Ancestry hobby, QVC Christmas shoot and ‘The Scapegoat’


QVC presenters and models at the Christmas promo shootThis week…
Christmas comes early in QVC land! Behind the scenes at this year's Christmas promo shoot
Fanny Flint – finding ancient ancestors online!
More QVC bloopers
And some great catch-up TV – ITV's 'The Scapegoat'

Christmas in September
Wow – how time flies – that time of year again I guess, when the summer garden furniture starts to be put away, the fruit is all being harvested and… the QVC presenters go playing in the snow! Lol!

Really? Yes really! Our Christmas promo shoot was in Wandsworth where I met up with seven other hosts – yes 7! – and three of our lovely models. Such a rare occasion to see us all together in one place!

Now all actual Christmas images are strictly embargoed for the time being, so this is a little speedy behind the scenes look at the lounge area being used to get us all ready for the Christmassy pics and fun.

Suffice it to say a good time was had by all – even if it was mainly only due to being able to have a good gossip with so many of my colleagues all in one place! Some of us originals were trying to recall the last time we were all all together in one place, and we came up with two. One of them was the New Year shoot at the end of 2000 where every presenter (including Paul Lavers, Katy John, Dean Wilson, Rob Locke and Kara Baker – remember any of them?) were also there.

But there was another very significant one, around summer 1998 – when every presenter met in the middle of the night (so no one was left out by being on air) – to create something very special for our 5th Anniversary. Do you remember what it was? Do leave me a comment below if you do!


A Flint called Fanny – yes, really!
This week, I took a trip down memory lane by joining up to For a tenner a month, or so, you can gain access to all sorts of official records – birth, death and marriage indexes, and most fascinating of all, the censuses. The most recent is 1911, which shows where the person you are researching lived, who with, their ages, and even their occupations! How amazingly intriguing!

Years ago I did an evening class teaching you how to trace your family tree – a painstakingly slow process back then. You'd order a certificate after spending hours locating the right one at St Catherine's house, (just round the corner from LSE where I went to uni) which came a few days later. Well hey presto – nowadays, due to the wonders of modern technology, within two hours this week I'd not only traced back to the previous point, I'd gone two generations further back than that!

The Flint family treeAnd yes, there in the middle of it all, was the proof that I have indeed got an ancient relative called Fanny Flint, who married Henry Flint (my great-great granddad) around 1864. Funnier still, guess what her maiden name was… Tidey! Lolol!

Now I'm filling in the gaps including using other people's family trees! You can contact them and share findings. I'm finding it's quite addictive, and has kept me up late finding more connections! Will keep you informed.

Debbie, Lauren and Brad This week it was my lovely Lauren's 23rd birthday celebrations, which included one by the Thames in Richmond which her man Nick organised as a surprise. The biggest surprise being that Brad turned up too! She was delighted!

It was also a lovely sunny day, when I walked through the grounds outside our new Chiswick Park studios last week – just see how pretty it looks in the end-of-summer sunshine. There are often swans and ducks and even massive fish in that pond!
Peaceful Chiswick
I must say now that we're all settled in here, it's far preferable to grey old Battersea. I'm told the old Marco Polo building is being pulled down now, for flats – anyone seen it as you go by on the Victoria overground train past Battersea Dogs Home and the power station? What's happening?

Facebook funny – this week it's also a Marlene moment – from her Facebook page a while back, this pic of a mischievous mooli! Or a dirty daikon – you Dirty daikon!decide! Hehe!

Blooper time
OK, by popular demand, and much against my better instincts, a snippet from that infamous Debbie Attempts Zumba show which I did last week… you have been warned!

Otherwise, go here to see a little funny from one of Catherine's craft shows this week – bless her! Don't forget to let me know if you spot any others on air! Leave a comment below if you do!


WATCH – this week, I thoroughly enjoyed a superb two-hour one-off drama 'The Scapegoat', starring Matthew Rhys ('Brothers and Sisters') as a dastardly doppelganger who swaps lives with a well-meaning teacher and makes him assume his identity as an aristocrat on the brink of financial ruin.

It was really well acted and utterly enchanting with its period setting from the 1950s. A good 8.75 out of 10 – that's high for me! See if you can find it on ITV player – well worth a watch! Or if you saw it, did you like it too?


QVC – this week I are mostly been using the Honestly Healthy book, which has much of the same principles from macrobiotics, and is still available on QVC (item 701333). It's all about alkalizing your body for health. Kelly Hoppen told me about it as it's her daughter who co-wrote it!

Highlights from the week ahead will include New York Event day on Friday, with a stylish, slimming, Dennis Basso fitted mac which I'm launching midnight on Thursday. And after a few days away in the campervan this weekend, (including a family party with Mr Back-of-My-Tandem in Ely), I'm back on air on Thursday night next week.

Anyway have a great week and do drop by again next week, when I hope to have another cinema review – maybe the new Meryl Streep film 'Hope Springs'!! And don't forget to leave me that comment below, especially if you have any funny ancestors in your own tree! (Details on how to do so can be found on my blog homepage at the top).

Best wishes,


  1. Susan September 14, 2012 at 6:17 pm -  Reply

    Hehe that will never leave my memory Debs! Fabulous name!! Or unfortunate lol. I hope you have a nice weekend away – WHO is this Mr Back of my Tandem?? Is he a boyfriend? Odd name lol!
    Susan x

  2. martin forbes September 15, 2012 at 9:43 pm -  Reply

    i remember katy kara baker paul lavers and katy john dean wilson and rob locke i have some old paul on vhs i think qvcs 3rd bday also with julia one tape with rob and jewelley and on with katy alos from vhs.
    Hope you are well.

  3. Nigel September 16, 2012 at 1:40 am -  Reply

    Debs – Enjoyed Coldplay’s London gig last weekend ! – some of those weird machines reminded me of the wind powered contraptions on
    Better luck with that link ! – previous one was Colin Jackson/Denise Lewis/Michael Johnson going crazy as Mo Farah won the 10000m and in complete contrast to John Inverdale who was trying to listen to his talkback !
    See the V&A are doing a Bowie retrospective in March – u never know they might do one for Kate Bush someday ! – think the first ever 45rpm vinyl I bought was his ‘Laughing Gnome’ single which went AWOL ages ago but can now reminisce thanks to Youtube.
    Bfn, Nige :))

  4. Cheryl Williams September 16, 2012 at 9:22 pm -  Reply

    I love reading your blogs Debs they always bring a smile to my face. Only you could have a relative called Fanny Tidey!! Good job her husband wasnt called John Thomas!!
    I remember the QVC presenters doing a CD one year but can’t remember the year.
    Have a great week especially your mini break in the motorhome.
    Take care
    Love Cheryl

  5. Debs f September 17, 2012 at 4:34 pm -  Reply

    Susan – haha! If u read back to my end march blogs you’ll see why he was called Mr Back of My Tandem. And yes he’s kind of been on the scene ever since! A good friend indeed! Just like Craigy! And Rocker Nigel and Composer Kevski, I’ve got some good male pals!
    Had a lovely weekend a. More next week! X

  6. Debs f September 17, 2012 at 4:34 pm -  Reply

    Martin – u have a good memory! And a good VHS collection!

  7. Debs f September 17, 2012 at 4:37 pm -  Reply

    Cheryl – I know! Trust me eh! Lol.
    It was 1998 and it was indeed the only time to my knowledge that every single qvc presenter at the time, has been in one place and noone’s on air! I think anyway. Unless anyone knows any different?
    We recorded it after I came off air at 2am. It was a great experience. The Locomotion. Haha!
    Well done – long memory!

  8. Debs f September 17, 2012 at 4:39 pm -  Reply

    Nigel – will try to get those links when am on laptop n not on iPad – some vids just don’t open!
    Thanks for your packed reply, fab as ever!
    Would be great if they DID do a Kate bush display in museum eh! Lol. And I saw the Mo Farrah thing live – funny!

  9. emm November 4, 2012 at 7:40 pm -  Reply

    Debbie, can you tell me what make up you have been using for about the last week, especially but not only the lipstick as it is a gorgeous shade. Also, could you let me know where you get your hair done as I want to add different shades to my colour and I really like the way yours is done – its nice and subtle. Thank you

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