A whiff of nostalgia


Fragrance triggers so much doesn’t it? It’s amazing how burying ones nose into something just whooshes you off on a journey… well that’s exactly what happened when I smelt Philip Kingsley‘s Limited Edition, the brand new Elasticizer fragrance, Elderflower and Rhubarb. It’s our Beauty Pick of the Month for March, which yes, means NO P&P CHARGE WHATSOEVER… Hoodoubleray!


Elasticizer is the undisputed hero of the Philip Kingsley range, and QVCs 2015 Beauty Excellence Award winner has been a necessity in my routine since my first discovery of it many years ago. It never fails to deliver and the ease of using it along with the results it delivers means I doubt I will ever be without it. This incredible intensive pre-shampoo treatment, the first of its kind,was created by Philip in 1974 in his laboratory in Green Street, London as a bespoke treatment for Audrey Hepburn, following her consultation in his London clinic. Her concern was that the constant styling of her hair on film sets and the over processing it faced had resulted in stressed and damaged hair. Elasticizer worked its magic and Audrey continued to use it all her life! It became for her and so many of us, a staple hair care treatment to improve and maintain hair quality.

Healthy hair is meant to stretch when it’s wet, yet for many of us our lifestyles, diets, health and hormones, let alone all the damage we do in colouring, styling and even by simple brushing means our hair cannot cope with all the demands and inevitability snapping and breakage occurs.

The pre-shampoo treatment packs our hair with the protein and moisture it requires enabling it to regain elasticity, which in turn allows the hair to become more pliable, manageable, bouncy and  healthy. For me as a girlie greying under all this colour! ( true blonde I am not!) and my love of my heated rollers and Babyliss secret curl styler means I absolutely must use it, I am slathered in it as I write, I dampened my hair just over the sink and  with a plastic bag popped neatly around my head I’m now trapping the heat and helping it to penetrate even better! No photo to prove it, you will just have to take my word for it. If ever time is limited or I just can’t find the ‘window’ to walk around in such a stylish manner, I just sleep in it. The fab Turbie Twists (little hair towels that secure turban style on your head) make this super easy and protect your pillows too. Twenty minutes is actually all you really need for the full treatment and even 5 minutes before I jump in the shower still works brilliantly. Don’t forget as its a pre-shampoo you then shampoo and condition your hair, any fears of your hair being weighed down or greasy or  lank should be completely allayed by the fabulous 5 star reviews on our website… fine hair, thin hair… any hair!! Just try it and see the differences to your hair that can be yours with one simple, easy extra step. I am definitely stepping up my regularity of use as I want my hair to look its vibrant best for Mummy’s wedding and in all the photographs that we will have taken on the day to hold the memories forever for us all.

The regular non fragranced Elasticizer has been adored for years and the genius idea to fragrance it for first time ever brought us the fabulous Geranium and Neroli Elasticizer… still the same brilliant formula but infused with 100% natural neroli, geranium, lavender, rose and orange oils. These divine light scents added a touch of undeniable luxury, the inspiration for this came from Philip’s annual trips to his favourite holiday retreat of Portofino in Italy.
Following on from such a successful launch we now have… TA DAAAAA  Elderflower and Rhubarb! This brand new edition was inspired by the British Summer Time at the Kingsley family estate near Henley. At the heart of the fragrance are the creamy white delicate florals of Elderflower, Jasmine and Gardenia, whilst the top notes are a fruity accord of Rhubarb and Apple heightened by the subtle hints of Grapefruit, Lemongrass and Green tea on a soft base of Musk with soft powdery undertones.

So now when we are giving our hair the intensive treatment it soooooo deserves we have an English Summer afternoon enlivening the experience, how absolutely perfect!

The gorgeous, yet familiar and comforting smell of it  took me right back to all things Rhubarb and Custard!  To ‘The Purple and Yellow’ (a sweet shop with a striped awning in those colours meant it HAD to be named that by my best friend Gillie and I!) We used to skip there on a Sunday with all the pennies we had secretly pilfered from various pots and jars at home. My brother’s bedroom was always where the best loot was found and I used to offer to tidy his room for him in return for the coins I found… I found loads. I made a tidy profit Mark… thank you!!!


Anyway, off we would go during those lazy hazy days of childhood, funny how I remember them in that way when I did so much as a child with my dancing, swimming and gymnastics let alone school!! We spent our money with great care and deliberation on, yes you guessed it, rhubarb and custards! Lemon sherbets, blackcurrant liquorices, broken cigarette sweet sticks and midget gems… all favourites back in my day. We’d hang out making our sweets last as long as we could whilst wandering around the cemetery, I know! A very strange choice for girls of our age, but we took great pride in tidying the grave stones and rearranging the flowers and feeling most saddened by the words written on the headstones, yet compelled to stay and read them… (It’s making me smile just writing about it! and happily I will be meeting up with Gillie after too many years at Mummy’s wedding which is getting closer and closer by the day)

There was Roobarb and Custard the TV programme, I was surprised to see  its last recording was November 1974. It must’ve been repeated as I remember it beyond my 7th year for sure. It was on about the time I was home from school, the green dog and the pink cat and all their crazy adventures with the fabulous and recognisable voice of Richard Briers.


And then of of course the unmistakable vibrant pink stalk of the rhubarb. A large perennial herb, Rheum Rhabarbarum is a vegetable that thinks it’s a fruit! There was a rhubarb boom between the world wars due to the falling costs of sugar used to sweeten it and the improvements made to the cultivation techniques in the 19th century . It’s often called the first ‘fruit’of the season, it’s delicious and humble, a perfect crumble! And adding  in strawberries makes a winning combination. Oh and you can apparently use orange or apple juice to lessen the copious amounts of sugar used to sweeten. I also rather liked a recipe from Jamie Oliver for simple rhubarb and custard. He uses balsamic vinegar to flavour the rhubarb, hugely calorific but scrumptious I reckon and who wouldn’t want to try elderflower and raspberry spritzer, a boozy jelly pud? Mmmmmmm

Wow, all these  nostalgic musings just from a innocent smell of the wonderful new Elasticizer fragrance…

Thank you Philip Kingsley not just for my soft, manageable shiny tresses but for a wonderful revisit of such happy times!

Let me know if you love it too, and shout with any questions!

I’ll be back super soon with all things weddingy… can’t wait.

Lots of love,


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