A stunning trip to Cornwall and big beauty deals


Hi there!

I hope you didn’t melt from the hot weather spell that some of the country experienced recently. My daughter Bex is a doctor and was working in a hospital in Huntingdon, only 20 miles from Cambridge where the highest temperature was recorded there. Luckily for her (and the patients) the air conditioning was working well!

Olley and I managed to escape all the heat and mugginess by booking a spot in a touring campsite close to St Agnes, on the North Cornwall coast. It’s right on the cliffs overlooking the sea, the South West Coastal Path and also some old tin mines – right in the middle of Poldark! We enjoyed the pleasantly warm weather and sea breezes that meant we never overheated, even inside our motor-home.

It’s such a magnificent part of our endlessly beautiful country. I enjoyed several superbly scenic walks and also some swims in a rather lively surf, as well as some delicious seafood. There are some fantastic places to eat in Cornwall and we enjoyed several of them!

When we are travelling in our motor-home we tend to park up and settle for a few days. We prefer not to use the van to get around locally, as it means putting everything away inside and unhooking from the electricity. So we load up a motor scooter on the back and use that instead. That’s why I’m carrying a crash helmet and wearing this leather jacket by Joe Browns, even though it was warm.

The jacket provided good protection on the bike. But beyond being practical, I really like how it looks and feels. It’s incredibly soft supple leather – I wouldn’t need to be on the back of a bike to enjoy wearing it. Take a look here if you too like the Top Gun look. There’s also another biker-style jacket by Kim & Co. but in faux leather, or ‘pleather’ as designer Kim Mendelson calls it, which you can buy at three easy payments of just £18.96.

I like to spend time outside as much as possible, as it makes me feel so much better than being indoors. But of course I have to look after my skin if I don’t want to look a hundred before my time! I’m using great quality skincare from Elemis, Perricone and Decleor at the moment. I apply Ultrasun SPF 50 on my face and chest religiously and SPF 30 everywhere else.

I am, as I approach my 60th birthday next March, definitely seeing some signs of ageing, and not just on my face. I would never consider anything involving needles or knives, but I am thinking that the increasingly popular trend of nutricosmetics are worth a look. Taking supplements to help the skin from within as part of a beauty regime is common nowadays, with a whole host of options available online and in chemists, beauty stores and health food shops.

Choosing a brand with integrity, credibility and clinical trials is important to me, so I’m delighted that we have a repeat of last summer’s Imedeen Today’s Special Value for their Prime Renewal skin supplements, coming up Wednesday 7th August only! Created especially to help women over the age of 50, it contains the exclusive Imedeen Marine Protein complex and a range of vitamins and minerals designed to support the skin from within.

Enough to last you for four months, it will cost around £140+p&p as part of Wednesday’s deal. Whereas just one month’s supply typically costs nearer to £60 online or on the high-street!

We are also extending the usual 30-day money back guarantee to 120 days, so that you can fully benefit from trying out these tablets long enough to really appreciate the difference in your skin. Many people see results first on their shins, where skin can be thin and vulnerable, as well as on their arms, chest and face.

If you’d like to know more about it, tune in to QVC at 9pm for the TSV preview on Tuesday 6th August at midnight, or join Simon Biagi and myself on the Morning Show at 9am on Wednesday 7th August.

On Wednesday’s show we’ll be featuring something else for your skin as one of our Big Deals – this time for the hard skin on your feet! It’s from Footlogix and has been on QVC before (in fact, it’s top rated), but you may have not seen it as it tends to sell out very quickly – over 9000 of them, so far!

It’s incredibly easy to use and removes hard skin and callouses in minutes. Simply spray onto your feet, leave for a few minutes and then use the file included to remove the dead skin. It’s gentle and doesn’t damage healthy skin, so you can use it as often as you need.

Have a look at my before and after pictures – just one application! All the walking I do means that I usually have plenty of hard skin on my heels and on the balls of my feet, but just one use got rid of most of it. Perhaps not quite perfect, but much prettier! I definitely recommend giving it a go.

Straight after the Morning Show on Wednesday, I’ll be bringing you the next exciting episode of Morning Style! We’ll be featuring some great designer brands such as Baukjen, Ben de Lisi and Helene Berman and some lovely styles from Phase Eight and Ruth Langford, among others. This week’s show really is exciting, because everything in the show will be available on easy payments, spreading the cost over three monthly installments.

This is all to celebrate the coming of Autumn Fashion, which we kick off properly at the end of the week with a two-day event on Friday and Saturday, featuring TSVs from MarlaWynne and Moda in Pelle. Easy Pay will feature on everything you see on air over the two days, but let’s get into the mood a little early at 10am on Wednesday. I hope you can join us!

Until then, take care.

Best wishes

Kathy x


  1. Christina Cardle August 7, 2019 at 4:52 pm -  Reply

    ThankYou for sharing all your news Kathy, I would LOVE to go to St Agnes now after seeing your pics!!! Yes I watched and enjoyed morning style this morning as always and have received 3parcels this week😁…Skechers tsv, Earth Spirit sandals and an Isaac Mizrahi top 😁#delighted. You’re looking fab and will catch your next blog when it comes. Love Christina x

  2. Kathy August 17, 2019 at 2:24 pm -  Reply

    Thanks for your message Christina – I certainly recommend a trip to Cornwall if you have a chance. Olley and I love it as much in winter time as the summer, it’s such a great place.
    Hope you’re well
    Kathy x

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