Another packed week!


Debbie and Marie Francoise in the same outfitThis week…
– Burlesque in Camden
- No more apricots or cucumber! A fascinating allergy test
– I was the 3,144,613,184th person alive on Earth when I was born – what number are you?
- Revitalash rocks!
- And lots of Footnotes, including 'My Week With Marilyn' film review

Double trouble!
How funny it was to walk in to QVC recently and find I was dressed almost identically to one of my favourite guests! It was my pal Marie Francoise from Kipling – look how we were both dressed the same!

I'd got my cardi in Zara in Monaco, and she was also wearing a Zara cardi, leggings and Emus! I do like Marie F – we're going out for a catch up soon! Tons of Kipling special offers online for Christmas pressies too, so look out for them! The Breast Cancer Care bag is even back in stock – I missed out on the night so if you did too, get one soon!

Burlesque night out
Groupon strikes again! Had a very enjoyable night out last week with pal Shyama, at a burlesque evening at Proud Kitchen in Camden! Now it's not something I'd given much thought to when I bought the tickets, I have to say – after all, it's basically watching Dita Von Teese-style classy strippers with tassels you know where! But I liked the idea of a three course meal and 'entertainment' which as it happens was very… entertaining! Here's a short extract of the 'fabulous, the gorgeous, Dolly Rose!'

Plus there was a singer and a juggler - a good old-fashioned cabaret type show. And I had to use the vouchers before they expired! Lol! I'd go again, with someone else who fancied experiencing true burlesque - the audience were very mixed – couples mainly. Plus the food was good!

No more apricots or green grapes!
Debbie gets allergy testedI also used up another voucher recently – to go have allergy testing done. It's more 'food intolerance' testing really, using vibrational energy of certain foods and seeing how your body responds.

The nice guy Ardash at Nash Wellbeing Clinic in St Albans also tested the functionality of my organs (nothing major to report thank goodness!) and what vitamins and minerals I was deficient in – (boron only, and I need more EPA fish oil – ironic 'cos I take a lot already but obviously need more!) But it was the food intolerance list that fascinated me most.

Allergy testing chartThings like apricots and green grapes, cucumber and strawberries, as well as sweet potato (that won't be hard to avoid!) and several others. But it was what I expected – cow's milk – that will be the hardest to avoid for three to four months then re-introduce slowly. So I've bought some rice milk and goat's milk to see what I like best. Will keep you informed as the weeks go by…

What birth number are you?
When you were born, I was the:3,144,613,184th person alive on Earth. And the 76,893,096,940th person to have lived since history began. The BBC reports that the world's population passed seven billion in the last few weeks.

After growing very slowly for most of human history, the number of people on Earth has more than doubled in the last 50 years. Where do you fit into this story of human life? Fill in your date of birth on the site to find out. I also like the country info about populations and longevity, but then I'm geeky like that! Lol.

* Karaoke Saturday night – another uproarious night of watching other members of my family get tipsier and tipsier and belting out classic songs in a small room in Brighton (Nine Rooms in Middle St). My fave this time was brother Glenn with the Calling's original version of 'If I Could'!

* Doggy update! Daisy has stayed in her pen – hehe – and Benton is called Fenton and he's owned by a well to do guy called Max from Southfields, according to the papers! The 15-year-old who put the clip on YouTube has signed up for royalties for the 2.3m or so hits it's now had! Good for him! If you haven't seen it, go here – it's a 'YouTube sensation' for sure and sooo funny!

Abi Grace* Had a lovely Sunday family get together – loved seeing my little great niece Abi Grace – just look at this pic – reminds me of my Bradley when he was a baby!

WATCH: 'My Week with Marilyn'. This is a fab film if you like period pieces, a la 'Mad Men'. Set in 1956 it covers the making of 'The Prince and The Showgirl' in London, and the romance (kind of) with a young assistant director and Marilyn Monroe in her hey day.

Excellent performances from Michelle Williams as a stylised Marilyn – captured some of her idiosyncracies really well I thought. And Kenneth Branagh as Laurence Olivier – very, very funny! And a super Judy Dench once more showing why she's a bit of a British institution. However, it was good but not gripping or thought-provoking or amazing, so gets a seven and a quarter out of ten from me – worth getting on DVD, I'd say!

LISTEN: To the new Kate Bush album '50 Words For Snow'. OMG, I've been a Kate Bush fan since 'Wuthering Heights' when I was 16! So I just had to get her newest album – '50 Words For Snow'. Track five is my absolute fave – it made me cry! About love through different lifetimes – and the rest of the album (well most of it) is so evocative and atmospheric – loved it! Kate's back to her best, IMO (in my opinion)!

QVC: Lots to tell you about and to watch out for – so happy for you if you managed to get the pack of two fleeces I warned you about last week – they sold out so fast! Here are some of my highlights for the coming week or so:-

• Monday 5th December – Laura Geller TSV! New baked collection – OMG it's brill value! My airing is at 10pm. To quote my sister-in-law, Boki, one of the biggest cynics around, 'it's so amazing, I can put it on on the train and it lasts all day!' Do try it if you haven't before, as a TSV is a great way to get it (available only on the day, from midnight on Sunday 4th December for 24 hours whilst stocks last, for those that don't know!)

• Followed at 11pm on Monday 5th by an hour of Diane Gilman, including her fab fit jeans – having never been a jeans wearer, she's now transformed me! I got a lot of compliments from a certain person a while ago when I managed to go down a size and get into a pair of her slim fit jeans – love them! Pic to follow of me in DG jeans

• And finally – Saturday 10th December – put it in diary – BIG NEWS! Crystal braceletsThe return of the crystal and haematite bracelets – with two new colours! And the necklace and matching earrings should be in stock too!

Also – see below for my 'this week I are been mostly using' tip of the week about a product I've been testing!

Have a great week – I've got another packed one coming up! And the kids are down at the weekend – both of them! First time that's happened for blinking ages! And I'm meeting up with my writing friend Liz from Arvon Inverness course in August - we're going to a lobster meal in Battersea, and yes it's another voucher! I'll have used them all up soon! Oh, I forgot – no I won't 'cos I keep buying more! Lol.

Don't forget to leave me a comment below! Regulars and newbies please! On any of the topics above – what would you like to tell me?


P.S. Just to let you know, the winner of the signed Julie Cohen book 'Getting Away With It' from the recent blog is Emma! Well done! Our web team has dropped you an email for your address so we can pop it in the post to you ASAP!

P.P.S. 'This Week I Are Been Mostly Using…' Revitalash – it's definitely making a difference! Revitalash Advanced has been in my bathroom for a couple of weeks, and I use it most nights, just like applying a fine coat of invisible eyeliner to top and bottom lashes – simples!

I actually do think I'm already seeing a difference! It's like there's more to apply mascara to – it goes on more easily and when I look in the mirror after removing my make-up I'm really pleased to see a noticeable improvement. I've always wanted lashes that are a lot more like my daughter's fabulous lush ones, so I'm going to continue using it. See below for others' comments and let me know if you've had success too!

Other people have had similar results, according to the online reviews. Quotes include:-

"I don't write many reviews but felt I had to this time. I was unsure initially due to cost however, I had 30 days try out. After 10 days or so I can't believe the difference. I had short stubby lashes and now they are longer and beginning to curl."

"I have better eye lashes than I have ever had in my life. Please do not discontinue this product."

"It is incredible stuff. I had short, sparse, thin lashes and now I have the opposite. They are so long, it is like I am wearing false lashes. This Revitalash is like magic and is the best on the market and I have tried a few others which did nothing. Highly recommend this."

Do leave a comment below – whoever you are! I like hearing from you all!


  1. Mrs Jane Duff December 3, 2011 at 3:44 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs
    Always read your blog, they are so entertaining to someone like me who can’t get out and about very much.
    I would strongly recommend the Goat’s Milk, I have drunk it now for a number of years and like the St Helen’s brand the best.
    Enjoy your weekend and have a good week.

  2. Gail December 4, 2011 at 12:02 am -  Reply

    ANOTHER PACKED WEEK – you can say that again!! Hello Debs, I’ve wanted to drop you a line for so long. You’re quite a girl. You lead such an amazing, interesting and hectic life; talk about living life to the full. Good on yer, I’ll have a pint of what you’re on!! Seriously though, I admire your wonderful ‘get up and go’ attitude. Definitely live life to the full while you can because you never know what is round the corner. I do read all your blogs and they’re really interesting and entertaining; such a dirty laugh – I LOVE IT. Love your dogs too as I’m a big animal lover. I love all your YouTube inputs; I really don’t know how you manage to fit everything in. I also love the location of your house with that wonderful lane on your doorstep; very beautiful.
    I want to tell you of one of the funniest things I think you have done which made me laugh (although I can think of many). I love Northern Nights and the girls, but I must admit that that ‘peddling’ action they do with the feather beds really annoys me. Well, on one of the programmes whilst all this softly, softly peddling was going on, you personally contributed your own version which was wallop, wallop, wallop. You couldn’t have been more heavy handed if you’d tried. It was so funny I laughed out loud. I’d secretly wanted to do that for ages. Hope I haven’t offended the girls; I totally understand why they do it, but I just find it a little annoying. You were so funny, wish you could find that clip.
    Have a lovely week and I’m so glad I’ve managed to catch up with you – what am I talking about, I could never catch up with you, lol. You go girl …………………
    Gail xx

  3. Carole cooper December 4, 2011 at 8:28 am -  Reply

    Hello deb that cardigan looks really warm and looks gud with the emu boots. Your blogg is gud read again don’t know how you fit it all in. My buys this week are butler and Wilson bag charm, decleor tsv and some liz Earle cleanse and polish, not giving any for pressies all mine lol. Been off work for 4 days so I have been glued to qvc beets going queuing round the shops. I also have the groupon e mails comming to my phone there are some gud buys, blogg soon Carole Wigan. X

  4. Martin forbes bucksburn aberdeen December 4, 2011 at 12:46 pm -  Reply

    your blog is very busy debbie still enjoying reading them.
    have you done your xmas shopping yet.your card is in the post you should receive it shortly.are you going out for xmas day dinner with your family.merry xmas and happy new year

  5. Martin forbes bucksburn aberdeen December 4, 2011 at 6:02 pm -  Reply

    hi debbie .how are you i am not bad.
    You will get your christmas card in post soon

  6. Nigel December 5, 2011 at 1:47 pm -  Reply

    Debs, Pleased to report 3,071,540,191 and 76,753,410,118 respectively. Check out (if you haven’t already) and (watching the figures rolling is scary stuff but glad to see your contributing with your posts and tweets !!!).
    Does that mean the end is nigh for your strawberry patch because I seem to remember it was doing well this summer ?
    Take care, Nige 😉

  7. Michelle Roberts December 5, 2011 at 3:04 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie, Just laughing at your blog about the being allergic to sweet potatoes you won’t be coming to my house for supper then as I have just made a butter nut squash and sweet potato and garlic soup.
    I also bought a cardigan from the Zara shop in Melbourne as it was so cold when we first arrived and we had also been warmed to put plenty of warm layers on for the evening visit to see see the tiny penguins on Philips Island, never thought to pack any as I thought the whole of Australia would be hot, it didn’t get hot until we got to Bondi beach (did I mention I had a paddle in the sea here !!)
    I love Laura Geller’s make up is so easy to apply and being totally useless at putting make up on it fools proof, love her stuff.
    Hope you a had a great weekend with the Kids
    Big hug
    Michelle Freezing cold here in Wales just been dog walking and frozen I need a coffee quick!!!

  8. debs f December 5, 2011 at 5:27 pm -  Reply

    Martin – got card thanks! Xmas dinner will be with family as usual – 12 of us! And yes done tons of xmas shopping – mostly due to qvc! Plus a trip out to westfield last week for annual shopping trip – more in next blog!
    : – )

  9. debs f December 5, 2011 at 5:35 pm -  Reply

    Jane ! How lovely of you to leave me a messsage – glad you’re a regular reader of my blog – hope you become a regular commenter! On your reminder, I’m sitting here with a cup of tea with goats milk! Whilst the rice milk is fab for cereals, and a lot of it in coffee as it’s sweeter, i think my cuppa tea is definitely better with goats milk! Will take some getting used to , cos I’ve been a real dairy person in the past, but with encouragement from people like yourself, I’ll do my best!
    Out of interest, what happens when you drink cow’s milk? Anything?
    Glad we’re keeping you company..

  10. debs f December 5, 2011 at 5:38 pm -  Reply

    Gail – bout time you left me a message isn’t it?! haha! Just teasing. Glad you’re enjoying the blogs – I must say it’s been the busiest year of my life for ‘doing stuff’! Did you end up joining in with the TiFFT club? Trying something for the First Time is often a great way to lift someone out of a routine, so I’m happy to have inspired lots of you, according to your comments!
    Anyway, what’s this about a feather bed? What did I do then, whack it?!! lol

  11. debs f December 5, 2011 at 5:40 pm -  Reply

    Carole – OMG you’ll love the decleor – and which B&W did you buy? So glad you’re on Groupon now – ordered any vouchers yet? it’s a while since I did any studying, so I just signed up for ten weeks of foreign language lessons a few days ago, for £59 in waterloo – I must be mad! Or academic. Or stupid… lol lol

  12. Susan December 5, 2011 at 6:25 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs,
    What a week! I can’t say I’d love the Burlesque but good on you for giving it a go! I also just wanted to add about your allergy testing…it’s a funny area and I am very wary about it. There’s very few ways of actually telling a true allergy and as a nutritionist I’m always concerned that people don’t take chunks of food groups out without replacing and getting proper advice. I’m not getting on my soap box but I just know pretty much all of these tests say to avoid wheat and dairy in the end!! We’re all individuals though too and totally entitled to do what we want but just wanted to say be careful!
    Glad you’ve had a great week.
    Susan x

  13. Susan December 5, 2011 at 6:25 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs,
    What a week! I can’t say I’d love the Burlesque but good on you for giving it a go! I also just wanted to add about your allergy testing…it’s a funny area and I am very wary about it. There’s very few ways of actually telling a true allergy and as a nutritionist I’m always concerned that people don’t take chunks of food groups out without replacing and getting proper advice. I’m not getting on my soap box but I just know pretty much all of these tests say to avoid wheat and dairy in the end!! We’re all individuals though too and totally entitled to do what we want but just wanted to say be careful!
    Glad you’ve had a great week.
    Susan x

  14. debs f December 6, 2011 at 12:24 pm -  Reply

    susan – hi hon! Thanks for your interesting reply. I’ve had a couple of ‘allergy’ tests over the years, and I know there’s a bit of difference sometimes. I came up positive years ago for sugar and sugar substitute, as well as dairy, but not wheat. My daughter had excema, but was wheat but not dairy. interesting. This time mine wasn’t wheat just wheat germ, and not all cheeses, but specific ones, and cow’s milk but not goats – does this tie in more with your knowledge of such things? That if it’s more specific it’s more useful? I like trying something and seeing how I get on with it for a while – that’s my policy – as you say, you generally know yourself whether something’s right or not and I’ve been aware for ages that my body and cows milk aren’t best friends! do you use a specific type of testing yourself?
    Am happy to investigate other info too! Thanks for writing and caring! Always nice to hear from ya!

  15. Susan December 6, 2011 at 8:31 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs,
    Just saw you on QVC so not sure you’ll be able to watch the Food Hospital on Ch4 but you may be interested as a feature on Food Allergy Testing!! How timely!
    SUsan x

  16. Louise December 7, 2011 at 9:48 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs
    Sorry it’s been a little longer than usual since I last posted on your blog, but I’ve been ill again and I am, unfortunately, on sick leave from work – again! I’m on some new medication and it has to kick in. This is only the second period of sickness I’ve had in the 3 1/2 years I’ve been there, so that’s not too bad. It has really knocked my confidence, and that’s a huge problem. Everyone says I worry too much about work, when I should put my health first. You cannot change your nature, though.
    You wrote in one of your previous blogs about the heroine being called Sadie. That is my mum’s name. What a coincidence.
    Would you believe I haven’t even got my chrissie pressies bought , or cards bought / written yet? I always wait until the last possible moment, even though I vow to start early the next year, but do I ever?
    Been watching the ojon tsv today, as my constant supply is depleted and I desperately need some more. I use the shampoo / conditioner more than styling products, so I would prefer a tsv which comprises the litre sizes. Any future possibility of that? I’ve checked, and QVC doesn’t seem to have any stock of the largest sizes, so I’ll have to make do with the tsv for now.
    Hope Gracie and the rest of the clan are well – have you got their christmas presents yet? Take care and speak soon.

  17. debs f December 8, 2011 at 2:08 am -  Reply

    If I get a mo I’ll try to find it on Ch4 catch up TV hon! ta for the tip off! d x

  18. Susan December 8, 2011 at 5:48 pm -  Reply

    Always caring Debs! I would always recommend someone actually get properly blood tests or skin tests from a hospital consultant to be honest – only a couple of proven tests and those are done in the acute sector. Hope you stay out of the bad weather and enjoy your weekend. Love your cardi by the way!!
    SUsan x

  19. debs f December 8, 2011 at 10:25 pm -  Reply

    Thanks Susan – being a glutton for all such things, have now ordered another Groupon test – this time using live and dried blood analysis! hehe! d x

  20. debs f December 8, 2011 at 10:27 pm -  Reply

    Louise – lovely to see you on here again hon – get well soon – but yes ill twice in nearly four years is not bad going!
    yes I’ve got the poggies little pressies already! a couple of xmas type chews each! Won’t go overboard – I’d be the one clearing it up from the garden afterwards if I did!
    hope you got the Ojon you needed. i loooove their rub out cleanser and spray on shine, and couple of other items – fab tools to have in your armoury!
    anyway hope you get some pressies and cards done! My plan is to do lots of mine this coming week!

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