An escape to Tenerife


My Escape to Tenerife was so good for the soul! There’s nothing like a little escape with the girlies to the sun (well reputedly the sun always shines Tenerife, except it didn’t but we found the shops so all was well). What a tonic, we chattered non stop, covered a massive variety of topics from… well actually quite a lot which ought not to be written about here! We reawakened memories of our other lives as dancers (and a model)… oh it made the brain fog clear and allow things to be recalled that had laid dormant for so long it was wonderful, and the three years since we did it last time had better not be three years again. Dan dealt admirably with all at home, or so he tells me! When he pops off to ski in January he will no doubt remind me of this escape I had!

Claire Sutton

It didn’t start out so well with a 3am alarm call, a freezing trip to Gatwick and then horror of horrors, the confiscation of my toiletries… what’s with the one plastic bag rule? I had x2 so had to play Russian Roulette with my choices of what to give up and what to keep! (Makes me wonder what really is the desert island product… or products, so long as they fit in the plastic bag for us all.) No way was the shampoo and conditioner nor the moisturiser and serum being left, or the Ultrasun face of course,  so I grudgingly said farewell to my new cleanser, my new Glimmer Ultrasun and my eye serum on the assurance from Mellony I could use hers! My security lady was obviously not a QVC type, else she would have well understood the need for ALL my bottles (she did at least give me a sympathetic look) and I did manage to hide my extra handbag (not allowed on the flight  under my Helene Berman coat I had draped over my arm, so I guess I lost and I won in equal measures!!!

I succumbed to a blow dry in Tenerife. I know it’s almost a swear word to me, but with Abby Horne’s words ringing in my ear “you’ve got to close that cuticle Claire, leaving it to dry is simply drying it out.” I thought let’s do this and trotted in behind Mellony who assured me it would be ok… it was, it looked great for days so I can see the benefit of the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer after all – it’s kinder than the one my lady used!

Claire Sutton

The sun did appear… on our last day, so I was most grateful I had kept hold of my Ultrasun face.

The girlie theme continued with a lovely day out to Cambridge, school Mummies, not that we see much of each other now we have teens! The topics were: social media, GCSEs, Universities and “help me choose a great eyeshadow, which face cream is the best and which body scrub shall I buy?”!

I’m flattered they think I am the font of all knowledge, but let’s face it, these past 19 years of handling the best there is in the world of beauty at QVC has not gone unnoticed.

December is full of diary dates – and already I’m answering every request with the words “no idea unless my diary is in front of me”.

What with Maddie’s pantomime schedule on top of all the usual, my diary is covered with circled times, names and usually requires a diary meeting with Dan to finalise who is doing which bit re all the appointments, if I can pin him down that is, who’d have thought a landscaper would be in such demand in December.

I have done well, so far with Christmas preparations… tho how flipping brilliant is QVC’s 0800 534333 number (Theresa, one of my followers @clairesuttonqvc, reminded me on Twitter it’s our track your EZ pays line) I now feel in control and all are logged in the diary – see, even more scribbles in that diary! It’s important at this time of year to keep vigilant with our finances isn’t it and as I spent ages tracking down two mysterious items in my account I then ordered the Scanner Guard as a prevention against possible fraudulent activities – I was ok, I sussed out the transactions luckily but keep on checking won’t you all?

The Pia Rossini Gigi scarf  is my latest addition of gorgeousness – three of the girls in Cambridge were sporting similar and I noticed lots around. I think ours is just a bit more exciting and unusual plus is currently reduced so could make a great present.

I can’t list here all my purchases I have made from QVC for Christmas as I know my blog is read by some of my friends and family!!!

All I know is the Today’s Special Value coming up from Gatineau the Sunday after next (17th December) will be added to that list.


It will be featuring two NEW items (I had a lab sample sent… all very cloak and daggers, we weren’t allowed to tell you much but… after trialling I can safely say WOW! In fact I think I said that on the first use of the eye product – oops I’m not really sure I’m allowed to tell you even that!)

Once I know if I can I’ll quickly report back in with my findings !

Till then, sending lots of crazy, busy love from Claire xxx


  1. theresa December 7, 2017 at 4:19 pm -  Reply

    Loved your blog and nice to hear you all enjoyed your mini break. I have all my christmas gifts wrapped and cards wrote out, now I’m in birthday mode but looking forward to christmas. Pleased I reminded you about the easy pay and order track number as you said it helps you see when things go out of our accounts. Hope you enjoy the run up to christmas and all goes well with Maddies show.

  2. Josephine Jennings December 7, 2017 at 5:32 pm -  Reply

    Wow Claire sounds very James Bond. Happy to hear about you protecting with scanner guard we both use them.

  3. Claire Sutton December 8, 2017 at 4:07 pm -  Reply

    Theresa, not one card , nor one wrapped gift …yet, Good for you! And yes it allows you to focus on the Birthday as you should,
    Much love, Maddies first shows this weekend, aaah she’s rehearsed well I’m sure she will be fab xxx

  4. Claire Sutton December 8, 2017 at 4:08 pm -  Reply

    Thanks Josephine, can’t be too careful can we! Xx

  5. Christine December 11, 2017 at 9:52 pm -  Reply

    Look as is if you’re enjoying yourself. Friend of mine got scammed over the phone thinking it was the bank, she lost a lot of money. Another tip if you do Skype the camera it is on it they can see what you type. So we have tape the camera up.
    Merry Christmas to you. X

  6. Claire Sutton December 18, 2017 at 8:00 pm -  Reply

    Crikey Christine, that’s not good 🙁
    Merry Christmas to you xx

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