A Surprise party, a Devon hotspot, and fab deals ahead


Have you ever had a surprise birthday party? When you really have no clue what was going on? People who saw my vlog on my Facebook from Walton on the Hill Carnival last weekend, on Saturday, would have seen me mention the upcoming surprise. I’d gone to the family barbecue and caught up with my lovely babies and son and daughter, then toddled off to the Carnival.

I said “my sister is taking me somewhere tomorrow as well, but again, I have no idea where….” A spa, I wondered? Well, on the morning of the surprise trip, she told me to ”look nice”, so, not a spa, then, and to ”come into my house first’” claiming that ”Mum says there’s some weird plant at the back with mould on, and she thinks you will know what it is.“ ha! I should have suspected!

As I walked into the house, you could have knocked me down with a feather – as the door opened, there were all my siblings, some of their kids, my mum and stepdad-to-be, and… My own children and babies, who I had said goodbye to the day before! Sneaky lot!

What a lovely day it was. They had laid on a wonderful surprise dinner, balloons, cake and bunting made of pics of me from years gone by and everything :-). As I said at the time, ‘this is the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me, and I’m not even 60 until three years’ time!’ Gobsmacked was the word. Thanks to everybody, and now they’ve all set the bar very high for the future!

Devon Hotspot – Devon Sights, Stunning Clovelly

This year my aim is to get away from the retreat more and go sightseeing. One place that comes up frequently is a place called Clovelly, on the north-west coast of Devon, with its famous cobbled street, which more than matches the one in the Hovis advert. My lovely (and long-suffering!) pal, Sheena, came for an outing and we had our Clovelly adventure. Here’s a taster is this week’s vlog of the week.

It was enchanting, and there’s a lot more where that came from. Watch out for future adventures on this weekly blog and also on my social media (follow me below).

This weekend’s highlights

Today’s Special Value – Friday 24th, you can go here to see and buy a lovely hydrangea faux flower arrangement from Peony, with Royal Horticultural Society approval, the only faux flower range endorsed by the RHS. I launched with them last night, so click the link to see – lovely decorations for the home! Watch out for some trendy bloggers talking about the TSV too.

At midnight tonight join me for another fab new product, as I launch Saturday’s TSV, from Beauty Bioscience- the Glo Pro device for body and face – a considered purchase but powerful, with amazing technology. Click here to see and buy it from midnight.

New Fitbit Anybody? – On Sunday we bring you a new Fitbit, the Versa Lite, which has gone on sale already, so once more you can go here to see it and buy it. I really like the clock-type face and also that you don’t have to tap anything to see your steps – they are always at the bottom of the screen. Plus, it’s water resistant – good for when I am doing the garden or washing up down in Devon. Go here to see and buy it, you don’t have to wait until Sunday. I love the colour, I got given it late afternoon, so I am looking forward to using it!

Another highlight on Sunday evening will be two hours celebrating 16 years of stunning Lola Rose jewellery on QVC. Nikki is joining me for this amazing range including some favourite pieces, tons of new items, great deals and lots and lots of colour. Most will already be on our website so go here to explore the range before Sunday.

Big Deals old and new

This week’s Big Deals – ending Sunday

Skechers Men’s Gambix 2 adjustable sliders

Gatineau four piece Natural Complexion Collection

Denim skinny trousers with back pockets by Nina Leonard in regular and petite lengths

Go here to see and buy them all.


Next week’s Big Deals – starting Sunday/Monday at midnight

Wonder Sonic Ultrasonic Deep Facial Cleanser

Kipling Basic Lyrem extra-large holdall with shoe compartment

Nina Leonard denim skinny pull on trousers with back pockets (available in Regular and Petite)

See below for next week’s sneaky peeks



Brad and Blake

Look at this lovely shot, daddy and baby watching my extended family play a game of skittles. Little Blake is walking really well now at 16 months. She knows how to say no (!!), loves playing with water and got soaked at the kiddies’ play station during the afternoon barbecue party 🙂 – she thought it was great fun.

I should get one of these photographs every year as she grows, shouldn’t I? It would make a great montage one day!

Marie-Francoise welcomes little Mia Fleur!

Talking of Babies, this was announced on social media this week and Marie Francoise, from Kipling, has given me permission to put it on here; welcome to baby Mia who arrived just after my birthday. Amazing considering Marie Francoise was on QVC shows until the week beforehand! They are doing very well and we send our congrats to both mother and daughter!

Debbie does Diamonique…

Just check out this Design of the Month I have been wearing, and look out for the two hour Diamonique Night In, on the night of the 30th May from 10pm. We are celebrating 25 years of Diamonique on QVC this year! It really does not seem that long ago that I jetted off to America with Jilly, and we did our Thelma and Louise bit with a car driving down the highway to find the Diamonique factory that was near to QVC US in those days. Since then our own range of simulated diamonds set in fine jewellery metals has gone from strength to strength and I’m looking forward to this show. Check out our range now by clicking this link.

Craig and me behind the scenes

My lovely pal Craigy snuck up on me just after June had done my make-up this week, but after a few fun poses, it made for a lovely photograph!

Dress of the Week

This very flattering dress with collar from Coco Bianco was the favourite on my social media from the last week – yes I wore my Spanx underneath (!) but it was very flattering and I got lots of compliments! Go here to see and shop for it.

Watch – Rocketman

Oh my goodness, what can I say? This is the most amazing film. Taron Egerton is incredible, from Eddie the Eagle to Kingsman, he has never ceased to impress me and absolutely excels in everything he does. Sheer talent personified! He should be up for awards. Elton John was involved in making it as well, and apparently it is very true – a warts and all account of his rise to fame and afterwards. Loved every minute of it. 9/10.

Book of the Week – Rachel’s Holiday

By Marian Keyes. This week my writing pal Julie Cohen, talented award-winning author herself, raved about this book on Twitter. She said that Rachel’s Holiday is one of the best books ever written and ‘vengeance is best served cold.’ The write up also appealed – party girl in New York hits the skids and relationship trouble.

So I made it my next download on Audible. Looking forward to listening to this audiobook, as there is nothing like a good recommendation, is there?

Next Week’s Offers

Bank Holiday Monday – it is a garden TSV, the Gtech lawnmower. An amazing offer, and a big gardening theme all day until 2pm. Also, for lots of other Bank Holiday offers which are already online, go here.

Tuesday – goodness! You will love this Philip Kingsley Coconut Breeze four-piece Hair Collection. Coconut is one of my favourites, and if you loved the Elasticizer when it came out, be sure to get this set including the shampoo and conditioner all in this fab fragrance. It will be really popular, so don’t miss out.

Wednesday – look at this beautiful scoop neckline tunic, from the famous brand Phase Eight. This will be sure to fly and it is such a good price!

Thursday – shoes time again, this time the block heel sandal called the Lodrana from Moda in Pelle. Lots of models wear this brand in our fashion shows!

Friday – and finally a whole day of cray, cray as lovely Mally make-up returns with the six piece Perfect Glow Collection.

Next week on the blog

More meet-ups with grandbabies and another busy week in Devon!

Best wishes

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  1. Angela Xenofhontos June 26, 2019 at 11:55 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie, my sister purchased the glo Pro 25/5/29 tsv, but it stated that a stand was included, but no stand was . Could you please verify as you presented that night. Thank you.

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