Another big moving day, plus behind the scenes secrets


Also this week –
– The minute you walked in the joint… studio antics!
– Charlie puts his hair up – and dances!
– How to earn money writing
– And sneaky peeks from Molton Brown, H2o, Bronzo Italia watches


Brads new place
So I was mum-le-taxi again last weekend as it was son Brad and his wife Kari’s turn to move house again! They have moved into a delightful basement flat with a garden (well a back yard they can extend into!) and a lot of potential.

Brad and me moving dayAs we unloaded all the stuff down the few steps to the basement in Fulham, I felt proud and also relieved that it’s not me doing it. Their move was relatively painless – apart from obvious things like dismantling then re-mantling sofas and furniture that didn’t ‘flat pack’ the second time round! It was a small flat into a slightly bigger flat.

I dread to think what it’ll be like when I eventually move again. Trouble is I’m so happy where I am – an old 1850’s cottage with lots of doggy room, fields on three sides and a gastro pub nearby too! We’ll see what happens in the next few years. I am aiming, of course, of having lots of dosh to buy somewhere outright one day – when I’m a grown up! Lol!

Anyway it was a fulfilling day of helping them and we ended up having a delicious Vietnamese meal on the Fulham Road – their new ‘local.’ Since Lauren’s place is not being completed very quickly due to hiccups in meters begin moved etc I’m on a reprieve from theirs atm! Good job! I have so much writing to do!

Brad moving meal




Debbie sensibleHad such fun on air this week – what with Christmas and all, and lovely Antthony and some of my favourite people and guests.

But… amidst all of the regular goings on, have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes? Well, for a recent fashion hour, there was I, waiting patiently on the catwalk to do my tease, and I found a way to make the crew laugh! So here’s what they could see – just before the cameras cut to my strutting up the catwalk… if you look closely you can spot a reason why I’m particularly glad I didn’t do it live on air! Hehe! And look out below for Charlie’s bit of mischief with a head-wrap! See bloopers!



Peep Pole Pose



Riwisi – my weekly look at all things book.

RIWISI Over on my website blog this week, the book of the week is going to help anyone wanting to actually earn a living out of writing novels. Joanna Penn is a bit of a guru for me, and her new publication is the result of seven years of being both and author and a consultant. Her website is great too, check it out – there are tons of podcasts to listen to. Go here to find out for more about ‘Business for Authors – How to be an Author Entrepreneur’ by Joanna Penn.

Also on my website this week – Jo Cannon – one girl’s gripping story about getting her super publishing deal and an agent plus:
– Links to all my books and how to get involved in the upcoming freebie short story anthology for Hallowe’en and the online Facebook party.
– How to get my new book out on Monday (29th)  – Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – The ‘When’ Diet.


BOOKSIt’s all on my website! Just go here to read all about it! On my riwisi blog on my website










Near miss inversion pic– Here is Monday’s B2U show in its entirety (22nd) incl a keep fit special and Debbie goes upside down! A near miss blooper – I’ll choose a different top next time! Lol







– To find out more about the brand new updated eBook version of TTFLS – out Monday 29th . Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – the ‘When’ diet’ – includes up to date info, testimonials and some cool links to added material not previously available! It’s how I’ve been losing weight recently, in addition to toning up with bodyblade, leg master, dog walks and yoga stretch! Go here to the new page on my website for links and testimonials!

Debbie Flint TTFLS
– Plus – Q&A webchats with Stacey YBF, Joy the model, Marv the presenter and Alison O’Reilly the jewellery Skagen guest! What did they say? Find out in Monday’s B2U blog here.

– This Monday 8-9pm, on ‘Back to You QVC’ facebook group (links are all below) guess who are the special guests, joining our webchat?! None other than lovely Renee and Fiona from Decleor! Join us now, to be able to access the chat on Monday evening, just before my final B2U live show on QVC!


Bodyblade - 432954Grab the Remote! Sneaky peek – Then, once the series is over, you won’t have long to wait till the next one-minute challenge! Yes, on Saturday 4th October at 3pm – Bodyblade Bruce is back – there’ll be a whole hour with me and him and a full six minute super six session! Don’t miss it! And get yours now so you don’t miss joining in the challenge!








H20 mopSneaky peek – Friday night midnight next week (3rd) it’ll be your chance to steam clean your whole home on a 30 day money back guarantee – with the new H20 X5 steam mop with aaccessoriesbundle – great value and not to be missed if you’re in ‘autumn cleaning’ mode!

Shhh! – Monday 11pm (29th) once I’ve recovered from the final B2U show, I have a Mally beauty hour – with – apparently – another one of those ‘one show only’ type bargains! Yay! Join me! I’m going to ask her to be a guest on the B2U chats – as they’ll be continuing even when the series ends!




Antthony was such fun again this visit – bless him – he’s such a gent! We had a scream again – here’s the whole show if you missed it! Look out about half way through when he loses it – again!


JackieKablerAnother signed author in our midst How proud are we that our very own Jackie Kabler has also got a three book deal for her very first novel – a cosy crime set in a newsroom! Well done Jackie!











Oh and a near miss – whilst the inversion pic is above, here’s the near-blooper – phew! Close one! Next time I’ll wear a tighter fitting bra! Lol! Ps if only you’d seen what happened just before the cameras cut to me! I’d swivelled almost vertical and couldn’t get up! Haha! They rushed on to help me with ten seconds to go! How funny!

Blooper 2 – And here’s the funniest thing – Charlie’s up to mischief again! I actually LOL’d at this ! (laugh out loud). He’s soooo funny sometimes!


This week on qvc –

This Weekend’s TSV’s –
– Saturday’s bargain of the day is the great value Dyson DC50, Sunday’s is a brilliant NuFACE device for facial toning if your jowls are an issue. Monday (29th) brings us a super cozy duvet set from Cozy Home.
– Alpha-H on Saturday! 6pm (26th) with Anne and the lovely Tom guesting – I have read some great reviews on Facebook ‘I’m a QVCUK Queen’ group lately about the Alpha-H eye complex dealing successfully with someone’s milia – hope you catch the offers!

Back to you last show

– Final Back to You show at 9pm on Monday (29th) incl the famous one minute challenge. Plus the winner of the great September B2U email comp (closes midday Monday – go here to enter if you’re in time.) And on Monday 8-9pm the Facebook chat is going to be exciting – (see above)!

molton brown

–  Tues night midnight – Molton Brown TSV! – will it last the day? We think not – get in early!

Watch– This fab Bronzo Italia watch – I’ve seen it, it’s gorgeous! Catch me wearing it Monday onwards!





– And don’t forget Bodyblade is back next weekend – Fri 3rd, 11am with Craigy and Sat 4th, 3pm with me!



Me and GinettaGinetta Catch Up – lovely supper after Tuesday’s show with my pal from Tuscany, in the Coach and Horses pub off Kew Green, two mins from QVC. Nice pub hotel – must stay there sometime!


DaisyDaisy does doggy-slippers My funny Labrador (Escape Dog) helped me keep my chilly feet a bit more toasty this week, as I sat writing! She’s funny!






BSB Dr Who weekendDr Who Weekend is 24 Remember BSB? Well it’s 24 yrs since the famous Dr Who weekend I co-hosted with my pal Shyama in the old QVC studios prior to QVC moving in, in 1990. With John Nathan Turner, an ex producer of Dr Who, it was a good laff and ground-breaking in its day, back when no one really showed repeats like they do now. Memories!






Blue bee Blue banded bee– Thanks to ‘wol’ who emailed me this link – there are apparently turquoise Bees in Australia and New Zealand who do the ‘buzz dance’ to release the pollen from their plants! And they’re quite solitary bees too, it says. And Deborah means ‘bee’ in Hebrew – so he thought of me and send me it! Who’d have ‘bee-lieved’ it! Haha! Go here.



BCC SELFIEBest friend selfie time – yes we’ve got a ‘thing’ going on @QVCUK with a hashtag #BCCBestie – accompanying pics of your best friend! Or in my case – friends! So here’s me with the first two – LJ Rich and Gill Sandford – plus my daughter, my sis, my bruvva, and so many more! Post yours, and cc @qvcuk on twitter!




Debbie and sister – Me and my sister ‘my sis Linda Bignell!






Debbie and Gill  now– Me and Gill, the first pic is from the 80’s and this one is from this year!




Facebook funny

Facebook funny – Sorry – couldn’t resist! Lol!








WATCH – Billy Elliot the Musical is on in cinemas this weekend! The theatre production team are broadcasting a live showing at various venues. I loved the original film and would love to go to see the theatre show too, but when you’ve seen the movie, sometimes it’s hard to justify the high prices in the West End. So an alternative is – see it being beamed live into cinemas around the country! Live on Sunday 28th and then an ‘encore’ soon after – check local cinemas. Here’s the link to find out more and here’s the trailer!


Downton is Back But of course it’s Downton that’s on everyone’s lips. (Don’t miss your fave QVC shows – record Downton so you can peruse at your leisure! Or watch it on catch up) !
Love the era – it’s a period I’m studying at the moment in order to research the ‘French or Dutch’ novel I’m writing with a script-writing partner – around the early twenties. They’re not quite roaring yet, but they’re beginning to growl a little in Downton! Enjoy it!


Next week another wedding – this time my middle bro Derek’s to lovely Amanda, in Kent. And Till the Fat Lady Slims book will be out – wonder if I’ll have any more amazing testimonials?

Have a spiffing week!

Best wishes


*P.S. TiFFT = Try it For the First Time club!
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  1. Sharon September 28, 2014 at 7:47 am -  Reply

    Brilliant x

  2. Pauline Houghton October 1, 2014 at 2:39 pm -  Reply

    Love your blog, it always entertains me x

  3. Lynne sneddon October 1, 2014 at 3:09 pm -  Reply

    Brilliant blog and thanks for sharing the clip of Charlie as I missed it when he did it live.

    Already purchased the new TTFLS 2.0 The when Diet. Fabulous book 😀 xxx

  4. Dawn October 1, 2014 at 8:32 pm -  Reply

    Thank you Debbie, I always enjoy reading your blog ! Good luck to your Son 🙂 P.s i love the huge clock your were putting up on the wall, Very stylish xx

  5. LouIsemarkey October 22, 2014 at 10:59 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie loved your blog. It cheered me up on a cold morning. You are looking great with your figure.

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