Another new arrival and an Amazon Fire tablet offer!


Well it’s all exciting in the house of Flint. Firstly little baby has been named Phoebe Deborah Ann – after me, Nanny Debbie, and Lolly’s mum-in-law grandma Ann. She did same as I did when I named my Lauren – Lauren Lesley Ann – where Lesley is after my mum and Ann was my ex-husband’s mum. I am honoured to be mentioned in this way.

Went to Devon this week, then another trip to see the new baby in Wales. It was such a delight to hold her for the first time, and now they are home from hospital, see how well they are settling into their new routine. One thing that really impressed me was how they are so keen on breastfeeding nowadays, there is information about it all over the maternity and antenatal unit, in the hospital. If you have followed any of my health blogs on my website, or read my book ‘Til the Fat Lady Slims’, you will know how much I stress the importance of gut bacteria, and this is helped no end by breast milk apparently. So all good.

It was World Mental Health Day this week as well, and the Telegraph had a big piece about the link between healthy gut microbiota, and mental health. Look it up if you can. A good way to begin is the video ‘Gut Reaction parts 1 and 2, on YouTube. Because everything is connected and goes back to the gut.

Anyway a good start in life is all lined up for new addition to your family, baby Phoebe, so this Christmas I will have two little granddaughters, whereas last Christmas there were none. Yes I know – it’s like that joke about buses coming along at once! I feel very lucky, and very blessed, and am very proud of my kids and their partners.

Meet Oreo Gasper the new black and white kitten or should I say white and black. He is tiny, and has just arrived at my brother’s house, where I stay when I am in London. He is so confident, really brazen, and wants to get in everywhere. He has obviously been handled a lot as a kitten, since he is not scared or perplexed or troubled in anyway when people pick him up, or the nieces play with him. Here he is in the bathroom when I got home late after my shift ended and everyone else was asleep – he wanted to explore and play.

He was mewling and when I looked down he had got up on his hind legs and wrapped his paws around my calf! But no claws, just a look that said ‘pick me up!’ He is rather irresistible. Although I have to watch my cat allergy, it is lovely to have another youngster to play with, so to speak. Not sure Morph the existing cat feels the same however, but fingers crossed they will become good friends as well. Just like my granddaughters Phoebe and ten month old Blake – 2018 babies, all!

This weekend’s highlights

Today (Friday) is the 12 Piece Your Favourite Cake Collection from The Original Cake Company. Go here to see and buy.

I get three midnight launches this weekend – a Today’s Special Value deals from Amazon on Friday at midnight – a fab Fire 10 HD tablet with a 32GB SD card and a case voucher.

Then on Saturday night one of my favourite make-up brands Tarte and their five-piece Holiday Make-Up Collection you can see and buy it now on the early bird link here.

Finishing with Nina Leonard on Sunday night at midnight and a knitted coatigan in five great colour options. Fabulous deals all of them. I particularly love having Alexa on my 10″ Fire tablet it means it can come with me wherever I am, and it is so useful in all the usual ways. Plus a great way to watch Amazon video. See below for details of each…

Big deals

These great offers only last a week and are shown on our sister channels – but don’t delay, the offers end at midnight on Sunday 14th October. Stock up on your season Nail shads with the six-piece Infinite Shine Autumn/Winter collection. Snuggle up at home with these Pretty You London slipper booties and check out this handbag duo from Mia Tui, the Eleanor shoulder bag with matching cross-body/clutch.

See below for next week on QVC


Baby Debbie

My mum commented that little baby Phoebe looks slightly like I did when I was born. Here is a pic of me — same eyebrows I think. Beautiful Little face she has though. The kids don’t want any photos on social media or websites, as you can understand. In our day we barely got any photos taken at all! And they were black and white 🙂 But by the time my brother Derek was born seven years later, everything was in colour. I remember one of the kids saying ‘when did the world being all in black and white?’ Bless.

Get well soon Catherine! 

Just as we welcome our new presenter Kathryn to our screens (well done on your first show, missus!), our colleague lovely Catherine Huntley is off after a shoulder op – still rocking the stockings though, as only Catherine can! Get well soon honey! And also to our Miceal who is nearly recovered enough to return. And now Jill’s back after losing her voice for a long time, easing in gradually. Goodness, good job we have a new presenter to help fill in! lol. Having had the worst year of ‘illness’ in my career, I’m aiming to not be sick for the foreseeable! My MRI on my knee showed a torn meniscus, is probably going to mean an operation at some point but fingers crossed I won’t be off for long. Anyway get well soon all those who have been sick, including yourself, reading this, if you have been poorly.

Facebook Funny

I must admit this made me laugh this week. Considering many accounts have been falling victim of the hoax message that starts ‘Hi… I received another friend request from you…‘ I got 23 in the space of a couple of days! My friend Eric sent this to me so thought I would post it along with a request that if you are on Facebook and get a private message giving you an instruction like do not accept a friend request from…‘ et cetera, just google the phrase from the message along with the word hoax. In my experience almost every single one is fake and should not be randomly sent to all your friends. I know many people feel the same as me. I have however discovered the ‘ignore messages’ button – ignoring all future messages from that person – so that’s been helping! So have jokes like this! By the way I know it is thoughtful and friendly but better to check before you send – what actually happened was that if anyone was subject to hacking at the end of September, they would have been logged out by Facebook and had to log back in again. If that did not happen to you, you are not hacked – this time anyway! 🙂

Vlog of the week

Late autumn blackberries and the most beautiful golden sunset light, feature on this week’s video blog on my Facebook page here. Do follow me for updates, social media is as below. By the way thank you anyone who commented about the Saturday night show not being the same. It is going to be Saturday night gifts from this Saturday on


This weekend I am going to see ‘A Star is Born’. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper reprise The Barbara Streisand and Kris Kristofferson film from many moons ago. And she shows some star quality indeed with her acting skills. Looking forward to seeing this one, and anything with Brad Cooper in is usually good, isn’t it?!

Book of the week

Is not yet out but this week I had the good fortune to get a glimpse of our very own Alison Keenan’s book – ‘A New Kind of Normal’. She tells her story of life before during and after breast cancer with the lovely fairy tale ending of her wedding couple of years ago. She is a great writer and I do hope it will be on audio book soon after it is released towards the end of October. My writing was going very well when I was away in France, but naturally, things always slow down a little, when you get back!

The week ahead on QVC…

Monday – the Nina Leonard cosy coatigan – a thick brushed acrylic/nylon blend that’s super soft and easy care. Some fab neutral colours. Don’t miss my Sunday midnight launch – as above

Tuesday – a great one for staying warm this Christmas – the Power Heat log burner with special flame effect!

WednesdayDiamonique returns with a set of two pairs of earrings in a gift bauble – great offer to cross off two more presents from your list!

Thursday – a big Shay & Blue fragrance day as Dominic Devetta brings us a four-piece collection in two iconic options

FridayCozee Home return with another super duvet set

And at the end of the week watch out for the early bird order link for the new huge beauty six piece classics collection if you want to revamp your skincare this Christmas.

Next week on the blog

An interesting meeting with a publisher… and more from renegade Oreo the kitten! Have a great week.

Have a fab week!

Best wishes



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  1. Kay stapleton October 12, 2018 at 4:29 pm -  Reply

    Love your blogs and vlogs glad your daughter has settled into a good routine I’m so happy for you all I’m allergic to cats Debbie but love to look beautiful kitten have a great week see you on qvc xx

  2. Susan October 12, 2018 at 6:02 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie,
    Lovely new cat. Cute. Glad phoebe is doing well and Lauren too. All very new and overwhelming! Of course it’s good to see info on breastfeeding but we all know people who have been pushed and made to feel so small just because they can’t do it for a variety of reasons. Not too good for mum’s mental health in that case! It’s a balance. Enjoy your trips to see them x

  3. Josephine Lynne Jennings October 16, 2018 at 10:47 am -  Reply

    Congratulations Debbie a lovely baby girl.

  4. deb f October 20, 2018 at 7:30 pm -  Reply

    ta girls!
    ps susan – yes I understand. Good to know they err on the side of encouraging to breastfeed rather than not tho, if it’s a straight choice. Personally only doing two weeks with lauren it was a relief to stop when i did – mastitis is not nice! 🙂 x

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