Panto pals and a peek at upcoming offers


This week my lovely friend Craig and I went to see fab the QVC regular guest Gabrielle Bradshaw, at her annual charity panto in Honor Oak Park, East London. Craig’s pal Paul came along, as did Gill Gauntlett, Lucy Piper and families, and Lorna Ko also came on another day. I must admit Gabby is a fabulous panto villain. Here she is with the two ugly sisters, one of which is Oliver her hubby. Cinderella was very good, the fairy godmother also had a great voice. And so much work is put into this every year. I wonder what they will do next year!

In another life I would love to have been in panto. But the time has been and gone for me to play anything like Cinderella, I think it’s even too late to play a fairy godmother. But I might have a chance at one of the ugly sisters ha, ha!

Highlights this weekend

Today (Friday 8th) Do go online and watch the launch of last night’s Alpha-H three-piece Liquid Gold Radiant Skin Collection – if your skin needs a lift this side of spring, maybe just do this for one month. You will see you during your 30 day trial how good it is! See it and buy it here.

Tonight at midnight, and tomorrow Saturday, join Eilidh and team for the Plants2Gardens Summer Bedding Collection with four decorative planters. This one always looks good value – helps the garden be prettier. And gosh how colour in the garden is needed at the moment – this is the dullest time of year for flowers isn’t it?! Lots of gardening offers at the moment on our website, too – go here to see what happens if you search the category.

Sunday’s big Today’s Special Offer of the weekend is the LAB Life + Beauty Teardrop Facial Microdermabration System, at a really amazingly low price as well. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Gentle, effective exfoliation of dead skin cells
  • Helps increase absorption of creams and serums into the skin
  • Reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles when used with the plasma mask
  • Skin looks more youthful, healthier and glowing
  • Value – salon treatments can prove to be very expensive
  • Can be used on face, body, hands and feet, and the precision tip for around the eyes and nose

Big Deals ending Sunday…

Here are the special one week offers, which end this Sunday 10th at midnight. There’s a chic leather three-compartment shoulder bag from Tignanello, which comes in four colour options, Black, Passionfruit, Tan and White. If you’re ready for a Spring clean, then take a look at the H2O HD Steam Cleaner wit accessories and digital technology. And for beauty fans there’s the OPI six-piece Tokyo Blossom Collection, also available with an Auto Delivery option. Go here to see and buy them all now.

See below for next week’s deals


Scary face mask week three

Okay so those who read my blog regularly will know that for the last two weeks we have featured some of the brand new masks and exfoliators that are on QVC. Well here is the third one on the trot! This time my absolute all-time favourite. Gatineau do an anti-ageing gommage and I cannot be without it. It leaves your skin wonderfully moisturised, not dry at all, and so clean, ready for an intensive treatment mask and definitely to be used if you ever have any expensive lotions and potions. Go here to get the Gatineau range on QVC.

Alexa boo-boo 

Had a funny turn this week when asking Alexa to add something to the shopping list. Wendy tried, then I tried, and all we kept getting worse facts about ducks. Can you guess what kitchen item we were asking for? See below for the answer

Lolly and the lawn

Look at my beautiful girl – my sister said she is a lot like me when I was young. Lolly has made a new life for herself in Wales, and this week she was having a right old time on a garden lawn mower, riding around and getting their massive lawn cut. I’m sure it reminds her of our big place in Essex where there was a ride-on mower, where we lived when she was around 9 to 12 years old. By contrast, my memory of mowing lawns when I was a child was my grandad and his manual mower! What hard work that was! Really kept you fit, though. How times change 🙂

Photo of the week

Have a look at this beautiful sky and the reflection in the water. Taken by my girl and her hubby down in their place in Wales, this is utterly beautiful. They are building a little surround to that pond to make it more ornate, seems like a good idea, and what a lovely space that will be in the summer.

Vlog – the one about packing 

Any incredibly handy tips about packing which I can steal? This blog talked about it, and what a challenge it is as ever! Go here to watch it on my official Facebook page. Don’t forget to like the page if you are on Facebook, and follow the other social media, details below. I also reveal what made Gracie feel a little poorly this week… Brace yourselves!

Book of the week

Lies Sleeping by Ben Aaronovitch, a DC Peter Grant /Rivers of London story. If you are a regular you will know that I adore this series of books, featuring supernatural Detective Constable and London policeman Peter Grant and his adventures in the underworld as well as in normal policing duties. This latest one is a delight as we dig deeper into who was the headless man and Peter’s old partner who betrayed him, comes back on the scene. I was very impressed to see Kobna Holdbrook Smith, my favourite narrator, on it, he is so talented. He also appeared in a film at the cinema quite recently – did you spot him? Answer at the bottom of the page.…


Okay I am going to be a little bit geeky. I did not in the end do my Friday film fest, as instead I spent the afternoon with my lovely friend Gill the business woman, in Kings Cross. However, I still want to see those films I listed last week. But the other thing I’m watching at the moment is the three-part series on BBC catch up about the history of Europe and how we got to where we are now. All I can say is I hope it’s over sooner rather than later! Inside Europe: Monday nights.

In the Cinema I want to watch Green Book, there has been a lot of publicity for this film and I hope it is on on the plane on the way over to my hol! Looks very original and it’s based on a true story. Do look it up and you may be pleasantly surprised, as two cultures clash in a tour of America…

This week on QVC

Monday – A fab new Shark cordless vacuum deal with Phil Parker guesting.

Tuesday – looking forward to this one – the Australian Body Care three-piece skin wash collection, choose French Lavender or Citrus options. Includes a regular sized fragranced skin wash, plus a full 1 litre of the famous original skin wash – every home should have one, and 24 wet wipes. I keep them in the car, always handy. A brilliant price, good to stock up. Looking forward to my 4 PM show, then I am off on holiday!

WednesdayLaura Geller’s make-up team are back with a four-piece complexion collection –  if you love your famous Balance ‘n’ Brighten see what Sarah Jagger has this time.

Thursday – in the kitchen once more with Cook’s Essentials, for the 2.6L 1500W digital air fryer. If it’s anything like the one I have got in Devon, I use it all the time. I even persuaded my brother who I stay with when I am in London, to get one as well! Perfect for small dishes or small appetites or small families!

Friday – gardening time, the Wet & Forget Moss, Mould Lichen and Algae Remover is back in a 5L plus an extra 2L duo. Just the time to start making paths less slippy 🙂

Next week on the blog – a weekend down in Portsmouth with my lovely friend Alex, And three days in new Orleans at the start of my 11 day holiday – the week after will be the cruise! Squeeee not long now!!

Have a great week

Best wishes


Ps The Alexa conundrum is – we were asking for duck fat! Hah hah. In the end we just asked for goose fat and it appeared 🙂 Wendy makes a mean roast potato for her Monday roasts down at my place and that’s what she wanted it for! We did giggle X

Kobna Holdbrook Smith was in the new Mary Poppins as the black debt collector – the kinder of the two! Nice to see him in the flesh! Fab narrator too.

Best wishes



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  1. Eileen Archibald February 9, 2019 at 8:48 pm -  Reply

    Debbie, happy holidays and enjoy your cruise. My daughter and I went on a Fjord cruise last year – somewhere I have wanted to see since school days – it was all and more I ever hoped for, We upgraded to a junior balcony suite to take advantage of the wonderful views and worth every extra penny. Loved the cruise life with something to do all day long and most of the night…. Have fun and enjoy making memories.

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