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Chrissie at the QVC Red Carpet PartyLast night started in true Hollywood style after a Rolls Royce arrived to take me to exclusive members-only club Soho House.

Feeling just like Cinderella, I departed my carriage and headed upstairs towards a bar with the most breathtaking view over LA. The first familiar face I spy is Brit socialite Tamara Beckwith along with her family – if it's good enough for the Sloane set, it's good enough for me!

As a rather dishy barman whipped up a dirty martini, it was time to mingle amongst directors, models, actors, and basically the Hollywood jetset who were out in force! After a delicious array of culinary delights, I bump into another face from back home – Sid Owen. After a brief catch up, I headed home – well it was 12am and after arriving like Cinderella I may as well try and leave like her…

I awoke this morning full of anticipation, tonight was the big night of the QVC red carpet extravaganza, but before I could even think about getting ready I needed to fit in another OK! photoshoot with hot director, actor and musician Neil Jackson and his stunt double/author girlfriend Kai in their beautiful apartment deep in the heart of the Hollywood Hills.

On arrival we were instantly charmed by the multi-talented Brits and their A-lister home. They seemed so in love and it was great fun accessorising our leading lady with QVC jewels, she was Oscar-worthy by the time our stylist had finished with her! Her hair was perfected by the uber talented make-up artist Matthias and when he offered to put some lashes on me, I jumped at the chance… step 1 sorted for tonight's beauty prep.  

Neil Jackson and his girlfriend Chrissie getting her lashes put on

Finishing up in the hills and dashing through town, I then headed to the ridiculously quaint Ken Paves Hair Salon in Beverly Hills. I hadn't felt so LA until this moment, greeted by the girls in the salon and whisked to my chair, I was totally blown away by my ambient surroundings.

Just looking round I was in the company of the most elegant women in LA. Ken Paves is the ultimate hairdresser to the stars, think Jessica Simpson, he even counts Victoria Beckham as one of his BFFs – I have officially fallen under the Ken Paves spell and I'd gladly suffer the 12 hour flight just to witness his magic every week.

Chrissie Reeves on the red carpetBy the time I left his salon, I was almost red carpet ready. After stepping into my Kyri gown, I head to the QVC party and am totally blown away by my surroundings, it was nothing short of spectacular. With paparazzi lining the red carpet, the atmosphere electric.

With my dictaphone at the ready, the first one to walk that famous scarlet runway was Heidi Klum who arrived alone, but looking sleek in a strapless cocktail dress, she certainly wasn't short of admirers.

Nicole Richie followed shortly after to share with me her top summer fashion tips and her outfit for the night. Jane Seymour stopped for a long chat dripping in her own jewels to reveal to us all about her most iconic Oscar moments, beauty secrets and her upcoming Oscar weekend.

Chrissie interviewing Jane Seymour Miranda Kerr

Heidi Klum on the red carpet Mario Lopez and his wife on the red carpet

But suddenly the paparazzi went into overdrive with the arrival of Miranda Kerr, who looked like a porcelain doll in a gorgeous emerald dress which complemented her post baby figure to perfection – if one person was to stop the whole room talking, it was her – no wonder Orlando fell under her mesmerising spell!

Chrissie with Ken Paves Chrissie with Tova on the red carpet

Next up was my all-time crush Chris Noth aka Mr Big, and although he couldnt' stop for a chat, he gave me a wink and one his winning smiles making me feel like a real life Carrie Bradshaw… my life was then complete! 

Chrissie Reeves with Gilles Marini Chris Noth on the red carpet

Nicole Richie on the red carpet Clea DuVall (actress in Argo) on the red carpet

Feeling like the cat that got the cream after my encounter with the sexy Mr Big, I nearly pass out completely when the gorgeous Sex And The City hunk Gilles Marini literally whisked me off my feet and asked for a hug – he even asked me if he looked ok before posing for our picture – if only he knew how much my heart was doing somersaults!

Thank goodness Joan Rivers rescued me from melting on the spot completely. The legendary fashion guru was dressed in armfuls of jewels from her own collection, and when I asked her to comment on my red carpet outfit and giving her a full spin, she told me: 'You need to walk in backwards honey!" I'm taking that as a compliment thanks Joan, well the lace on my backless dress was rather fabulous!

Camila Alves Stars on the red carpet

Inside the party, I was presented with a much-needed flute of champagne to calm my butterflies after such a monumental evening, but keen to keep my buzz alive, I headed to members-only club Soho House for a nightcap… and what a nightcap it was!! As if my night hadn't been starstudded enough, I walked in and almost straight into a sandwich of Oscar-nominated uber star Bradley Cooper and Leonardo DiCaprio! I kid you not, I had only managed to land myself into one of the most legendary parties of Oscar week, the Warners pre-Oscar party!

We then sat down at a table to spy Argo Director and actor Ben Affleck holding hands with his beautiful wife Jennifer Garner… they are one supercouple and only had eyes for one another… jealous? Me? Yes! After a few more mojitos, the stars were out in force and as I turn to head home after a long and very fabulous night, I bump straight into legendary lothario Russell Brand, who was dressed in his signature skinnies, white heeled boots and rockstar hair, and with his usual cheeky banter – he's certainly got charm that one!

Giving into my giddiness, I finally decide to call it a night and, even as I'm writing this can hardly believe how my night unfolded… if LA is like this, I'm throwing away my return flight back to Blighty – this is my kinda town! I'll report back soon on what all the stars of the evening had to say very soon!

Sweet showbiz dreams!

Chrissie x 

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  1. Debs flint – Qvc presenter February 24, 2013 at 5:14 pm -  Reply

    Fab blog of the night! And it was lovely to meet Chrissie! so glad I arrived before it ended – was v lucky with flight times and no traffic – unusual for LA! I will post a link to my little chat with Chrissie on my next blog so u can se the lovely lady herself too! Well done QVC US for a rather splendid affair at Four Seasons Hotel – Hollywood Style Qvc – cool! X

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