An Imedeen offer and this year’s goal


I’m writing this on Sunday evening, having just watched the GB Men’s 4 x 100m relay team power to victory in the European Championships, winning the final gold medal of what has been an exciting and engaging multi sport event. I’ve always enjoyed sport, whether watching it or taking part myself, and this time I watched one of the events- rowing – rather more closely than usual.
I like to set myself a personal challenge each year, just to keep myself on my toes as I get older. Last year was open water swimming which I wrote about in a blog last summer.

My choice this year was inspired by where I’ve lived for almost thirty years – near the River Thames. In recent years I’ve thought I should take advantage of the location and learn to row and in May this year I finally organised myself on to a ‘learn to row’ programme at Marlow Rowing Club.

I was learning in a boat with three other women of a certain age (although I think I’m the most ‘certain’ of us all, if you get what I mean!) taught by fabulous Jayne who would yell at us in her wonderful Welsh accent when we did things wrong – which at the beginning was most of the time.

We are world leaders in the competitive sport and our British crews make it look so easy but I can assure you, it’s not! It’s incredibly technical with loads to learn about getting the action correct – I thought I knew what to do as I have rowed on the machines in the gym before, but I had to think again! The boats are pretty unstable so getting wet is always an unpopular option, and one of the most important things is to keep in perfect time with the others in the boat.

But after weeks of learning and then being moved to the ‘improvers’ group (hurrah!) I was offered the opportunity to take part in a regatta. I haven’t done anything competitive for years but thought I’d give it a go and yesterday was the day.

I felt really nervous before the race – the main reason being that if I mess up, I ruin it for the other three members of the crew. I’ve usually taken part in individual events where the success or failure is totally down to me. Now I had other people relying on me…

It was really only meant to be a bit of fun, and the four of us in the boat had only had one practice session together so we couldn’t expect too much, but if you’re going to do it, you may as well put your all into it.

In the end, we had a fabulous time. We swept into the lead early on in our heat and we pulled together so well we won by a good two lengths. I felt totally exhilarated – it was such a good feeling to move through the water with rhythm and timing, all together. The crowd was cheering and my first taste of regatta rowing was a success.

Sadly we couldn’t quite match that performance in the final and we were beaten by Eton Excelsior Rowing Club in the final, but no matter, I might be hooked!

So, I’m doing my best to keep my body working as well as possible for as long as possible, but how about my face? My skin? I’m 58 and well into the menopause, a time when a woman’s skin can suffer all sorts of issues and it’s a fact that the scaffolding for our skin structure, the protein collagen, is less abundant as we age. As the years pass, we can have less moisture in our skin, we lose smoothness and suppleness, the youthful plumpness of our face fades and ultimately, our skin wrinkles.

There are things we can do to help slow the process – sun protection and good skin care are important – and we can also work from the inside out. Beauty supplements have become popular in recent years, and one of the first on the market is Imedeen.

It was developed in the late 1980s by a Swedish biochemist who observed that certain marine extracts taken orally could help protect and restore the structure and function of the skin. This effect has been shown in clinical study and, just as importantly, by the many women who take the supplements and would never want to be without them.

Actress Joanna Lumley, who looks amazing for her age, often mentions Imedeen when talking in the media about her beauty regime, and my fellow presenters Jill Franks and Jackie Kabler are both regular users too.

On Wednesday this week, our guest for the range Emma Minderides will be bringing a fabulous Imedeen Today’s Special Value offer of four months supply at a very special price. Even if you’re sceptical, it’s worth a look as it comes with a QVC 120 day money back guarantee. This is because you do need to be patient before you notice a difference, but many people (86% of people in one study) experience a visible skin improvement in twelve weeks.

Emma has a machine that demonstrates what healthy skin looks like under the surface, and she will describe why collagen is so important. If you’re at all interested, do try to join us on the Morning Show at 9am on Wednesday, alternatively at midnight, 1pm, 4pm, 8pm or 10pm.

And talking of Wednesday, I’ll also be there at 10am with another fix of Morning Style. I’m delighted that my guest will be Ashling McCloy and we’ll be talking about lots of our regular brands but also some designers we see less often including Ghost, Betty & Co and new name Caterina Lancini. Hope you can join us!

Best wishes to you, and take care

Kathy x


  1. Susan August 14, 2018 at 4:55 pm -  Reply

    Hi Kathy,
    Congratulations! You’re amazing! I love your physical challenges! You look amazing in your rowing gear and clearly having a ball! I was thinking of you during the games and I’m sure you still remember all your competitions. They don’t leave us!
    Hope Zoe was well last week x

  2. Judith Dunster August 17, 2018 at 6:45 am -  Reply

    Well done Cathy xx

  3. Katie August 23, 2018 at 9:56 pm -  Reply

    Hi Kathy
    Great to see that Modern Pentathlete from yester-year back to doing one of the things she does best – competing with style!!!
    Well done!!!

  4. Elizabeth Keenan August 24, 2018 at 9:19 pm -  Reply

    Hiya Kathy
    Well done you.
    Always fancied having a try at rowing but don’t think I would have the stamina for it.
    You are looking great.
    Much love
    Elizabeth 💕

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