am -  Reply

    I’m so glad to hear. Pleased its helping poorly hubby too. It’s a re-TSV and I’m launching it, so do add your review if u haven’t already, as I will be reading some out on the night!
    Big hugs

  10. Debs flint – Qvc presenter February 11, 2014 at 11:52 am -  Reply

    Glad u loved the beauty bash. Did u get the chance to take home your strip of four pics hon? Like the ones I posted in that week’s blog of me miceal and Julia? I’m not sure about emails, but best bet is to kindly email direct and ask to forward your query to Laura in marketing!
    Is that ok?
    Best wishes

  11. Linda Broadhead February 12, 2014 at 3:37 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie,
    The necklace I was enquiring about is the one on your blog with the Yong Kim TSV on this looks like large flat stones with a cord fastening and you and the models had them on in silver tone and gold tone, the picture of them is still on your blog, I would love to buy them when I know what make they are as they looked fantastic
    Many Thanks Linda xx
    ps luv your book

  12. Debs flint – Qvc presenter February 15, 2014 at 1:00 pm -  Reply

    Linda – I think they are from Marla Wynne. If u recall the date of the show the operator should be able to look at reserves for the hour and find item numbers if listed. Otherwise they may be coming soon!
    Ps so glad u enjoyed ok! Escape or affair? Do kindly leave me review on amazon and Goodreads if u can hon! Fank uuuu! X

  13. Susanne Fitzpatrick February 18, 2014 at 7:47 pm -  Reply

    Debbie – HELP!!!
    I’d be interested in your Back To You Group but I don’t particularly want to start using Facebook.
    Is there anyway you could provide a link from your own website that doesn’t link to Facebook please? I’m sure many other ladies would be interested, some of whom may not wish to become Facebook-ers either.
    Thank you so much

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