A night with My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend!


Last night I spent an evening at The London Palladium with My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend!

No, it’s not what you think. There was no actual, real life, crazy ex-girlfriend. Rather it was an evening of songs, standup and performance by a talented young woman by the name of Rachel Bloom who is the star of a TV show called, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

I feel like I should really put this evening into context. Prior to my arriving at The London Palladium, I had no idea what I was going to see and I had never heard of Rachel Bloom or the television show for which she is so well known

It was a friend of mine, that I’ve known since university, who lives in Manchester who called recently to say that she was coming down to London for the night to see and show and she had a spare ticket and would I like to come along? Well the opportunity to hang out with old friends is one that should always be grabbed with both hands. So, of course, I said yes. Beyond that I didn’t really ask any further questions.

Besides, I’ve been so busy and pre-occupied recently, and I’ve had other friends visiting and staying over in the last week so I kind of, almost, forgot about it. The day arrived and my friend Angie and I met for dinner directly from her arrival on the train. Lots of catching up ensued (and a cheeky glass of bubbles too, naturally). So even at this point we didn’t really discuss the show.

As we arrived at the Palladium, an iconic landmark theatre in the real estate of Theatreland, I was too bowled over by the fact that I was, for the very first time, entering one of the most famous theatrical venues in the world, let alone the country, to ask any more questions about the show itself.

I mean, I had gleaned some cursory info – there is a television show called Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and it was created by an actress by the name of Rachel Bloom who also stars in it and they sing a bit. That was it, the total sum of my knowledge or understanding of what I was about to witness.

The first thing that hit me as I entered the theatre was that it was almost exclusively populated by young women, some of whom had come in what appeared to be fancy dress or themed costumes. I still was clueless.

Without going into too much detail about the Palladium show itself, I can say that it mattered not a jot that I hadn’t seen the TV show or that I didn’t know anything about the plot or story lines.

Rachel Bloom the creator and star of the show came out onto the stage of the Palladium and blew me away. She sang songs from the TV show, which I didn’t know was a musical show, and she had a voice comparable to any Broadway or West End performer (I should have guessed as my friend Angie, who had invited me, is an outstanding singer and performer herself). Her songs were a mix of parody, comedy, tragedy and angst all rolled into one. Many of the songs were themed around the issues of a lot young women today like; relationships and boyfriends , body image, feelings of insecurity and uncertainty etc. However they were not maudlin or self-indulgent they were funny, laugh out loud funny, and they were smart and witty and well written and relatable. Did I mention how incredibly well sung they were?

Not only were the songs great but the power with which Rachel Bloom commanded the stage and the screaming (oh yes, there was a lot of screaming and cheering – it was sooo loud, and like the middle aged man I now am, I don’t mind admitting, I put my fingers in my ears on more than one occasion!) was awesome. She worked the crowd with the power of someone who has been on the stage for a lifetime. She had to, because these were serious fans of the show here. They new every single word of every single song and they sang them at Rachel. I don’t know about the ex-girlfriend but there were definitely some crazy fans there that night.

In between songs there was funny, chatty ad-libbing and between that and the brilliantly written and performed songs I laughed until there were tears in my eyes and an ache in my sides. It was the best kind of night out.

It was steaming hot in the theatre though, because the day itself was so hot. The hottest day of the year so far apparently! So summer is definitely on its way. Make sure you have stocked up on your summer skin protection whether you are spending the summer here or going abroad. Ultrasun is your best friend and is actually your first step in your beauty and skincare routine at this time of year!

Is it bad of me if I say that I hope it isn’t as hot as last year? Only because I still haven’t managed to get my blackout/thermal blinds sorted yet and I know my flat is going g to be boiling hot!
Speaking of steam by the way, on Thursday of this week I will be launching a Today’s Special Value from steam generator iron Morphy Richards, the Speed Steam Pro.

We have been using it at work in our dressing room area and we’ve all been loving it. Genuinely, Will Gowing and I were chatting the other day as he was ironing his shirt before going on air and he said out if the blue, “This iron is really good, is this new?” So I told him to tune in at midnight on Wednesday night / Thursday morning. It’s honestly fantastic.

You know me, I like to look my best and it knocks the creases out of clothes with its 7 bar pressure (strong enough to allow you to iron several layers of cloth at once – perfect for bed linen) as well as 160gms of steam a dum a 400gm steam boost for those tough creases.

If you like to have a perfect finish on your clothes or you simply have so much ironing you want to get through it quicker, this is the one for you a sit also has a 2 litre water capacity so you have to stop less often for refills.

Honestly, all the presenters have been using it and loving it. I caught a few of them and took some sneaky pics. Give it a go yourself and try it on those work shorts and school uniforms. Trust me it’ll be money well spent and time saved as it’s so quick and easy.

Before I go I have an hour of Quacker Factory coming up this Thursday on QVC Style at 6pm with the divine Patrick so do tune in and tweet in. Patrick and I love to hear from all of his Quacker fans. I shall actually be seeing him for lunch today along with Simon Brown our Cooks Essentials guest and Lee Hohbein our technology guest who brings us fabulous tech gadgets like the Blink XT Indoor/Outdoor Security System and the Amazon Echo.

We like to get together a few times a year for lunch and a catch up. Who knows I may even give you some of the gossip and a few pics on my next blog.

Until next time,

Miceal. Xxx


  1. Susan Lewis June 3, 2019 at 4:57 pm -  Reply

    Loved crazy ex girlfriend on Netflix. No one understood my addiction but I didnt care!

  2. Maureen Duggan June 4, 2019 at 9:01 pm -  Reply

    Hi Miceal
    Get those thermal blinds sorted out ASAP. As always you write the most interesting blog. Keep well.

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