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Birthday cakeWell this time last week I was starting to panic that we might be homeless from January 12th, which is when we have to be out of our rented house. The next morning I went to view a house, Chris returned with me for a second viewing on Monday and we have just had our offer accepted. Obviously we have quite a way to go yet until everything is all done and dusted, particularly with Christmas in the middle of it all, but if it is meant to be, it will happen. It is quite exciting but also a little nerve-racking, just what I need as we enter the festive season…not!!!!

Then on Wednesday it was Daniel's birthday. I made his cake late on Tuesday night when I got home from work. I could have done it on Wednesday really, as Dan was out at work all day, but I wanted him to wake up to the smell of freshly baked chocolate cake!

It was a bit weird not opening his cards and pressies until he got home (he goes out at 7am, way too early for me) and his sister had arrived at ours for dinner. Sophie had bought Dan a golf day from Amazon and they were due to email him on his birthday morning with his gift. I thought it was a bit odd that he didn't thank his sister when she arrived but guessed he was waiting until he was opening presents.

That was not why he didn't thank her. He had deleted the email thinking it was junk even though it said "A Gift From Sophie"!!!! Fortunately we had printed up a hard copy and he was subsequently able to retrieve it from the 'trash' and anyway it gave us all a good laugh!

It felt a little bit like the end of an era as Daniel will not be moving with us to the new house as it is not close enough to the Crystal Palace training ground. Speaking of Palace, we now have a new manager in Tony Pulis who takes charge of his first game away at Norwich tomorrow. Apparently he has never managed a team that got relegated so everything crossed that we are not the team to spoil his record …. still plenty of games to play this season and at least we are off the bottom now after our win at Hull last weekend.

Wilfy drinking from Julia's glass Pot pourriLast night we all went out for dinner with his best friend from school, Phil, and Sophie's flat mate, Gilly, then home to ours for more chocolate birthday cake and some entertainment courtesy of Wilfy!

He is starting to develop a couple of naughty habits actually, like drinking from my water glass even though we always have a water bowl around for him.

He also thinks my pot pourri bowl is a toy for him. On Wednesday morning he selected a mini pine cone to knock on the floor and chase around, yesterday it was a curly wurly wood shaving and today it was a circle of dried apple. I just think it's funny how he selects a different piece each day, and just the one!!!

I wonder if you caught the Butler & Wilson Couture show last Sunday? We had some beautiful jewellery and we sold out of the 20th birthday limited-edition Dancing Couple brooch, which I think was meant to be on this Sunday's show. It is the final show with Simon this year, and he's usually not back until February, so hope you can join us at 2pm.

Technically it is my weekend off but I couldn't not be there for his last show before Christmas and to hand over his 'naff' Christmas present, which is a running joke with us now! Before that, I am looking forward to this afternoon on QVC.

Lulu Guinness bag - 109508My Fashion on Friday today is Lulu Guinness. I have selected a very affordable 'Julia's Pick' to maybe treat someone to as their first 'Lulu'. Everything is on three Easy Pays today (in recognition of Black Friday) so you will also be to stock up on L'Occitane, which I have at 6pm.

Unfortunately I will miss the staff Christmas party tonight but it is probably just as well…I think I could do with a quiet night in after the week I've had. I should be home in time to watch 'I'm a Celebrity…' I wonder who your favourite is??

Much love,

Julia xx

P.S I was at the hospital yesterday for my latest check-up for my CML but I won't have the results for a week or so – I'll keep you posted x


  1. Jean November 29, 2013 at 3:30 pm -  Reply

    Hi Julia,
    Glad you have found somewhere to live, let’s hope it all goes through okay, will keep my finger’s crossed for you.
    My daughter Heidi and her husband rent, they have been in the house they are living in now for a year, the Landlord and his Wife often said they were very happy with them as tenant’s and hope they will stay. Today they had a letter delivered from the Landlord giving them notice to move out by the 29th January 2014.
    Could not come at a worse time, Heidi is due a full hip operation on 6th January as her hip is so bad. Has cancelled it twice as Simon her husband had a bad accident at work and broke his leg and fractured his ankle really bad, he was off work for several months, has only been back a couple of months. Life is hard isn’t it, never straight forward.
    Anyway glad Daniel had a great birthday, and the cake looks yummy, I love Chocolate cake. Hope he enjoys his golf day. It is a shame he cannot move with you, but needs to be near work.
    Wilfy is a little mink, he thinks your pot pourri is just for him to play with, wait until the tree goes up, he has already practised the climbing by going up your yuka plant.
    One of our cats, guinness has fresh water always but loves to go into the bathroom and waits for you to turn on the tap at the sink, he will drink from it, gets wet in the process and then decides to play with it, then I have to turn off the tap. They are funny arent they.
    Yes did watch Simon’s show, beautiful things he has on there, he is very clever and dedicated to h is work.
    Shame you have to miss the party but you will be able to curl up with Wilfy and maybe some chocolates.
    Hope everything comes back okay from the check-up.
    Take care and have a great weekend.
    Love Jean XX

  2. Rose November 29, 2013 at 6:56 pm -  Reply

    Wow what a week Julia,hope the house goes through for you!hoe exciting,Love Daniel’s cake and i make mine birthday cakes still too!in fact this January i didn’t bother with Alex my son who was 32!!!!what a mistake he was proper miffed ha ha!hope Tony Pulis keeps you up.like i tweeted you the other day he was our ex boss(stoke city)and i was quite sad to see him go!hope your results come back well Julia,you are looking great1
    Completed my christmas shopping with lots of fab gifting from QVC who i have shopped with from the start.in fact Alex my son watched with me he was off school at the time with a bad football injury.can’t believe where that 20 year’s has gone!
    All the best for christmas to you and your family
    lots of love
    Rose xxxxx

  3. patricia bird November 29, 2013 at 7:31 pm -  Reply

    my daughters two cats always have a glass of water not a dish funny arent they

  4. Elaine November 29, 2013 at 8:52 pm -  Reply

    Hi Julia
    I have just read your blog about Wilfy and your potpourri and have read that it can be toxic for cats. Maybe you would just like to check, if you have time, as I know you are always busy. I love cats like you and I would hate anything to harm Wilfy.
    Take care
    Elaine x

  5. Linda November 30, 2013 at 8:06 am -  Reply

    Hi Julia you did have a manic few days. I also have a kitten he is 15weeks now and is black like wilfy but a few little white hairs courtesy of his cat mum, he is so funny too, plays for ages with bits of card paper my husband is doing some diy and just this morning he is playing with a mini roller from a set so where that is now I have no idea, he chases round everywhere, he also gives everyone who comes round a greeting I have never had a cat before do that apart from to me for feeding. He is lovely oh his name I forgot is Charlie. Have a good weekend

  6. Beth Morton November 30, 2013 at 3:29 pm -  Reply

    Hi Julia,
    Delighted to hear that you and Chris have found a new home – I will keep everything crossed that it all goes through for you.
    You are a softie too! Your comment about making Daniel’s cake in the evening so that he could wake up to the smell of freshly baked cake! Mmm, maybe I can ask my other half to do that for me for my next Birthday.. Glad you all had a nice time celebrating his Birthday too and that the present email was sorted out!
    I will do my very best to catch you and Simon on tomorrow’s B&W show – you two have a really good rapport and it’s fun to see!
    I do hope your o/s hospital results come back with good news. The waiting can be the worst. You take care and I think you are handling your health situation with a lot of strength and dignity – it’s very much admired.
    Please give Wilfy a hug from me! He still looks so cute and adorable!!
    Beth XXX.

  7. Diane gilbank December 1, 2013 at 8:45 am -  Reply

    Lovely to read of Daniels birthday julia, what a lovely mum you are to bake his cake so he can smell it baking!
    Made me smile re the present from Sophie! We all manage somtpething like that I am sure.glad Wilfy is still so much fun, love the choosing a different piece of fruit to play with. Elsa is giving me so much fun and pleasure. Trying to make cards and wrap presents is now taking twice as long as she just thinks its playtime!!
    Loved your lulu show on Friday, and I hope you get treated to the beautiful black star bag, you deserve it after all the wonderful work you do for all your causes.
    Can’t imagine the stress of another house move, but let’s hope this is the last for a while. I am sure you will be sad not to have Daniel at home with you.
    See you today on Simons last show,
    Take care, much love and hugs Diane xxx

  8. Pauline Johnson December 1, 2013 at 10:48 pm -  Reply

    Hi Julia not spoken for a while,since we met at B/W book signing Daid is not doing so well,had medication changed and has not made any difference I’m afraid to say ,and now thet have taken his license away so he can no longer drive for a HGV 1 driver it has knockd him for six thankfully my three sons /wives have been very supportive,enough of my moans hope the results from your tests are good .thanks for being there .
    Pauline xx

  9. martin forbes bucksburn aberdeen watching via sky tv December 2, 2013 at 6:42 pm -  Reply

    hi julia hope you have a house in the new year hope dan and sophie and chtis arewell your house will feel empty when you move and daniel not being there you will get your xmas card very soon

  10. Dawn Johnston December 3, 2013 at 2:36 am -  Reply

    Hey Julia ,
    This is the 1st post I have made to a QVC presenter but felt I had to let you know how much of an inspiration I think you are – I enjoy watching you and lots of the other presenters on QVC and was really shocked when I realised you had CML as you always look so lovely and are so bright and warm on our screens – You seem v busy at the mo with your son’s b.day , new kitty , soon to be house move, your QVC work and rotten but necessary hospital visits – Oh and the everyday things in life , lol. Just wanted to send you a very big bear hug to make you feel a little better and hope your results from your last tests are all good :o)
    I have health problems myself and am unable to work , and watching QVC is something I really enjoy , sometimes v educational and a source of occasional treats / pressies for myself , friends and family.Keep up the good work !
    My husband ,( boy I am a lucky girl to have him )and I have a lovely cat called Simbi and he to doesn’t pay much attention to his bowl of fresh water beside his food preferring instead to jump up beside the sink and drink out a mug ( has lead to him having his own mug , lol )and also likes to have a drink from sink taps both upstairs and down ! He is a v gentle soul and we love him loads.
    Sending you lotsa luv ,hugs and positivity , Dawn Johnston.

  11. Annette Roberts December 3, 2013 at 9:01 am -  Reply

    Hi Julia
    Hope your CML check goes well and the results are positive for you.
    Really pleased you’ve found your next home in good time for the New Year, at least you’ll have a lovely Christmas where you are.
    What a busy week you’ve had, making Daniel’s birthday cake, which looks very scrummy, by the way! I’m really pleased that you also do the traditional stir and make a wish with the Christmas cake mixture. I remember Chris looking at me as if I was mad the first time he did it, it was something I always did and Dad always had the last stir and wish, wish he was still here to do it!
    What about Wilfy, cheeky monkey drinking from your glass, very amusing! Bobby has got a new comfy bed, but is very funny, he goes in his new bed, does a few twizzles, then gets out and goes in his old one, funny animals, aren’t they?!
    Megga sort out this weekend in preparation for our move, decided to be really brutal this time. At least it won’t be like out last move 10yrs ago, when Chris left everything until the day before, even though I had made requests for him to collect the boxes weeks earlier, easier not to argue!! We were up all night packing, not this time though, Chris decided we’re havig a full packing service, wonder why??
    Nice seeing you looking so well lately, especially with Simon, you’re great together.
    Annette x

  12. Marian Bolton December 3, 2013 at 9:49 pm -  Reply

    Hi Julia
    Fingers crossed all goes well with the house and I hope it turns out to be all you’ve dreamed of. It’s a shame about Daniel not going with you but, at 27, I’m sure he can stand on his own whatsits! Does that mean Wilfy isn’t going with you I wonder?! Didn’t you say he was Daniel’s cat??!! I await your reply with bated breath Julia! Anyhow, sending Dan belated birthday wishes. xx
    Wilfy with the water made me smile. Casper does that when I’m eating my breakfast and he wants some milk! He sits on the arm of the chair and ‘paws’ my arm until I let him have some! I know, not very hygienic, but its not done me any harm thus far! He also loves licking the top of my little M&S Sherry Trifles …….. but that’s another story!
    I LOVED the B&W ‘Pig in Boots’ on Sunday but wasn’t quick enough to get it. I hope Simon makes some more soon. I don’t watch ‘I’m a Celebrity’ so can’t comment on that one.
    I hope all is well with your test results, you’re certainly looking great so, fingers crossed, that’s a good sign.
    I’m very intrigued with the information about you mixing the Elemis night creams. Do you mean you alternate between the two or actually mix them together?
    Lots of love

  13. Julia roberts December 5, 2013 at 3:59 pm -  Reply

    Hi Jean
    So sorry to hear that Heidi has got to move unexpectedly. It is stressful when it’s a planned move but doubly so when forced upon you. At least she will have a couple of weeks after the operation before she needs to get the packers in, or does she do it herself like we do? Things are progressing for us – que sera sera, no point getting in a tizz!
    Wilfy is sitting cuddling with me now. He had hs second injection today so I’m hoping we won’t have a repeat performance of limping kitten syndrome. He was very well-behaved at the vet’s, so much so that the vet wanted to keep him.
    I’m sure we’ll speak before, but I hope everything goes really well with Heidi’s operation
    Julia x

  14. Julia roberts December 5, 2013 at 4:06 pm -  Reply

    Hi Rose
    So funny to hear you got in trouble for not baking Alex a birthday cake ….. let’s face it, they may be grown up but they are still our babies really!
    Very pleased with the result against West Ham on Tuesday night …. not the prettiest football but if it keeps us in the Premiership you won’t hear many Palace fans complain. I think he will be very good off the field too dealing with any prima dona tendencies.
    Thanks for being so loyal to QVC – without people like you there would be no us and I never forget it!
    Speak soon
    Julia x

  15. Julia roberts December 5, 2013 at 4:09 pm -  Reply

    Hi Patricia
    Do they have their own special glass? And is it on the floor or a table? Wilfy accidentally tried some orange juice that I had left in the bottom of my glass – he was not impressed!
    Julia x

  16. Carole cooper December 5, 2013 at 4:16 pm -  Reply

    Hi Julia hope your ok and everynight going ok house wise for you, and I am the same to find out if your taking wilfy with you and your other cat will be scared again with the move. Looking forward to the l’octaine tsv on sat might have to have 2 one for me and my 81 year old mum take care Julia Carole wigan

  17. Julia roberts December 5, 2013 at 4:32 pm -  Reply

    Hi Elaine
    Thanks for the heads up and the concern for Wilfy. I think it will be ok as the pot pourri is quite old so the oils will have evaporated and he chases rather than chews.
    Julia x

  18. Julia roberts December 5, 2013 at 4:37 pm -  Reply

    Hi Linda
    Sounds like your little Charlie is a couple of weeks older than Wilfy. He has just had his second injection at the vet’s and he has gone from 1kg to 1.67kg in the space of 4 weeks! He is not greedy though often leaving his hard food to go back to later – I think he may grow into quite a big cat though. Poppy, my 18 year old, only weighs 3kg!!
    Heaven help us with the Christmas trees
    Julia x

  19. Julia roberts December 5, 2013 at 4:44 pm -  Reply

    Hi Beth
    Thanks for your lovely post. Things are moving forward with the house purchase – in some ways I’m glad there is a deadline as at least I feel justified in pushing people to do things quicker …. I’m not very patient I’m afraid. My bank seem to think it is do-able so long as the solicitors don’t take too long a holiday!
    Wilfy has just had a mad half hour and is now fast asleep on my lap ….. it will be difficult to hand him over to Daniel if he wants to keep him when he moves out.
    Still waiting for my results but will put it on next week’s blog
    Julia x

  20. Julia roberts December 5, 2013 at 5:25 pm -  Reply

    Hi Diane
    Not only did we have the house smelling of chocolate cake last week but two days of Christmas Cake aroma too – it was like we had a Yankee candle burning!!
    Is Elsa your cat? Why did I think she belonged to someone else …. did I miss something? Wilfy just had his second injection and is quite sleepy now after a mad half hour. It will be difficult if Dan decides to keep him when we move especially as we won’t have Dan either. That is the only part of moving into the new house I am not looking forward to but he needs his independence now. Hard being a mum sometimes isn’t it?
    I didn’t get the Lulu Guiness star bag … unless it’s a surprise of course!?!
    Hope you enjoyed B&W?
    Julia x

  21. Julia roberts December 5, 2013 at 5:30 pm -  Reply

    Hello Pauline
    I’m sorry to hear that things haven’t been going well for Dave health wise. The one thing I am truly grateful for with my illness is that most of the time I have been able to carry on working more or less as normal. Give him a big hug from me please.
    Haven’t had my results yet but will put them on next week’s blog … I hate the wait.
    Love to you both
    Julia x

  22. Julia roberts December 5, 2013 at 5:35 pm -  Reply

    Hi Martin
    Fingers crossed that we will manage to get all the paperwork sorted for the new house in time. You are right it is going to be strange without Daniel …. it was bad enough when Sophie left home but this time it will be a proper empty nest.
    Julia x

  23. Julia roberts December 5, 2013 at 5:52 pm -  Reply

    Hi Dawn
    Thank you so much for your bear hug – very much appreciated. I’m not going to pretend it hasn’t been a bit hard at times over the last eighteen months but at least I have been able to keep working and I think that has given me a sense of normality and really helped. I’m sorry to hear that your own health is not too good and wish you all the best with it. I know what you mean about having a supportive partner – what would we do without them?
    Simbi sounds like a bit of a character – can’t believe he has his own mug!!!
    Julia x

  24. Julia roberts December 5, 2013 at 6:38 pm -  Reply

    Hi Annette
    Very pleased we have found a house we like but a bit of a anxious time in the next few weeks hoping that it all completes in time. I have started having a clear out of accumulated junk in the house but neither of us want to face the garage – we are still storing some of the things in there that we brought back from the Spanish house when we sold it. I have to keep an eye on Chris cos he thinks if we haven’t used something for three years we don’t need it. I however think there is a difference between need and want!
    You made me laugh with the story of Bobby’s bed! We are still warming the cushion that goes in the bottom of Wilfy’s igloo bed but we are not really sure if he still sleeps in it. He was a very good boy at the vet – second injection today.
    I haven’t had my CML test results yet but will put them on next week’s blog.
    Good luck with your packing and moving
    Julia x

  25. Julia roberts December 5, 2013 at 6:46 pm -  Reply

    Hi Marian
    The question of whether Wilfy will live with us or Daniel kind of depends on where Dan will be living which is another problem yet to be sorted. Wilfy is supposed to be Dan’s cat and he adores him so if he wants him he will have him ….. a double whammy for me but we will see them regularly I expect.
    I also loved the ‘pig in boots’ brooch – it sold out so quickly! I’m sure we’ll get it back but it will take a while.
    I mix the two night creams together – Keeley told me I could – loving the results! You should try it. Keeley’s back in a couple of weeks but I don’t ave any shows with her – boohoo!
    Speak soon
    Julia x

  26. Julia roberts December 5, 2013 at 6:51 pm -  Reply

    Hi Carole
    Technically Wilfy is Daniel’s cat but it depends where he is going to be living as to whether he an keep him or not – bit of uncertainty at the moment. One thing is for sure …. Poppy will be nervous and won’t eat for a couple of days but hopefully she will settle quickly.
    Get in early on the L’Occitane TSV it’s a good one!
    Julia x

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