Nutri Ninja smoothies

A Healthy New Year with Caroline Sandry and Nutri Ninja


The start of a new year is always a great time to turn over a new leaf. Winter’s shortest day has already passed so we can begin to look forward to spring and the lighter days ahead. What better way to start this new year than with a fabulous energy-boosting healthy new you plan?!


I’ve always maintained that you are what you eat. Every part of your body has been made out of the very food and drink that passes your lips! The body is incredibly clever, and it will survive on a poor diet of processed food, salt, sugar and fizzy drinks, but it will not thrive. Sooner or later you will wonder why you are so tired, why your clothes are so tight, why your skin looks dull and you have no energy. You might put it down to your age or the weather or too many late nights, but the truth is that you have the power to change this state whatever your age or current diet.

Nutri Ninja smoothies

Get the glow! How to thrive, not survive:

 In order to truly be your best, you do need a two-pronged attack: a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. Now I am not saying that you need to run marathons and eat like an athlete, but I am saying that by creating some healthy habits and making better choices you will be well on the way to a healthier you.

 Step 1) Eat more greens

Green vegetables are dense in nutrients and are often overlooked in a modern diet. Greens such as spinach and kale contain many vitamins and minerals including folic acid, antioxidants and iron. The Nutri Ninja makes eating your greens so easy! Recipes such as the Green Goddess and Clean Lean Wake-up Juice (below) taste delicious and are full of green goodness.

 Step 2) Eat more fibre

We should all be eating enough fibre to keep our bowels healthy. Fibrous foods will also fill you up so you may eat less calories overall. Making smoothies with the Nutri Ninja means that you use the whole fruit or vegetable thereby increasing your fibre intake. Don’t worry about peeling carrots or coring apples, just throw the whole thing in, blend and enjoy all that extra goodness (thoroughly wash all fruit and veg first though!)

Nutri Ninja smoothies

Step 3) Eat the rainbow!

Different coloured fruit and veg contain different vitamins and minerals. By eating nature’s greens, purples, yellows, oranges and reds every day you can be sure that you are getting a wide variety of goodness. Try Nutri Ninja’s ‘Purple Potion’ smoothie (below), which is a vibrant purple and contains antioxidants, vitamins, fibre and minerals.

 Step 4) Move more!

You don’t necessarily need to take up running, but you do need to move your body as often as you can. Find simple ways to be active such as:

  • Walk to the shops/work/school three times per week
  • Go to the park with your kids and kick a ball around
  • Exercise in front of your favourite programmes on TV
  • Perform 20 repetitions of an exercise every time you boil the kettle
  • Stretch for 5 minutes before bed and/or upon waking
  • Get off the bus/tube one stop early and walk
  • Exercise during the ad breaks
  • Arrange to meet a friend and try a new class
  • Work your muscles to stay strong: as we age its really important to lift weights. Try the Everlast Home Gym Body Exerciser for a wide variety of easy-to-do resistance exercises

 Step 5) Reduce the baddies!

Try to gradually reduce, cut out or replace refined white foods (white bread, white pasta, croissants, pastry and baked goods). Try to reduce the amount of processed foods that you eat; making meals from scratch is the best way to control what you eat and all it needs is a little forward planning.

We all need some treats, so try making your own healthier versions at home (tune in to see some great Tiana Coconut ideas on Saturday 2nd January) and cut out the processed treats (that are actually not a treat for your body at all!)

Finally, we all know drinking too much alcohol is bad for us so try a dry January (and remember that sweet drinks and sodas can be just as bad with the amount of refined sugar they contain).

Nutri Ninja smoothies

Four favourite Nutri Ninja recipes for a new year, new you!

I have sworn by my green smoothies made with the Nutri Ninja to keep me going through the last couple of very busy years as a working Mum! It’s so simple to use and makes it really easy to stay on top of your nutrition. I generally use it first thing in the morning for a pre-breakfast smoothie, or a more filling breakfast replacement. However, it’s also great for post-exercise energy replacement, mid-afternoon munchies or coffee (frappe-style) drinks with friends. Five-a-day? Easy!

Green Goddess

I call this my multi-vitamin in a glass! Contains iron, essential fats, potassium and so much more! A filling meal replacement or a nutritious snack for any time of the day


1 banana broken into 2 -3 chunks

1/ 2 avocado

1/2 a ripe pear quartered

2 inches cucumber (cut into chunks)

1 dessertspoon Tiana Raw Coconut Goodness

300 ml water

1 scoop of vanilla protein powder (or plain plus a drop of vanilla essence)

2 balls of frozen spinach or cup of fresh spinach

Blend for 30 seconds


Clean & Lean Wake-Up Juice

A healthful blend of greens, herbs and zingy, fresh flavors to wake up your taste buds. The addition of matcha green tea powder delivers a gentle stimulation to kick start your day.

4-5 inches cucumber

Small handful fresh parsley

½ granny smith apple

½ small ripe avocado

Handful of spinach leaves

Thumbnail of fresh ginger

280ml Tiana coconut water (use plain water if not available)

Juice of half a lime

½ teaspoon match green tea powder (if you don’t have match tea, you can use cold green tea instead of the coconut water)

½ teaspoon spirulina or green powders (if available to you)

Blend for 30-40 seconds


Purple Potion

A brightly coloured fruit and veg drink with antioxidants from the deeply coloured beetroot, carrot & berries


90g cooked beetroot

300ml carrot juice

130g frozen blueberries

Blend 30 seconds


Strawberry Banana Oaty Breakfast

A delicious and healthy breakfast treat with vitamin C, potassium, essential fats and healthy, filling fibre


1 small banana

½ ripe avocado

1-cup strawberries (35g)

35g oats

1 dessertspoon of almond butter

300ml almond milk (or skimmed milk if you prefer)

1 large medjool date

Blend for 30 seconds




  1. Rhea January 6, 2016 at 9:33 am -  Reply

    Hi Caroline,
    Could you please post the ingredients for the healthy chocolate smoothie you demonstrated on QVC with the Nutri Ninja recently?

    Thank you!

    • Julia January 9, 2016 at 5:34 pm -  Reply

      Yes please I would like recipe too have been searching all over the place for it

  2. Yas January 9, 2016 at 11:47 am -  Reply

    Hi Caroline,

    Could you please post the ingredients for the healthy chocolate smoothie as well as the other recipes you demonstrated on QVC with the Nutri Ninja recently? I don’t mind receiving all the recipes via email if you prefer.

    Thank you!

  3. Sue January 9, 2016 at 5:24 pm -  Reply

    Hi Caroline,
    Really enjoyed watching your demonstrations on QVC which protein powder would you recommend please.
    Thank you x

  4. Catherine malarkey January 10, 2016 at 7:18 pm -  Reply

    Have bought and started using the nutra ninja have found the recipes really tasty and can already feel the benefits just after a week.
    I really am very busy being a nurse and doing shift work , how long will my juice stay fresh in the fridge or do I need to freeze the batches I have made for seven days.
    Thank you .

  5. Treez May 15, 2016 at 8:56 am -  Reply

    Hello, I’ve bought the Nutra Ninja and I make great smoothies from fruits water and one scoop of protein. Please could you tell me can I use any raw vegetable or do I have to cook the veg first.

  6. Myra McArthur May 16, 2016 at 1:33 pm -  Reply

    A question for Caroline please.
    She recently presented an easi yo show and made a lovely filler with beetroot and coconut yogurt .I would love the recipe if you could be so kind.

  7. Helen Stojkowski January 19, 2017 at 10:23 am -  Reply

    Hi Caroline, could you please let me know or post on website the smoothie chocolate recipe, I have copied the recipe of the others from here. thank you so much, or email me any other recipes you have demonstrated today 19/01/17. many thanks helen

  8. Mary January 23, 2017 at 7:21 pm -  Reply

    Hi Caroline can you please send your receipes you aired on the qvc ninja show on 19th January 2017.thanks Mary

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