The Amazing Detector Dogs – just watch these clips!


This week was jam-packed– as usual!  Not only did I have a trip to see the amazing work done by the charity Medical Detector Dogs, who I’m supporting for my table top sale (info below), I’ve also been looking after my nieces.

Keep reading to find out how you can a free eBook in August, plus sneaky peeks including the Acer/Windows 10 launch next week, Lola Rose and Kelly Hoppen!


Nicer with Nieces

The nieces came to stay and we had such fun – mostly! You know what it’s like when little ones ship in – give up your need to have order, or to have ‘me time’, but the magic moments more than make up for it.

We went paddling in the stream at Abinger, had tea at the tea rooms twice, and walked the dogs. Lara and Izzy, my brother’s kids, are supremely well-behaved so it was a pleasure. It meant my bro and sis in law (SIL) could go on a needed weekend away. I remember those… Lol.

They’re so well-behaved and super cute. The kids, not my brother and SIL… lol. Lara is 9 and she managed (with my supervision) to make dinner using our Cook’s Essentials mini oven – she was very chuffed with herself!  One of my top purchases ever I think!

All in all a lovely weekend with the girls, and we were also joined by other rellys making it even more special and wasn’t the weather lovely?!


Delightful Detector Dogs

Then on Tuesday this week I was so chuffed and thrilled to visit the Medical Detector Dogs HQ in Milton Keynes – with just three weeks to go till my 8th August Table Top sale near Dorking which is supporting this incredible charity. They train clever pooches to detect when their owners need alerting, e.g. when blood sugar levels are going too high or too low – info here. NB I did a little update about it on my Facebook page (which anyone can read, you don’t have to be a member of a group but you can kindly ‘like’ the page if you choose!) including lots of pics. I wanted to go find out more about it, having met Christina from HQ at the Moonwalk event in May.

In their special premises in an old air craft hanger they train various animals to do different things. Here are some of them.


Here are a couple of videos I took when at the HQ this week:

Plus – watch and listen to Simba giving his owner Carolyn an alert when he detects her blood sugar is not right – he will keep doing this till she checks her blood. When I was there she had an alert – I’d never heard a noise like this from a Labrador, and I’ve had them for 16 years. He is supposed to alert her if her blood sugar goes below 5 or over 15. When she checked it it was 14.9. Amazing. She and others – including Chris Gardner, below – will be at my Table Top event!

Talking about the lovely charity did anyone see this coming? Lol!!

Chris Gardner and Jade Anyway I met some amazing animals who are helping humans be more human again, often following years of debilitating illness. Chris Gardner, aged 31 is one example how the Detector Dogs help him.  He has all sorts of medical problems including serious blood sugar issues and his wife had to inject him with lifesaving Glycogen every day – sometimes up to six times a day – or he would die. Before he met Jade (the detector dog) he was grey looking, frail and used a stick. Chris couldn’t play ball with his son and was on course for a troublesome future. Until he got given Jade six months ago.


Now she gently alerts him if she smells changes in his blood sugar – on his breath – in enough time to stop it going really low or too high. She alerts him dozens of times a day, if it goes below 5 or above 15. Nowadays, his most recent measurement (HBAIC ) went from a long-term high of up in the 80s (normal is around 15) to now being around mid 60s due to Jade’s ongoing care and the reduced fluctuations in his critical measurements on a daily basis. He doesn’t need his stick any more, he has put on weight and has a glow for life again. Recently at an open day for the charity he was on stage telling 250 people about his story when Jade nudged him, alerting him live on stage that he should take his bloods right there and then and she wouldn’t stop mithering him till he did. So he took them and lo and behold it was 3.  Read Chris Gardner’s story here.


I also met Flint the detector dog – he’s grown since being a puppy! Another update on him and another of the owners and incredible pets next week… The stories of hardships faced by the owners made me feel very humble though, and like, ‘I have no problems’ – know what I mean?

And great news – several members of the dog team will attend our Table Top sale! Do come if you can? Don’t forget you will be able to get your collagen scan done courtesy of Imedeen and you can get your UVA tested courtesy of Ultrasun! Plus afternoon teas and a bodyblade event and more! More info here.

Here’s how to donate to my fundraiser if you’d like to give even £5 – every little helps. Just click here and if you like, state whether you’d like to be entered into the general raffle or donate £20 and be entered into the premium raffle.



Paul Rudd is Ant Man I didn’t have time to WATCH it yet but here’s a trailer for one of my favourite actors’ new movies – Paul Rudd is ‘Ant Man’– playing against type for a change. Kind of. It’s a fun trailer and almost pokes fun at itself and the genre and I OF COURSE will be watching it at some point! I know I can’t rate it as yet, but, hey, any excuse to put shots of Paul Rudd on here, right? Hehe.

[Having trouble viewing this video? See YouTube’s Help page]

Back to You

Back to you

More on this week’s Back to You Blog on my website, which also has the web-chats with no less than four guests! Bruce, Adele SBC, Tom/Michelle Alpha H, and Doris Dalton. Go here.

Monday 20th web-chat sees my roomie, Chloe Everton, join us on our Facebook group, (links below) and we’ll also a make-up tutorial session with June from Makeup Junkies (including some videos)! Like this one – do join us at 8-9pm Monday night.


Debbie’s DeClutter – Final Stages

My clear out continues, but next week I will be away on my next writing holiday, hopefully binge-writing to finish the SFD (technical term – for writers haha!) basically the first draft, of ‘French or Dutch’. Long time in the making, I know. But end is in sight ‘cos house move will be over and done in three weeks’ time! Hard to imagine when this is my current view – half the stuff is in new house, half is in the old one! Lol!

Daisy my pog didn’t care – still wanted to play and I think has been trying to talk lately! And I met little Maggie the new next door neigh-pog, a nine week old cocker spaniel. Just have to keep away from the rest of the litter when daughter goes to see them or I’ll end up coming back with another one! No way I can do that – not in this new house, it’s all pristine.

new pup


RiWiSi – Raunchy Romance for 99p! My publisher Choc Lit informed me that as part of this week’s Prime Event on Amazon, my steamy novel ‘Take a Chance on Me’ is only 99p – but only till end of July so get it soon! Here’s what Chick Lit Chloe, a blogger, had to say about it –

‘ Some of these scenes really are steamy, but are very well written. It doesn’t feel like it’s being smutty or trying to get attention, it’s simply part of the story and is quite fun to read! Debbie Flint does really well handling these scenes, and I thought it was a good reflection of her writing too that these scenes were enjoyable to read.’

More here and how to get it for kindle/app.

Take a chance

STOP PRESS – my slimming book ‘Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0’, purple version, will be free on 8/9th August, to mark my fundraiser – more info soon! Plus only 4-weeks to go till my big announcement about bigger better Facebook web chats in September! And OMG they are going to be grrrreat! Go here to sign up for updates so you don’t miss the news. And somehow a supplier has decided to put a copy of the sold-out QVC one online on a book site for double the cost! Eh?!So come to the table top sale and get one of the nearly-new copies I separated during the signing instead! Lol.

2 books

Facebook Funny –
haha! I like it and I also like salad – good job eh! More for me in run up to my annual medical at Nuffield Health end of July tho – eek! Lol.

facebook funny love of god

This week on QVC – looking forward to Friday night’s midnight launch of the new Skechers Today’s Special Value (TSV) – comfy trainers in four colours (141755), Sunday’s offer is from Kelly Hoppen, highest thread count 900TC Jacquard 6 pc duvet set (804133). And do look out for the Windows 10 launch show Tuesday midnight with Charlie and Lee Hohbein’s Acer Aspire Switch 10E plus 32GB convertible tablet (506690) – exciting! And Thursday’s Lola Rose Bracelet too (304497) – fab diverse week.


Sneaky Peek – Christmas in July! Our annual famous festive fayre includes beauty, food and toys. I saw this sight walking through the offices earlier in the week, which means only one thing – our extravaganza is in the offing! Watch out for new kids’ books which, with an interactive app, come alive on the page and make sounds and move! For a change it’s just on 24th July not 25th. I’m away but am sure it’ll be amazing!


Anyway, I’m currently sitting looking at a whole heap of mess as my House Move reaches ‘limbo phase’ – where half the furniture is in the new place and half the drawers still needing to be sorted, plus fridge, cooker, bed, telly are still at my current house. Gosh only around 3-weeks and it’ll all be over. And Next Week I go away on my writing holiday! Not the best planning but the hol was booked long before I heard I had to move house! Wish me luck – for both!

Have a great week!


Debs x

PS – *TiFFT – Try it For the First Time Club!

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  1. Louise July 17, 2015 at 5:51 pm -  Reply

    Hello Debs.
    I had to make an observation, after reading your blog. We have so much in common, re interests, philosophies I think. I admire Louise Hay immensely, listen to Hay House Radio, and receive daily emails. Sonia Choquette is another wise lady.
    There is a huge difference, however, in realising the truth and reality if what they opine; implementing it, is more of a challenge.
    Take care, and stay healthy.

  2. Debs f July 21, 2015 at 12:08 pm -  Reply

    Never more true.
    And i love that these works initiate a different way of thinking x

  3. Hayley July 21, 2015 at 2:02 pm -  Reply

    I wish they had dogs to tell me I was going to have an MS relapse as I feel yet another coming on. My other foot is now really numb and I am feeling a touch sorry for myself.
    It’s two too close. This might mean I am getting primery progressive MS and that would be so hard to deal with :'(

  4. martin forbes July 26, 2015 at 3:08 pm -  Reply

    hope your move went well debs hope you and family are well
    iam not bad

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