Abinger medieval antics, steamy novel conclusion on Amazon and After Earth film review


Medieval fayre posseThis week –

– At last! The final instalment of Hawaiian Affair is up on amazon – What will happen to Sadie and Mac?

– Medieval Eagle antics in Abinger

– Sneaky peek – a secret about July beauty!

– Plus Will and Jaden Smith shine in ‘After Earth’ at the cinema


P.s. Don’t forget – end of next week is when the paperback will be available on Amazon!


Oh what a lovely day we had last Saturday – the sunniest day of the year I think it was – when some of my (very big!) family attended nearby annual Abinger Medieval Fayre in Abinger.

They had all sorts of stalls and lots of people dressed up in long floaty gowns and sack-cloth tunics, saying ‘ye olde’ and ‘prithee wanna go on the coconuts sire’ and stuff like that.

Ok, well maybe only one or two did – this is Surrey you know! Lol.



Abinger eagleOne of the highlights was seeing an impressive birds of prey display, by a guy called Ben – here he is with an enormous eagle on a perch! Worth seeing, and he was very funny!

But the best thing was taking part – or watching others doing it – in some of the olde fashioned type stalls – here are just two – what a fab day it was!

Roll on next year, and pray for more sunshine – don’t know where it has disappeared to this week!





Me and Alix at Army and NavyME AND ALIX GO TO THE EMBASSY – A DOUBLE ‘TiFFT’!

Had a day up in London this week – partly to go to lunch with lovely writing friend Alix at her club, the Army and Navy in Pall Mall – the elegant (and quite posh!) place is peppered with pics like the one on the wall behind – very luxurious! But partly the trip was to visit the US Embassy!

Wow that was a first for me! In fact – it was a double ‘TiFFT’* as you can’t take any electronic devices in – not even remotes on car keys. So we left our mobiles at Alix’s club. How weird! Three times I reached for my iPhone, mainly to look things up online. But I’m glad I did it – it was a little like the old days! Have you done that recently? Deliberately, mind? Let me know!

Anyway we were there to fill out a special form you have to do in order not to be charged 30% tax on amazon/US royalties (we’re planning to be getting some at some point even though my current US tally is $13.42! hehe!). Let me know by leaving a comment below if you’ve had some unusual TiFFT’s lately!



Oooo – so nearly there with the paperback of my first novel just around the corner! Amazon has been fab for bringing you my steamy romance in instalments – and the fourth and final part is now available on eBook here

It’s once again got a choice – for those who requested ‘close the bedroom door’ versions, as they call it – so make sure you buy the right one, cos the other one is truly steamy again, like part 2!

Part 4 is on promo for just two weeks at 77p, so get it soon as poss! And when you’ve read it – do pleeeez now leave me a comment! It’s lovely to hear from you on twitter and facebook, but better is you can write them on amazon for me! And if you fancy letting me know what you think of the ending – without any spoilers, don’t give anything away! – here on my blog, just leave a comment below!

Hope you enjoyed it! And those who waited for the paperback – not long now – end of next week – as long as I can get to grips with the upload to Createspace! Quite a challenge, I can tell you, but it should be also available to buy via amazon as of around 22nd/24th June!

Thanks for being interested – am really chuffed at some of the reactions I’ve had!

Here’s one –

‘Wish there were 6 stars! Wow what a book!!!! Takes you to places others cannot reach!! The passion rating hits all the right spots! The story seriously heats up and I was so upset it ended I wanted it to go on FOREVER!!! Absolutely fantastic ending, for a fantastic book, have thoroughly enjoyed each and every part!! Highly recommend!!’ ANGELWISHES, TWITTER

So glad so many have liked it – do let me know if you have too!

BookPaperback next week…! Here’s a sneaky look at the cover! Click on the image to enlarge!


(Ps news next week of how to get more info on my new website – www.debbieflint.com – where you can sign up for a regular newsletter and read regular updates on how to self-publish and if you like reading, for some fab recommendations!)




Instead of a blooper this week (I’m sure there is one on my skyplus but I’ve been too busy converting pdfs and uploading the right guttering… ooer!) I thought I’d show you something that made me smile this week – poor Old Dog having a very active dream! Don’t know who Holly thought she was escaping from! Hehe! (for more bloopers on my youtube channel, search ‘debbieflints’ and ‘bloopers’ ‘qvc’.)



Spot the hostSNIPPETS

– Spot the host – have you seen Catherine Huntley’s regular Sunday 11am show, Technology & You? It’s quite a chat show format and helps to answer real basic questions about hi-tech! Guest-packed – who do you recognise? Do join her – it makes hi-tech fun!




60000– If we keep evolving, based on current pressures from the environment, what would humans look like in 100,000 years?

This pic is in just 60,000 – you should see the 100,000 one!

Go here to find out more.

Personally I think we’ll have evolved huge fingers and thumbs from all that texting and typing! Me especially! Lol.



Debbie's son– It’s father’s day this Sunday, so I just thought I’d say have a good one to all those marking it. And more specifically, to all those NOT celebrating it, for whatever reason you haven’t got any dads in your life any more. Like me.

Grandads and dad’s all passed away, no husband and the kids do their own thing with their dad now. Hah! So I’m going to a wedding tasting (choosing food for Brad and Kari’s big day in October) with my lovely boy Brad – who will make a fabulous father one day.

Takes after his mum! Hehe!

Then cinema in the evening – more next week!


– Those were the days? Remember the list I posted a while back of the National Trust’s ‘list of things kids do before they’re 12’? Well a writer’s done an interesting spin on it this week – in this article here – I can’t tell you too much but do go have a read, and if you agree with any of what he says – claiming today’s kids don’t need to go make treehouses and visit farms and the like – let me know your thoughts below! Do you cherish your active childhood full of making camps and seaside trips? Or do you think your kids have it good nowadays with all the hi-tech stuff they have access to? Quite controversial huh!


Richar Jackson– And finally – a funny for you – Richard Jackson and Beverley Cressman fooling around making Gill Gauntlett and backstage people laugh by trying out a new look using some of Ken Paves’ amazing wigs! Haha! They were killing themselves!

Richard looks like someone though – who do you think?








WATCH – A fab film to go see at the cinema this week – ‘After Earth’ with Will Smith and his real life son Jaden. You remember, regulars, a couple of weeks ago I did a TV focus on the excellent appearance they did on the Graham Norton show? The clips I saw made me realise this futuristic sci-fi plot isn’t yet another shoot-em-up, predictable dystopia movie (there are a lot of them out at the moment – all doom and gloom about the future of mankind, blah blah.). No, instead, this film focusses on the fragile relationship between a powerful General father and a failed ‘Ranger’ son – and what happens when they crash land on an un inhabitable, future earth – when their only hope of survival relies on the son overcoming his innermost fears.

Cleverly done, and if you can rise above some of the usual far-fetched events, your reward is in the unveiling of a tender connection between the hard-hearted father and his eager to please boy. Jaden is excellent, but completely outshone by his dad.

For me, Will Smith is one of the ultimate stars – he’s so versatile, and knocks it out of the park every time. For the performances, this got a 8 and half – I’d see it again.

PS – can’t wait for Man of Steel – with Henry Cavill – a fave since The Tudors! Corr! x



Sneaky peekQVC – SNEAKY PEEKS – A really sneaky one this week for you! Watch out first weekend in July for that amazing Sunday – kind of a ‘super’ one really – and dozens of temporary offers! Including this one from Elemis, I’m told! You should see the bag that comes with it!






Oo oo – am so excited! If you adore your skincare, it’s a big Gatineau TSV day on Saturday – I’ve got the teatime show with lovely Andrew and Michaela. And watch out for a special TWITTER COMPETITION to win one, just follow me @debbieflint to see the announcement on Saturday!




Then just after, another wonderful hour ‘With Sleeves by Lesley Ebbets’ – a good antidote to all those sleeveless dress shows we’ve had of late! Here’s an example – item 107192, on clearance at the mo!

Then on Tuesday I’m back on air for bargains galore – when not only are we having our regular Clearance Tuesday on the web, it extends to our main channel too! I’ll be on 10 & 11pm with Nina Leonard and Tiana B outlet hours.

Also watch out for Thursday night’s Casual and Co Today's Special Value midnight launch with me – a lovely embellished hem dress.



NEXT WEEK – it’ll be here! Finally the big unveiling of the Paperback of my novel Hawaiian Affair – and how to order it on amazon!

Have a great week – and fingers crossed the sun keeps shining!

Don’t forget to leave me a comment below – last week I only had two! Lol.

Thanks in advance – I answer every one!

Best wishes



Ps *TiFFT – Try it For The First Time Club. Do something different every month, that you’ve never done before!

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  1. MarjorieTabarn June 14, 2013 at 7:51 pm -  Reply

    love your blogs Debbie can not wait to buy your book,we are of to see you beyond earth this weekend looking forward to seeing it take care Marjorie.

  2. Tania June 15, 2013 at 1:52 am -  Reply

    Hi Debs great blog again. Saw Man of Steel and thought it was the best Superman film yet. Henry Cavill is drop dead gorgeous. He and his co stars were on Graham Norton soooooo hot!!
    Sorry but I gotta disagree about After Earth worst ive seen so far this year BORING!!! Weak story and Will Smith was a let down. Bit of a dad helping son into lead role thing which got on my nerves cos they sacrificed what could’ve been a half decent film. Just goes to show theres summat for every1. I still love Will Smith tho!!! Wolverine with the divine Hugh Jackman next on the list!
    Glad to hear your book is being well received. It mst feel great!

  3. Margot June 16, 2013 at 11:47 pm -  Reply

    Dear Debbie,
    It is always a pleasure to read your blog. I don’t know how you fit it all in and blog so regularly too. Good luck with your sons wedding arrangements. My daughter is getting married in August and things are starting to get a bit tense(!)
    Take care,

  4. Hilary June 16, 2013 at 11:53 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie, you mention your novel part 4 where would l get 1st 3 parts ?Hlary

  5. martin forbes June 17, 2013 at 4:28 pm -  Reply

    hi Debbie how are you I am enjoying anice 2weesk lazyn holidays from work back tomorrow Tuesday had nice rest weather not bad few days sunshine never mind more hols in October. hope brad and your daughter are well.

  6. debbs f June 18, 2013 at 2:46 am -  Reply

    Msrjorie –
    you must let me know if you like the Will Smith film then – it’s got mixed reviews but I liked it a lot! So happy you’ll also be buying the book! Do keep me informed what you think of it!
    best wishes and lovely to hear from you on here! Do come back again!

  7. debbs f June 18, 2013 at 2:49 am -  Reply

    Tania –
    Course I don’t mind you disagreeing with my film review! It’d be pretty boring if everyone always thought exactly the same wouldn’t it! I sometimes find it depends what mood i’m in or who I’m with as to whether I love a film or just like it. I gave up going to see films with a grumpy person who picked almost every film to pieces cos it spoilt my enjoyment, and I’m a huge film person! But mostly I know i’ll enjoy the movies I go to see. One I didn’t, once, was Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief – I see they’re making a sequel – OMG I hope it’s better than the first one – plot holes as wide as the Grand Canyon! That was one of my worst ever – but probably THE worst was ‘How to Get Ahead in Advertising’ – about a man with a talking boil on his neck – yes really! eeek!
    hugs hon
    ps yes pretty chuffed about book so far!

  8. debbs f June 18, 2013 at 2:51 am -  Reply

    Margot –
    it’s really exciting isn’t it?! is your girl coping as well as my son? He’s not asked me to do anything yet! Yet…! Am very much looking forward to it – not chosen outfit yet – but Antthony designer may help me decide!
    best wishes
    ps I stay up till 3am most nights doing my social media stuff, hence how I get things done – only way, for me! Brain doesn’t work for a few hours just after waking up! Proper night owl! lol x

  9. debbs f June 18, 2013 at 2:53 am -  Reply

    Hilary –
    sorry hon, I often assume people read previous blogs! Thanks for asking – as in the recent weeks’ blog posts, there are links to all the parts – but otherwise just search on amazon ‘Debbie flint Hawaiian affair’ and you should find them! BUT paperback is now on amazon ready to order (not in shops) – let me know what you think, and what you choose!
    best wishes

  10. Debbs f June 18, 2013 at 11:36 am -  Reply

    Hey martin, all good thanks. Glad u had a nice holiday x

  11. Michelle Roberts June 19, 2013 at 9:27 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs
    I don’t think I’m ever going to beat your TiFFT this month the USA Embassy wow what a great experience Debs. Hope you got all your paperwork sorted.I’m hopeless with electronic devices, well I always forget to charge the damn things up I was in trouble the other day with husband for not keeping my phone on me especially as he was trying to tell me how his job interview went but in my defence I was up to my neck in cat food at the cash and carry and it could of waited!!! What did we do in the old days!!!!
    Loved the picture of the QVC crew trying on the wigs, I thought Richrad Jackson looked like Boris Johnson LOL
    By the way Debs I loved the Great Gatsby film this is so my type of film, I also got lots of ideas for my vintage ball that’s coming up this weekend, got the vintage dress sorted now.
    Another great blog Debs and can I say a massive congratulations on your book, well done on a fantastic read, just ordered the paperback and can’t wait for it to arrive!!
    Big hugs to you
    Michelle x x x x x x x

  12. Debs flint – Qvc presenter June 20, 2013 at 3:09 pm -  Reply

    Michelle –
    Thanks hon! I think you’re my most regular regular for interesting comments on my blogs each week over past year or so! I would have included Nigel but he seems to have disappeared off face of earth! Lol.
    Anyway am looking fwd to hearing about your vintage ‘do’ – pics please! There will be a qvc email soon which u can send stuff to! Then I can list it here!
    Hope all good t the chattery!and well done on Derek’s new job! Xx

  13. susan June 26, 2013 at 6:15 pm -  Reply

    Hi debs how are you? Haven’t been on recently. All sounds good with you anyway? Going away this summer? Haven’t read blogs in weeks x

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