Our TomTom competition winners are…



A huge thanks to all of you who got involved and shared your embarrassing stories to celebrate TomTom's fantastic Today's Special Value offer last Sunday.

Our friends at TomTom have picked their favourites and we're happy to announce that our lucky winners are; Wendy Clayton, Jacqueline Richardson, Heather Harrison, Jenny Long and Denise Bevan.

Keep an eye on your emails, ladies, as we will be in touch with all of you to get your QVC membership details so that we can credit your accounts with your £200 prize.


Read all of our winning entries below.

Wendy Clayton

My sister was at uni in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and I set off from Yorkshire for a visit, a journey of about 120 miles and I had told her I would be there at tea time.

Off I went up the A1, well I don't know what I did wrong but after 3 hours driving and me thinking I should be nearly there I saw a sign that said Carlisle, my geography isn't that good but I know that it is the other side of the country.

I had to stop, get the (out of date) road map from the boot and try and work out where I was and where I needed to go.  It was getting dark and raining so I had to ring my Dad to get some directions, drive for a bit, stop, ring Dad, drive, stop, ring Dad, you get the picture?

Needless to say my next birthday one of my presents was a TomTom, which now stays in the car and is used regularly.  I need a new one though with free lifetime updates.

Jacqueline Richardson

A few years back, a few days before Christmas, and after being in a VERY long queue at the Eurotunnel, we found ourselves behind an elderly couple struggling to input details into the checking in machine, after 10 minutes I got out of the car to see if I could help, after a very confused conversation, I found out they were trying to pay into the machine, what they thought was the toll for the DARTFORD TUNNEL!! 

They were completely  and utterly lost…we used our Tom Tom  to set directions, to enable them to get back on course, which we could'nt have done if we had'nt got one, they were sooo very greatful.  Since then our granson now just 18 and  VERY recently passed his driving test, has  "borrowed" our one to help him get about on his week-end job, Sooooooooo,  we are now on the look out for a new one, and it HAS to be a  reliable TOM TOM…..hope I'm lucky  🙂 x

Heather Harrison

Many years ago, a friend and I were in beautiful Passau in Bavaria and decided to visit the museum high on the bank of the river. We seemed to be the only visitors until we got to the top of some stone steps, where several people were kneeling, which struck us as rather odd. Going further into the courtyard, it became rather apparent that we had, in fact, barged our way into a convent…we'd been holding the map upside down and the museum was on the opposite bank. And this is why I should use a TomTom and not a map.

Jenny Long

When I was very young
Going in the car was much not fun
Mum and Dad would always fight
About which way to go – left or right?
They always missed the exit for the blasted M25
Mum getting angry, Dad shouting 'Shut up and drive!'
Then one day it got unbearable
I think mum said something quite terrible
Cos dad bailed out of the car
Walked off in a huff, got quite far
Everyone around us, pointing, staring
Horns honking us, noisy, blaring
I curled up in ball, going foetal
Trying to hide in the back foot well of Mum and Dad's old beetle
Oh TomTom, such agonies you could have saved me
If I'd been able to buy you from QVC in 1980.

Denise Bevan

I was driving my Aunt and me from Taunton to Weymouth on a very foggy night. Unfortunately ahead of us had been an accident on the A303 and a policeman was waving his arms and diverting the traffic onto a very small road.

Having no idea where I was I said to my Aunt "that guy in front drives like he knows where he's going so I'll keep him in my sights & follow him" We drove for a good few miles wending our way on this tiny road, left, right, left.

On one left turn his brake lights lit up so I immediately braked and stopped behind him. He got out &asked where I was heading & I replied "Weymouth and you?" to which he replied "home and I'm here, this is my drive!" As you can imagine I was mortified and if I'd had a Tom tom I would have avoided such an embarrassing moment!!

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