A supersized Pick of the Month for May


By popular demand, we have brought you your all-time most popular foundation which has also been voted by you as the best complexion product in our Customer Excellence Awards.  It is of course, Laura Geller’s Balance and Brighten.

For those of you that already love this product, the supersize is a great opportunity to save money on your regular must-own favourite and perhaps even get a different shade as well as your favourite so that you can blend between seasons, between tanning and between your face and neck!

For those of you that are new or you wish to introduce a friend to the product, it truly is as easy as the demonstrations you see on the screen.  For me, as a make-up artist, it’s almost a geeky product in that I remember the first time I ever saw it and my head was telling me ‘it surely can’t be that easy and it won’t work!’ and ‘it surely must feel dry on the skin?’ and ‘it’s just a lot of coloured, pressed powders isn’t it?’ and this is when we first saw it in America. But Laura’s heritage and enthusiasm won me over and I was intrigued to try it. Even convincing myself the first time I applied it, whilst looking in the mirror and brushing it on that any minute it will crack, any minute, my skin will feel dry – surely foundation can’t be that easy?  Well, from that first application, just like millions of customers around the world, it performed above expectations and works 100% perfectly every single day.210953

The reason why this is so special is that it goes on like a powder applied with a brush but you can build it up in layers instead of using three other products of concealer, foundation, and powder, and you can use a light application for a natural look to a full-coverage finish depending upon how many times you put the brush into the compact (big fluffy brushes give lighter coverage, small or densely packed, firmer brushes give fuller coverage). The secret of the creamy texture is that it is actually six or seven different foundation and pigment-dense formulas that start their life as a cream and are poured into a terracotta tile (which you will find at the bottom when you finally come to the end of this foundation) and then its baked to set the creams into a solid form. Think of it like lots of skin-friendly ingredients mixed with hydrators, colour-correcting pigments and make-up pigments swirled like a raspberry ripple ice-cream and baked like a shortbread biscuit – every time you use it you get the perfect proportions of all.

To produce a complexion product like this is time-consuming and costly, and Laura was the first to recognise that it was worth it. It’s all credit to her amazing artistry heritage – working in the movie industry and being one of the first headline make-up artists with clients such as Ginger Rodgers, Brooke Shields, and Paul Newman (I got that little gem of gossip out of my last visit!). She is a very humble, hard-working mum that, through her passion and dedication to make-up and her clients, has fast become an international brand name, helped in great part by QVC where over the years, clients have been able to meet her on screen and see what a warm and genuine person she is and through the relationship and trust that you develop with her, you have tried her products. Laura never takes this trust for granted so when she discovered this and realised that it was very easy and speedy to use on her own skin, she brought it into the line to share with everyonePositioningThumbnail

It’s now become a firm favourite and just reading the reviews you will see how loved this is and with an increasingly high repeat purchase.  It’s a complexion product that covers all ages, skin types and skin problems that you can create so many different looks with.

Here is just a few ways of how you can incorporate it into your routine (and you will discover it is a makeup must have):

  • Fresh faced in hurry – brush it on whilst on the go, kettle boiling or running down the stairs.  You don’t even require a mirror. Grab a lip balm or gloss, brush your hair and you are good to go for the school run or a quick dash for the train. For those that don’t like a strong make-up, because it’s multi-tonal it doesn’t look like one flat shade on your skin – it just makes you look fresher.
  • Colour correction – on areas of high colour, redness, sallowness or cool blue or purple tones, just either put a few more layers on to this particular area or apply with a tighter or smaller brush for better coverage.
  • Spots and breakouts – use your brush to build up layers applying with a small flat brush if needed over a spot and because it is a creamy, powder mousse texture, it doesn’t crack like a powder and it doesn’t go shiny like a cream so it hides breakouts and blemishes brilliantly.  Those of you with spotty skin means that there is infection on the surface of the skin so please try and use two brushes on alternate days and immediately wash, ideally in something like Australian Body Care antiseptic skin wash to prevent bacteria being transferred and to lower the incidence of spots in the future so that one brush is always being used and the other drying for the next day.
  • Fashion make-up – build up the layers to create a full coverage base for high fashion colour application that feels comfortable, stays put and is supple to the touch all day.
  • Eye correction – it’s fantastic over the lids, applied either with the same complexion brush or a smaller one if necessary, and you are able to cover and hide pigmentation marks, veins and tell-tale tiredness or aging signs.  It also gives a perfect base for holding liners and shadows longer.
  • Male makeup – this looks so natural on the skin and because of its multi-tonal correctional qualities men can confidently use it as it doesn’t look a single, solid colour or completely flat and stays supple-looking whilst being as easy as a powder applied with a brush.
  • Summer makeovers – the colour correction qualities adapt to some different skin tone changes, so if you go up or down a shade in either tanning or self-tanning or it’s easy to blend, or if you buy the next shade and want to do contouring techniques as is the current trend.
  • Artistry techniques – for those of you that adore some advanced techniques, you can even take with a smaller brush, some of the individual pigments from the balance and brighten and use for shadows, liners, intensifying the brows etc.
  • Product junkies – Balance and Brighten is an absolute ‘go to’ when you are running out of time and you need dependable, quick coverage and when you have used perhaps liquid concealers and foundations from other brands, you can use this on top for super-long wear and stability – perfect for wedding days or long wear performance.
  • Holiday essential – it’s easy to travel with, it’s technically not a liquid so it won’t be counted in your hand luggage and it doesn’t make your tan go ‘ashy’ because the colour correction will pick up the warm tones.  It’s also great on hot days as it doesn’t slide off or go shiny so it’s a really quick complexion solution for hot weather and on the go.


  1. Tree April 30, 2016 at 11:51 am -  Reply

    Wonderful, can’t wait. This is a truly brilliant foundation and it really is so easy to use. Also, unlike some ranges, the Tan and Deep do cover a good range of dark skin tone, though I think there is probably a place for another darker shade as I am not sure if the Deep would go as deep as a nice rich cocoa colour?
    I wear Tan and am a Golden Medium in Bare Minerals and Tan in Tarte, if that helps anyone.

  2. ada e newton April 30, 2016 at 12:11 pm -  Reply

    Brilliant ty

  3. Anne Hanslip April 30, 2016 at 7:59 pm -  Reply

    How much will it cost please.

  4. Sharon Bartram May 1, 2016 at 3:16 pm -  Reply

    Would love to try LG B&B but unsure of shade . I use medium beige Bare Minerals. Thanks x

    • Vicky May 4, 2016 at 4:18 pm -  Reply

      I think you’d defiantly be medium. It was the only original colour. I wear fairly light in bare minerals and am fair in this.

  5. Julie Melvin May 1, 2016 at 6:14 pm -  Reply

    Please can we have Balance and Glow? It was in a kit I purchased a few months ago but haven’t seen it on QVC since. I normally don’t wear B&B during the summer – too matte – but love the Balance and Glow and would wear it more or less all year round.

  6. margaret May 3, 2016 at 11:27 am -  Reply

    thank you for the supersize – best foundation ever

  7. Karen May 3, 2016 at 11:05 pm -  Reply

    Would you please confirm cost of this product. Website says £32.52 but just seen it advertised before Lori Greiner for £29

  8. Ella May 5, 2016 at 8:49 pm -  Reply

    Would love a shade between porcelain and fair as there really is a big difference between the two

  9. Linda May 10, 2016 at 10:52 am -  Reply

    I have used this product along with spackle and real deal concealer for many years and have always loved it, but recently it has started to migrate into my wrinkles around my eyes and especially the dreaded elevens.
    What am I doing wrong?
    I so want to buy this, as the offer is fantastic, but am worried that the product is not suiting me any more.

  10. Gena Solberg May 11, 2016 at 1:05 pm -  Reply

    Received my bright and balance make up today and I think it is wonderful , I am a 74year old woman who never uses makeup but I thought I need something to help my skin now so I bought the porcelene and it has made such a bifference to my face thank you Laura Geller!

  11. Carolynn Callan May 21, 2016 at 10:24 am -  Reply

    Just received my Balance & Brighten and I don’t know whether it is my skin tone or age (64 years) I don’t find I can’t get good coverage without it looking mask like and flat. I have good skin, slightly freckled but despite 3 separate attempts and completing my make up i.e. mascara, lipstick, blusher I am disappointed with the result and with regret will be returning it. I notice in one of the comments above about a produce Balance & Glow perhaps that might suit me better.

  12. Cassie OBrien June 4, 2016 at 5:59 pm -  Reply

    Alison, I remember you said you sometimes used a bronzer on your legs for quickness. It was a large compact but could you tell me if it was Laura Geller, Doll 10 or another make? Thank you.

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