An overdue catch up and a sky diving Mother in Law


Gosh talk about going from one extreme to another, I got back from our break in Ireland and then pretty much worked every day since Saturday, so much so that my blog is a day late, so sorry for that, better late than never eh? It’s all good though, it’s been a fun packed week at work with lots of nice shows. I also got to have a little fun too on Monday after work as an old friend was in town to catch up.

Back when I first met Fred he worked in the windsurfing industry and there was many a day where I got dragged along and often left standing on a windy beach while Fred and his mates and colleagues took on the wind and surf. Thankfully there were a number of other girlfriends who weren’t into windsurfing to keep me company. I tried my hand at windsurfing but it just wasn’t for me, too much faffing about!! Two of these lovely ladies were Anna, who you’ve seen on here many times before and Kara who’s dad ran the UK Windsurfing Association.

Thank goodness for these girls as it would have been a very boring time indeed! We were 15 years younger and free to party at all the events and shows and we had an absolute blast. One by one we got married and had babies and, as was inevitable, we all grew up a little! The windsurfing has got less and less over the years but our friendships have stood the test of time, even though we don’t get to hang out like we did back then. Kara and I however haven’t been able to catch up since we both had our second daughters as I wasn’t in town last time she came to visit, so this was particularly lovely.

Our girls ran off playing almost immediately as if they have all been friends for years and they would have played till midnight if we had let them. Anna’s eldest boys now all seem so grown up compared to the little ones but they all just loved being together, as did we. Let’s hope it’s not quite so long until we get to all hang out together again. I can’t believe we actually managed to get some pictures too where we are all just about looking in the right direction, believe me there was a lot of ones that didn’t make the cut, it was like herding cats!

At QVC –

Meanwhile back at work I had a lovely show on QVC Style with Frankie Park. Many of you will have known Frankie for years as one of our fabulous models but you may not have caught her yet as one of our latest fashion guests. It was an obvious transition for Frankie with her years in the model industry as her knowledge of styling and experience of silhouettes is excellent. I think she adds a really nice dynamic to the style shows and she’s a pleasure to work with. Have you caught any of her shows? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

I also wanted to give a moment to this Ghost dress because I just adored it. The colour, the shape, the shoulder pads!!! It’s called the Meryl and we actually have it in another softer pink too which is really elegant. I am wearing the medium and I am generally a size 12. I did make sure to wear shapewear with this though as satin has a tendency to show every lump and bump no matter what size you are.

In Beauty – Illamasqua

This week I have been trying out a brand that is completely new to me, Illamasqua. I have never used it before and only recently saw it on QVC for the first time. They are renowned in the beauty world for bold, creative looks and so I was keen to give them a try. I was not disappointed.

Firstly, I tried the Iconic Chrome Eyeshadow Duo. This is so much fun and perfect for a really dramatic look. Chrome is the right word for it as it is a very strong metallic look. It’s easy to apply but strong in pigment so you may want to start softly. I applied it with my fingers and then buffed it around the edges with a brush. I used the rose gold shade on the lids and then went into the sockets with the deeper pink. This is party make-up for sure but you could also use just a little on top of other matt colours to make your eyes pop.

Next up, The Elemental Pallet. When it comes to make up there is little as satisfying than opening a new pallet. Fresh, clean and full of a world of potential! When I opened it I found it hard to decide which to go for first, do I go purples and plums or greys or even the orange? I was intrigued by the mustardy tone so I decided to give that a try with the browns. I started with a light shade across the lid and was instantly struck by the formulation, it’s very fine but glides on with no drop off. I was instantly loving it. I built the socket up with the mustardy tone and a deeper brown and was really pleased with how it blended. I felt it was the perfect amount of pigment to play with and build. I added a black liner and then my usual Roller Lash Mascara from Benefit.

To finish off the look I added the OMG Beyond Powder Highlighter. I swept it along cheekbones, down my nose and a little on the cupid’s bow and even a touch just under my brow. I really liked this look and will be recreating it this Saturday night, we have a babysitter and we are going out!!!!

In Style – Phase Eight

I think when it comes to a capsule wardrobe it’s really wise to have a few different styles of white shirt. A classic fitted shirt for layering is a must but also something a little looser and more casual is a bonus. That’s where this Phase Eight Coleen Star Shirt comes into play. It doesn’t cling to the body so you can feel laid back, but because of the sweet star print you have something a little more interesting going on with it. The rather relaxed elbow length sleeve is great for this time of year.

I was wearing it simply with some smart tracksuit bottoms but it’s perfect for jeans and perhaps even a black leather pencil skirt. It’s not really one for tucking in so keep it loose and enjoy the coolness of it. I wore it buttoned to the top but some of you will prefer to have it unbuttoned. I will be getting a lot of wear out of this shirt.

Coming up at QVC –

Set a reminder in your phones for next week as we have a Summer Sale event coming your way on the 21st! It’s always a good time to stock up on things that perhaps are practical and help get you organised! So with that in mind, if you are thinking about storage solutions then there is a set of two Periea Storage Boxes as our Today’s Special Value that day. What’s really good about these boxes is that they have a reinforced metal frame that unfolds inside to create a sturdy shaped box. It even has a window in the side so you know exactly who’s in there without having to unzip the top.

As you can see I didn’t get very far in managing to fill mine with towels and bedding, or even all my knitwear, because Tilda and Ivy commandeered them within seconds of me bringing them out of the packet and used them for watching telly in. What is it about kids and boxes? Tilda begged me to let her have one for her toys. I may just let her but I still really want to use them for bedding and spare duvets etc. so we shall see.

Special Mention

This week I have to make a special mention of my Mother in Law, who well in to her 70’s, did a sponsored tandem sky dive for RAFA (the RAF Association)!!! Can you believe it?! Tilda and Ivy are VERY impressed with their action hero Granny, as are Fred and I. She raised over £1400 and we all think she is brilliant for doing it. Massive well done Anne, we also love the purple jumpsuit.

That’s it from me, I am off this weekend and as I said above Fred and I have a babysitter for Saturday night so we are actually going to venture out, at night, without kids!!!!! What’s the betting we are zonked by 10.30pm and are back home with our slippers on? Wish me luck!

As always you can keep up with me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Lots of Love Katy xxx


  1. Anne Willis August 16, 2019 at 1:21 pm -  Reply

    WOW you’ve been busy.
    Enjoy Saturday-sure you will ❤️
    Life’s been interesting as I was at Antiques Roadshow in Northern Ireland where I was filmed with Fred’s Grand Dad’s Top Secret DDAY Operation orders for Juno beach which the minesweeper he commanded, swept.
    Thanks for making me famous- I’m dining out on my Moment of Madness – enjoying👍😍

  2. Elizabeth Keenan August 18, 2019 at 3:36 pm -  Reply

    Hiya Katy, love your blog as always. Well done to Granny Anne how amazing her doing that, loved her purple outfit very nice. Enjoy your night out on Saturday with Fred. Well done to Frankie watched her with Anne Dawson last night she did fantastic, well done to her as well.
    Much love
    Elizabeth 💕

    • Frankie Park January 22, 2020 at 10:46 am -  Reply

      Hello Elizabeth – its only taken me 6 months to see this; I’m so sorry 🙂 but thank you so much, it’s really touching how much support I have received from all you lovelies, I really do appreciate it xxx

  3. Kezza August 21, 2019 at 6:07 am -  Reply

    Hello! Where are the shoes from you wore on 20/8 on the style channel. They were a grey/silver snake print.
    Many thanks.

    • Katy Pullinger September 12, 2019 at 2:22 pm -  Reply

      Hi Kezza, sorry for the slow reply! The shoes would have been my Vionic ones, item 179297.

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